Ten Thing Friday

1. The Crown season 2 trailer!!!!!!!!

2. What doesn’t feel good in Texas – “What Texas Tells Us About the Latest Threats to Women’s Healthcare.

3. Sari and I finally got caught up on the second season of Insecure this week and it is sooooo good. Issa and Molly are both such treasures. I could watch Issa practice in the mirror for hours and Molly’s struggle with equal pay is too real. If you want a delightful break from your life, then PLEASE give Insecure a chance.

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4. Book recommendations from independent bookstores.

5. We (the California State University system of 23 campuses) are FINALLY changing the way we do remediation and I am THRILLED. When I started college I didn’t test high enough (I believe that the technical term is “totally bombed)  on my placement test for math to enroll in college algebra (which was the lowest level of math required for my major). Instead of throwing me into a remedial course which I wouldn’t have received credit for and where I sincerely doubt my math skills would have improved, I was put in college algebra with review. I went to the regular class three days a week, then on Tuesday and Thursday I had an hour and a half of supplemental instruction where I was part of a small group with a TA who went back over the lesson, helped us with our homework, and went through additional practice problems. And, I got an A in the class!

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There is no way I would have come out of a remedial class (if I ever even tested high enough to even get out) prepared enough to get an A in college algebra. I’m so glad that we are finally going to employ methods to help students get the support they need to be successful in credit-bearing courses.

6. The draft of the federal climate change report!

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7. Would Trump let you immigrate to America? Without higher education, then I would have been a big ol’ nope.

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8. As Affirmative Action comes under fire – “The Myth of Reverse Racism.

You’re wrong. SUPER WRONG. Here’s a different perspective on who is actually pushing you out of top institutions, “At 38 colleges in America, including five in the Ivy League — Dartmouth, Princeton, Yale, Penn and Brown — more students came from the top one percent of the income scale than from the entire bottom 60 percent.”

9. Twitter reactions from Sunday’s Game of Thrones episode. SPOILERS ABOUND.

10. Have a great weekend and let’s all hope that President Cheetodust is too busy golfing to instigate war via Twitter.Image result for this is fine dog gif

8 thoughts on “Ten Thing Friday

  1. I’m a nope on the immigration. I have 2 US Masters degrees, but neither is in a science- or tech-related field (history and library studies). The questionnaire disregards the humanities completely.

  2. Insecure is the best! I loved the bit about “Gossip Girl” in the last episode. So spot on! I rarely laugh out loud when watching TV, but that show is just so so good!

  3. You’re probably already aware, but whenever I try to view your site on my desktop I get an error message stating that the connection isn’t private. I can view on my phone though for some reason.

    • yep. I get the same thing. It’s happened before, I’m sure she’s super frustrated with it but as she’s told me…tell her or she won’t know because she doesn’t look on this end of it so she has no idea it’s happening.

      To work around just do http instead of https. It’ll still say unsafe and you have to type it every time but it works until they fix it

      • sorry, I should have said it says unsafe but it’s not like we’re putting in credit card information. Not really a risky site.

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