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I recently found out that someone I thought was 10 years older than me is actually two years younger than me. I was so flabbergasted that I had to leave the room to pull myself back together.

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It really messed with my head because this is all likely a result of my own self-delusion about how old I look.

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Does the White Working Class Really Vote Against Its Own Interests?

In exchange for policies like the new tax bill, which several nonpartisan analyses conclude will lower taxes on the wealthy and raise them for the working class, did they really just settle for a wall that will likely never be built, a rebel yell for Confederate monuments most of them will never visit, and the hollow validation of a disappearing world in which white was up and brown and black were down?

This idea really speaks to something that I see to be true for a lot of people I know. They will tell me that they know the tax bill isn’t going to help them, they know they need ACA, they know they rely on other entitlement programs for survival, they know that we are accelerating climate change, and they hope their children will go to college one day. Despite that, they continue to vote for people who are supporting efforts to harm all of those things in exchange for the effort to maintain the status quo and potential financial gain (OIL AND GAS).

As someone told me when I was back home, he is fine if things don’t get better for him as long as they aren’t getting better for the “other people” (women, people of color, LGBT community, non-Christians…) at “his expense.” This is a person who gets insurance from ACA for $25 a month because his family has so little income. TWENTY FIVE DOLLAR INSURANCE and he is angry that other people get assistance from the government.

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I am NOT PLEASED that Dotard has announced plans to open the coastal waters of California to drilling. I THINK NOT. Have we not learned after what the BP oil spill did to the Gulf Coast??

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I know we are still heavily reliant on oil and gas, and I also understand that the livelihood of American families depend upon jobs in these sectors, but destroying our environment and endangering fragile ecosystems IS NOT WORTH IT. As with coal mining, I wish we would invest in training people in these industries for careers in more sustainable fields so that we can continue moving away from our dependence on oil, gas, and coal.

Of course, I recently had a conversation with a person from work who told me that she doesn’t give a shit about the environment because she will be dead in 40 years, has no children, and just wants to pay less taxes so she can buy a vacation home in Tahoe.

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And, finally, the real kick in the pants, racist piece of shit Joe Arpaio (pardoned by racist piece of shit President Dotard) has announced that he will run for Senate to replace Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona. I will be donating to Kyrsten Sinema who is running against him.

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22 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday

  1. Me, working with a doctor for years: “So nice to see this mature, responsible adult working in the field of medicine.”
    Me, when the same doctor tries to fill a prescription at my pharmacy: “Holy crap, she was born in the 1990’s! She is but a babe!”

  2. I was actually wondering if you wouldn’t mind doing a post about how you have changed your habits/ lifestyle/ shopping to be more environmentally friendly? I remember in a previous post you said how much you did and I’m intrigued to see if there’s anything else I could do to be more environmentally friendly. Thanks!!!

    • I have a long way to go in all of these areas. I am trying to buy less and to purchase used clothing, but I struggle. I’m terribly impatient. I plan my errands by the area of town they are in for the week so I am not driving all over the place and wasting gas. I am trying not to get fast food or food that is in a bunch of wrappers to save waste. The original post has a lot of great suggestions in the comments which I plan to pull together for an updated post soon.

  3. I’m so disgusted by people who can’t grasp the fact that we’re all more similar than different and by those who just can’t see/understand/admit their privilege. It’s by chance and luck you were born a white American, not skill or talent or hard work. To think you are owed something more than others is fucking nonsense. And to your point, to support a government that does not support you (and actively works to make your life worse) is ludicrous. Why do poor people vote against their interests? I think it comes down to the social issues. Not for everyone, of course, but I think for many. If a candidate takes a religious stance and thanks god and denounces abortion, and that lines up with your beliefs, then you’ll do whatever you can to support this person without wavering. There must be some groovy psychological shit going on internally for these people to be ok with fucking themselves over the long-term. I dunno, it doesn’t make sense to me.

    • Yes. Several members of my family will vote for someone based on a single issue which is often tied to religion. They felt the Trump would do more to protect their values which is unreal to me if you know anything about Donald Trump. They do not care how awful he is as long the white christian establishment is protected.

  4. The exact same thing is currently happening in Austria with our new government consisting of the people’s Party and a far-right Party. So Many people voted for them just because they are against immigration and refugees even though their other Plans – including taxes and Reduction of social benefits – only benefits the Rich….

    • I often forget how super white parts of Europe are. I don’t think I saw a person of color for days at a time on our last trip. It is certainly bizarre to me that someone would rather maintain their status based on their race than actually fund beneficial programs that could positively impact their lives.

  5. I live in Arizona and am completely outraged that the POS Arpaio is running for senate!!! I have spasms of rage whenever he is on the local news here and now I’m going to have to see his awful campaign commercials! I have met Kyrsten Sinema at a fundraiser for her campaign the first year she ran for Congress. I think she is amazing and will continue to represent our state well.

    • Me too! I about puked seeing that on the news. good to know you met her and still think great of her. I will definitely support her.

    • I’m glad to hear someone from her state say that. From the outside, she seems like she is doing good work. I swear if I saw Arpaio in the street I would run his sorry ass over. I would plead guilty as long as I didn’t end up in jail in Arizona.

  6. I can’t believe that person from Texas actually came out and said that to you (about it’s fine his life doesnt get any better as long as it doesn’t get better for anyone else). This interview is several years old but still interesting and relevant:

    Some White people (like the guy you mention) see life as a zero sum game, where if some people are getting a bigger piece of the pie, that leads to them getting a smaller piece of the pie for themselves.

    • I remember listening to that. I guess maybe it’s because I work in higher ed and my mind is certainly tainted by the rampant liberalism here (diversity! respect for differences! an effort to better serve the underserved! helping people up the ladder of life! letting brown people and women get official paper and knowledge!), but it is easy for me to see that as a country we succeed together. The better educated our populace (not specific to graduating from a four-year institution) and better prepared for the workforce, then the better our economy and society. Why do we not want to have the best trained and smartest people on the planet? Why do we no want every able bodied person producing? I don’t understand how people don’t see that if we actually work to break down these systems that keep people oppressed and excluded from opportunity, then our country is better for it. We wouldn’t have to spend money on social programs like welfare and food stamps if people didn’t get stuck for generations in absolute poverty.

  7. I hate that so many governments still support oil, gas or coal. There are so many potential jobs in the field of sustainable energy so there really is no need to stick to the old school shit. Having the debate about coal in my state at the moment and so many people just don‘t look at the big picture 🙁

    • It truly makes me sad because so many regions have been devastated by the decrease in coal production. But, we aren’t going to go back to the previous level of need for coal, so why are we not doing better for these people providing new opportunity? Here at least, supporting coal means that you support blue collar “real Americans.” It’s not even about coal, it’s about showing that you’re not elite and you care about the “working man.” Coal miners represent a traditional image of American values. If you dare say anything about decreasing our reliance on coal (see Hillary’s Clinton’s mistake), then you’re viewed as an elite white collar liberal who is out of touch with reality and can’t possible understand the middle class.

      • It is similiar here. The ruhr region is still suffering from the structural changes that came from the closing of most coal mines. So I understand why they want to keep those that are still there open. Politics needs to develop new opportunities for those communities that is true. But there is no movement in German politics beside the return of a right wing movement and nobody needs those and their ideas. So weird that this is a global problem at the moment

        • I feel like the rift between urban and rural areas is getting to a breaking point. We have become so different from each other in some of our basic values and beliefs that it feels like an impossible divide at times.

  8. I try to figure out why so many of my family and friends think the way you described but yet all of them have benefited from some of the programs but they all give the same reason that you stated – they don’t want it done at their expense. My husband is a business agent and organizer for a union and I cannot tell you how many of his members said they voted for Dotard because “I cannot vote for a white woman” and yet these are the same people that also voted for Pence when he was our governor but protested when he signed in the Right to Work laws – dumb asses!

    • I struggle to understand as well. So many members of my family voted for him because they’re mad about Obamacare. Yet, in every single one of their cases, someone in their household required treatment that they wouldn’t have had access to without it. Cancer centers don’t have to accept people without insurance and an ER can’t give you chemo. But they will not admit that they were helped by it because they had to buy it (before they had no insurance).

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