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As I mentioned last week, the students in my group are leaving the nest and flying off into the world. As such, we started setting up interviews with potential new students this week. My student assistant and I were APPALLED by how many students were rude as hell when they answered their phones. One girl just said “What?” and sat there silently. Another guy answered with an “Ugh, who is this?” CHILDREN. Learn phone skills. Naturally, everybody got real professional real quick once I explained why I was calling, but please teach your young people how to answer the phone – especially if they are applying for something. “What?” is never acceptable.

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If you aren’t already, then I absolutely encourage you to follow Dan Rather on Facebook. He provides excellently measured and thoughtful responses to the bananas political environment we are living in.

I cannot imagine how difficult it would be to work for someone who goes to Twitter to brag about something after you’ve spent half a day denying it happened.

Those first two statements are not sentences and you put the wrong thing in parenthesis, you twit. I don’t typically advocate for grammar and English shaming, but there is no excuse for him. He had access to and received an excellent education. Also, he has infinite resources available to help him make statements that aren’t a word salad (what if Sarah Palin is really the author of this nonsense!?!).


I’ve also had several Republicans friends try to triumph in this situation by claiming that I wasn’t mad when Hillary did it. These are not the same situations. The drama surrounding Hillary’s use of a private email server for classified information (which was retroactively labeled as such) was all based on what MIGHT have happened if it had gotten out. MIGHT have happened. Donald just straight up gave it away. Image result for trump gif emails

It’s just so infuriating (though not surprising ) to see Trump blatantly doing exactly what he insisted was wrong with Hillary: mishandling classified information and putting American interests behind foreign ones.

Additionally, people still insist on telling me to give Trump a chance and that the people who voted for him aren’t bad people. Well, I counted that the below image was shared by 38 different people on my Facebook over the weekend. Approximately half are from my small hometown, so that’s not really surprising that they would exist in the same cesspool of hate and nonsense, but the rest are people who are in no way connected to anyone else I know.

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You know who the scumbags are? People who put a man in office who makes them believe that this is funny.


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  1. Everyday is more WTF? I was reading an article from the Wadhingtom Post or NYT and it said that although he seems to have done impeachable offenses it’s really hard to do so without a ton of concrete facts. This is getting ridiculous.

  2. Finally! Your blog has been blocking me from commenting, though I don’t know why since we agree on all things political right now lol.

    I’m not excusing them, but I honestly do believe these young’uns need a real lesson, a real actual lesson on how to talk on the phone. So much of what they do is via text, on FB, on Insta, on Snapchat, they are completely and totally foreign to phone and/or in person conversations. Honestly it’s sort of sad.

    I used to feel bad for Spicey but not any more. You know what you’re dealing with and you continue to work for that asshat. You SHOULD be hiding in the bushes!

    • Something keeps messing up with my security certificate and they aren’t fixing it. I don’t know, but I’m frustrated. And he took that job and he keeps doing it. He’s not a hostage.

  3. oh lord. i’ve been trying so hard not to rub this in the face of people I know who said “well i’m not sure Hillary would make a better president than trump” because i know they’ll just double down and say Hillary would have been worse and then my head will explode.


  4. The Daily podcast from the NYT just did one (day before yesterday?) where they compared what was going on in the regular media vs conservative media. It was depressing. They either don’t talk about Trump’s gaffs, or it’s all an elaborate liberal conspiracy to overturn the will of “the people” who voted fuck face into office.

    • I try to pop over to Fox News every now and then to get the temperature of the “other side.” Amidst all of this insanity, their headline story yesterday was about a Colorado town that’s been overrun with homeless pot smokers. Oh and that Tim Allen’s sitcom got cancelled. Talk about the news we need to know!

  5. That is very sad and not at all surprising. I supervise a dozen caseworkers and have had so much trouble with our younger new hires that we started an entire phone etiquette class! Hopefully it helped you narrow down your list of potential candidates quickly!

  6. I told my friend yesterday that our country was going to implode and only the crazy preppers were gonna survive, but they’re the assholes who voted for this crazy fucker in the first place.

    • I feel like a fair amount of preppers are probably libertarians, but they likely voted third party, so let’s still blame them at least partially.

  7. I picked this week to stop stress eating whenever this stupid buffoon did something asinine. It has not gone well. In case anyone needs a chocolate doughnut, sorry. They are all gone. It is so overwhelming sad to see what this country is becoming. How sad to move past “can you believe he said it” to “can you believe he is endangering people’s lives who are gathering intel to save average folks.” Baffled and confused at the lack of spines in DC that won’t stand up to any of this.

    • I don’t know why I’m so surprised by the endless fuck ups, but here we are!

  8. It takes total control to keep from ranting multiple times a day with loads of exclamation points on FB about the insane one. So much is happening I can’t keep up with it. I have a crazy lovely sister who is far more angry than I am so she’s ranting for me.

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