Royal Day Out

We started our first full day in Vienna at Belvedere Museum which is an art museum housed inside of the Belvedere Palace. Art is not really my thing, but we wanted to go in the palace, so it was time to view some art.

DSC 0028

There was a beautiful view of Vienna from the back of the palace, and I did not realize how ]St. Stephen’s towered over the city.

DSC 0032DSC 0052DSC 0047

There were several cute young couples taking what I assume to be wedding photos, and the women looked gorgeous in their dresses.

DSC 0050

I couldn’t take any pictures of the art in the palace, but the ceilings were spectacular.

DSC 0034IMG 0477

DSC 0037

IMG 0479

I was happy because there were a lot of royal portraits, and some pieces and artists so famous that even I recognized them. They also had several pieces from Gustav Klimt, including The Kiss and Judith and the Head of Holofernes, which were absolutely gorgeous.

We had lunch at the Christmas market in front of the palace. We all went wild for the fried potato tornadoes.

IMG 0482IMG 0481

It’s always hard to know exactly how much time you will need in place, and I usually err on the side of allowing more time than I think we will need because I hate to rush people when they are interested in something. We wrapped things up at Belvedere a lot more quickly than I anticipated, and we had a few hours to kill until our next stop, so we rode the tram back up to the Hofburg Palace area to keep looking around there. We started at Maria-Theresien-Platz and there was, conveniently, another Christmas market!

DSC 0061DSC 0062DSC 0063DSC 0068DSC 0074

It was such a stately and magnificent area befitting the badass that Maria Theresa was. We enjoyed some gluhwein and did some shopping! The rest of our royal day later today.

9 thoughts on “Royal Day Out

  1. omg i’m so jealous of this trip. Also I’ve been watching your snaps before I get out of bed and now I just start the day craving fried potato of any sort.

    • There was another young woman in a red one and another in yellow. They were all GORGEOUS. Like some of the most beautiful couples I’ve ever seen. One of my friends from Saudi Arabia told me that he knows couples who fly to palaces (and often get them completely closed down) just to take those kinds of pictures. Must be nice to be rich, eh?

  2. Why don’t I have a fried potato tornado right now? Why isn’t there a fried potato tornado food truck outside the door?

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