10 Thing Friday

1. “Meghan Markle Is Everything Ivanka Trump Wishes She Could Be.” AMEN.

2. I finished Godless last week and HOLY SHIT that ending. I need to watch the entire thing again. MARY AGNES FOREVER. I relate so much to her character and the general ability to make things far more difficult than they ever need to be.

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3. Yes!am super perturbed that Taylor Swift is on the cover. She should absolutely be a part of the story because she publicly held a man accountable for grabbing her without consent, but she should not be honored on the cover (why not Tarana Burke who established the #MeToo movement????). A month ago Taylor’s attorneys demanded a blogger take an article down discussing how much the white supremacists’s like Taylor’s music and what her image represents to them. Instead of denouncing white supremacy, Taylor’s team went after the blogger. I understand why celebrities don’t want to get tangled in the vicious and complicated web of political statements, but Taylor has not been vocal at all regarding social justice, women’s rights, or in speaking out against our Groper in Chief. Instead, she uses her time and voice to continue complaining about Kanye West. GET OVER IT.

4. I am so happy that Russia is FINALLY receiving sanctions for their shady Olympic dealings. Of course Russian athletes can still compete which kind of defeats the point, but at least it’s something. “How the Kremlin Tried to Rig the Olympics, and Failed.

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5. This got lost in the engagement excitement last week, but Amber Tamblyn’s “I’m not Ready for the Redemption of Men” is an important read.

We’re in the midst of a reckoning. It’s what toxic masculinity’s own medicine tastes like. And people should allow the consequences to unfold, regardless of how it affects those they consider to be friends. The only way to enforce seismic, cultural change in the way men relate to women is to draw a line deep in the sand and say: This is what we will no longer tolerate. You’re either with our bodies or against our bodies. The punishment for harassment is you disappear. The punishment for rape is you disappear. The punishment for masturbation in front of us is you disappear. The punishment for coercion is you disappear.

6. While You Were Sleeping is a Christmas movie. The end. I can’t believe how many of you disagreed on Instagram!!

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Remember how there used to be charming and lovely romantic comedies in theaters instead of 14 superhero movies? Me too. The Big Sick was the best thing that has happened in a LONG TIME. I just want to watch two really beautiful “regular” people fall in love by some twinkly lights.

7. Southern California is again being ravaged by fast-moving wildfires. What an unbelievable horror.


If you know of any good local organizations to donate to, please let me know.

8. I love all three of these actresses, and I cannot wait for this show!! Down with the patriarchy!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Retta shouting for them to just listen to her for just one damn minute is me at work. LET ME SPEAK FOR 30 UNINTERRUPTED SECONDS FOR THE LOVE OF FRESH GOAT CHEESE.

9. Continuing with my love of Khalid, I recommend “Silence” by Marhsmello featuring Khalid. I totally missed the opportunity to have Marshmello be my musical artist name.

10. SEASON TWO OF THE CROWN IS TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to go to a holiday party tonight, then I am going to be eating scones and watching the show all day Saturday (j/k I have to work, but other than that, DRAMA WITH JEWELS ALL DAY).

Image result for the crown season 2 gifI am not excited for an increased focus on Philip (UGH), but I am thrilled to watch Margaret’s Snowden era unfold (and Jackie Kennedy makes an appearance!!!). Merry Christmas to me.