Alamere Falls

I went to Orange Theory after work on Friday and it was ANOTHER damn tornado class. The focus was on lower body, and it was a killer. Our trainer also tricked us at the end when we thought we were stretching because he kept sneaking in ab work.

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I woke up at six on Saturday morning and was so sore I could barely walk. I almost flaked on my plans to go to Alamere Falls at Point Reyes National Seashore, but forced myself to deal with it. I read online that the parking lot fills up very early, so I wanted to get there first thing in the morning. I made it by 8:30 and easily found parking at the Palomarin Trailhead which was a relief. I also read that it was a 13-mile round-trip hike to actually get to the base of the falls, so I loaded up my backpack with snacks and water and hit the Coast Trail. It was gorgeous.

It wasn’t a hard trail, but I was huffing and puffing. My butt was super sore from all of the squats on Friday night and I was struggling a bit. In my pre-hike research I also read that the trail to the falls was tiny and hard to find, so I needed to keep an eye out for an arrow made of rocks. Because I was busy planning my next vacation in my head while also trying to make a conservative financial plan (why don’t those two things go together more seamlessly?), I totally missed the arrow. I am so terrible at paying attention, or as California people say, “being present.” Thankfully, I only walked about an extra quarter mile before a couple who had previously passed me came around a corner and told me that we had all missed the turn to the falls. We finally found the entrance and I don’t think that I ever would have noticed the rock arrow.

There was a tiny tunnel through the bushes that you walked into. It took the couple walking into the bushes for me to even realize that there was a path through there. If it had not been for them, then I probably would still be walking. Thankfully, it was only about a half mile more and I was at the top of the falls.

It was gorgeous of course. The map I had printed off showed that I had to walk to Wildcat Campground which was several miles farther down the trail in order to get down to the beach. There was a group of students from Stanford who were standing close to me, and they looked pretty sporty, so I asked them if they knew how to get down to the beach. They told me that there was a place a place in the cliff were you could “sort of climb and slide” your way down. They were headed that way, so I followed them. I freak myself out about falling a lot (because I fall a lot), so the steepness of the descent coupled with all of the loose shale you had crawl over made me extremely nervous.

I made it down in one piece, but I was braced for the end the entire time.

Image result for jesus take the wheel gifOnce I double checked that I wasn’t a ghost hovering over my dead body, I proceeded over to the falls. It was really pretty! The pictures don’t really do it any justice because the sun was at a bad angle for photos, but you can trust me that it was spectacular.

I spent about an hour walking around on the beach and snacking in the shade. I was really hot from my walk (even though it was only 68 degrees), so the cool breeze at the beach was quite welcome. After relaxing on the beach, I started my hike back to the parking lot. I spent a lot of time telling people where the turn was for the falls was because I didn’t want people to make my same mistake. When I initially popped out of the bushes onto the main trail there was a family approaching. I started to tell them that this was the turn to the falls, but quickly realized they didn’t speak English. I showed them pictures of the falls on my phone and pointed down the trail. The younger people started walking toward the entrance in the bushes when a petite older man poked his head out from the back of the group and said “no.”

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I showed him the picture of the waterfall and pointed again, and he said “no” again and pointed down the main trail. During this disagreement some more people came out of the trail and I pointed at the trail again. I had the people come over and verify that the pictures of the waterfall were down that trail. His family finally convinced him to go down the path, but not before he shot me about ten looks of suspicion.

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There was a steady stream of people on the trail as I hiked out, so I am really glad I went early. There were also some really pretty lakes that people were swimming in. At Bass Lake there were people playing on a rope swing, so I have to figure out how to get there sometime.

It was such a pretty trail and I’m glad I went. At the end I had hiked about 8.5 miles and I was exhausted. I’m so glad I didn’t have to do the full 13. The hike didn’t feel that difficult, but I was sore when I woke up on Sunday morning that I could barely walk. Between the trail and that OTF class, I was done and spent the day watching the new season of Orange Is the New Black while writing performance evaluations. I am so happy that there is so much Taystee this season.

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Ten Thing Friday

1. The Handmen’s Tale.

2. The Queens of England podcast now has a limited run on merch! Thanks for telling me, J!

3. “A Resolution Condemning White Supremacy Causes Chaos at the Southern Baptists Convention.” I grew up in a Southern Baptist church and I really can’t convey how incredibly important these statements are in light of the church’s racist history in the South.

That second paragraph hits the nail on the head. There is no room for hesitation.

4. I LOVED how the first season of The Handmaid’s Tale ended. In my opinion, they’ve done an incredible job expanding the story and I cannot wait for the second season. It’s been interesting to me to see which of my friends will watch it and which won’t. A huge portion of my more conservative friends either don’t want to or tried and said it was “too hard.” It is hard and scary to watch – and that is the point. Our freedomes are not guaranteed.

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5. One week until The Beguiled comes out!!! Sophia Coppola and Southern Gothic are A DREAM. PLEASE come to Sacramento, PLEASE.

6. Mason Jar Salad Dressings for freaks who eat salad.

INGREDIENTS1 cup Greek yogurt⅓ cup mayonnaise2 tablespoons dill, minced1 tablespoon thyme, minced1 tablespoon garlic powder1 tablespoon onion powder2 tablespoons parsley, minced3 tablespoons lemon juiceSalt, to tasteFresh-ground black pepper, to taste¼ cup milkPREPARATIONAdd the ingredients into a mason jar. Screw the lid on tightly and shake vigorously.The dressing can remain in the fridge for 1–2 weeks. Pour over your favorite salad ingredients and enjoy! Inspired by recipe here.

That looks like it would go great with some french fries!

7. 20 Summer Desserts

I reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly want some sugary cards today. I am not going to, but I REALLY want some.

8. “Talking to Boys the Way We Talk to Girls

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I always feel such joy when I watch my friends interacting with their sons. They encourage their kindness, thoughtfulness, love, tenderness, and feelings. I truly believe that they will grow up and make the world around them a kinder place.

9. Something many of us will relate to – “The Universal Phenomenon of Men Interrupting Women.” I’m not sure it’s a phenomenon so much as the basic fact that some men just can’t bear to sit and listen to a woman speaking, despite the fact that we are expected to listen to them.

Unfortunately for the men I have worked with, I just keep on talking even more loudly until they STFU and I’ve finished my point.

10. THERE IS A CHEESE TRAIL OF CALIFORNIA AND I HAD NO IDEA. This is delightful news. This just might end up being a Whole12. I hate how much I love cheese. It owns me.

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Not Not Treating Myself

The best thing about summer on campus (besides the lack of faculty and students) is that we have “summer hours.” In order to save energy, the campus shifts from an 8 am -5 pm day to a 7:30 am -4 pm schedule with a 30 minute lunch break for staff (what is a lunch break?). The A/C turns off of at four, so that is a big motivator to get out of there ASAP. My schedule doesn’t really change when my boss is in town (6:30 am – whenever he gets tired of being here), but when he is traveling I try my best to take what I can to do at home and get the hell out of dodge around four.

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It is the most splendidly luxurious feeling in the world to leave work at four!! I can’t even describe it. This week has been amazing because my boss has been traveling for work, so I’ve been leaving right when that A/C turns off. I’ve been taking advantage of not being at work until 8 pm by going to an early evening Orange Theory class. I usually try to make the 5 am class, but that has been increasingly hard since I’m not getting to bed early enough to wake up at 4:30 am. Obviously, I can wake up at 4:30 am if I’m really motivated, but since I’m never motivated to exercise, doing everything I can to make easy is paramount. So, the evening class is working out so far even though I can barely walk from soreness.

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That Orange Theory is NO JOKE. They really get you to hustle. The other positive to evening workouts is that I can go home and shower then have hours to cool down before bed. Since we are trying not to use our A/C, it’s not really cool and refreshing in the house when I get out of the shower in the morning after a sweaty workout. So, I put on on clothes while I’m still overheated and thus start my day HATING EVERYTHING.

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Whole30/60/whatever is coming along pretty well. I’m on day 11 and I’ve only had one moment of feeling like I would just DIE if I didn’t eat something. I set myself up for it because I went to a See’s Candies to get some gifts (they have the BEST peanut brittle ever) and I then spent the day with bags of chocolate, English toffee, peanut brittle, and truffles at my desk (because it all would have melted in the car). I spent ALL day thinking about how wonderfully tasty all of those things were. Thankfully, I survived and managed to get the treats in boxes and mailed out without consuming any of it. It felt like a miracle.

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No, Aziz. That’s how I got here. So, things are going well and I’ve been exercising consistently and not eating my feelings which always feels like an outstanding achievement.

WTF Wednesday

I got to Orange Theory (OTF) early the other night and there was a new lady getting checked in. The trainer was going through some questions with her in order to assess her fitness level before giving her an orientation on the equipment. The woman haughtily announced that she works with a private trainer three days a week and they do “everything,” so she doubted that OTF would be challenging for her and she already knew how to do everything. She was only there because her friend “begged her to go with her.” She was being condescending and snotty to the trainer, so I immediately wished bad things upon her because I’m a cruel and petty person.

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She was also in full makeup with her hair down which is baffling in itself. HOW DO YOU EXERCISE WITH YOUR HAIR DOWN??? And doesn’t your skin feel disgusting with your makeup melting down it?? I know I’m a sweaty lady, but there is NO ONE in those OTF classes who isn’t drenched by the time it’s over. I’ve talked about this before, but I don’t understand how someone can exercise with their hair just bouncing around everywhere. A single tiny piece that comes out of a bobby pin can drive me batshit in .002 seconds. How can you stand it??

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Anyway, we started the class and it was a tornado workout. We spent a few minutes at each station (treadmill, weights, rower), then switched. Over and over for an hour. It was constant movement and it was hard. Much to my delight, around the 20 minutes mark Ms. Fitness America was laying on the floor gasping for breath. Then after 30 minutes she left the studio and sat outside until it was over.

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It filled me with glee that it was so hard for her. It is hard. That is the point. Anyway, I know it’s totally mean to revel in someone else’s misery, but don’t be a jerk.

Alan has really settled into his new life. I thought he was such a friendly and low-key fella, but I am now seeing the real Alan. He clearly went to the Bardot school of being a punk. I am doomed to owning bitchy pets in poor health. He bit my chin the other night because I dared to break eye contact with him while I was petting him. He bites my leg when I don’t immediately pet him when he lays down. He currently enjoys crawling up on my headboard, then launching all 16 pounds of his fat body down on me while I am asleep. And he keeps trying to eat my phone charging cord. I love him, but he’s being a pill.

I usually keep his food bowl full because, unlike Bardot, he casually munches throughout the day and doesn’t feel the need to frantically gobble up every single food that exists all at once. He looked like he had plenty of food when I went to bed the other night, but I guess he got hungry and ate it all. Around 3 am I heard the loud clanging of metal on metal. I turned on my lamp and good ol’ Alan was just sitting there popping his metal bowl up with his paw and letting it clang back down in it’s metal holder. While staring at me. I’m not sure about this cat. He was also diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection which means I get to shove pills down his throat which is not good for any of us. Have you ever heard a cat cough? It is weird.

For the sake of those who lost loved ones at Sandy Hook, please do not watch Megyn Kelly’s interview with Alex Jones. He is a monster and an opportunist. Trump has already given this idiot too much attention, but I hope that by not watching then we can make sure that NBC’s desperate and disgusting ploy for ratings fails.

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Additionally, Alex Jones, the degree to which you are attracted to her and your perception of her femininity have nothing to do with her job. Gross.