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There are frequent times in my life that I honestly cannot believe how incredibly stupid I can be. God did not giveth to me in the common sense department. This weekend I was cooking and I could not for the life of me get the clear plastic part of this container detached from the yellow piece on the bottom.

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There were minutes of struggle. So, I asked Sari to come help me out. I realized as she walked over to the kitchen that I could simply pour the tomatoes out of the top of the container where there is a big hole under the “Cherubs” label. I already had that part open, and it did not once occur to me as I struggled to properly open the bottom of the container that I could just pour them out of the already opened top. Sari was not impressed.

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I just stayed riding in that train of dumbness right on into Monday. My boss forwarded me an email asking asked if I wanted to attend a solar eclipse watching event 9 am on August 21. I assumed it was 9 pm and explained that we had an event that night. Now, if you know anything all about a solar eclipse, then you already know that it requires the sun in order to happen. It never occurred to me when I was answering that a solar eclipse at night makes NO SENSE AT ALL. Thankfully, he pointed out my error before I could reply to the group declining the invitation, but I felt like a real fool.

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On the bright side, Lisa also thought it was at night too, so that made me feel a lot better about the whole thing. In our defense, no one ever invites us to fun things at 9 am on a Monday.

To everyone who is pregnant, I love you, but you’re not finding out the gender of your baby – you’re finding out the sex. There were five “gender reveal” parties that popped up on my Facebook this weekend. I felt truly sad watching them because there was only one father who seemed thrilled out of his mind to find out they were going to have a girl. One dad found out he was having a boy and shouted, “Yes, YES, I won!!! THANK GOD.” Rude. And two other dads looked completely bewildered and shocked when learning they are having a daughter.

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One future dad just said, “Oh, okay” and SHRUGGED. HE SHRUGGED. He would be a dead body if he was with me (see: Reasons I’m Alone). I see these kinds of reactions to girls all too frequently and it honestly breaks my heart. There is so much jubilation over a son, and they excitedly start talking about taking him hunting and playing sports with him. Dudes, your daughters can go hunting and play sports with you too. I’m not saying that this happens every time and I know plenty of guys who were beyond happy to find out they were going to have a daughter, but if you can’t be equally excited regardless of the sex of your baby, then maybe don’t film yourself finding out and put it on the internet.

I also don’t think it’s fair to start setting the expectation that your child will behave or act in a certain way (gender) before they’re even born, but that’s a whole other issue.

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  1. I totally find the opposite when it comes to parents finding out the sex of the baby. I don’t work with any men but ALL of my girl friends assume they are having girls and are very often disappointed to find out they are having boys. It’s sad! Why do women assume they are owed a girl? I guess it’s just human nature, if the men prefer having a boy, but it makes me crazy. You’re so lucky to even be pregnant with a healthy baby!

    • I agree. And, either way, if you can’t be completely thrilled regardless of the sex, then DO NOT FILM IT.

  2. I’m old enough to think that maybe we should stop finding out the sex of the baby before it’s born and be surprised – and happy that you’ve had a healthy baby! *shaking my old lady cane*

    My thyroid legit causes some fog so when I act dumb, I just blame it on that.

  3. I hate when guys act like that when finding out they are going to have a daughter. Same when mom’s find out they are having a boy. Just be happy you are having a baby! I am having my second girl right now and so many people ask me if we are going to try for a boy. I just tell them kids aren’t Pokemon and I don’t need to try to catch them all!

    • Amen. And I LOVE that response. My cousins have four girls and people are STILL asking them if they are going to keep trying until they have a boy. My cousin has to constantly explain that they wanted four kids and what sex those kids turned out to be was not a factor. Then people pity them for having so many girls because girls are “so hard” and “so expensive” and “ugh, TEENAGE girls.” I think kids are hard period, no need to make one out to be the monster.

      • My mom is the oldest of 10…. all girls. They all (and my poor grandparents) went through life with the constant joke of “must have kept trying for that boy, huh?” And this was in the 1940s, so people were much less, um, politically correct(?) with their opinions then!
        But then my grandpa’s brother had 8 boys & 1 girl.
        Genetics are weird.

  4. I am currently 20 weeks pregnant with my second (we have a 3 year old daughter) and you wouldn’t believe the number of friends, family, complete strangers that have felt compelled to announce “I bet you’re really hoping for a boy” “if it’s a girl are you going to try again for a boy?” to both me and my husband. Like somehow the family’s not complete without a male spawn to carry on the family name?? Is this 1950??? It infuriates me AND my husband (and I take it as a personal insult to my daughter who is apparently not good enough??) Ok rant over but yes, I agree its archaic and frankly my daughter got a black eye playing with a dump truck yesterday so we are also throwing the “ballerina princess” narrative out the window too.

    • Well, that sounds super annoying. And not anyone’s business. It also irks me that so many parents DEMAND that the son be given a family name, but I don’t hear that often about a daughter. The son HAS to be the II or III whatever, but the daughter doesn’t. WHY. And tell that kiddo to keep on truckin’.

      • My great-grandmother (named Margaret) named her third daughter after herself (also named Margaret). I always loved that! What’s even funnier, is the first daughter was named Bobbie because they just knew she would be a boy and were determined to stick with the name. I am very glad my husband is thrilled to have a daughter and for the record, she has already had several black eyes from playing too rough!

    • I hate the stupid family name nonsense. Girls can do that too and over here more and more keep their name and their partner change their last name. Also something me and my better half plan to do. Not going to lie, some old fashioned family members and idiots seem
      to be confused by the concept but that makes it even more fun 😉

  5. Preach about the “gender” reveals! I always root for people to have girls just to help balance out the universe. I often find myself nodding my head in agreement on every WTF Wednesday post.

  6. We invited friends and family over for a sex party, complete with invitations displaying pictures of my husband and I as babies with “SEX PARTY” in bold letters.

  7. My husband, thankfully, didn’t care one way or another of the sex of our child. We have a smart, witty, strong-willed, opinionated, beautiful daughter who is just LIKE her father – LOL! Looks a lot like me but has a lot of his personality. I agree though, I’ve seen where people keep trying for one sex or the other – you get what you get and as long as the child is healthy is the main thing that should matter.

  8. Maybe it’s something that’s going around, but I also had a dumb moment with my co-workers today. Someone mentioned on a teleconference that cookies were needed to open a shared project map, and I immediately responded, “I’ll bring some chocolate chip cookies to your office!” Of course, awkward silence followed. Not sure why I thought we started punning with baked goods, but in any case my brain is not working this morning.

    • That is because they’re the only kind of cookies that ever make sense. Duh.

  9. I have a daughter and my husband claims he was “trying” for a girl. His younger sister passed away as a toddler and it was tragic and on some level he thinks this is sort of his do over relationship with her (he’s Hindu so reincarnation plays a part). I’m just a jerk who thinks boy clothes are cuter so I wanted a boy. When we start trying for a second child I’m pretty ambivalent as long as they’re healthy (these eggs ain’t getting any younger) but if it’s a girl I don’t have to buy anymore clothes so I’m leaning that way now, lol.

    • And I think it’s fine to lean one way or the other or to imagine a life in your head, but just don’t film yourself finding out if you can’t genuinely be happy if things go the opposite way. And that story about your husband is heartbreaking. I hope your daughter helps him heal some of that pain.

  10. I wanted a boy, and my husband wanted a girl.

    We are pretty wild with bucking the societal norms like that.

  11. My husband and I were both fooled by that tomato container. I tried for longer than I care to admit before figuring it out.

  12. At least you’re not the person who asked NASA to reschedule the solar eclipse because “most kids are in school and they should have a chance to see it.”

    I don’t get the point of the reveal parties. If people want to know, they’ll ask. I also hate that it means the clothes gifted will be almost all pink or all blue. They’re babies. Just make sure they’re clothed.

    • SHUT UP. That did not happen. And I totally agree with that. Clothes on kids are good.

  13. I’m glad I’m not the only person who gets annoyed by “gender” reveal parties and videos, I’ve never even seen one where they seem disappointed by the baby’s sex, it’s just weird to me to set up all these expectations for learned behavior before the nugget is even born. Here’s an old article on slate basically echoing what your wrote if you feel like nodding in agreement

  14. My husband and I both pictured our first child being a girl so it took us a few days to adjust when we found out it was a boy. But after we did I was really relieved – our expectations were that a daughter would be a really girly girl like me but since we had no expectations for a boy I feel like we’ll be more open to giving him the space to develop his own personality and will be able to support him whether he wants to play cricket like his papa, perform in musicals like his mama, or has completely different interests and hobbies that we can’t even imagine yet.

    • And that makes total sense. I get that people have a vision in their head of who they think they might have, but just don’t film yourself if you’re going to be devastated that it’s the other sex. One of my friends cried and cried because she had been dreaming that she was having a girl, then they found out it was a boy. Of course they are thrilled to have their son, but she also didn’t film herself finding out and bursting into tears, then put it online.

  15. How sad 🙁 and I would have killed the guy who shrugged too. What a bloody idiot!

    P.S. Why does everything have to be a party nowadays anyway? 😀

  16. We had a sex reveal party, resplendent with booze and snacks. It was mostly an excuse to throw a party after I’d had 3 months of morning sickness and hadn’t been up to seeing friends until then. There was also cupcakes.
    I am also embarrassed to admit that I spent YEARS buying those cherry tomato cartons and opening them the wrong way and being SO frustrated with how hard they were to open and then one day my husband was like, “why are opening them like that?! There is a tab on top.” :-S

    • Ahahahhahaha. That’s hilarious. And I don’t have a problem with having a party, it’s people posting video of themselves being clearly disappointed in their unborn baby.

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