Fern Canyon

When we woke up on Sunday morning, it was super smokey outside. We started the day with irritated eyes and lots of coughing which wasn’t ideal.

IMG 5013

We got out of there early to drive to Fern Canyon which was about an hour and half north of Eureka. Most of the pictures I had seen online showed a lot of people in the canyon, so we were hoping to beat the crowds with an early arrival. We got there just after nine and there were very few cars in the lot which gave up hope. We took a short walk, then turned a corner to see one of the prettiest sights I’ve ever laid eyes on: A canyon of ferns! We spent a little over an hour climbing and exploring the canyon and these pictures are pathetic in comparison to how beautiful and lush it was. So, please enjoy 500 pictures of Fern Canyon.

IMG 5015

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Scenes from Jurassic Park II were filmed in the canyon and we were not at all surprised when we ran into a wild Texas raptor among the ferns:

IMG 5040

We also ran into what can only be described as a feral Californian. The woman was washing her hair in a stream as we walked into the canyon which seemed like a perfectly normal thing to do for someone who was camping. At some point she came flying by us in the canyon and was parkouring off of rocks and dead trees. It was pretty impressive because she was soaking wet, wearing some kind of knit long underwear, and a was sporting a pair of old Keds. As someone who spent a lot of time slipping and falling in Keds as a kid, I was impressed by the purchase she was able to gain as she erratically bounded by us.

Since we were in a canyon, there seemed to be only one way in and one way out, yet she continued to come streaking by from the same direction she had last passed us. It was so confusing. How did she get behind us again? Where did she come from? Where was she going? The only time she took a break from her wombat ways was when she stopped by a waterfall to ask an unsuspecting woman to take her picture for Instagram. Strange times. Our experience with her ended the final time she ricocheted by us carrying a can of Campbell’s soup and a large handful of ferns. It certainly was the feral icing on our fern canyon cake.

After leaving the canyon we were lucky enough to see some elk in a meadow which was really neat. I didn’t even know there were elk in California, so that was brand new information.

DSC 0861
DSC 0857

I really had to zoom through the smoke to get a photo. We were not close at all and I still can’t believe we even saw them:

DSC 0860

The rest of our day at lunch.

11 thoughts on “Fern Canyon

  1. Oh man, I wish you could have gotten a picture of the woman running by with a can of soup and a bunch of fern leaves. I’m sure the mental picture I have in my head isn’t doing the true insanity of it justice.

  2. First, that place looks freaking magical. Like you could really do some solid Lord of the Rings reenactments there. Second, if you think I didn’t catch that “brand new information” Friends reference, you’re wrong. And third, those batshit hippies totally exist in NorCal. Has anyone told you about the Berkeley tree people yet? (Insert crazy eyes emoji here.)

    • We had to cut down some trees that were planted on top of a gas line 30 years ago (I know…) and we were really worried those folks would should up. I hate removing a tree just as much as anyone, but we can’t have students being blown up. And that is probably the Friends quote that I use most often. It suites so many situations!

  3. The elk are amazing. I wonder if the wildfire drew them out of their normal range? Not that I know anything about the range of elk. I saw them for the first time this summer, while we were on a weekend trip to Denver. They are so majestic up close!

    • I learned after writing that the elk were located in a spot called “elk meadow.” Apparently, I was the only one surprised to see them there. And they are such gorgeous animals!

  4. fern canyon looks SO COOL! love those pics.
    and the story about that woman made me laugh so hard, nearly off the couch.

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