Smoke On The Water

After enjoying the elk, we drove through the Redwoods on the Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. We didn’t know it at the time, but Oregon was on fire and the smoke was getting thicker by the minute. We got out of the car to walk around as much as we could, but the air quality was far too awful to try for a hike. Obviously, our experience were nothing compared to those who are directly impacted by the fire, but smoke sucks.

DSC 0882DSC 0880DSC 0871
DSC 0865

We did some tree hugging:

IMG 5120IMG 5102

And lived our best hobbit life:

IMG 5101

After a couple of hours we all felt pretty awful, so we stopped for lunch, then headed back to Eureka. For some reason there was a place called “Trees of Mystery” that featured a giant Paul Bunyan and Babe, so we obviously had to stop there. Why are they in California?

IMG 5113

I still can’t fathom a fire big enough to blow that much smoke so far away, but it is absolutely horrible. This was taken just after noon:

IMG 5111

When we got back to Eureka, we stopped at Lost Coast Brewery to try some of their beers before heading home for the evening. I don’t normally care for fruity beers, but they had an outstanding brown with raspberry that I loved.

IMG 5119

We spent the evening relaxing back at the cabin. Jillian and I took a walk down the beach while Jared read in the hammock. We saw some jellyfish which was crazy to us because in Texas we had only seen them washed up dead onshore (the water is also too murky to see them swimming). They were beautiful, but totally creepy.

IMG 5153

We also found a great log to recreate Dirty Dancing scenes and did a lot of Beach Boys karaoke. Someone who was reading in a hammock didn’t seem to appreciate our dance skills and the racket that we were making. We finished the night off with s’mores and more unwelcome singing. We woke up early on Monday to head back to Sacramento. We were happy to leave the smoke, but apparently all of northern California is covered because we never got back out of it the entire drive home. it just looked so bizarre and unsettling. Stay safe out there if you’re in a the area of these fires!

IMG 5147