This weekend went pretty well until the northern half of the state caught on fire Sunday night. Please send donations and anything you can to these poor people. Thousands and thousands of people went home to nothing but ash yesterday. It’s an apocalyptic horror and so many people I know have family and friends who have lost everything. The last couple of months have been brutal for the country in terms of natural disasters, and fire season is just hittting it’s peak. 

I know that’s a downer start, but it’s pretty much all anyone here can talk about or think about right now. The enormity of rapid devastation caused these fires are unbelievable. 

Before the fires began, I got to spend the weekend with my parents which was wonderful. When my car got hit, I started talking to my parents about buying my mom’s Jeep Cherokee. It’s only two years old, and she’s never really liked it anyway. It’s white (she wants her vehicle to always be RED) and the clearance is too low for her taste (she’s a country gal who likes to ride high). I definitely didn’t want to buy a new car, but I’ve never bought a used car, so that made me nervous. With my mom’s Jeep I knew it was well taken care of. When my Jeep (RIP) was officially totaled a few weeks ago,  I started making plans with them to get the Jeep out here. I figured that I would fly into Austin, pick up the Jeep, then drive it back to California. Easy peasy. Image result for nope gifEven though I am a grown ass woman, my dad was NOT HAVING IT. He decided that he wasn’t going to let me drive that far alone because any number of terrible things could happen (I wonder where I inherited all of that anxiety and natural inclination for pessimism from?). He decided that he would drive it out himself and I could pay to fly him back. I didn’t want him driving alone either, so I put the kibosh on that plan. As a compromise we agreed that I would fly in to Austin, then we would drive the Jeep to California, and I would then arrange for him to fly home. It all seemed pretty simple until my mom got wind of the plan.Image result for nice try gifUnder no circumstances was my father allowed to travel to California without her in tow. Come hell or high water, she was coming. So, in the end and for the sake of staying in my mother’s somewhat okayish graces, we agreed that they would drive the Jeep out together and I would pay to fly them home. They left on Thursday and arrived on Saturday morning which gave us almost two full days together before they flew out early yesterday morning. It was such a nice bonus visit and I am endlessly grateful that they not only allowed me to procure their vehicle, but that they also drove it all the way here. They really are the best. We enjoyed many a sandwich and lots of TV. My mom showed up with this stuff and I advise you that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you buy it.

Image result for boom chicka pop white cheddar

It is absolutely addicting and I couldn’t enough of it which is great because I definitely needed another food item that I could struggle to control myself around. It’s got that “whole grain energy” though, so I should be unstoppable this week since I ate a whole bag of it.

Image result for spastic gif

As I’ve mentioned before, my parents have dial-up internet (so no streaming anything) and they don’t have cable at home. They typically have to wait until Netflix gets the Game of Thrones DVDs before they can watch a new season, but since they were in town, we watched the seventh season together. I missed SO MUCH the first time. Good grief. There was so much writing on the wall (RIP wall). My dad has also taken to calling Jon Snow “Ice Cube,” so that feels particularly fitting.

Image result for jon snow gif season 7

I made it to Orange Theory yesterday morning after I dropped my parents off at the airport and I am going again this morning. I didn’t go at all last week because I just felt deeply sad and hopeless over Vegas. I was useless. Trying to get back on track this week because sulking at home won’t help anything. 

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  1. Parents really can be the best. My parents drove my grandfather’s car from Oregon to south Florida (!!!) to “sell” it to my husband after his car was totaled. Amazing. Here’s to a more promising and hopeful week – fingers crossed!

    • That is so lovely! And what a trip! We are definitely lucky to have parents to support us in time of need. Buying a used car from a relative certainly trumps buying one off a lot.

  2. We regularly go to St. Martin for vacation. When Irma wiped that island out and we knew we’d have to wait a few years, I mentioned that maybe 2018 would be the year to go to St. Croix and visit a friend we have there. Then Maria happened. While discussing other possible vacation venues, I said maybe we should move our much discussed Napa/Sonoma trip up to 2018. When I got up this morning and watched the news, I decided I am not speaking aloud my vacation ideas ever again. Horrifying.

    I cannot buy that popcorn as I perceive the entire bag as a single serving. Glad you’re back in new wheels.

    • I’ve seen the damage to St. Martin from your FB posts and it is just devastating. This has been a terrible year for natural disasters. A lot of the Napa and Sonoma region is burning, but the huge majority of the wineries are out of danger. We are planning to go next year too, and they will need the support that tourists bring. Don’t cancel your trip! It’s a beautiful area and hopefully that will be able to get these fires under control quickly.

  3. This is unrelated to your post, but I must know your thoughts about Outlander! How did you think they handled the Geneva and Jamie scene that you mentioned a few blog posts about? Did the end of the last episode give you all the feels when they finally saw each other?!?! I don’t know how I’m going to wait two weeks to see them fully reunited. You’re the only other person I know who watches the show, and I’ve been dying to talk to someone about it!

    • I was pleased with the changes they made to the scene. I think it was clear that Jamie was the actual victim in the situation as he was a prisoner and she blackmailed him. Having her say “stop” in the book only made it a convoluted and even more messed up situation. I also thought it was more true to who Jamie is as a character since he was kind and gentle to her despite being forced (as opposed to pushing past her “stop”). This last week’s episode felt SO LONG. HURRY UP AND GET THEE TO THE PRINT SHOP. I know that they had to cover some of that ground, but it has already been too many episodes waiting for this scene. And I loved it when it finally arrived!!! I’m so glad we didn’t waste precious airtime with Claire traveling to the stones, going through them, then navigating to Jamie. And why are we having to wait two weeks???? I am excited to see the season finally move forward with them together, but I don’t see how they will get through all of the crazy that is left to explore! Diana Gabaldon really goes big with plot. What did you think? I also have no one else to talk about this with besides my sister, and she doesn’t care to hear my incessant ranting and analysis of every single thing.

      • I was so excited all of the last episode. I appreciated some of the backstory, but I agree, it was SO LONG. Just get to the print shop already! I also didn’t get the part where she and Joe were examining the skull and Claire knew right away how old it was and that the person was murdered. It felt really out of left field and also a waste of time- I’m guessing it must be foreshadowing to something that’ll happen in the future? I’m still waiting for my copy of Voyager from the library so I’m totally in the dark about what’s to come!
        My heart was practically beating out of my chest when she finally went through the stones and to the print shop. If them just being together for two seconds made me feel that way I’m probably going to explode watching the next episode! I would recommend reading recaps on Vulture if you enjoy that kind of thing. It helps me deal with all my emotions of not being able to talk to people about the show haha

        • I thought the skeleton part was bizarre as well, and I don’t remember her having that reaction during that scene in the book. Obviously, the significance of the skeleton will have later meaning because they made it SO OBVIOUS that it is important, but I thought that scene was too much. I also don’t really get why a famed anthropologist would send a skeleton to a surgeon? He’s not a medical examiner. And I didn’t know Vulture was doing recaps! Go Fug Yourself also has some fantastic ones.

          • You’re right, that is a really weird stretch that a famed anthropologist would send something to a surgeon for consulting… I guess I’ll have to wait and see how it plays out but if felt very heavy handed.
            I’ll check out the recaps on Go Fug Yourself. I love reading them the morning after watching just to make sure I caught everything.

          • The only point is that Claire would see the skeleton and that you would remember it. Really, it serves no point except a conveniently tied end which is unnecessary to the plot. I like recaps too because I always miss things!

  4. I’m so happy you have a car again! I literally got a car a year and a half ago (I live in Boston and subway a ton) and already would be lost without it!

    Also I know how you feel with Vegas. I was just mad and rotten all week because I kept reading people’s stupid thoughts on the internet. (sorry your desire to own an automatic weapon should not come over my right to exist in a public space without fear of being mass murdered.) Anyway I ended up signing up for a cancer charity fundraiser thing this weekend in an effort to put some good / positive vibes back into the world. It’s helped a little!

    • Thank you, I am happy to have one too! And that is a great way to give back while dealing with some real shit. And, don’t you know, it’s far more important for someone to do whatever the hell they want than to consider the impact on our society. The election really demonstrated that we are a nation of “me.”

  5. Boom Chicka Pop’s sweet and salty variety is a very serious problem for me; I recommend you steer clear of that one, too. I’m not a huge popcorn person and especially not kettle corn, but it’s obviously infused with some sort of opiate because I just. can. not. stop.

    • I don’t consider myself a popcorn person either, but GOOD GOD that stuff is good. I will avoid that variety as well.

    • I was about to jump on and say the exact same thing about the sweet/salty flavor! I normally turn my nose up at kettle corn! Instead I try to reconcile how many times per week I can go to my local grocery and purchase two large bags before someone is suspicious of my self control. 🙄

      • You do you, girl! I got a comment once for buying Reese’s for several days in a row (“wow, you must really REALLY love them!”), but I didn’t’ let that stop me!

    • I’ll also jump in and recommend avoiding ALL flavors of Boom Chicka Pop. Seriously, it’s all dangerous. Don’t even get me started on their specialty holiday flavors that are drizzled with things like chocolate and caramel.

      I don’t consider myself a popcorn lover, but I cannot stop if I start with this stuff. Lord help me when it’s on sale for crazy prices like 2 for $5!

      • I didn’t know there were holiday flavors!!! AHHHHHH. I never paid attention to it because popcorn isn’t my usual jam, but this has opened up dangerous doors.

  6. Did you climb Orange Everest at OTF yesterday? I did that workout Monday morning and have been making groaning noises every time I sit or stand for the last two days…I love that place so much, though.

    • I did and GOOD GRIEF. I couldn’t maintain a running pace after 11% and my heart rate was at 118%. That was a beast and I need to find out when they do that again so I can make sure to skip it.

  7. I regularly drive from Colorado to MT and my mom freaks out every time. She used to throw a fit and insist I fly but to fly from Denver to Billings STARTS at $500 and can be up to $800! It’s an hour flight! It’s ridiculous. So I drive and then I have my car. I just remind my mom that I drive all over Denver EVERY DAY just willy nilly without a care in the world and so far nothing has happened. No kidnappings or anything.I maintain all common sense ~I’m a woman so I don’t get to actually be safe in the world~ safety rules and I call from Casper.
    It’s a system.
    She grudgingly allows but she’s not happy about it. She learned awhile ago she actually can’t control me. She says “do what you want, you will anyway”.

    • Hahahah. Your sweet mom. Yeah, I would not be paying that to fly unless I was headed out of the country! And I would imagine that driving in Denver is much less safe than the open roads of Wyoming and Montana.

  8. I’m very confused over the ‘they have to wait until the Netflix DVD comes out’ part. I didn’t know those still existed.

  9. My boyfriend’s family lives in Napa and we already have our plane tickets to go visit them next month. They were for the most part lucky and didn’t lose their homes, but they did lose the vineyard. I’m blaming Trump for saying that global warming and climate change weren’t real-LOOK WHAT YOU DID.

    • I’m so sorry to hear about your boyfriend’s family. I’m glad that they are safe and didn’t lose their home, but losing your source of income and livelihood is devastating. I hope that you will still go visit them next month. When these fires are out, they will need all of the tourism dollars we can throw at them. It is unreal to watch how quickly these fires have spread. The winds are supposed to pick up again today, and I feel sick for everyone in that area (and the other areas currently battling fires). Our entire sky is covered with smoke today. This summer was the warmest EVER in California and the fire season has increased by 78 days in 40 years. But, no, can’t have anything to do with the greenhouse gases that we produce!

      You can also blame Trump for proposing a budget that includes a $300 million reduction for the U.S. Forest Service’s wildfire programs, $50 million in cuts for wildfire prevention, and a 23% reduction for volunteer fire departments. I am HAPPY to pay more taxes for emergency relief and better funding (and pay) for first responders and emergency management agencies. Thank you, white America, for electing an idiot who doesn’t believe in science.

    • They own a LOT of movies. And when they come to California we watch a LOT of HBO and streaming services in a manic fashion.

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