Judge Dread

I know the degree to which this is ridiculous, but I have been so stressed out because of jury duty. I got to go to work on Friday, and was able to take care of a few things, but I spent most of the weekend wrapping up projects and preparing to be out for the week. I don’t consider myself to be an especially flexible person, and I am a planner to the point of fault. I struggle with uncertainty, and my goodness it is rough to not know what the schedule is during jury duty.

Someone at work said, “Just think of it like you’re on vacation” regarding getting work stuff done. But, it’s not the same at all. For one, I’m not in a fun place, so that is a dumb point. Secondly, when I go on vacation, I spend weeks preparing so that everything that can possibly be taken care of is complete before I leave. I prepare information for the people who work with me and report to me so they know the status of everything I was working on, and spreadsheets of where to find various documents or resources they may need. I create more spreadsheets of who can be contacted as a back up in case an unexpected situation arises. So, basically, I just assault people with spreadsheets until they submit and are afraid of the sheer number of columns. And I didn’t have time! I do my best to make sure my coworkers are not inconvenienced by my absence. When I am out sick, I am still available via phone and email, and respond to people so that they can continue their work. A last minute week to a week and a half away from work is causing me GREAT ANXIETY. I know that everything will be fine, but my civic duty is really inconvenient right now.

Hannibal! I am into the third season now, and as Jennifer noted, it is “artsy.” I don’t understand a lot of what is happening, but it’s quite pretty. Also, did Alana’s fall knock some lesbian into her? I’m so confused. I don’t believe that sexuality is discrete data with clear categories, but I felt like the scene where she is in bed with the Verger sister came out of nowhere. Her style also totally changed. Before she wore a lot of tight wrap dresses and now she kind of dresses like Hannibal and wears bright lipstick (she looks amazing, but still, it’s totally different). I assumed at first that she had transitioned to pants because the shoes would be more practical for a healing pelvis, but everything is different. I love a sharp suit on a lady, but I missed where and how this all evolved. Oh well, good for her.

Gillian Anderson also talks SO SLOWLY in this show and I find myself wanting to scream “SPIT IT OUT.” Anyway, struggling through this season. I hate knowing that it is the last one and had an abrupt end. I am preparing myself for an unsatisfactory ending.

Other than working, I made it to OTF on Saturday morning and Sari and I went to see Thoroughbreds on Sunday afternoon. We were both excited to see it, but it was beyond slow. Lots of scenes of staring and chewing.

I survived my first day of trial yesterday, and I am dreading deliberation. The judge said it can take DAYS and ain’t nobody got time for that. Just getting through the basic instructions to the jury was absolute misery.

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  1. When I was watching Hannibal, I stopped trying to connect all the lines of season three and just enjoyed how visually beautiful it was. Alana and the Verger sister did seem to come out of nowhere and that’s when I decided that logic might not apply for the rest of the season. Even though the end was abrupt, I didn’t feel as unsatisfied as I expected to; it kind of felt like a reasonable stopping point.

    • I only have two episodes left and I am SO SAD. It is a gorgeous show regardless. I miss Alana wearing green because she always had such a fabulous shade of it. I wish they had at least shown her and Verger sister (Margot?) flirting or having some kind of sexual tension. I had to rewind several times because I was so confused that they were having sex suddenly.

  2. Call me crazy, but I want to have jury duty just once so I can experience it! My husband is a defense attorney and I’ve already had one prosecutor tell me that I would NEVER be chosen for a jury. Boo.

    I agree with Lindsey above. Judge Judy would never put up with that being late bullshit.

    • Oh yeah, you will never be chosen! They even offed people on ours who had a family member who was just a civil attorney. Apparently it’s up to the judge’s discretion to wait or not, but if they don’t wait then they have to use one of the alternates. Since we only have two, if we use them both up and run out, then it’s a mistrial. So, I get waiting, but it’s still annoying.

  3. I’m so envious of your jury duty. I know it feels miserable but what an honor and privilege of our (otherwise rapidly deteriorating) society. I always think of that scene in Selma, where the “activists” are discussing what to tackle first, and they discuss how white prosecutors target them for crimes, and then they are convicted by all-white juries, because juror names come from voter rolls, which they are prohibited by other laws from being on. The defendant is lucky to have you as a fair-minded juror (even if he is convicted – at least he’s had a fair trial).

    • I was actually thinking about that same scene when our jury was officially “seated” last week. It’s a diverse group that I think reflects the population of our region, so that has been positive to see. I enjoy the part where we are actually in the courtroom listening to evidence and testimony, but the five or six hours of waiting around every day is frustrating.

  4. Um, hello to my cameo in your blog! I wish I remembered season 3 better, but I think Alana’s wardrobe change is 100% just to signify a mental change after what happened to her. The transition from murder show to super artsy murder show wasn’t all that graceful. You may notice it with Will as well, some internal changes are exhibited in ways I wasn’t used to (failing for a specific right now that won’t be a spoiler). Also, I’m gonna throw in that I DID like the ending.

    • I know what you mean about Will! I can’t put my finger on a specific example, but Will is making strange decisions. Two episodes to go!

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