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Bitcoin has been in the news a lot lately, so when I overheard some professors talking about it recently, I decided to take advantage of their collective knowledge to try and understand what the hell Bitcoin is. After they explained it to me several different ways, I still was struggling. I conceptually understand what a bitcoin is and why they are used, but I still don’t get really understand their big picture purpose (other than buying things anonymously). And then they told me that each one costs about $11,500, so I peaced out because that doesn’t apply to me at all.

Image result for huh gifMaybe it’s because I will likely never have $11,500 around to play with, but why would you spend that much money on a totally made up currency (I get that all currency was totally made up at one point in time) that may or may not exist next month? The price is SO UNSTABLE.


Overly Cautious Consumer

I am DEEPLY angered by Trump’s proclamation that they will be significantly decreasing the size of Bears Ears National Monument and Grand Staircase-Escalante. I understand the furor over bureaucratic overreach, but these lands must be protected by the federal government because no one else will or is capable of doing it. The designation of Bears Ears in particular has been the culmination of significant efforts by local tribes to protect land that is sacred and historical to them. Good to see America keeping her commitment to screwing over the native people.

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In a week’s time, Trump deprived Navajo Code Talkers of their rightful honors and recognition by using them as a political prop to attack an opponent with a racist slur (I am embarrassed for Warren and her unsubstantiated claim of native ancestry, but this was completely unacceptable), he announced plans to destroy lands that are sacred to them, and now the Navajo are suing Trump. IN ONE WEEK.


This is a good article on some of the scientific value of that region of Utah.

Hey, Brock Turner,

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And your appeal.


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I enjoyed this episode much more than prior ones. I am thrilled that they skipped a lot of the unnecessary extra plot from the books (A murder at the ball! The extra voyage and the bat dung! John’s revelation of the existence of Willie to Claire! And Yi Tien Cho’s general creepiness!). I liked having the Geillis reveal earlier in the episode so that the actress who plays her gets more screen time (she’s fantastic!).

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I am also glad that they changed the prophecy from the books. In the book it states that the next King of Scotland will be from Lord Lovat’s lineage (Jamie’s grandfather). It’s assumed that his lineage has died out (since mostly everyone thinks Jamie is childless) until Geillis learns of Brianna. This makes no sense. Jenny has an entire herd of children. If you argue that a female wouldn’t have been considered an heir, then Brianna doesn’t count either. Wouldn’t it skip to Willie? If Brianna does count as heir, then why wasn’t Jenny’s brood considered the heirs before we knew of Jamie’s female progeny? The show’s prophecy was far more specific which helps that whole thing make more sense.

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Also, I still hate Claire’s reaction to Temeraire. Being in a slave market would be horrifying for most people I would think, but particularly so if you had come from a time where MOST OF US agree that it was an abominable practice that has left a dark and shameful stain on our history and has caused numerous challenges for generations of people in this country. BUT. How else are you supposed to help someone who has been enslaved if you don’t “buy” them and set them free? What is the other option, Claire? The best thing you could do is to “purchase” everyone you possibly could, then find a way to get them to safety and freedom. She can’t end the practice of slavery in that time, but she and Jamie certainly could help individuals.

Anyway, I enjoyed the episode mostly because it featured a party with fabulous dresses. No more shipwreck fashion, please! JK, more of that to come.

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  1. This whole thing with restrictions is so upsetting. We live in Utah and most of us here don’t want this. My husband often deals with mines and he refuses to do any business with anything that drills there. But hopefully this will be in the court system for a long time and it’ll get overturned. Just another move to overturn anything Obama did.

    • I guarantee he’s just doing it to overturn Obama and also DRILL DRILL DRILL. I hate that we care more about money than the environment. I know people need jobs and that is absolutely important, but we need to train people for new careers as we look at more renewable resources.

  2. I feel like Brock Turner and his legal team don’t have their pulse on what is happening with sexual predators in America right now. This is just not the time to complain about your sentence, dude.

    • Since I’m not American I didn’t follow the case in detail, so excuse my probably inane questions, but… Is there ANYONE who thinks he’ll come out of this appeal as a winner? Is it just the media in my country that assumes that there’s a general consensus that his judge was way to mild on him? Are we allowed to hope that this appeal will end up with him getting a punishment that’s more fitting to the crime?

      • I think the only people who think he’s been mistreated are probably the rich white people he knows. Education can be a bit of a bubble, but everyone I work with is outraged over it. His and his father’s attitude about what happened is exactly what is wrong with our country. I don’t know anyone who thinks his punishment was appropriate. But, of course, being a rich white person in America pretty much always pays off, so he will be just fine. The young woman who this happened to will never get the luxury of escaping from the reality of being raped by this asshole.

  3. I don’t totally understand Bitcoin, but I think it benefits poor countries where corruption is rampant most. The best pro arguments I’ve seen concern property rights where a national currency can be easily devalued.

    • That is helpful. Most arguments I’ve heard are for buying things anonymously which seems EXTRA shady. I didn’t think about (because I know nothing about currency) corruption and devaluation of currency. Thanks!

  4. This doesnt help explain bitcoin much, but I recently learned you can buy portions of bitcoin. So while most of us dont have the $11k, we may have a few hundred to buy a portion of 1 bitcoin.

  5. Is it weird that I thought Jamie looked really hot in the George Washington wig??

    I’m glad Giellis is back too, such a weird weirdo but a fun weird weirdo. I think Claire is worried about Brianna now finding this piece of paper somewhere down the line saying Claire was a slaveholder. Yikes. I can see it now on Finding Your Roots. “Brianna, read the highlighted section, yes, that’s right, your ancestors were slaveholders.”

    Also, I know I keep harping on it, but the Fug Girls recap of this episode was off the hook. So freaking hilarious! Set aside a good 20 minutes at a time when nobody can hear you snort-laugh.

      • I save their recaps until I am having a really bad day, then read them as some relief. Today will probably be that day.

  6. Confession: We bought some bitcoin. That adventurous risk-taker of a man I married thought we’d use some of our investment money this way, and I eventually capitulated. And yeah, I kind of stalk it. The volatility is insane.

    • Interesting! I hope you bought it when it was cheap! How do you know when to sell?? Investing terrifies me.

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