WTF Wednesday

On Sunday, I came here to locate the recipe for pumpkin muffins and I noticed that it looked kind of strange. Mainly, it was all black and the owner was some other ho named “Amy.” I am not Amy. It didn’t take long for me to realize something was terribly amiss when I could not log in at all.

I’m not computer genius, but I knew it couldn’t be good. I was still able to log into my host site and contact the people who manage the domain. They confirmed that someone had in fact hacked in (how did they get pass my super secure password!!!) and deleted my database. Yesterday they informed me that they had attempted to restore my site using previous backups, but the website files didn’t appear to be in the backups. Not be an asshole, but what is the point of the backup if nothing is backed up?

So, everything is gone. I always saw this blog as a silly space filled with nothing of importance. When I first realized everything was gone I wasn’t even that upset. Then the reality of what I lost hit me.

Once I started blogging I stopped keeping additional records of my travels, so all of the stories from my time in India and every other fantastic adventure are gone. The trials and tribulations of training and the memories of races have been wiped out. But, most importantly, so many of the memories I’ve shared with friends and family are lost. Specifically, my time with Caroline. I feel completely devastated that I cannot look back through those when I need her. I remember a lot of things, but I know most of the small stuff has been forgotten with the passage of time. I will try to remember and write them down, but what was the event that precipitated the creation of super scientist Maddie:

IMG_1351[1]I have no idea.

It’s not the worst thing that could happen, but it still sucks and I’m sad about it. Anyway, if you have a blog or somewhere that you journal, make sure you back it up using some sort of external process. After much research, I am going to start using BackupBuddy to save my posts and this hopefully will not happen again.

I don’t really understand the point of it because there was no financial gain to it and there certainly can’t be a point of pride that you hacked into some piddly little blog. WHAT WAS THE REASON??? Maybe Amy just really hated me and all my silly bullshit. I don’t appreciate this at all, Amy. Not at all.

I do appreciate how completely dramatic some of you were about it being gone for two days. It’s not like Amazon crashed. Take a deep breath and eat some bread, it will all be okay.

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  1. I was legitimately concerned! ROTR is like my verbal coffee in the morning. Or something. Glad your back! Sorry you lost everything. What a bitch, Amy.

  2. Obviously this would take a loooooong time, but google cache still has many, if not all, of your posts in cache (gifs and all). Mayhaps they would help a lady out in the recovery process?

  3. Oh Cely I’m relydorryto hear this. Regardless of whether it’s a silly blog it’s still your personal property and memories that were violated and stolen. I’m really really sorry this happened and will be thinking of you.

  4. such a bummer and so sorry you lost all your wanderlusting stories. i always tell myself i’m going to write about my travels when i get back and keep some sort of “just for me” travel journal…this is even more impetus to do so. i have no doubt you will fill these blog pages with so much more hilarity and adventure, and i look forward to continuing to read. πŸ™‚

  5. Amy was a name on my list of potential kid names, when that time comes, until today. What a bitch. The name is ruined for me now. I hope Hacker Amy gets giardia and poops her pants.

    I’m sorry you lost your posts about Caroline and India and all the other stuff.

  6. Sorry about what happened to your blog. That really sucks. People can be such assholes, eh? Anyways, you will rebuild.

  7. I did in fact panic with everyone else. Happy you’re back at it. Can we start a movement and do fundraising to find out who Asshat Amy is? I suggest eating a reeses and chugging a glass (or bottle) of wine in a facebook video and then donating a dollar. I nominate you.

  8. Not gonna lie, I was real upset, thinking you deleted everything and were going to live “off the grid”. So glad that wasn’t the case!

  9. Oh no! I say we sue the bastards! Your history is gone! I love your history! Your history brought me smiles and warmth and Oh My Gosh I can’t even begin. I’m sad that you lost all your previous blogs. I look forward to all your new stuff and am glad that you’re back on line. Today was SOTU here and I missed seeing you there!

  10. It looks like blogluvin still has record of your old posts.. I still see a bunch of them. Maybe they could help?

  11. I can also see a lot of your old posts still in feedly. If I click on it is doesn’t link, but I can still read them all…

  12. Oh, Cely, I am really truly heartbroken for you. Please call in a professional! Your employer’s IT department maybe has a referral. The internet NEVER forgets, right? These are very important memories for you. I just really want you to exhaust all possibilities.
    I spoke to you before about my husband’s friend we lost a few years ago. This weekend he just finished a huge project importing all his (ancient…from 1992) emails to and from Alfred into his Gmail, using crazy processes like “virtual windows” on his mac. It was kind of sad for him, but also good to relive a lot of those memories. I know how important these records are, and I really hope you can recover them.

    • That’s a great idea! I’ve been trying to find a way to archive texts, but I never thought about the emails. It is hard because it’s like waiting landmines of sadness punctuated with some laughter.

      • “Landmines” is exactly the right term. David put this project off for three years because it can be so upsetting.
        It looks like some of your posts are back, so hoping you were able to fix part of the problem!

  13. Oh Cely, that really does suck. I loved all of your old stories. I hope some of the ideas others are sharing work so you can save some of your old posts. You should have your readers write in their memories of your stories, I bet you would find it really entertaining!
    Also, I say we find this Amy and send her a bag of sugar free gummy bears (

  14. Try Google cache! You should be able to look at each post, and while it may be a bitch you can copy and past to some sort of document (sorry, not a techie). Hell make the host company do it since their backups didn’t um backup anything (Isn’t that like paying for food but not actually getting any?) Anyway, sorry I’m not much help, but I will send bad thoughts to Amy.

  15. Holy shit. This almost made me cry. I can’t even imagine!!!! It’s not the worst thing in the world I GUESSS…but it’s pretty damn horrible! I would be so incredibly angry and upset. I am so, so sorry. You have really inspired me to back everything up. Like, immediately. I hope you are able to salvage some things that are littered around the internet, because as people mentioned above…it never forgets.


    No, seriously – I can’t and I was debating for 3 days to instagram you and say Hey girl, I think something happened to the blog but I didn’t want to be the only loser doing that so…. I just waited. Now, this can’t be true about your post. Computers never lose anything… the INTERNET never losing anything. If they can catch child molesters they can find your old blogs. I think you should call them back and start demanding stuff. You know, ask for a manager that always works.

    Your blogs are out there… now you just have to find them. Oh AND they should be able to track the hacker and tell you who it is. I know nothing about technology but I KNOW that they can dig in a find that crap. Once you’re in the web… you can’t get out. (evil grin)

  17. Ugh I’m sorry Cely. I’ve been reading since way back when you used to spend weekends out on the house boat, so I know your blog held a lot of memories and feelings. You suck, Amy!

  18. This seriously sucks. No, not the worst thing that could happen, but still an enormous loss. I’m so sorry.

  19. Amy is such a bitch. In elementary school, she pushed me into a muddle puddle on picture day. Ugh, hate her.

    Seriously, sorry to hear about your blog getting hacked. Some people just want to watch the world burn… while eating popcorn, I assume.

  20. I am devastated for you about all of those precious memories πŸ™ If you hire someone to find all your posts for you, I am confident that every one of us will donate a dollar to pay them. Seriously. It might not be the worst thing, but it’s pretty damn important to you, and to all of us by proxy.

  21. FUCKING AMY. I still see previous posts in my feedly. Is there some way you can get them off there? I don’t know if you’d have to copy one by one, but I’ll totally give you access if you want!

  22. Didn’t we all go to kindergarten? Didn’t we all learn that we don’t touch what is not ours? WTH is wrong with people??? When you emailed me back saying all was deleted the first thing I thought was “please no, not the tribute to Caroline”. I’m with everyone else – you’re stuff is out there, someone way smarter about computer stuff than me can dig it up. Good luck finding it.
    And yes disproportionately upset about it being down – you are like my spirit animal and I was not a happy camper.

  23. Amy sucks. Screw her. Truly don’t understand what motivates some people. Assholes. I hope you are somehow able to recover your previous posts. Such a bummer to lose all that precious history – not to mention all those Bardot photos.

  24. I’ve discovered that withdrawals are real. Forget giving up caffeine and sugar. Not starting my day with ROTR was tragic. Le sigh. Glad you’re back, but sorry to hear about the loss of files. That sucks like people who don’t like peanut butter.

    • I don’t associate with people who don’t like peanut butter. I know nothing of their sort.

  25. Breaths, taken. Bread, eaten. Two Butterfingers, also eaten. I’m better now, but c’mon Amy. You heartless slag.
    You also put into my mind that Amazon could very well crash, as with any website. But Amazon?! I couldn’t bear it. Life would not be worth living.

  26. I agree with Terri (not the bitch part, the other part). I’m Canadian, so up here we would “write a sternly-worded letter”, but I suggest a stronger approach and demanding they find your little-lost-blog. Maybe get TMZ on it?

    • I think I might be Canadian because I told them in my feedback that I was thoroughly disappointed. Probably should have gone redneck about the situation.

      • Flannel shirt, some whisky, and contact them again. Seriously, does anything actually get “lost” in the internet in this day and age?

        • Redneck always wins out… who gets more attention people writing letters or a crazy bitch in rollers yelling at the top of her lungs?

          Come on Cely you’re from TX. Step it up! πŸ˜‰

          PS. Bitch = term of endearment. Just be worried if I start using the C word. πŸ˜›

  27. I was SO excited to see your blog back!

    …and then I read all the Asshat Amy comments. πŸ™

    *eats bread*

  28. I’m not sure if anything can be done with this, but I can still see your posts in my Feedly feed. They don’t go all the way back, but can see as far back as 478 days ago (I can’t math that into months just now). As an Amy who loves this blog and who’d like to bring some honor back to the name I’d be happy to look into somehow archiving them for you!

    • Apparently Feedly posts can be archived to PDF or HTML and saved to Dropbox, which the Google tells me is a file sharing tool that you can try free for 14 days. Say the word and the last 478 days shall be yours!

      • I was able to see those same ones in Feedly too! So, now I can just copy and paste them back into the site. Thank you for the offer though, it was really sweet of you.

        • Oh, good! I wasn’t sure if I could see that far back because that’s when I started my Feedly account, or if that’s just how many they had in their archive. Glad you’ll be able to save them!

  29. Amy is a twat waffle!! I was confused as to why your blog wasn’t coming up. I’m glad your back and I hope you can recover your past posts!

  30. I am so sorry about the history…Karma is a bitch though and it will come for you evil Amy, i promise you that!
    On a selfish note I am happy I read every single of your posts and even more happy you are back;-) I seriously almost had a heart attack when i opened your blog and saw that ho’s name.

  31. Ditto to what other people say, can a feed like Bloglovin or Feedly help you out? So sad for you…..

  32. When I came and saw the page said it belonged to ‘Amy’ (when your site was down), I started to think ‘Then who is Ceely?!) Then it got all weird, thinking someone would make up that many lies about their life. So, in good news, you’re not actually Amy! Otherwise, this would make an awesome episode of Catchfish: Blogger Edition.

    Sorry ‘Amy’ stole your stuff. From someone who doesn’t collect anything but loves to keep photos and memories through writing, I feel your pain. Hope you get it back.

    • Ignore that I spelled your name wrong. Clearly I won’t be stealing your identity or blog anytime soon …

  33. Everyone, I think I’m Amy. No joke– two days ago, I went to this site and I could see the backend of an incomplete/ not started yet blog that I, in theory, had the power to edit.

    I figured something was screwed up, left, and when I tried again a few hours later, I saw what presumably everyone else always saw.

    So….either the hacker person jacked things up in a weird way, i am secretly a sleepwalking villain who has far superior computer skills to awake me, or I’m on something and totally didn’t see what I thought i did two mornings ago. But that the name is Amy is too creepy not to comment.

    • Oh, Amy. I don’t think it was you. The email was completely different and I doubt you could so easily delete everything. This person hacked into my hosting site and changed everything there. You have to go to that site (not a WordPress site) and change the username and other info. So, don’t feel guilty! I’m sure you a good Amy.

    • I saw the same thing, Amy, so I don’t think it was you because it definitely wasn’t me! I just thought I was seeing a generic “start your own WordPress blog” site because the page I was looking for was gone. I did rack my brain to remember when I’d ever signed up for WordPress in the first place, and got briefly concerned that I hadn’t and the Interwebs are just getting to the point of omniscience where every site knows your name, but eventually realized it was just a coincidence. Stupid other Amy, ruining stuff for the rest of us.

  34. OMG
    my pain is real!
    *clutches at chest*
    this is the only blog i read! i have cut myself off of facebook, other than liking things on other sites that then send stuff to fb out of habit, and i barely watch any tv, yer blog is vital to my sanity! yer insanity brings me sanity! i can vicariously be wacky and fun and social thru you!
    lets change yer pw to “bardot1” instead of just “bardot”… oh god.. it wasnt “bardot” was it?!
    and who is this amy… did she leave you ice cream? if so…

  35. “I do appreciate how completely dramatic some of you were about it being gone for two days. It’s not like Amazon crashed. Take a deep breath and eat some bread, it will all be okay.” < I love it, this made me LOL. Bread always makes things okay, especially if it's pumpkin bread.

    Screw Amy, and not in the good way either. I'm so sorry about the blog but i'm glad you're able to get back some of your memories/posts.

  36. I found your blog when SR referred to it, when you started that Huge Controversy about why you wanted to lose weight and your bf liked you better smaller but he still loved you the way you were and everyone and their mother freaked out and some people wrote blog posts about how horrible and sad you were and how you were everything wrong with America. Or something like that. I just remember totally agreeing with you and added you to my reader that day. I’m really pissed I can’t go back and read that post and all the angry comments. Can you do something controversial again? πŸ˜‰

    I hope they can figure something out and bring your blog back. You had amazing posts about a trip to Alaska too, IIRC.

  37. That little girl GIF with the WTF eyes and 2 teeth is my most favorite GIF on the Interwebs. She says so much while doing nothing. Amazing.

  38. That really stinks. It’s like someone took your journal. Why?? They’re your memories and don’t mean anything to anyone else.

  39. I have anxiety about my blog being erased. I got a book printed of all my posts, but it was years ago. I keep meaning to do another. I will look into this backup thingy. So sorry for you, I would have cried, I guarantee it.

  40. I recently came back from a six and a half week trip and i was going through my emails and i was like, where are the email notifications for Running Off The Reeses? Surely Cely posted at least once over six and a half weeks? I couldn’t work out what had gone wrong. And to hear that this happened to you, that is so awful πŸ™ I am so sorry.

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