Murdery, Vol. II

I would like to preface this by saying that I understand that the below experiences are extremely minor inconveniences and that the people dealing with the aftermath of Harvey have real problems they are facing. This is all petty grumbling.

On Thursday, the other driver’s insurance called to tell me that the girl who hit me was not on her parent’s insurance because they hadn’t “gotten around to it.” She’s been driving since April. If anyone needs ALL THE COVERAGE, it’s a teenager (as a former teenager who “bumped” into multiple stalls at Sonic and maybe crashed into a tree in our own driveway, I know).
Image result for cruella deville gifThen, the mom lied to their insurance company and said she was in the car (since her teen was illegally driving with another teen in the car). Thankfully, I had already given my statement which noted that the mom showed up later. After the insurance agent pointed that out, she then stated they wouldn’t accept liability because I just “left my car in the road” which isn’t their fault. The insurance agent explained to her that it wasn’t up to her decide liability, and if you rear end someone because you aren’t looking forward, then that’s your fault. Their own insurance agent was DONE with them when I talked him. I appreciated his exasperation.

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So, the agent spent several days trying to get permission to extend coverage to include her and this wreck (because that’s less convoluted than getting sued by my insurance company since her car was insured by them). That was holding things up and my car was already at a body shop ready for repair (awaiting a go ahead from an insurance company). Luckily, my insurance went ahead and gave the okay to cover it under my collision coverage, then they will pursue the other company for reimbursement. So, at least my car is now actually getting repaired. Bless you, Allstate.

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As advised by my insurance company, I proceeded with securing a rental vehicle last week. My friends are flying in from Austin today, so I thought it would be easiest if I could rent from the airport since it’s cheaper and I could efficiently trade in my little compact for a small SUV that would give us more room for our weekend adventure when I pick them up. My co-worker lives near the airport and she offered to drop me off on her way home last Thursday.

I booked my car online with a debit card and I handed it over with my ID when I was at the counter. The agent told me that I couldn’t use a debit card and that they only accepted credit cards. When I explained that I have rented with them several times and had not had that issue, she said that it’s because I’m a local renter. I’ve never rented locally, so normally I would show proof of my flight out, and then I could use my debit card. I don’t carry credit cards in my wallet when I’m not traveling because I don’t trust myself. I will on occasion decide that I need to ransack Target or Sephora, and while I can stop myself with my debit card, the credit card just gets swiped (inserted chip first) faster than you can say, “Impeach Trump!” Sometimes I forget myself.

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So, I didn’t have a credit card in my wallet which meant that I couldn’t rent the car. I wasn’t happy, but I made myself go sit down and calm down because it wasn’t the rental agent’s fault that I didn’t read the fine print. So, I stewed the entire way back home in my Lyft.

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I went back on Friday with my damn credit card and got the thing rented. I’m so glad to have a car again, but I have been terribly inconvenienced by this entire thing.

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Once my car gets fixed at the body shop, then I’ll drive it very slowly (and with great terror) down side streets to the Jeep dealership to get whatever it was that caused it to die in the first place fixed. I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally need it to be something they can definitively identify and repair because otherwise I don’t know if I have guts to take it on a highway every again.

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7 thoughts on “Murdery, Vol. II

  1. That mom sounds like a real winner. This is the kind of crackerjack parenting we need to raise kids who have no sense of responsibility whatsoever.

    Isn’t it illegal to drive without insurance, not to mention her other infraction?

  2. I have so many words and no words. Holy cow.
    We had three teenagers and I will tell you we added the insurance the night BEFORE they got their license. When my middle son was hit my a Mack truck and we then had #alltheinsurance to deal with we wouldn’t even let my youngest look at a car. He wanted to just “go around the block” while he still had his permit but without us in the car. It’s just around the block! No no and no. Liability is everything. You don’t know what could happen. It’s not worth your life, anyone else’s life or our livelihood just NO. he was furious and I didn’t care. Freakin’ get insurance. Did it raise our insurance a ridiculous amount to put teenagers on it? Hell yes it did. That’s the price of teenagers. If you can’t deal with it, ask them to help out. It’s not worth it. By the way, I know a lot about insurance now.

    I don’t understand the rental car thing. I get there was fine print but that’s weird. You can use your debit card but only if you’re using the airport to fly in or out? That doesn’t make any sense. I never use my debit card to rent a car because I’m in banking and I’ve had too many experiences of dealing with rental car agencies holding people’s money for weeks and weeks and daily calls back and forth with the customer and the rental agency asking for them to release it and it’s so painful and a waste of my time and the rental agencies and frankly the customers. I totally understand wanting to use the debit card because I want to most of the time. I’d way rather not use my credit card but rental car agencies and debit cards don’t mix well.

  3. So… my husband’s previous work vehicle was a Patriot (I think a 2014, maybe a 2015) and it had the same issue of the engine randomly shutting off. Sometimes while turning, sometimes while accelerating, sometimes at stop lights. The engine would always restart though.

    The dealership “fixed it” twice, but the issue continued and they were pretty vague about what the actual problem was. I really (really!) hope that your car does not have the same issue, but I googled the issue when it happened to us and it seems relatively common.

  4. How frustrating! The entire wreck/car rental/repairs. I’m sorry. My oldest daughter was in a wreck a week after her 18th birthday. We went from me being able to do everything for her previously, to no one letting me be involved be cause she was now officially an adult. Welcome to adulthood, kid! We had 3 months of “fun” dealing with her wreck. Oh and guess who can’t get a rental car? 18 year olds! Mom taxi was back in service.

    Then on her birthday the following year, I was in a wreck. Hit by a teen who decided to avoid talking to his insurance company. Lots of work on my end to make sure things were moving forward.

    I know Enterprise will let you rent locally with a debit card. I had a similar situation to yours with them. They informed me they can/will do it with an extra $ hold put on your card. I think it was $200 or $250 maybe. You then get it back upon return of the car.

    Hope your situation gets resolved soon!

  5. I am way behind on catching up on all your posts but I want to kill these ignorant, irresponsible parents. I hope they get burned.

    Your insurance rates won’t go up due to this will they? This is not your fault!!

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