10 Thing Friday

1. If you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories, then you know that I spent the past couple of days on a rage rollercoaster over jury duty. I’ve never made it to the point where I was put through the selection process before, and wow what a experience that has been. I could not believe how much time was wasted waiting for people to get there. The judge told us when to arrive and how long breaks were, yet every time there were people who weren’t on time. And we couldn’t enter the courtroom until we were all present. I was not annoyed during the breaks in general because I know the attorneys and judge were taking care of their business while we were out, but the fact that we wasted so much time waiting for people to come back from their 15 minute break was infuriating. And, I get to enjoy it all again on Monday when the trial starts. Yay!

I’m just super pissy because my parents are flying in next week and I took two days off of work to spend time with them, but now I am likely going to be stuck on mother f-ing jury duty with people who think it’s fine to waste large periods of time arguing with the judge about the existence of bias and whether or not philosophically humans in general should ever be on a jury. NOW IS NOT THE TIME.

2. It took me a few times to really get into this song, but now I can’t stop listening to it. If I ever get to go for a run again, then this will be a great one for my playlist!

3. Daylight saving time begins early on Sunday morning! I hate springing forward.

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4. I watched Red Sparrow this week and I was not a fan. It seemed like they got Jennifer Lawrence on board, then someone tried to figure out all the ways they could get her in various states of naked. Scenes that were not sexy at all (rape, attempted rape, and torture) were filmed in a sexy way which made me extremely uncomfortable. Like here’s some generous side boob while we douse her in freezing water! On a lighter note of complaint, the accents were inconsistent and sketchy, and the wig work was SO BAD. I don’t understand how hair pieces are so hard for big budget movies. Her bangs were almost the end of me. Also, she bleaches her hair at home, then GOES SWIMMING IN A POOL right after. Did a woman even work on this film?? I think all the money went to boob shots. This is a movie by dudes for dudes.

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5. Ol’ Lyin’ Liar Trump has reversed his promise to uphold the ban on importing elephant hunt trophies after there was an outcry over a reversal in November. As you can imagine, we can thank NRA lobbyists in part for this.

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I like to donate to the Elephant Crisis Fund which funds anti-poaching, anti-trafficking, and demand reduction projects around the world. In 20016, they invested $4.5 million on these efforts worldwide.

6. Jack White’s new song sounds like the backup vocals are by a band of ghosts. Couldn’t you see them singing in A Nightmare Before Christmas?
7. Thank you to Rebekah who alerted me to the confirmation of the Call Me By Your Namesequel. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need an Elio and Oliver sequel for about ever five years of their lives please.

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8. Gary Janetti’s Instagram account is still one of the greatest joys of my life.

A post shared by Gary Janetti (@garyjanetti) on 9. I am also SO UPSET about Beverly in Hannibal. I did not see that coming and I am really not happy. Also, Dr. Bloom annoys me a lot. I don’t know why, but I do like all of the green clothing she has.

10. Michael B. Jordan is the first major actor to announce that his company will use an Inclusion Rider on their films. He just keeps getting better and better.

They seem more like good friends, but they sure would make a gorgeous couple and make some truly beautiful babies. THINK ABOUT IT, KIDS.

8 thoughts on “10 Thing Friday

  1. I got sucked down the Gary Janetti rabbit hole. Thanks for THAT. (an hour of my life I’ll never get back but it was hilarious).
    Yesterday’s post was relatable to every single person that has every read or written anything. I read the 24 comments and then my bosses asked me to actually work. Not true. My boss is a priest and he’s really cool and he wasn’t there so I got to do what I wanted. But that’s a lot of comments that said the same thing so I didn’t feel the need to add. I notice today, however, there are now 53 comments!
    I think you struck a chord.

  2. I NEED to hear more about this “whether or not philosophically humans in general should ever be on a jury”. I went through voir dire before but it was no where near this entertaining (or enraging). I of course did it in a small city in Maine though so I imagine it is vastly different in California. At one point I had gotten so mind numbingly bored that when they were going through the “do you have a problem with this, do you know anyone involved with that, etc” part that when they asked if anyone had a problem with alcohol (since the case involved it) I so badly wanted to stand up and say, “Not me, I love to party! Woo Hoooooo!” just to have something to do. I ended up getting selected for 2 juries and kept having to make the “THAT IS NOT HOW THE LEGAL SYSTEM WORKS” argument to the other jurors a number of times, I’m sure they loved me.

    • Whenever I hear the term “voir dire”, I can only think of My Cousin Vinny… Now, if Mr. Trotter would like to voir dire Ms. Vito as to the extent of that knowledge, I’m *sure* he’s going to be more than satisfied!

    • The guy was arguing that humans are too implicitly biased to ever be fair about anything, and the fact that we ask biased people to judge based on evidence is deeply flawed. What is the better option dude? The judge kept reiterating that people should do their best to weigh the information presented independent of their personal feelings. Then the guy went down a rabbit hole about linear thinking versus lateral thinking and what is the best mental approach to reasoning through “facts” when “facts” don’t even exist. That is not a problem for this trial to solve, sir! The defendant was just staring at him with wide confused eyes. I am worried about the deliberation room because how we “feel” about anything doesn’t matter at all. I am dreading this.

  3. Ugh Jury Duty BLOWSSSS! I was once stuck on a trial about someone wanting to return a horse she bought at auction….7 years later! People are ridiculous.

  4. Thanks for the heads up on Red Sparrow. I like spy movies and thought this one might be fun. I appreciate you watching it so I don’t have to!

  5. I’ve never been through jury duty like that. I always firmly believed in doing my “civic duty” but also…could we find a slightly better way to do it?
    Probably not.
    I am so not watching Red Sparrow. ::whew::

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