Reclaiming My Wine

Not to brag, but I had such a nice weekend! My sister and her boyfriend were out of town for a work retreat (yuck), so I had the apartment to myself for two whole days!

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On Friday night I went home and finished watching the fourth season of Black Mirror. I didn’t enjoy it as much as previous seasons. There wasn’t an episode that stood out as especially haunting or memorable like previous seasons have had (I still frequently think about “Hated in the Nation,” “Shut Up and Dance,” and “White Christmas”). I thought the ending to “Black Museum” was good, but didn’t care for the first 2/3 of the episode. “USS Callister” was probably my favorite because UGH we all know that guy.

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On Saturday I went to Orange Theory and took it easy because I’m having some problems with one of my toes. Ridiculous. Then, I cleaned the house and went to physical therapy for my shoulder. Apparently, I have extra arthritis in it (arthritis on arthritis!!) and I am losing some mobility in it.

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It’s hard to tell when something hurts more than it should when everything hurts to a certain degree all of the time. I didn’t realize something was up until lifting an eight pound barbell in a lateral arm raise was excruciatingly painful. So, physical therapy it is! I’m supposed to stop sleeping on my side because it’s causing tendinitis and harming my rotator cuff. Needless to say, that is not going well because when I lay on my back Alan crawls on my chest which just about prevents me from breathing.

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After working that shoulder out, I went to see The Darkest Hour.

I thoroughly enjoyed it. It details the month after Churchill is first appointed as Prime Minister as the government weighs whether they will seek peace with Germany or fight them. It was spectacular and Gary Oldman is now my favorite version of Churchill. I often feel like I’m watching people pretend to be Churchill, but he was very natural on screen. Go see it!

On Sunday I cleaned the house, then went to see Molly’s Game. I freaking LOVED IT. I would watch a movie about Jessica Chastain watching paint dry.

She’s always so captivating on screen. I almost MURDERED the people next to me because they spent about half of the movie whisper arguing about whether or not that was Jessica Chastain or not. I finally leaned over and hatefully whispered, “IT IS JESSICA CHASTAIN OKAY.” They also didn’t know if the movie was based on real life, so they spent a lot of time trying to figure that out. I again hate whispered that it was based on a real person and I would show them an article afterward. If you want to know more about Molly Bloom, then this article from 2014 is incredible. COME PREPARED.

I spent Sunday evening getting ready for the week, watching the Golden Globes, and packing for a little trip this weekend!

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It was a gloriously relaxing weekend.

18 thoughts on “Reclaiming My Wine

  1. OMG, this is exactly what I want. I’m so sick of taking care of my husband and his broken legged/crutch-using self I could scream. I just want to be allllllllll alone.

    • Because I love gossip, I’ve read a lot about him over the years and I am shocked his wife managed to put up with him for so long. He’s a punk just like Leo.

  2. I HAAAATTTTTEEEEE the Shut Up and Dance episode of Black Mirror! It is one of only two episodes of the series I wish I could unsee (the other being of course, The National Anthem). That child actor is ruined for me now, he just skeeves me out, no matter what he is in from here on out I just can’t stand to look at his face, blech.

  3. My shoulders were sore on Monday, and I was like “why, I haven’t done anything…,” and then I remembered that I was stretching my arms at work on Sunday. STRETCHING. Getting old is a delight.

    • I was sore once because I had to reach for something for a few minutes and the next day my entire side hurt. Solidarity!

  4. I loved Molly’s Game too. I have never liked Toby McGuire, and now I know why I have always found him to be so creepy and terrible!

    I loved Jessica Chastain in the movie so much that I had to watch another movie with her within 24 hrs of seeing it…So I watched Jolene (on Amazon Prime), where she plays a high schooler, even though she’s 31 in real life in 2008, but LOOKS LIKE A HIGH SCHOOLER. I have mixed feeling because I didn’t find the movie to be so great, and it’s basically a Skinemax film for Jessica Chastain, but damn, that woman can act.

    • She’s so amazing. I remember the first time I saw her in “The Debt.” She blew me away. We recently watched “The Zookeeper’s Wife” for the first time and she was phenomenal. And THAT FACE.

  5. I, too, loved As Alan’s World Turns the other day. I know you are a busy lady, but if you get that guy his own Insta or something, you could probably retire. Also, have been wanting to see Molly’s Game because I enjoy Aaron Sorkin’s dialogue-driven style. That article, though! I am equally intrigued and horrified. Definitely just moved to the top of the list.

    • I love his dialogue too, and this movie was no exception. I don’t know that I realized before this how great Jessica Chastain’s voice is! The movie is excellent, and I think you will appreciate it even more after reading that article because you will easily identify many of the characters. And “As Alan’s World Turns” is AMAZING. I might just need to borrow that.

  6. Thanks for the recommendation on Molly’s Game. I saw it with a couple of girlfriends yesterday and I was glad I was prepared. Also, we loved it. Kevin Costner… and I just kept thinking Jessica is so beautiful. Not fair.

    • I was so glad that her dad admitted what he had done for so many years. Yeah, she’s ridiculous looking. No one should get to be that gorgeous, talented, and smart.

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