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I got super annoyed when I was hiking back to the parking lot on Saturday because almost every group I passed had their phone blasting music. I hate that this is a thing now. It already annoys me in public places and on the street (KEEP YOUR MUSIC TO YOURSELF), but I don’t care to hear Calvin Harris blasting through the great outdoors.

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I was in the post office the other day and some guy was just blaring music while looking at his phone. I had to leave because I felt like I was going to have a nervous breakdown over it. I feel the same way about people who just look at their phone while it is ringing, or choose not to answer it but keep letting it blast their All The Single Ladies ringtone. Stop the noise while you decide if you want to talk to your mom or not you masochist! Or when a phone is vibrating like crazy on a table during a meeting and the person just looks at it. Vibrate is NOT SILENCE.
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I also realize that this is a lot of just overly delicate me issues here, but I find noise (and light) to be so jarring and distracting at times that I don’t feel like I can function. Also, what kind of person just assumes everyone wants a shared music experience with them? Extroverts I bet.

I was reviewing a travel reimbursement request the other day where someone had ordered an egg white omelet that cost $18. EIGHTEEN DOLLARS for something without a yolk! What. Are. You. Thinking.

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When I was training for the Chicago Marathon in 2011, I bought five pairs of Moving Comfort briefs. They never rode up anywhere, they had a mesh panel that providing some cooling, and they were super comfortable. I’ve worn one pair of those briefs every single time I have worked out since I purchased them. After six years of steady and hard labor, they’ve started to fall apart over the past few months. I went online to buy some replacements and learned that not only does Moving Comfort now belong to Brooks, but they no longer make the underwear! And I can’t find it anywhere online. I AM DEVASTATED. There were even my travel underwear of choice because they dried super quick in the event that I had to desperately do some sink laundry. Rest in piece, perfect undies.

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So, now the real question, anyone have any recommendations for workout undies that are breathable, don’t ride up, and dry quickly? Price is no object for the perfect undies!

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  1. Although I never wear undies to work out (lined running shorts or yoga pants), I wear Patagonia Active Briefs for hiking and everyday. They are amazing!

  2. I so agree about the music. I hate that. You’re out in nature. Enjoy the sounds like the water, birds, and stuff or at least wear earphones. So annoying. I’ve seen people carry boomboxes (I didn’t know they still made them). At least wait until you’re to your spot to play it.

    • Yes!! Why do they do this? Are they scared of silence and the peacefulness that nature has to offer? I was at the local zoo and a lady had brought a portable speaker and was blasting the music from it. While pushing a stroller with toddlers. I don’t understand the need for so much noise.

    • Agreed. It’s totally fine if you want music, but keep it in your own damn ears.

  3. Applause to your rant about the music blasting in the great outdoors. Ugh!!! I hate that shit so much. People have started to do that here on trails in Austin. My husband and I go walking on nature trails to get away from people, noise, and chaos in the city – we do NOT want you to bring noise and chaos into nature!

    • It’s just so bizarre to me that someone would be going out to get on a trail and think, “You know, I bet everyone here would love to experience my weird taste in music too.”

  4. I looooove the Knixwear athletic underwear! I use them for running and Orange Theory. More than I’d usually pay for a pair, but I have five now, and I find myself just constantly washing them to have a pair for every day. BUT I do still really mourn the loss of Moving Comfort because they sold my all-time favorite tank top, and now Brooks has nothing similar. 🙁 Life is hard.

  5. I’m the same way about other people’s noise. I was the old lady beating on the ceiling with a broom when I was 24.

    The MC underwear is great. I haven’t found a suitable substitute yet, so I’ll be watching this comments section with interest. Road Runner Sports online did still have some MC undies left when I looked last. I’m really relieved that Brooks at least kept the MC bras, because the Rebound Racer is my favorite running bra, and one of the only racerback bras that is adjustable.

    • I got really excited because I found some at Road Runner Sports but all they had were XS which my butt has been too big for that size for about 18 years.

  6. While I do not have the perfect underoos by a long shot, I am delighted to learn that I am not the only one who cannot stand extra noise. I can’t handle students listening to loud music (especially when it’s through ear buds and I can hear it!). Just letting you know you aren’t alone 🙂

    • We are survivors. I routinely holler out my office window at students who are just camped in the grass blasting music. GO AWAY.

  7. Yes to everything you said about music, phones, and stupid people!

    Brooks did the same thing to me but with compression shorts. Moving Comfort made the most perfect running shorts – PERFECT. Brooks doesn’t make them and their “replacement” is crappy. I keep buying other kinds but I am honestly bereft. I’m sorry I have no recommendations for you because I go commando under my workout shorts/capris, which may be more information than you want to know.

  8. I am also devastated about Moving Comfort now belonging to Brooks – my beloved Juno sports bra by them was THE BEST and the only sports bra I have ever found that I can run and actually feel comfortable in. I used to have to wear two bras before I found it, it was a lifesaver. They still make it but Brooks has changed the design and material a bit (cheaper probably) and it’s not the same at all. It sucks and I don’t know what I’m going to do when the ones I have fall apart. Stop running I guess.

    I wear the Namaste Put briefs from Lululemon for working out and although they are pricey I do like them and they do stay put!

    And no. No one wants to hear your music, especially not in nature. Why do people have to ruin everything.

    • OMG YES! The Juno! The Brooks one is…wearable, I guess, but I still mourn the Juno (as do my boobs). Why would Brooks put the velcro tab on the inside, leaving us at pokey/chafy risk?!

    • Oh man, that SUCKS. I don’t even have big boobs and I still struggle to find the right bra, so I can’t even imagine what it’s like for ladies with sizable girls.

    • I used to be a double sports bra wearer too until I got “The Last Resort Bra” from Title Nine. It is ugly as all get out but it gets the job done, no bouncing or jiggling. So if you are more function than fashion I highly recommend it.

  9. I’ll second the Patagonia recommendation, although my favorite is the Barely Bikini (they aren’t a tiny wisp of underwear as the name might suggest). Coverage, comfort, quick drying.

  10. Moving Comfort has always belonged to Brooks; they just decided to pare down the offerings to focus on sports bras and rebrand to make it more obvious that it’s part of Brooks. Tweet/Facebook/email them to let them know you miss those undies! If enough people are vocal about it, they could bring them back! (I wear ExOfficio undies for everything, as they are super breathable and fast-drying. I initially bought them for travel but they quickly took over my life. They are $$$ but worth it! Still wearing my pairs from 2012!)

    • I will start an underwear campaign! I guess I thought something was super different because I used to get stuff off the MC website specifically and now it’s gone. I really like ExOfficio too, so I think I will start there.

  11. Uh, Brooks. They redesigned the MC running shorts that were the only one’s I could find that work with my body (don’t ride up – thick thighs and butt), and now I can’t find a suitable replacement. 🙁 Tights in the heat are not comfortable. They also redesigned the shoes I had been buying from them for years and I’ve had a ton of injuries that began when I got them. It’s time to abandon that brand I think.

    • That’s a bummer. Asics redesigned the running shoes I’ve wearing for about nine years and I am still pissed about it. Why do they have to go and ruin everything?

    • I still have two pairs of MC shorts that I loved…and also MC super soft running pants I loved…I’m so glad Cely is allowing this forum for us to share our heartbreak over the loss of good activewear THAT DIDNT COST A FORTUNE. Anyway, have you tried Saucony Impulse shorts? They remind me an awful lot of the MC shorts I used to wear. Maybe they will work for you.

  12. I did the hike to Alamere Falls a couple years ago and SO MANY people were blasting music. What is it about that trail? For underwear, I really like Ex Officio- they were on sale on Steep and Cheap recently too. I haaaate the Smartwool ones- they run super small and aren’t very breathable.

    • It’s all of those Bay Area youths. They too hip and cool for the silence of nature. I love Ex Officio products, so I don’t know why I didn’t think to look there. Thanks for the reminder!

  13. I second lulu. Though I often exercise without undies (sorry if that’s TMI…I just figure my workout pants, which I make sure are not see-through, are designed to wick sweat anyway), I’ve worn lulus over the years and they do the job quite well!

  14. This leads to another conversation, how do people not wear underwear while working out? Does that mean you wash your pants/shorts after every workout? Maybe that makes me the gross kid who lets the clothes air dry after a workout to be worn again. I wash them once a week, but when I workout every day sometimes twice a day it’s a lot of laundry for a daily activity. Ok different strokes for different folks, moving on.

    I haven’t been pleased with Lulu underwear, also a good thing because $$. They all seemed too tight. I found some adidas underwear on amazon that I’m happy with, good reviews good price. Can’t remember part of their cool line?

    • I typically wash everything I’m wearing after every workout because I sweat like a monster. I don’t think it’s gross if someone re-wears stuff – just a personal choice. But, I do have a lot of friends who were surprised that I was asking them for underwear recommendations. I just don’t find tights or shorts to be comfortable without underwear.

      • I am glad I am not the only sweating machine. My stuff is crunchy after one wear….though I don’t live in a climate that is conducive to multiple wears. No undies suggestions….I have no butt so undies don’t typically ride up anywhere.

    • I go commando and wash after every workout. I mean, I don’t wash every day. I have a weeks worth of workout gear and wash once a week. I’m a sweaty beast though – I wouldn’t be able to stand myself if I let my workout clothes dry and rewore them.
      That seems as odd to me as going commando probably does to you! Haha
      To each their own. 🙂

      • good point good point, somehow we all got started down the path we’re on (underwear or not) and that’s what works. I sweat a ton too, so you are right come summer time in the humidity my stuff does need to be washed after those long runs!

  15. I third the recommendation for Patagonia undies, I love mine.

    I hike a good deal (I live right next to Acadia National Park) so I have a long list of grievances, including listening to music out loud. Also on the list, “Peak Squatting”, where hikers get to the top and then decide to have their lunch right on the summit marker. No, just no, other people who just hiked that same mountain would also like to visit the marker and take pictures of their accomplishment without you in it. MOVE! Also, people that drop orange peels or nut shells, etc. on the trail, just because it is food waste does not mean that it isn’t littering, LEAVE NO TRACE!! I could go on but I will stop now lest I start muttering angrily at the computer.

    • PEAK SQUATTING is peak annoyance. I once had a situation with a couple who were doing that exact thing. The end of the trail offered a spectacular view that could only be seen through a small window between rocks. Of course, they decided to have a full picnic spread at the base of that window and no one could see shit. Just have a wee bit of situational awareness please. I have started hiking with a plastic grocery bag and I pick up trash the whole way back (including endless egg shells and apple cores). It is infuriating. Also, it is great that you are taking your little kids on the trail. I LOVE to see people out as a family enjoying nature, but if you aren’t willing to haul dirty diapers for hours, then don’t take people who wear them.

      And, Acadia is high up on my hiking dream list. I am DYING to go to Maine. Any suggestions for ideal times to visit??

      • Egg shells? Like people bring whole eggs on a hike and eat them along the way? Raw? And leave the shells behind?
        I cannot wrap my head around this.

        • From hard boiled eggs. I’ve taken them on hikes before because I love them and they are easy to eat. I just keep the shells in my little trash bag. I just imagined you visualizing hikers pounding raw eggs like they’re Gaston.

          • Bahahaha
            Well, that definitely makes more sense. I was TOTALLY thinking it must be Gaston on that trail!!
            I can’t stand hard boiled eggs (I wish I did – easy, portable protein) so apparently they’re not even on my radar when someone refers to eggs!
            Thank you for clarifying!

      • I think Maine is beautiful year round but I am partial! I would say for Acadia the best times are the shoulder seasons (pre Memorial Day or post Labor Day) before the official tourist season kicks off. Early fall is a great time, less tourists and you get to see the beautiful foliage.

  16. My husband and I just climbed the Manitou Springs Incline for my birthday which was on a quiet Tuesday. Usually it’s packed with people on the weekends. We thought…quiet. It was hot and quiet and perfect. Except the guy flying past us with his music on blasting. It was rude.

    I have no underwear recommendations however in the comment section I will say I miss the Lululemon shorts they discontinued, I don’t go commando and I don’t wash my workout clothes every day.

  17. I’m go commando (and wash my workoutclothes every day) I usually wear Lululemon tights and tight shorts – they have a triangle gusset, so no seams in delicate areas. I ride a bike, as well as running and doing Crossfit, and I’ve found this works for me.

      • Ahahaha. The only thing you could add to an egg-white Omelet to make it worth $18 is if it was delivered to you by Idris.

        • I would pay lots of good money to have Idris for breakfast. Oh wait, that’s not what you said…

  18. Looks like everyone else has already said this, but AMEN to your loud music rant. It sounds like from the comments it has been going on in CA for a while, but I’ve just started to notice it in national parks in the last year, and it’s driving me nuts. Why do people think this is okay now?!

    Also, since we’re apparently airing our petty hiking grievances today, I hate when people build rock cairns for fun/decoration. Stop leaving your damn trace everywhere, people! And sometimes, they’re not just dumb or ugly, but confusing. They are supposed to be trail markers, when necessary.

    • I don’t understand the rock cairns either. FOR WHAT PURPOSE IS THIS??? There should be some kind of hiker permit rating system where you can’t hike if don’t do it properly.

    • Ugh, yes! We have Bates cairns in ANP and whenever we go on hikes we are always fixing ones people have messed with or knocking over ones that people have just made for “fun”.

  19. On the phone thing: when I get to work, even before I get on the elevator I make sure my phone is on VIBRATE. The person that has cube next to me doesn’t think like that. So EVERY DAY I have to hear LOUDLY ‘Who Can It Be Now?’ blaring and scaring me almost out of my chair. Lawd. And then she just takes the call like NBD.

    • I would MURDER. I constantly ask people to silence their phones in meetings and when they reply “It’s on vibrate” I respond with, “Well I can still here it, so turn that off too.” Just lay your damn phone on the table in front of you and you can SEE if someone is trying to contact you. I work with visually impaired people who are kind enough to silence their phones in meetings (and they actually can’t see the screen).

  20. I have some Patagonia underwear that I wear for running. I got them at REI, I think they are marketed to campers who wash them by hand and need them to dry. Mine are super high waisted and unsexy, so thus, they do not ride up.

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