Five Thing Friday

1. Prince Harry’s new interview with Newsweek. I am so glad that he is speaking out about how hard it was for him to deal with the deal of his mother and how it impacted hi mental health. The interview will break your heart, but I think it will mean a lot to people who have lived through similar experiences. And he’s right, I cannot imagine being made to publicly walk behind the casket of a parent in front of millions of people.

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2. Despite it being no one’s business, I am often asked if I ever plan to have kids. I don’t really know. As of today, that answer is no, but it is not a hard no. Frankly, I have no idea what I will decide down the road. If I met someone with whom I wanted to start a family , then yes. Or maybe one day I’ll get a sperm donor. Or on another day I might commit to having foster children. Or maybe all or none of the above. I DON’T KNOW. It’s not a closed door, but I don’t feel strongly about either direction today. I also don’t feel like I owe anyone an explanation. Until I do decide I will be a proud PANK (Professional Aunt, No Kids) as described in this fabulous article about women who are choosing to be child free.

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3. Less than a month!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. I am making this as soon as I’m done with Whole30 and it no longer feels like he surface of the sun around here.

5. It’s been a busy week, so there’s just five things today. I want to finish with what we should ALL be following closely (and calling, emailing, and messaging our Senators about): “What the Senate Bill Changes about Obamacare.”

The fact that mental health care coverage may not be required is HORRIFYING.

Ten Thing Friday

1. The Handmen’s Tale.

2. The Queens of England podcast now has a limited run on merch! Thanks for telling me, J!

3. “A Resolution Condemning White Supremacy Causes Chaos at the Southern Baptists Convention.” I grew up in a Southern Baptist church and I really can’t convey how incredibly important these statements are in light of the church’s racist history in the South.

That second paragraph hits the nail on the head. There is no room for hesitation.

4. I LOVED how the first season of The Handmaid’s Tale ended. In my opinion, they’ve done an incredible job expanding the story and I cannot wait for the second season. It’s been interesting to me to see which of my friends will watch it and which won’t. A huge portion of my more conservative friends either don’t want to or tried and said it was “too hard.” It is hard and scary to watch – and that is the point. Our freedomes are not guaranteed.

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5. One week until The Beguiled comes out!!! Sophia Coppola and Southern Gothic are A DREAM. PLEASE come to Sacramento, PLEASE.

6. Mason Jar Salad Dressings for freaks who eat salad.

INGREDIENTS1 cup Greek yogurt⅓ cup mayonnaise2 tablespoons dill, minced1 tablespoon thyme, minced1 tablespoon garlic powder1 tablespoon onion powder2 tablespoons parsley, minced3 tablespoons lemon juiceSalt, to tasteFresh-ground black pepper, to taste¼ cup milkPREPARATIONAdd the ingredients into a mason jar. Screw the lid on tightly and shake vigorously.The dressing can remain in the fridge for 1–2 weeks. Pour over your favorite salad ingredients and enjoy! Inspired by recipe here.

That looks like it would go great with some french fries!

7. 20 Summer Desserts

I reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly want some sugary cards today. I am not going to, but I REALLY want some.

8. “Talking to Boys the Way We Talk to Girls

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I always feel such joy when I watch my friends interacting with their sons. They encourage their kindness, thoughtfulness, love, tenderness, and feelings. I truly believe that they will grow up and make the world around them a kinder place.

9. Something many of us will relate to – “The Universal Phenomenon of Men Interrupting Women.” I’m not sure it’s a phenomenon so much as the basic fact that some men just can’t bear to sit and listen to a woman speaking, despite the fact that we are expected to listen to them.

Unfortunately for the men I have worked with, I just keep on talking even more loudly until they STFU and I’ve finished my point.

10. THERE IS A CHEESE TRAIL OF CALIFORNIA AND I HAD NO IDEA. This is delightful news. This just might end up being a Whole12. I hate how much I love cheese. It owns me.

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10 Thing Friday

1. I want the entire Pottermore art collection. IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!! Sadly, they are not yet available in the US. BOOOOOOOO.

2. “Can American farms survive the threat of deportations?” I think that this is a critical point that many anti-immigration people conveniently forget:

This also impacts the medical and tech industries. If we had the people to do it, then they would be doing it. There simply aren’t enough skilled workers to do these jobs. So holler “hire American” all you want, but there aren’t enough Americans to fill the void. We need to recruit the most brilliant people world to further our innovation and economic progress – hiring Americans alone will not accomplish that.

3. This is a great source to see how our education system is not keeping up with the demands in computer science alone.

4. BBC is developing a War of the Worlds series set in the Victorian Era. YES PLEASE.

5. I don’t know how I missed this when it first came out, but “Anti-Vaxxers on The Magic School Bus” is the best.

I completely support parents deciding when their kids get vaccinations and spacing the schedule out, but VACCINATE YOUR KIDS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD YOU ASSHOLES.

6. As if teaching isn’t already hard enough: “Kids Are Quoting Trump To Bully Their Classmates And Teachers Don’t Know What To Do About It

If I had a dollar for every time I heard “build the wall” shouted at a student of color on our campus over the past year, then I could go to a really fancy dinner. HIS MESSAGES MATTER.

7. I think this is a good time to remember the power and indoctrination of the Hitler Youth.

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8. I really can’t wait to see this. It looks so ridiculous!!!

9. I’m bummed that Netflix is cancelling Sense8 and The Get Down. I’m about halfway through both of their second seasons, and while neither is as great as the first, I still enjoy the shows. Sense8 was so lovely to watch because it represented so many different people with wildly varied lives and experiences, and it did so beautifully. I loved all of the characters and their stories.

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10. I’ve been mispronouncing Gal Gadot for YEARS. Oops.

10 Thing Friday

1. My birthday was on Wednesday and I am so lucky to have had a really great day. I had a fantastic Italian lunch with one of my favorite people from work, my family sent me super delicious cookies, and I finished the day with Sari, Lisa, her son, and her boyfriend at Firestone Public House. It was a great start to 33!

2. The Rihanna Lupita BFF scam artists movie is actually happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. Now that #FilmTwitter is a thing, can we PLEASE have this, too??? Talk about a double dreamboat overload.

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4. I don’t care what anyone says, I’m happy to live in the time of Trump memes.

Pope Francis looking solemn as he stands with the Trumps for a photo opp has spurred a new meme.  Photo: Twitter Screen Grab

5. “Historic Rejection Letters to Women Engineers.”

An excerpt of a response to the engineer Lou Alta Melton's request for information about fellow women in the field

Women still make up only 14% of U.S. engineers. But, women are just lazy, suck at math, and don’t like hard jobs, right? It has nothing to do with harassment or hostile work environments in male dominated fields. NOTHING AT ALL I AM SURE.

6. “Why Americans Are So Damn Unhealthy, In 4 Shocking Charts.”

7. The third and final book of the Crazy Rich Asians series is finally out! I have it downloaded and ready to read this weekend!

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8. “Five Startling Things That Betsy DeVos just Told Congress.” ALL OF THE FOUL LANGUAGE. Sorry about your kids from vulnerable populations.

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9. That jerkface former Playmate Dani Mathers finally got sentenced for snapchatting a picture of a naked woman at the gym (in order to make fun of her). She has been ordered to spend 30 days scrubbing graffiti around the city and to three years of probation. What a jerk.

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10. I’m going to a beer festival tonight, then flying home to Texas tomorrow! I’m SUPER EXCITED to return to the motherland.

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10 Thing Friday

1. Our wonderful security guard for our building became an American citizen yesterday after seven years of applying (and half of his life spent in this country). He is one of the kindest and most outstanding people I’ve ever worked with, and America is so lucky to have him.

2. “Why We Should Stop Grading Students on Curve.” I hate curves for the same reason the article notes: it arbitrarily limits the number of students who can excel.

3.  I watched King Charles III on PBS this week and I had some feelings about it. Although they were generous with Will’s hairline, that actor was pretty spot on. WTF happened to Harry? Just, no. No charm at all. I WISH Kate was that scheming, but at least it made an interesting storyline for her. There needed to be more to the Harry love arc because I never even realized they were a couple for the longest time. I was caught off guard at times by the slip into Shakespearean-eque dialoge (I don’t know the technical name for for it, but their phrases and cadence of speech would randomly change and sound Shakespeare Old Timey).

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Spoiler: I also don’t believe the queen is next to the king when he’s crowned and Kate wouldn’t be wearing that tiara during the coronation. All of that was NO. Also, Charles is way more qualified than Workshy Will or Too Keen Kate. PUHLEASE. Also, was Kate called Catherine II?? That would be a HUGE BLUNDER. Consorts don’t get a numeral AND there has never been a Queen Catherine I. There was Queen Katherine (of Aragon) who was married to Henry VIII, but she wasn’t queen in her own right so there is no numeral. But, really, I couldn’t tell for sure (even after rewinding), but UGH that oversight best not have happened.

4. Speaking of Will and Kate, Pippa’s wedding is tomorrow! I cannot wait to see what Megan Markle wears!!!!

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5. Golden Girls Clue. I MUST HAVE THIS.

6. Speaking of Catelyn, I am not loving The White Princess nearly as much as The White Queen. I actually think Michelle Fairley is great in it, but the York ladies are lacking serious pizzazz and spunk. Bring back Rebecca Ferguson! I totally believed that she was ready to wreck anyone who crossed her. This new little queen not so much.

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7. This is a good time to brush up on what impeachment is and isn’t. Impeachment does not mean that the President is automatically kicked out of office. Bill Clinton was impeached but remained President and Richard Nixon resigned before the vote for impeachment.

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8. I watched Mommy Dead and Dearest on HBO this week and GOOD GOD it was even messier than I knew from reading about it (you can read about it here). I cannot imagine what a nightmare that child’s life was, and while I don’t think murdering someone is the right decision, I don’t see how else she could have escaped. I’m sure there is some degree of manipulation by Gypsy herself in this whole thing (she literally knows no other way to behave), but the entire thing is so horrifying. Her mother was truly her captor. I don’t know what to think about the boyfriend, but those two seem like a tornado of mental health issues and instability. I also felt so terrible for the father and stepmom. They seem like good people who were pushed out of and away from Gypsy in order for her mother to keep up the facade. I’m glad they are back in her life and I hope they can rebuild their relationship while she serves time because they really seem to care about her.


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10. Twin Peaks on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you haven’t seen the original series, then here’s a summary. Please go watch it though, it’s so delightfully strange.

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