WTF Wednesday

So last week, I was having a really crappy time in general. Running was really hard, I felt nauseated a lot, and I had an overall case of whiny bitch. I tried to run on Friday morning, but I couldn’t get out of my parking lot before I felt really bad pain in my lower abdomen. The pain persisted through the morning accompanied with more nausea. I finally gave up and decided to go the doctor since I didn’t want to spread some terrible illness to my friend’s small children in Dallas. After an x-ray and some very unwelcome abdominal jabbing, the doctor declared that I had kidney stones. Naturally my only response was “kid-nay stonessssssssssssssssssss.”

Either he didn’t get my reference, or doesn’t care for my awesome brand of humor because he could not have been less amused. Anyway, they are apparently small enough that they should pass this week or the next.

I still plan to run Saturday’s half marathon and the doctor assured me I could run as long as it wasn’t overly painful. My lower back hurts, but my back always hurts, so it feels like a pretty normal day. For the past few days I’ve only had sharp pain for 5-10 minutes every few hours, so it’s really not that bad at all so far. The real inconvenience is the nausea. I don’t know how women run through morning sickness. I ran about a mile last night and it wasn’t the worst thing ever; I had to stop twice because I thought my crackers were going to reappear.

So, I’m just going to see what happens this week and make a decision on Friday night. The plan is to run barring some terribly painful situation. Hopefully, the stones will pass before then and all will be well on Saturday because I do not want to miss a chance to visit the home of my favorite beer. Plus, it looks like there will be some solid chilly weather in the area.

If things aren’t looking good, then I’m not really sure that I want to wake up at 4 am, drive 2 hours, and hobble/puke for few more hours.

There was a student group here at UT planning to play a game of “catch an illegal immigrant” on campus today. WTF is wrong with you!

Thankfully, after being denounced as racist, immoral, and despicable by everybody, it has been cancelled. I realize people have the right to free speech and demonstration, but this sort of asshattery is exactly why we can’t have nice things.

In other news, Adam Levine is people’s Sexiest Man Alive this year.

Gross. Just gross. He’s such a skeezy guy.