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My weekend evaporated quickly thanks to work. I thought something would take me a few hours to do on Saturday, but instead it took most of Saturday and all of Sunday. And I’m still not done because the more I work on it the more of a kerfuffle it becomes. There is a lot of conflicting data across multiple documents and I AM PISSED (There are EIGHT different numbers alone for tenure density. EIGHT. HOW.).

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In happier news, I did get to enjoy my first post-Whole30 meal on Saturday night. I went to dinner with my friends at Sauced. I think it is a chain BBQ place, but the brisket was pretty good considering. It was a leaner cut than I prefer, but it was still moist enough. It is no Texas barbecue by any means, but it’s the best I’ve had in California, so that is something.

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They had a whole bunch of cheesy items that I REALLY wanted to gobble up, but I abstained and stuck to a beer and a piece of cornbread as my non-compliant foods. They could use a cornbread lesson (it was that blasted cakey kind), but it was better than no cornbread at all. After dinner we went to Jackrabbit Brewing Company for some more beer. I started with a flight and they had a really tasty Belgian Quad (I have zero idea what this means, but that is how the bartender described it) and I will definitely go there again. Monk Belly 4-Eva.

It was a lot of fun and the place closed by 9, so we all made it home in time to be asleep by 10. A perfect evening.

I also made it to Orange Theory on Friday and on Saturday. I was very proud going two days in a row. Friday’s workout went really well, but I thought I was going to die on Saturday. I really struggle with the “strength” days. Well, I really struggle on all of the days, but I SUPER struggle on strength day.

I also ate it while using the ab dolly. I just cannot figure out how to coordinate that movement without making it buck forward and causing me to fall. And when I put my feet back further, then if flips up the opposite way. HOW.

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In the most important news – TV news – I am finally caught on The Tunnel. I started watching the first season a few weeks ago and HOLY MOLY I LOVE IT.

I am watching it on the PBS Masterpiece app on my FireTV, so I’m not sure where else it’s available, but it is excellent. I didn’t realize the second season was currently airing on PBS, so I was really bummed when I realized I couldn’t watch past the fourth episode. I love the combo of Fleur Delacouer and Stannis Baratheon. Elise (Fleur Delacouer ) is perfectly awkward (I do deeply relate to some of the accidentally rude things she says in the name of directness) and my Stephen Dillane crush is now officially out of control.

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I also personally enjoy Olivier’s style transformation from schlub to chic wearer of turtlenecks and blazers. Much elegance. Such French. Anyway, are any of you watching it??

LESS THAN A WEEK UNTIL GoT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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12 thoughts on “Stannis the Mannis

  1. Is the masterpiece app free? I think we have the PBS one, but I love their masterpiece shows. Glad you got your beer this weekend!

    • So, I’m not really sure. I have the PBS app, but when I started watching the tunnel it asked if I wanted access to the full masterpiece collection for like $7 a month. I said yes, but now I don’t know where that subscription exists. The rest of my channel subscriptions show up on my Amazon account and I can’t even find the Masterpiece app on my FireTV. In summation, I have no idea.

        • That must be what I did. Either way, I don’t mind $7 going to PBS each month. It’s literally the least I could do in these dark times of disrespect for public broadcasting.

  2. If cornbread isn’t cakey, what is it? Like a biscuit? Are these dumb questions? I’m an east coaster.

    Also I wonder if that Tunnel show is a British adaptation of the same Danish show that The Bridge (with Diane Kruger on FX) was an adaptation of? It seems very similar.

    • It’s more crumbly and more yellow? Cakey cornbread is more spongelike? I think Texas cornbread as more cornmeal in it. I don’t know exactly what it is, but it is DIFFERENT.

      Some research shows that The Tunnel is also based on the same Dutch show that The Bridge was adapted from. I had no idea! I only made it through a few episodes of The Bridge, but I never would have pieced that together. The Tunnel is excellent though!

  3. Orange Theory has made me realize that I do not like to work out hard. I will run a marathon, no problem, but if my heart rate gets to 83%, I’m done. I rarely get over 6 splat points because I’m too big of a pansy to push myself. I’m working on it though- I repeat to myself “It hurts, but you are not going to die.” And I HATE strength days…incline = torture. I do like the tornado days where they break up the treadmill.

    • I get really excited when mine is in the red, but I think that is more from how terribly out of shape I am rather than how hard I’m pushing. That incline is THE DEVIL. I hated tornado and 3G at first, but I’m starting to appreciate them more. I prefer getting things done all at once so that I know I don’t have to get back on the rower again. Sometimes the knowledge that I have to be on the rower two more times makes me want to cry.

      • I was curious about orange theory because I love getting points for anything and am currently super out of shape, but that ab exercise looks terrifying! I’ll let you know when I also face plant doing it so we won’t be alone

        • After face planting, the trainer told I could put my knees on it instead of my feet and that worked a lot better. So, there are always ways to modify it if you just ask!

  4. We had a massive project which involved training 900 people as we moved from a DOS database to a Windows database. The person checking all the required training for all the profiles mucked up and copied the wrong requirements to the wrong profiles multiple times. It was handed off to me two months later (after all the itineraries were drafted up, etc.) when I went to start scheduling all the groups. Two weeks of overtime for me to fix it. The woman who caused the problem? “Well, I’m not really a detail person so [our boss] really should have anticipated this.” I still can’t talk about her without going off on rants. So glad she’s gone from our office.

    In happier news: GOT!!!!!! I can hardly wait.

    • Holy shit balls. I would have lost it. I HATE when people just shrug at their incompetence. I struggle with details frequently, but it is why I force myself to be organized and triple check things. It’s not acceptable for me to just say, “oops yeah, sorry. I’m just not great at this and I’m too lazy to check myself.” OUTRAGE FOR YOU.

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