Magnificent Men of Monday

I greatly enjoyed The Handmaid’s Tale and how they expanded on the characters. I was particularly pleased with that development for Luke because O-T Fagbenle is a very handsome man (and a good cure for the sniveling creepiness of Commander Waterford). He was also in a movie with Tia and Tamera, so that alone ┬ámakes him a winner in my book!

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4 thoughts on “Magnificent Men of Monday

  1. (Very minor spoiler alert for anyone who hasn’t seen the finale)

    Do you think they’re setting up for a Season 2 love triangle between Nick, Luke and June? Because I was sort of getting that vibe and if that’s the case I’m going to tear my hair out?

    The finale left me feeling sort of lukewarm except for the salvaging and the scene between Luke and Moria (i knew it was coming but OH MAN THE TEARS)

    • I will be ENRAGED if that is the case. ENRAGED I tell you. I cried so hard too for Luke and Moira, but that also is because I have very strong latent Poussey feelings from OITNB.

      • Oh man that scene! All the feels. I swear, I felt that hug myself.

        I really feel like she was only using Nick for comfort, she might love him like a friend now, but not like her true love for Luke.

        Also, a shout-out for the scene in the car when she is screaming at Mrs. Waterford. Elisabeth Moss is an amazing actress, and that may have been the best use of the c-word ever in a motion picture.

        • I KNOW. She was incredible. I loved her in Mad Men, but it was awesome so her true range in this show. She can convey so much while not even speaking.

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