Supper Under the Stars

I realize that this is super pathetic, but I felt incredibly proud of myself on Friday because I ran more than one errand after work. I almost never have the patience or energy to go anywhere after being at work, but on Friday I even managed to force myself to go to the mall.

I returned some stuff that didn’t work out from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and braved the crowds in Sephora. I am trying to buy more natural products that aren’t tested on animals, so I needed to restock quite a few things (I also went to The Body Shop). I really wanted to find some lipstick I would actually wear, but I tried probably 20 different options and didn’t find anything that didn’t startle me when I looked in the mirror. Do you just have to to keep wearing lipstick to get used to your face with it? It just always seems so garish on my face.

On Saturday morning I went to Orange Theory and had a great workout. My knee didn’t hurt at all and I felt so much better after. I spent the next seven hours running more errands that I had been putting off for the past few weeks. I also squeezed in an acupuncture session and met Heather for sushi. It was a solidly productive day and I even managed to get a nap in when I got home.

On Sunday I did some meal prep for the week and finally made this chicken recipe. I used riced cauliflower and while it didn’t look as pretty as the pictures, it was tasty. I went up to the office for a few hours, then drove down to Sutter Creek to hang out with Lisa and her boyfriend, Rob. A couple of months ago we purchased tickets to Supper Under the Stars in Volcano Sunday night and I went down a few hours early so that we could enjoy some adult beverages beforehand. Rob was working on the yard when I arrived, so Lisa and I left him behind and went to a new tasting room in town. It’s hard to say if it was super fantastic or if chilled white wine always tastes amazing when it’s 100 degrees out, but I left with several bottles of it.

Lisa and I then moseyed over to Provisions for some snacks and a beer. I had not eaten lunch, so Lisa suggested that if I was hungry, then I should try their “really great almonds.” This is probably she’s such a teeny tiny person, but almonds is NOT A MEAL. So, I bought some cheeses and bread to enjoy with our drinks. Crazy woman. We then met up with Rob and he drove us to Volcano for the dinner. I didn’t drink anything more after we arrived since I was driving us back (and I had to get back to Sacramento), but they had a whole hour of beer and wine tasting before the dinner. Next time. We were seated around seven and it was a beautiful evening.

I didn’t get home until midnight, but we had a lot of fun so it was worth it. I miss seeing Lisa every day and I am cannot wait until she is back in our office. SOON.

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  1. Can I put a plug in for Glossier? Cruelty free and their makeup is mostly designed for a low maintenance lifestyle. (I read somewhere that it was designed to be put on in the back of a cab). Anyway they’re great and the lipstick is sheerish so you can go light or heavy if you swipe a few times. They’re internet only though but totally worth the risk. Also for cruelty free I love Milk Makeup! (and they’re in sephora!) Sorry for the unsolicited opinion but I have been switching over all my products to cruelty free over the last two years so i have done a ton of research!

    • I just bought several Milk products (GOODBYE, MONEY)!! I love it! And thanks for the Glossier recommendations – I had not heard of that brand.

      • Yesssss. I totally just fell for the Milk matcha cleanser! Like I am the worst because I was all “ohhh matcha”

  2. Hi! I’ve been reading your blog for a few years and we just moved to Corpus Christi last week. Hoping you might have some recommendations for restaurants, sites and a way to stop dying on every run because GOOD LORD WHY IS IT SO HUMID HERE?!?

    • Oh girl, good luck!!!! Running there before November is really difficult – and running in the morning is even worse! You need to find a treadmill.

      Food! On the way to the island, Snoopy’s Pier has great fried shrimp and Doc’s has this stuffed flounder that I still dream of. Those are both great places to watch the sun set over the water and have a great meal. Snoopy’s only takes cash. In town, La Playa off Rodd Field is my favorite Mexican (Kiko’s is also great). Hester’s Cafe at Six Points is great for brunch and has wonderful salads and sandwiches. Executive Surf Club downtown is a good bar with delicious burgers. Water Street Seafood has amazing shrimp enchiladas. Origami was my favorite sushi. As an added bonus, the owner was an extra in Pearl Harbor when it was shot on the Lexington, so he has a TON of pictures from the movie on the walls. Catfish Charlie’s has great catfish and fried shrimp, and Thai Cottage is always wonderful.

      Why are you down there???

      • My boyfriend is in the Marine Corps and in flight school down here. He’s originally from Lubbock so he’s happy to be back in Texas (even though we are further away from Lubbock than we were at our last station in Pensacola).

        I’m personally loving the Bucees beaver nuggets I get every road trip and the fact that I will be in San Antonio this weekend which means AMY’S ICECREAM. Texas is going to make me so fat. (totally just the state’s fault, not my own lack of self control)

        • I just hope you aren’t living on Flour Bluff. RUN, GIRL. And, Texas doesn’t have some of the fattest cities because the food is bad. Buc-ees is a gift to us all.

          • I second Hesters!! Mmm, mmm, good. Yes, running down here means getting up and out the door by 615 or You. Will.Die

  3. Another plug for a different lip product called Lipsense. I have no idea how “natural” it is but I googled it and they claim not to test on animals and are kosher too – no idea what kosher makeup is but there you have it haha.

    Their lip products are amazing, they really do stay on almost all day, and this coming from someone who constantly drinks like they’re on the brink of dehydration. They have a lot of nude colors that add a little color without it being too outrageous. I am not one of those women who could ever pull of a bold red. Plus, I feel like the more you wear a bold lip color, the more you expose yourself to looking “weird” if you, god forbid, leave the house without it on.

    They only sell them through third party sales reps so you may need to find one in your area but I bet you’ll have the advantage of trying on a bunch of different colors before you find one that fits you!

    Also, that supper under the stars experience looks amazing. I am a Houstonian constantly jealous of your California lifestyle. Eating dinner outside in August?! Unheard of! Ha.

    • My friend sells that, but I never really understood exactly why it was special. I told probably 20 people at that dinner that in Texas you would NEVER do this. By the time we left I was actually kind of cold! INSANITY.

  4. Companies make it so difficult to buy cruelty free and it’s really a test of patience for the consumer. I wore Laura Mercier make up for so many years because I liked the natural, matte products. Then I found out they sold products in mainland China and they require animal testing on imports, or at least they did at that time. So I stopped buying LM and started buying NARS. I believe they were bought by Estée Lauder who does test. So, while NARS is cruelty free, their parent company isn’t and who profits? Estée Lauder. It’s so frustrating and I know the answer is to stop wearing makeup but I can’t and won’t. Right now I’m wearing Chantecaille because they truly are cruelty free but I don’t know how long my wallet can support that brand.

    • I stopped wearing NARS (I LOVE THEM) for the same reason. UGH. I have looked at Chantecaille several times because it looks like such lovely makeup, but I haven’t shelled out for it yet. Why is this so hard???

  5. I am a ‘I never wear lipstick girl’ because I always feel like it is too much for me, or I can’t find the right shade. My friend works at Prada and they have a stylist that picked out the perfect shade of red to wear that looks good on anyone. I broke down and bought it, tried it and fell in love with it. However, now I have realized how thin my lips are after wearing it. But I do love the shade and I don’t feel like I am screaming “notice me” when I wear it. Oh the color is Cremesheen Brave Red by MAC. I just looked no animal testing.

        • I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news. It crushed me too because their eye primer worked so well for me. And their mascara. And their eye liner. They claim they sell in mainland China because they feel they can make more noticeable changes from inside. I just don’t buy that excuse.
          I really thought that buying cruelty free makeup would be a lot easier than it has been. I wish Estee Lauder would keep their greedy hands off these smaller companies.

    • I need to find that person. I NEVER can tell what looks good on me because I think most make up makes me look somewhat unhinged. That is a beautiful color that seems like it would work on a pale lady.

  6. 1. What is that black thing on your plate?

    2. I must recommend Julep. Its a subscription box that’s $20 a month. You get full size products from their brand. Its mostly nail polish, but they also have a fantastic assortment of makeup and skincare. Literally EVERYTHING i have gotten from them has been amazing, and I pretty much exclusively use their products for nails, makeup and skin. AND, even though its a sub box, you can swap out the products to 100% customize it every month. AND AND its cruelty free, not tested on amimals, and the polish is vegan. I’m not even a “makeup” person and i freaking love this subscription.

  7. I’m impressed you completed one errand on Friday, let alone two! If I do an errand on Friday it’s because I forgot to stock up on toilet paper and it’s the only way to avoid a Code Brown. Or I’m out if cat food AND tuna so waiting until Saturday is not an option.

    I think there is some truth to the idea that you just get used to seeing yourself with lipstick. I was always told how good I looked in red lipstick but I’d take it off immediately. Now, after wearing lighter shades pretty consistently with the occasional splash of a bright colour, I don’t have the same freak out when I look in the mirror.

    • Cats can be real bitches when you don’t have EXACTLY what they like EXACTLY when they want it. Thanks for the lipstick advice. You do have a good skin tone for red lipsticks.

  8. You can try starting with neutrals that are slightly darker than your lip color and slowly go deeper in tone. I started with lipgloss (NYX Butter Gloss but no idea if it’s cruelty free) and I’ve worked my way up to weird colors that are strangely flattering on my skin tone, like orange and deep purple. You can also try lip liner as lip colors. You can shade as lightly as you need to to feel comfortable and rub chapstick in over the top.

  9. Lipstick tip: Try it with your hair up and it looks way less…obvious. I love to do a totally nude face and some really bright lipstick with my hair up in a ballerina bun. It’s very easy (swipe, swipe, makeup done) and looks like you really care (I don’t). I buy Revlon lip balm stain when it’s on sale||0
    It stays on all day, after lunch, coffee. water, etc. I even put my chapstick on over it.

  10. I like Pixi brand tinted chapstick, it’s a nice amount of color without looking too done up. The third from the right is my favorite one though I have a couple; the far left color is WAY bright, in my humble opinion.

    Also, bonus, you can buy them at Target and according to their website “Pixi does not test on animals, nor do we have any other parties, such as suppliers, conduct any animal testing on our behalf. Pixi uses only the highest quality ingredients which have a proven safety record and are widely used in the cosmetics industry.”

  11. I never wore lipsticks for the same reasons and then after I had a baby I started wearing bold colors because I thought it made me look less tired. For me I just decided “this is how I look now” and that helped with my confidence. And eventually you just get used to how you look.

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