10 Thing Friday

1. Here are some resources to help wildfire victims (and their animals!). Also, Redwood Credit Union is a local business that is also collecting donations to distribute to the four counties in their area. I don’t even have the words to describe how horrifying and destructive these fires are. Over 20 people killed, more than 3,500 homes are gone, and 190,000 acres have burned. Police officers from our University are volunteering to help manage evacuations, people are taking in those who need shelter, and we are gathering items to donate, but this situation feels impossible right now. I don’t know how you help someone who has lost everything and the fires are still largely uncontained.Image result for wine country fire

2. Puerto Rico is also still suffering. Power will likely be out for six months and 40% of people are without water. Their agriculture will be devastated for at least a year and there is a massively growing threat from disease. So, Donald, you’re not doing great work there. Quit your lying.

Image result for donald trump puerto rico gif

3. The Rock Test: A Hack for Men Who Don’t Want to Be Accused of Sexual Harassment. I LOVE IT!

4. I am beyond done with people criticizing Hillary Clinton over Weinstein. It isn’t her fault that he’s a monster. You told her to go away. Now you’re mad that she’s not commenting enough? WHICH IS IT? Also, she’s a private citizen now, she owes you nothing. If you wanted to hear from her on every damn thing, then you should have elected her. Also, there is no way in hell that the Obamas knew. They sent their TEENAGE DAUGHTER to work for him. There is no way they would have ever allowed her to be near him if they had know. No way.

Anthony Bourdain is in a relationship with Asia Argento who earlier this week accused Weinstein of rape. I get why this feels deeply personal to him as someone he loves has stated that she was assaulted by Weinstein, but this is not any woman’s fault or responsibility. Everything cannot be Hillary’s Clinton’s fault. Jesus.

5. I’ve always liked Rose McGowan, but my admiration for her has been through the roof for the past week. She is a badass and she alos made a great point about Lindsay Lohan’s comments  which I needed to hear because I initially rolled my eyes at her hard. Another positive (not a happy kind of positive, but something that is important) out of this is that famous men like Terry Crews and James Van Der Beek are also speaking out about assault and harassment that they also experienced in Hollywood. The more people who are able to tell their stories puts pressure on stopping the dismissal and excuses for this type of behavior. I hope that others feel safe coming forward so that they can continue to call out this kind of behavior and protect future generations from predators.

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6. “Counterarguments Are Critical to Debunking Misinformation.

One thing that I have found useful is to ask people what would have to be true for them to change their mind or position. It at least gets a less combative discussion flowing and help me better understand the heart of the issue. Sometimes there is nothing that can be done, other times what they want is not feasible (like my example below), but other times I’m surprised by how specific and narrow the problem is that pushes them to the other side (and, on rare occasions, it is something that is already being done!). For me, I would agree with elective abortion (I believe there will always be a need for medically necessary abortion as you can’t control the development of a fetus) being illegal if we could ensure that every single pregnant woman wanted to carry her pregnancy to term. And that decision was made without influence, force, pressure, or coercion from other parties, society, or their community.

7. When I first saw stills from the recent Dove Ad, I felt that immediate internal sinking feeling of “oh noooooo.” It’s a truly careless advertisement that should not have ever happened. SOMEONE should have noticed. While I have seen several people defend it or state that it’s not racist (reminder: you don’t get to decide what others find offensive), actress Danielle Brooks (the amazing Taystee on Orange is the New Black) wrote a Lenny Letter about how it made her feel. I hope that you will take the time to read it.

Also, if you’re unfamiliar with the crappy history of racism in soap advertisements, then Google “Victorian soap advertisement” and take a gander. This one example is awful enough.

8. If you live anywhere near NYC, there is a a Downtown Abbey exhibition headed your way on November 18. Please, go for those us who live far away, and soak up the jaunty hats and beaded splendor. SEND PICTURES.

9. You can send a message to your Senators and Representatives through the National Parks Action Fund to demand that Congress protect our National Monuments (not shrink and modify).

Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

With the rate we are going climate wise we don’t have a lot of time to enjoy these beauties, so we need to do everything we can before the animals and vegetation are destroyed by the rising temperatures.

10. 15 Fast & Fancy Dinners to Make This Season. The honey-glazed pork tenderloin looks DIVINE. I bet that sauce would also be heaven on some roasted Brussels Sprouts.

I only like pumpkin if it’s in a pie or bread, but some of you pumpkin-loving freaks might enjoy this Pumpkin Chili.

15 Thing Friday

1. My sense of rage and hopelessness regarding Las Vegas and our country’s general inability to give a shit persists, but I did donate this week to the Las Vegas Victims’ Fund which at least gives me a sense of doing something that will help these folks. They’re almost at $10 million which I hope will give survivors and the families of those lost freedom from financial devastation. They already have so much worse to deal with in finding a way to live with the trauma and heartbreak in the aftermath of this tragedy without medical and funeral expenses. We have several students who were there or who lost family and friends at the concert. It is so unbelievably horrible.

2. If you want changes, then demand them. This article has some good advice on contacting your congressional representatives about gun control. Don’t forget to pester at the state level too!

Image result for politicians accepting nra

3. Thank you so much for all of the recipes you shared last week! I will cranking a lot of those suckers out ASAP.

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4. Speaking of recipes, since all of mine got erased during the great 2014 THAT BITCH AMY DELETED EVERYTHING episode, I highly recommend this recipe for Starbucks pumpkin bread (I made it in muffin form) if you’re in the mood for pumpkin (and what basic chick is not???). I like to double (or quadruple) the cinnamon and add 1/4 tsp of cardamom.

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5. Sari and I recently watched the first episode of Trapped. She didn’t like it because of subtitles (it’s in Icelandic), but I am excited to see where it goes. The point of this tale is that there was a song that opened the show by Kaleo that I now love. It’s also in Icelandic, but I never know the actual words in songs anyway, so I am greatly enjoying Vor í Vaglaskógi (Spring in Vaglaskógur). It’s just a truly beautiful sounding song.

Ugh, I need to visit Iceland soon.

6. On the topic of not knowing words, Sari and I were in the car earlier this week and “Sexy Can I” [why is there no question mark?] came on the radio. I told Sari that I always thought it was funny that he says “just park my manners.” You should never throw your manners aside! Also what does that even mean?? She informed me that it’s actually “just pardon my manners” which is a statement that actually makes sense. WHO KNEW?

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7. I thought this article was really fascinating: “Do Cultural Differences Change What Depression Feels Like?

A person in silhouette against a starry sky

8. Netflix is raising it’s prices of the premium plan by a dollar and people are mad. Why? I know a dollar is a dollar, but you are still getting a hell of a lot of TV shows and movies (including tons of original content) for $11. That is an insane deal and if you don’t want to pay a dollar for some truly premium shows, then don’t! I would have paid $50 just to watch the first season of The Crown. Season 2 is only two months away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9. Do you know about or use this MoviePass thing? ALLEGEDLY, for just $9.99 a month I can watch one standard format movie at a theater per 24 hours. I want to get it, but it makes me nervous. What is the catch here?

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10. I will officially have a car this weekend! FINALLY. Ugh. It’s been seven weeks since the wreck and I am thankful to close this chapter of inconvenience.

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11. I am about 60% of the way through Hillary’s What Happened book and whoa. There are so many things she warned us about that are happening right now. The information and history she gives about Russia tampering and messing with our shit is astounding. I need to pay better attention to that.

Image result for trump russia gifI also somehow missed that Hillary was part of the team that conducted the Watergate investigation which is super fascinating.

12. “Why Mass Shootings Rarely Change the Paralyzed Politics of Guns.” This sentence makes me ill: “Our supporters understand that gun-control demands are just an effort to put points on the board against the NRA, which is viewed as an arm of the Republican Party. So the NRA is quiet, and then, after the ‘we gotta do something’ aspect quiets down, they go back to defending freedom.” You can read more here about the people whose lives were taken too soon on Monday.

13. Regarding the 20 week abortion ban bill (or “pain-capable” which is a nothingburger phrase), the Journal of the American Medical Association conducted the most comprehensive study to date on fetal pain and found that it begins to develop between 23 and 30 weeks’ gestation. Although this study was conducted in 2005, it has not been contradicted in any research since its publication. The claims in the bill regarding pain at 20 weeks are not supported by any scientific studies. There are many reasons why a woman would have an abortion after 20 weeks, and this is only an effort to further restrict access for American women (although I am hopeful it will fail on the Senate floor).

House Republicans, Pro-Life Leaders Celebrate Passage of the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act

Eat shit, Paul Ryan.

14. Tracking the fake news and conspiracy theories that are spreading across YouTube in the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting.

15. In completely unsurprising, but still extremely disappointing news, the Department of Justice has issued a new memo that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 does not cover discrimination on the basis of gender identity. Little weasel.

10 Thing Friday

1. What you should know about the disaster in Puerto Rico. This is growing more horrific by the day.

Info on the antiquated Jones Act that was preventing non-American ships from getting supplies to Puerto Rico.

2. I finished season one of Borgen and YOU BASTARD. I wanted to kick the TV. You couldn’t even survive a year with a wife in a demanding job??? I can’t remember the last time I stayed up until 2 am watching something, but I have been my own worst enemy this week. WHY IS IT SO GOOD?

Image result for borgen gif

I want to slow down because their are only three seasons, but I can’t stop!

3. “List: Everything you Need to Know About Me, the Female Character You’re falling in Love with in a Romantic Film/TV Show Written by a Man.”

Image result for girl eating gif

4. I recently watched My Cousin Rachel with Rachel Weisz and Sam Claflin who are both very beautiful people. A solid Gothic romance always gets a thumbs up from me.

5. “Elizabeth Warren is Getting HIllary-ed.” It makes me ill. I also worry for Kamela Harris because I think she has a great shot at the Oval Office one day (as a totally biased person who gave a hearty fist pump when I got to vote for her).

6. There is a movie coming out in Russia, Matilda, about Nicholas II’s romance with ballerina Mathilde Kschessin­ska. And it is causing a SITUATION. I can’t wait to see it!

I get why people are pissed because there is nothing historically to indicate that their relationship continued after he got engaged to Alexandra, but let’s have some sexy drama for the dullest Tsar of all time.

7. This made me laugh way too hard. Alan and this little terrorist would get along SO WELL.

8. I’m a little behind (a lot behind) on this, but I just now discovered the wonderfulness that is Khalid’s entire American Teen album. I cannot stop listening to “Another Sad Love Song.”

Someone mentioned this album to me several months ago and when they said “Khalid” I thought they were talking about DJ Khaled. I have no idea if the two are pronounced similarly, but when I saw Khalid I finally realized that they are not the same person. Oops.

9.  As it looks more and more like Justin Timberlake will perform at the next Super Bowl, you can revisit Gawker’s excellent piece on Nipplegate and how JT benefited from it. God, how I miss Gawker these days.

Image result for janet jackson super bowl gif

10. What is your favorite healthy recipe? I am in a rut. PLEASE SEND HELP.

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15 Thing Friday

1. How you can help those affected by earthquakes and hurricanes. What a horrendous year this has been.

2. Two worthy articles (here and here) about why Spicey at the Emmys was NOT FUNNY. Tax payers funded his salary while he peddled lies and misinformation to our country. Not humorous.

Emmys emmys 2017 the emmy awards sean spicer GIF

3. The best and worst of fall TV in one handy chart.

2017’s new fall TV shows: what to watch and what to skip, in one chart

4. Speaking of The Vietnam War (the new Ken Burns’ documentary on PBS). Whoa. Admittedly, I have largely avoided the Vietnam War in history because it always seemed too complex. There were the French. Communists. Chinese. Americans fighting the Vietnamese with the Vietnamese. It felt too big. And the only thing I honestly remember learning about the war was that Jane Fonda and “draft dodgers” were the worst thing to ever happen to America. Otherwise, I feel like we just skipped right over it in history classes. I have been very pleased thus far with the series because it has done more for my basic understanding of who was involved and why than anything before it. War is such a nightmare.

Image result for the vietnam war ken burns

5. People on my Facebook are RILED about the Hobby Lobby cotton hater. You get to be mad about confederate statues, she gets to be mad about cotton, and I get to be mad about confederate statues AND Hobby Lobby being a crappy corporation. Welcome to America where we all have the right to be offended.

Image result for offended gif

The President at Lipscomb in Tennessee also really stepped in it this week over cotton. And then he just kept talking and sinking deeper in his own shit.

6. What politics look like when you photoshop the men out. I’m just sure that women don’t like politics, they don’t try hard enough, and they’re just too weak and emotional to handle it. That’s all. Nothing bothersome to see here.

7. Gossip Girl turned 10 years old this week! I can’t believe it. I loved that show so much that I’m afraid to rewatch it and have it tainted by my being older. Blair Waldorf 4-Eva.

Image result for gossip girl gif

8. “How the Queen Is “Training” Prince William for the Throne.” She’s got her work cut out for her!

Image result for queen elizabeth gif

9. No Knead Dutch Oven Sourdough. YES PLEASE.

Cheaters No Knead Dutch Oven Sourdough Bread | halfbakedharvest.com @hbharvest

10. A fascinating article about the achievement gap between boys and girls in the Middle East where boys lag further behind their female peers by a greater margin than anywhere else in the world.

11. Ways my Gay Dads Ruined My Life.

12. We have had wonderful 80 degree weather for the past week and it has been GLORIOUS. In fact, there have been some evenings when I almost felt a bit of a chill. A cooler season is finally here and this corn chowder with chile, lime and cotija is the perfect way to say GOODBYE TO YOU, STUPID HOT SUMMER!

13. Why the West is Burning. CLIMATE CHANGE.


“As the Forest Service spends more money fighting fires, it has less money to spend preventing them. As it has less money to spend preventing fires, it has to spend more money fighting them. Something has to change.(USFS).”

14. I just found out this week that Amazon cancelled Z. Booooo. I really enjoyed it and Zelda Fitzgerald deserves more! They also cancelled The Last Tycoon which I am less sad about. Sari and I tried to get into it, but never could.

Image result for zelda amazon gif

15. Friday Night Lights is leaving Netflix next month. WHY GOD, WHY??? What am I supposed to watch now when I’m having a series of terrible days or missing Texas. TELL ME!

Image result for friday night lights gif

Ten Thing Friday

1. How you can help with the recovery from Irma.

2. I thought The Atlantic‘s article on “The First White President” was a compelling and thought-provoking read. I think it brings up one of the most important bits of inaccurate narrative that the bulk of his base are disenfranchised lower-class white.

3. Amber Tamblyn is NOT HAVING IT from James Woods and his accusation that she is lying about the time he tried to pick her up when she was 16. SIXTEEN. Get him, girl! He is a dumpster troll, and I am THRILLED that someone is calling him out on it.

Lainey Gossip has a great post on the specifics of why her letter is so perfect. The Donald connection is so damn spot on.

4. Sari and I were just talking this weekend about how beautiful and radiant everyone always looks on Insecure. There’s a reason! I clearly live with my head up my own white ass because it never occurred to me that proper lighting for darker skinned actors takes a very specific effort. I don’t know zip about filmmaking, so all of this was extremely interesting to me.


I realllllllly wanted things with Molly and the nice guy from Chicago to work out. I would totally date that nerd! The minute she put on that lingerie I knew Dro was at the door. MOLLY. I know dating hard and miserable, but you smart, successful, funny, and freaking gorgeous, HE IS NOT YOUR MAN. He is super pretty though and they have great chemistry, so I can see the dilemma here.

I think next season is going to be a great one for Issa. She’s hit the bottom, and now it’s time for her to start her trajectory back up. She was so gracious when she lost the job opportunity, but I hope she starts looking for something new. Everyone she works with is so odd. I think she’s learned from her mistakes and been hit in the face by the consequences of them, so it’s time for an “Issa is happy” season. I almost got a few tears during the montage of her and Lawrence as a family They can’t be done! They just need to grow some more before they find their way back to each other.

5. Thanks to my kidney issues, I had a lot of time this weekend to watch the third season of Narcos. It was totally bananas (Pacho!!!). You can read more here about the real Jorge Salcedo and the book that Andrea recommended, At the Devil’s Table, looks great. What a total nightmare of a situation.

Image result for jorge salcedo gif

6. The science behind acupuncture. As I’ve shared before, I don’t really understand how/why/if it works, but it has significantly deceased my migraines, my fingers are less swollen, and it’s helped with back pain.

Related image

7. A fun look back at the diadem of the Duchess of Devonshire. She was also a double duchess which is my new life goal.

Image result for duchess of devonshire tiaraI need that.

8. Sanders and the Single-Payer Health Care Bill.

9. Tips on recovering from long-ass flights.

Related image

10. I’m in San Francisco today for meetings and I was hoping to spend the weekend here enjoying the city. Unfortunately, because I still don’t have a car AND am still recovering form the kidney stones/kidney infection (thanks, kidneys!), I am heading home this afternoon. SUPER RUDE.

Image result for no thank you gif