15 Thing Friday

1. My sense of rage and hopelessness regarding Las Vegas and our country’s general inability to give a shit persists, but I did donate this week to the Las Vegas Victims’ Fund which at least gives me a sense of doing something that will help these folks. They’re almost at $10 million which I hope will give survivors and the families of those lost freedom from financial devastation. They already have so much worse to deal with in finding a way to live with the trauma and heartbreak in the aftermath of this tragedy without medical and funeral expenses. We have several students who were there or who lost family and friends at the concert. It is so unbelievably horrible.

2. If you want changes, then demand them. This article has some good advice on contacting your congressional representatives about gun control. Don’t forget to pester at the state level too!

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3. Thank you so much for all of the recipes you shared last week! I will cranking a lot of those suckers out ASAP.

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4. Speaking of recipes, since all of mine got erased during the great 2014 THAT BITCH AMY DELETED EVERYTHING episode, I highly recommend this recipe for Starbucks pumpkin bread (I made it in muffin form) if you’re in the mood for pumpkin (and what basic chick is not???). I like to double (or quadruple) the cinnamon and add 1/4 tsp of cardamom.

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5. Sari and I recently watched the first episode of Trapped. She didn’t like it because of subtitles (it’s in Icelandic), but I am excited to see where it goes. The point of this tale is that there was a song that opened the show by Kaleo that I now love. It’s also in Icelandic, but I never know the actual words in songs anyway, so I am greatly enjoying Vor í Vaglaskógi (Spring in Vaglaskógur). It’s just a truly beautiful sounding song.

Ugh, I need to visit Iceland soon.

6. On the topic of not knowing words, Sari and I were in the car earlier this week and “Sexy Can I” [why is there no question mark?] came on the radio. I told Sari that I always thought it was funny that he says “just park my manners.” You should never throw your manners aside! Also what does that even mean?? She informed me that it’s actually “just pardon my manners” which is a statement that actually makes sense. WHO KNEW?

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7. I thought this article was really fascinating: “Do Cultural Differences Change What Depression Feels Like?

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8. Netflix is raising it’s prices of the premium plan by a dollar and people are mad. Why? I know a dollar is a dollar, but you are still getting a hell of a lot of TV shows and movies (including tons of original content) for $11. That is an insane deal and if you don’t want to pay a dollar for some truly premium shows, then don’t! I would have paid $50 just to watch the first season of The Crown. Season 2 is only two months away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9. Do you know about or use this MoviePass thing? ALLEGEDLY, for just $9.99 a month I can watch one standard format movie at a theater per 24 hours. I want to get it, but it makes me nervous. What is the catch here?

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10. I will officially have a car this weekend! FINALLY. Ugh. It’s been seven weeks since the wreck and I am thankful to close this chapter of inconvenience.

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11. I am about 60% of the way through Hillary’s What Happened book and whoa. There are so many things she warned us about that are happening right now. The information and history she gives about Russia tampering and messing with our shit is astounding. I need to pay better attention to that.

Image result for trump russia gifI also somehow missed that Hillary was part of the team that conducted the Watergate investigation which is super fascinating.

12. “Why Mass Shootings Rarely Change the Paralyzed Politics of Guns.” This sentence makes me ill: “Our supporters understand that gun-control demands are just an effort to put points on the board against the NRA, which is viewed as an arm of the Republican Party. So the NRA is quiet, and then, after the ‘we gotta do something’ aspect quiets down, they go back to defending freedom.” You can read more here about the people whose lives were taken too soon on Monday.

13. Regarding the 20 week abortion ban bill (or “pain-capable” which is a nothingburger phrase), the Journal of the American Medical Association conducted the most comprehensive study to date on fetal pain and found that it begins to develop between 23 and 30 weeks’ gestation. Although this study was conducted in 2005, it has not been contradicted in any research since its publication. The claims in the bill regarding pain at 20 weeks are not supported by any scientific studies. There are many reasons why a woman would have an abortion after 20 weeks, and this is only an effort to further restrict access for American women (although I am hopeful it will fail on the Senate floor).

House Republicans, Pro-Life Leaders Celebrate Passage of the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act

Eat shit, Paul Ryan.

14. Tracking the fake news and conspiracy theories that are spreading across YouTube in the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting.

15. In completely unsurprising, but still extremely disappointing news, the Department of Justice has issued a new memo that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 does not cover discrimination on the basis of gender identity. Little weasel.

31 thoughts on “15 Thing Friday

  1. I honestly feel lucky to live in CT right now – our governor has already called for a ban on bumpstocks and is trying to put it into law.

    But this has been one of those very long, exhausting weeks news wise that has made me want to get off social media and stop listening to the news. Yes, I realize it accomplishes nothing but honestly I feel like I need a freaking break from it all.

    Now I’m off to check those recipes which I just realized probably happened last Friday when I was on a long weekend and did stay social media and blogs!

    • There is nothing wrong with taking a break. You can’t do anything effectively if you’re mentally exhausted!

  2. I don’t get the outrage over an extra dollar either? I swear there are people who exist JUST to troll on social media sites, stir shit up, but yet are the ones waiting in line 72 hours before a new $1000 iPhone goes on sale. Take a coupla seats.

  3. I got MoviePass and it totally works. I saw four movies in September! The only downside is that you can’t buy tickets early (you can’t “activate” your pass until you are within 100 yards of the theater) but otherwise it’s great.

    • Ohhh, I didn’t know that. That kind of stresses me out! What if the only seats are front row? What if it’s sold out? Can you see in advance?

      • You can’t where I live but reserved seating supposedly exists in some markets. I see mostly movies during off hours so it hasn’t really been an issue yet.

  4. I feel like I can’t even think about what’s happening right now because it’s all so awful and overwhelming. It partly makes me want to just stay in Europe forever (because am I seriously going to bring my kids back to a country where they have to learn to shelter in place? Fucking Christ.) but it partly makes me so angry that I even have to have a serious conversation in my head about whether America is an ok country to raise children in. I honestly can’t understand why our government cannot get their shit together on guns. I CANNOT. UNDERSTAND IT. Honestly, I’d be super into us following that damn 2nd Amendment as it was intended — sure, you can have a gun: here’s a musket that you have to load shot by shot and there’s a pretty solid possibility that it might backfire and either kill you or severely disfigure you — BUT BY ALL MEANS, GO FOR IT.

  5. Hi there!

    In regards to #4–Have you ever tried the Wayback Machine to access the pieces of your blog that you lost? Not sure if you ever found a way to get those back but basically Wayback machine a free, non-profit library/archive of websites on the internet–sounds strange but you can see everything starting from your first post! (at least I think it’s your first post).
    Anyway, it’s fun to play with–especially when your favorite sites go off air–and might help you!

    Here’s the link:

    And here’s the link to your actual posts:


    • WHAT. The last time I looked there it gave me an error and wouldn’t let me see anything older than 1 year. Thank you!

  6. “Eat shit Paul Ryan” made me laugh at my desk! There are about 50 others to add to that list but he is up there.

  7. I’m about 40% of the way through Hillary’s book, and every chapter is gut-wrenching because every issue she talks about (and has a very well thought-out and sensible plan for) is front and center right now and is something Trump is fucking up beyond what we even thought possible. Too bad half of America didn’t care (or were too sexist, racist, xenophobic, homophobic) for actual policies and plans for governing.

    • I have had to read it in small chucks. I normally read for about an hour to 90 minutes each night, but I can only handle about 30 minutes before I want to pull all of my hair out and cry hysterically. She had so many real plans and great ideas. Just wait until she starts breaking down Comey around 58%. Read it with some wine.

  8. I am an agnostic, generally siding liberal on all social issues, and usually rely on logic, evidence and the Golden Rule when determining my beliefs on a lot of issues. Abortion is the one I struggle with. Have you listened to the RadioLab The Primitive Streak? It’s about the 14 day rule in embryo development and raises a whole host of interesting and complicated issues. I certainly don’t think abortion should be banned, but deciding where to draw a line feels impossible. If human life is at question, to me it feels logically safer to err on the side of caution when drawing that line. I don’t know what that means though. If artificial wombs are developed, I think I will be even more confused and torn.

    • I feel very much the same way about abortion. It is hard and complicated. I completely support a woman’s right to make that choice, but I really wish no one ever had to. The term “pro-life” makes me really angry because I’m not against life, but I know that sometimes people are in terrible situations or have to make hard decisions. I wish we had better options for women with an unplanned pregnancy, but I get that someone straight up does not want to carry to term for a whole variety of reasons. I wish preventing pregnancy was more effective and easier, and that women were never in situations where someone impregnates them through an act of force, but we aren’t there.

      If the writers of that bill had come out with, “The science on this is still uncertain, but we are still erring on the side of concern for fetal pain,” then I could at least understand. I would disagree, but it is logical. To stand on “20 weeks because we say so and we the fetus responded to being poked” doesn’t really do much to convince me of the legitimacy of the bill. I will absolutely listen to that podcast though and I appreciate the commendation.

  9. I know I’m just adding fuel to the fire but the potential for employers to not cover birth control just increased dramatically today. I know a ton of people who work for faith based hospitals who are not of that faith who may need to change jobs or get pregnant (or get ovarian cysts or neverending or neverstarting periods or any number of other things birth control treats).

    • I just understand the choices of the leadership in this country. So, you can deny covering birth control and continue to make it increasingly difficult for a woman to get an abortion in the event that an unplanned pregnancy occurs, so now we are just in the business of forcing women to give birth? Or just die. Is that easier? Maybe we can just give you a baby then die and you won’t have to deal with us any longer. What in the fuck? It is also a source of rage that the MEN do not seem to understand the myriad of reasons that we use birth control. At what point can we legislate that religion not dictate our laws? I do not understand why women voted him. I just don’t.

  10. See how far behind I am on reading? damn the failure of the email delivery system. I’m gonna try to sign up again just for funsies.

    Can I admit something in a safe place? I STILL haven’t watched The Crown. Maybe I should just wait until nugget arrives so I can binge it all while I’m not trying to multitask. Gives me something to look forward to.

    • Damn that email! I bet Hillary had something to do with it. And yes, the Crown will be perfect for watching when you have a fresh baybay. And the new season starts soon! It is really hard to multitask while watching. It is quiet and has lots of talking (often way too many dudes talking for my taste).

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