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During our ladies weekend I had a long conversation with Courtney and Chelsy about their healthy hippie ways. We talked about homemade lotions, kombucha, natural deodorant, and brushing your teeth with charcoal. I am not always the most open-minded about their natural lifestyles, but give me a few margaritas and I have questions and concerns.

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After talking to them, I realized that there are some pretty basic things I can do to use more natural products. I’m never going to use natural deodorant (because I am ALWAYS hot and I NEED my antiperspirant), but I thought I would give making lotion a try at least. I have super dry skin on my arms and legs and I apply lotion multiple times a day, and I still get itchy. After reviewing multiple recipes and methods last week, I decided to try this recipe. I’m not great in the kitchen because I tend to be impatient and clumsy, but I gave all of my effort to trying to get this right. I ordered all of the linked ingredients on Amazon because I was terrified of buying the wrong thing. I feel like that’s not very hippie of me, but whatever.

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I didn’t have proper little lotion molds, so I used my Star Wars silicone molds (they make super fun ice!!) for my lotion bars. I chose the Hypoallergenic Lotion Bars (instead of cream lotion or other recipes) because I have very sensitive skin and these seemed like they would be the least likely to irritate my delicate epidermis. I also like that they are bars because it makes them way easier to travel with. I typically have to travel with at least two containers of two different varieties of TSA-sized lotions because I use SO MUCH lotion. No I have more room in my liquids Ziploc for hair products. I was also initially weirded out by the beef tallow because the idea of rubbing rendered animal fat on my body sounded a bit too Silence of the Lambs.

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I don’t know why it bothered me because I have no problem cooking with rendered fat and I eat meat at every meal, but something about rubbing it on my skin felt particularly icky. I did a bunch of Googling and decided that I would give it a shot anyway. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to make and little time it took. I used a mix of lavender and vanilla essential oils and the scent is very faint which is great because I didn’t really want to smell like an underwear drawer (from those little lavender sachets people keep in there. You know? RIGHT?). So, they were very easy to make and now am the proud owner of a bunch of little Star Wars lotion bars. The Han Solo Carbonite mold is my favorite with R2-D2 (the easiest to grip) a close second.

I’m keeping them in the fridge so they don’t melt in the Sacramento heat (we are trying really hard to not use the A/C), but I have been using one since Saturday and I love it. I normally put lotion on when I get out of the shower, reapply before bed, use Eucerin Advanced Repair on my feet and hands at night, occasionally wake up and reapply lotion because my legs itch, apply it again in the morning, then at least twice more while at work. I used the lotion bar after the shower the other night and I didn’t need to do it again before bed or reapply in the middle of the night. It even kept my feet from getting dry overnight. I used it yesterday morning before work and didn’t apply lotion again all day. My skin felt so soft all day and I never got itchy. I can’t believe I didn’t try something like this sooner. I’m in love!

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I hope to make chapstick next because it uses most of the same ingredients that I now own.

I also made mayonnaise for the first time and it turned out great too! I would use half the lemon juice next time (I don’t care for the taste of lemon), but otherwise it was delicious. I made some deviled eggs to go with my dinner on Sunday night and I was in heaven. I felt like a proper pioneer after those two accomplishments. Lotion and deviled eggs are all I need to make it to Oregon apparently (as IF I could be a pioneer).

Other than those two extraordinary accomplishments, I went to Orange Theory, got some work done, and finished the new season of House of Cards (no spoilers). This season should have been called House of Cards: The Bodies Hit the Floor because GOOD GRIEF it was murdery and injury filled. It also too closely aligned with things that happened during the last election and those wounds are still too fresh. I was THRILLED with the very very end of it. HOORAH. Also, Claire has so many power button ensembles this season! Kate better watch out because there is a new Duchess of Buttons in town!!

Much A-button About Nothing.

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  1. Have you ever tried any of the body butters from lush? They’re essentially a lotion to use in the shower. I personally LOVE the buffy (it exfoliates, but it’s not too harsh). They’re great. Their massage bars are great too.


    Also, I love Orange Theory. I try to go 4x/week. Yesterday almost killed me, but power days are the jam, and I LOVE switch days (the treadmill is less painful when I don’t have to spend a solid 25 minutes on it).

    • Thank you for sharing that, off to spend all my money!! Yesterday we did a tornado workout and I had not done one of those before. I was EXHAUSTED. Two guys in my class couldn’t even finish it. And I have 25 minutes on the treadmill too, I definitely prefer when we do all three stations in one class.

  2. Not related to hippies or House of Cards (love both), but Queens of England podcast has merch now! I subscribed after reading about it on your blog. During the second Katherine Howard episode dropped today, he said he will be selling t-shirts and mugs for two weeks only. “What is a Queen without her King? Historically speaking, more powerful.” YAY!

    • THIS IS WONDERFUL NEWS!!! I am a few months behind, so I had no idea!!

  3. I tried to be a hippie when I was pregnant and gave birth. Natural birth, breastfeeding, coconut oil instead of lotion, homeopathic colic remedy. Ended up with a c section, formula feeding, had to buy special lotion and soap for baby dermatitis, and we now have a prescription for baby Zantac (thank you Baby Jesus). I do still love kombucha though.

    • Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do to keep that baby alive. You tried your best and as is typical of babies, everything went sideways!

    • Thank you for not being one of those crazy Moms that rejects all modern medicine once they had kids.

      My son had back to back ear infections for months and I can’t tell you how many mothers’ on facebook boards (and IRL) recommended that I put breastmilk in his ear instead of using antibiotics. What in the f*ckity F F is wrong with you people?

      I also got the same recommendation for pink eye. You would think that if Breastmilk was a universal medicine for all of the ailments, we would be bottling it and insurance would overcharge people for it.

      But it’s not so thank you modern medicine for existing so my son won’t scream bloody murder with ear infections or ooze gunk with pink eye.

      • As someone who isn’t a parent and really has no right to an opinion on this (yet I will forge ahead regardless), I feel the same way. It’s awesome if you are able to do things a more natural way (if that’s your wish), but at the end of the day you need to do what is best for your kid and not what is best for your preferred lifestyle. It’s great when natural remedies work, but your kid doesn’t deserve to suffer with an ear infection because you want to pour breastmilk on them. If you have an ear infection, then put breastmilk in your own ear and keep suffering, but get your kid some real help!

  4. Was that link in there so I’d go buy my own Star Wars ice cube molds? Well, it’s not going to work. I’m still going to permanently borrow yours.

    I was reading ‘An African Love Story’ and she was talking about her family (parents and grandparents) coming to Kenya from South Africa (yay colonialism!). The trip from the homestead to the nearest store was a five day trip and they’d often arrive to find the store was out of items they wanted/needed. I never would have lasted living there.

  5. Claire Underwood’s hair this season was ON POINT. I love love love Robin Wright in this series.

  6. Is your skin getting dried out from soaps? I have been trying the hippy dippy lifestyle for a few years now and one of the first things I gave up was conventional body wash because its just too harsh. I use norwex cloths now to cleanse most of my body and homemade soaps (no, I did not make them… wow, soap-making is labor intensive) for underarms, etc.
    I also gave up anti-perspirant a while back and it definitely takes some getting used to. I’ve been through so many natural deodorants in the search for something that works but right now I still have to keep a stick in my gym bad for reapplication.
    As for the kombucha, it seems scary but it’s really very easy once you get started and the taste is so delicious!
    Anyway, I think it’s exciting that you are trying some more natural options and I’m excited to see what else you do. I may have to try those lotion bars for myself!

    • I do use a natural soap for my underarms, legs, and arms (I used one salicylic acid for my torso because at 33 I still break out after exercising if I don’t. UGH.). I’ve had to use more natural soaps (I prefer goat milk) for a while now because my skin is very sensitive to lye and fragrances. Reason number 5,498 I would have never made it as a pioneer.

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