15 Thing Friday

1. This is the LETTER OF THE YEAR. God bless you, Jonna Ramey, and your zero tolerance of Nazi bullshit.

2. If you want to support DREAMers and find a way to help protect these vulnerable young people affected by the rescission of DACA, then start relentlessly contacting your congresspeople. I’ve heard that written notes and letters make a bigger impact (you can physically see the mail!), but don’t hesitate to call as well. I hate talking on the phone, but it’s worth it to help these hardworking and valuable people. There is a DREAM Act toolkit with specific lawmakers to to contact, but you can find your Reps and Senators by clicking on the links.

3. DACA does not provide an avenue to citizenship, so at the end of the day, we still need to urge our Congress to provide a path to citizenship. There is no other way to solve this issue.You can read more about the DREAM Act here which includes that option. It is the right thing to do. I want to eventually get to a place where all undocumented folks can have access to an affordable and timely path to citizenship, but we have to start somewhere.

4. In things that have turned out to unintentionally funny, I have received many a phone call from angry citizens and alumni this week because we sent out several messages of support for our undocumented students and my boss had the audacity to attend a rally for DACA (I was stuck at a rental car place for two hours, so I missed the ENTIRE THING). These folks are pissed and paranoid. One guy yelled at me about how the his friend “in the government” is paid to “scrub immigrant records” because they are all criminals. Okay. And, of course, they are all ENEMIES OF THE STATE. It’s a good thing that eye rolling is a silent act.

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I can’t even count the number of times I had to say, “No, I actually won’t be apologizing. Have a day.”

5. Thanks a lot for not telling me that the third season of Narcos is already out! What are you people even good for anymore??

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Pascal 4-Eva.

6. I would like to apply to live in this glass cabin surrounded by Swedish nature. I’m always stressed out over every single little thing, so I think I would be a great test case. Can this woman calm down? Is it possible for her to be chill for even five seconds? Science must find the answer!

7. On our drive back from Eureka on Monday, we listened to the Revisionist History podcast episode, “The Blame Game” on the 2009 allegations against Toyota about uncontrollable accelerating. Their hypothesis about what really happened was extremely disturbing to listen to while driving (especially since we were in a rental car), but it is information that everyone needs to hear. I had no idea, but what a NIGHTMARE of a situation.

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8. At 29, Elaine Welteroth was just named as Editor in Chief of Teen Vogue which makes her the youngest Editor in Chief ever for a Condé Nast publication. Oh, and she just happens to be a graduate of the university I currently work at, Sacramento State. Maybe she can come back for a talk on dressing for work in a way that is less “brain dead school marm” and more “person who is still alive and enjoying life.”

9. Speaking of Teen Vogue, Lauren Duca’s latest column, “Fashion IS Political, Period” is a good read.

10. “America’s shrinking percentage of white Christians isn’t a sudden occurrence.” I tend to think that a lot of people are sick of the kind of religious-based hate and bigotry that is displayed in efforts like the Nashville Statement. Take your hate and hit the road. They’re dragging down an entire religion that has many inclusive and kind people in it.

11. Alexander Skarsgård being a total turd (while looking like a total creeper) to his little brother gets my official Obnoxious Big Sister Stamp of Approval.

Alexander and Bill Skarsgard at 'It' premiere

12. This Easy Bruschetta Chicken looks like a perfectly delicious meal to enjoy during the summer that WILL NOT RELENT.

13. I don’t even know how to explain this, but “Firefighters Rescued A Woman On A Tinder Date Who Apparently Got Stuck Trying To Remove A Bag Of Her Own Poop.”

Even though she was stuck, she did apparently manage to remove the bag of poop. Smyth wrote: "She climbed in head first after her own turd, reached deeper into the window, bagged it up, and passed it out, over the top and back into the toilet from whence it came."

This is so many levels of horrifying and there are few kinds of panic that match being in someone’s house with a toilet that won’t flush everything.

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14. “The Polish Doctors Who Used Science to Outwit the Nazis.” YES, SCIENCE. BOO, NAZIS.

Dr. Eugene Lazowski and Dr. Stasiek Matulewicz.

15. Be safe if you’re in the path of Irma and take your animals with you!!!

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17 thoughts on “15 Thing Friday

  1. The DACA issue is infuriating. Many of my students are students because of DACA, and on the whole they have proven to be some of the most earnest and hardest working students I have.

    I would just like some of the folks who are so angry and hateful, like the ones who called you, to go in a classroom and meet some of these people. I don’t understand how they have such a messed up impression of them, but I truly feel that if everyone did my job or any job that puts them in contact with DACA students, DREAMers, Muslims, and a whole host of diverse people, they would have to give up at least some of the anger and hate.

    • They have a messed up impression because of the money poured into stirring up hate against them. If you watch Reagan and Bush I talk about immigrants you wouldn’t believe they were members of the Republican Party. They spoke about them as if they were actual humans who have been through difficult circumstances. Unsurprisingly, the only thing most people I know see about DACA, DREAMers, and Muslims is that they’re criminals leeching off or taxes and economy. As you said, these are some of the hardest working people I’ve encountered. Sorry that you are a lazy ass who isn’t getting hired, Americans.

  2. You know what also stresses me out, Sweden? The lack of sun shades on those cabins. I’d like to be a test case but also I don’t want to get baked to death in your cabin. I also don’t want to change in them. Also where do I go to the bathroom? I’m a middle of the night bathroom gal – will a bear eat me?

    • I am also worried about that since I hate the sun. Maybe they took the picture on the only sunny day?

  3. ‘Have a day.’ Ahahaha what a great way to end those phone calls.

    Also, the woman getting stuck in the window story was fascinating and horrifying and just…brings up a lot of other questions. Like, did they ever go on a second date? Why didn’t she offer to pay for the window? Where did she dispose of the bag when trapped? What bag did she find to collect it in?

    • I also have so many questions. But it’s also interesting that we live in a world where unflushed poop is worth almost dying to hide.

  4. The whole DACA thing has me so angry and I’m not even American. When I still dealt with the public in my job, I occasionally had to listen to people spout off about refugees. I wish I had thought to say “Have a day” at the end of those calls.

    Apologies about the lack of Narcos Season 3 . Before I get blamed for it as well, there is not yet a confirmed released date for Peaky Blinders Season 4 but it is expected to be in October. And Narcos Season 4 is expected to be September 7, 2018.

    • Oh, and the book “At the Devil’s Table” about the real Jorge Salcedo (Season 3), is really interesting so far. About 1/3 of the way through and would definitely recommend.

    • I know that historically most people react negatively to immigration in general, but why? Sorry people are coming here who are willing to worker harder than you? Sorry you might hear another language? Sorry other religions exist and you’re not the only person on earth?

      Also, am home sick and watching Narcos of course. I am so pleased that Pacho loves the fellas! Suspicion confirmed!

  5. “Put down your Tiki torches and trite flags and get involved in some real work.”

    “Aligning with two lost causes just labels you as profound losers.”

    I want this woman to be my grandmother.

  6. Because I have too many thoughts and emotions about DACA to write coherently at the moment (I also work at a university, my students are also at risk, it enrages me on so many levels) — instead I’ll offer up the fact that BBC news is translated into many languages and has recently started offering news in Pidgin! The “Woman wan troway poo-poo, come trap for window” translation makes the story fresh and brand new all over again!


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