10 Thing Friday

1. I finished Fleabag this week and I wasn’t expecting to be so emotional at the end.

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2. “The Remains of the Romanovs.”

If you’re interested in a deeper dive on this topic, then Robert K. Massie’s The Romanovs: The Final Chapter covers a lot of the ground on the impostors, issues with the remains, and the DNA testing. Greg King’s The Fate of the Romanovs does a worthy job reconstructing their final years.

3. Insurance companies could once again deny insurance based on preexisting conditions in the new Senate bill.

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4. 21 (Not Boring) Chicken Breast Recipes Made for Meal Prep.


5. I was talking to Ashley, Sari, and Doug about our next trip to Europe (TRAGICALLY not happening until fall 2018) and I suddenly had a strong craving for some mussels. After work on Tuesday, I drove to Roseville and had a wonderful dinner of mussels in a shallot broth, duck fat french fries, and a beer at Monk’s Cellar. It was perfect.

6. I’ve had two non-Whole30 meals since last week, but I have successfully avoided dairy and sugar. I feel like this is a small miracle.

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7. I just had to Google this question yesterday: WTF are hip dips? I just don’t really understand the singular focus on specific body parts. Not in my entire life have I ever noticed the “hip dip” on someone’s body. Or a thigh gap. Or how pronounced their collar bones are. I’m so glad I’m not 20 anymore. YOUR BODY IS TOTALLY FINE, KIDS.

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8. One of the biggest icebergs in recorded history just broke loose from Antarctica.

9. For Minority Female Astronomers, a New Research Effort Backs Up Anecdotes of Harassment. This doesn’t happen at my campus because we don’t even have any faculty teaching astronomy who are women. UGH. Of additional relevance, add to that the five biases pushing women of STEM and the fact that many men don’t believe that bias in STEM is real.

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10. A first look at A Wrinkle in Time!!!

10 thoughts on “10 Thing Friday

  1. My Dad is a surgeon and I’m a biomedical scientist. Whenever I try to talk to him about gender bias in STEM, he calls me a feminist (like it’s a bad thing) and rolls his eyes. HOW AM I RELATED TO THIS MAN?!

    • Oh nooooooo. I have found it hard to explain to my male friends that just because they aren’t actively biasing against women in obvious ways, doesn’t mean they aren’t doing it without realizing it or that other men aren’t doing it. Just like when I’m in a meeting with all men, it inevitably is assumed that I will be taking notes. I am not a great note taker and I have shit handwriting.

  2. The article about how men don’t believe there is bias in STEM…..my blood is now BOILING!

    • I know. UGH. I don’t understand how people can so easily dismiss the experiences of others. I’ve never experienced racism, but I 1000% believe the people who talk about what they’ve experienced and the way that certain phrases and words make them feel.

  3. Huh, hip dips. I had no idea there was a name for it but I have those and have always been a bit self-conscious about not having the typical (ie: traditional standard of beauty) round hips, especially when I was younger and my body was still developing. I remember back in my teenage years I kept waiting for them to go away, and they didn’t. I’ve probably only noticed this because I’m aware of mine but you really do not see models/actresses/beautiful people profiled in the media with them ever, so I can’t say that I’m sad to see people throwing positivity towards hip dips! But yeah, I’m with you. Can we just let bodies do what they’re going to do and celebrate them all?! I sure do love my touching thighs and buried collarbone!!!

    Also that article about bias in STEM is ENRAGING.

    • These are fair points about the hip dips. I never noticed that they were a “thing” until this. It just seemed like a way some hips were shaped. Some people have attached earlobes and some don’t. I guess I never realized that for some women it felt like something was “wrong” with their bodies. Anyway, your body is lovely and so are your hips.

    • As I was reading that I couldn’t work out whether I was supposed to want hip dips or not! I have them, and have always loved them. They make my lower body look really powerful (to my eyes anyway!) and I was always really proud when I was a swimmer and they would get bulkier. Now in reading I realize I was supposed to want them to vanish. Nope!

      • Thank you, I had the same issue! I thought they were saying that hip dips were the new trendy body part. I had no idea that they were ever a negative thing, so I didn’t realize it was a “love your hip dips” piece at all. All hips are beautiful hips!

  4. I watched Fleabag when it was first released and remembered feeling really similarly. Although my experience with grief has been different than shown, I could still identify with the universal themes. Great show!

    • Same here. I almost couldn’t handle it when I realized that it was about the loss of her close friend. Grief is so painful and ugly.

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