Ye Olde Gold

After touring the apartments, we viewed the imperial silver collection which was included on our palace tour ticket. I wasn’t sure we would be able to get Ashley out there because she loves throwing a dinner party and finds china patterns to be absolutely thrilling. I almost skipped it because I wasn’t psyched about a bunch of dishes, but I am glad that I went because it was everything Donald Trump wishes he could be. It was just endless rooms of insane gold and china tableware and setting pieces.

DSC 0008DSC 0012

DSC 0018

DSC 0021

To keep the theme of ALL THE GOLD going, we then went to see the museum holding the Imperial Treasury. Also, gold overload, but they did have some really lovely chandeliers which always brings me joy.

DSC 0976

DSC 0982

DSC 0989

And what all imperial treasuries of quality contain – a unicorn horn:IMG 0417More commonly known today as a the tusk of a narwhal whale.

And this super casual bassinet for your next royal baby:

DSC 0991

And some fancy medieval coronation robes:

DSC 0992

And, finally, the good stuff:

IMG 0428IMG 0410IMG 0411IMG 0412

IMG 0399IMG 0400

We cruised around outside and enjoyed the Christmas market in front of the palace, then walked over to Sacher Cafe in the Hotel Sacher to get a Sacher-Torte per Ashley’s request. I had no idea what this was, but I learned from her that it’s a world famous chocolate cake that has a top secret recipe that includes apricot jam. She told me all of that information, then I took a bite of my slice and said, “Wow, this takes like it has fruit in it or something!” She just stared at me with disappointment.

IMG 0450

We then walked to our car and drove to our apartment to get checked in for the night. Vienna was super pretty in the rain with all the Christmas lights.

IMG 0446We walked to a restaurant near our apartment for dinner, and I ordered the classic Viennese dish of Tafelspitz. It’s a piece of boiled beef that came with a horseradish apple sauce and a chive sauce. I’ve only had boiled beef once in my life, and since it tasted like the bottom of a sad old shoe, I wasn’t excited to try it again. Much to my absolute delight, it was completely delicious. I would definitely order it again.

IMG 0453

6 thoughts on “Ye Olde Gold

  1. It is wonderful to see Christmas markets are all over. I traveled to Germany back in ’09 at this time of year, and they were just the best. I am enjoying the posts of all your travels!

  2. They have Sacher Torte at La Madeleine! It is so yummy! Not sure how authentic their version is but it’s rich and chocolatey which is what matters.

    I’m loving all of your travel pictures!

    • I think it’s my duty to test this out next time I’m in Texas (Tragically, I can’t find a La Madeleine in California!).

  3. I’m way behind on my reading, but I’m now convinced that I need a scepter. It will make it so much easier to order people around when I use my scepter to point to them!

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