10 Thing Friday

1. For those of you following my Instagram story, I am sorry to report that curling corner is likely over. We wrapped up the closing arguments yesterday, and moved into deliberation in the afternoon. So, now, instead of having hours together in the hall where I can grill a guy on his curling “lifestyle,” we are now trapped in a room together deliberating the verdict.

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2. I am LOVING the Forever35 podcast. Thank you so much for the recommendation, Jill! I have not listened to a beauty podcast before, but I am all about lotions, serums, and magical elixirs to keep me forever looking 25 (I kid. I just want to look less haggard and tired.).

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Outside of beauty projects, it’s fun listening to two ladies who are close to my age just chatting about life in general. They’re delightful and funny!


3. We finally finished the last episode of the Waco miniseries on the Paramount Channel, and I thought it was especially well done (other than the fact that they clearly filmed it in New Mexico which does NOT AT ALL look like Waco, but whatever). The cast was fantastic and talented on all sides.

Image result for waco paramountI know that people feel a lot of different ways about what went down at Mount Carmel, but I believe it’s a tragedy that the federal government NEVER should have been a part of. If they were sincerely worried about child abuse, then there are already systems in place to investigate that. Regarding the issue of guns, “‘Waco’ Laments America’s Unique, Tragic Obsession With Guns.” I absolutely think David Koresh was an delusional grifter, but none of those people deserved to die because of their faith in him. The Atlantic has a good article on the show and the tragedy.

4. A Taylor Kitsch palate cleanser because he is SO CREEPY in Waco.

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5. 18 Delicious Recipes with Dried Beans. Yay, I love beans!

6. The positive to jury duty is that I have been forced to explore new lunch places since I’m trapped downtown. I stumped upon La Bonne Soupe Cafe on Tuesday, and apparently it’s THE PLACE for sandwiches. I had no idea! I got a blue crab melt and it was totally dreamy.

7. The time change has messed with my “window of falling sleep” and I’ve not been to actually sleep until 1 or 2 am this week. On the bright side, I finished Hannibal! I thought the first half and second half of the third season didn’t fit together at all. It was almost like watching two different shows. The first half was a bit too moody and brooding for my taste, but the Tooth Fairy also felt like it came out of nowhere (and I know it’s from the book, but it still felt discordant when he arrived). I was fine with the ending, but I am sad it’s over. I really liked the first two seasons, and I will really miss Hannibal the Handsome.

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I also enjoyed Hannibal in his white shirt with the rolled up sleeves fighting it out in the kitchen WAY more than I should have for such a violent scene. He just looked so good jumping against that pantry door! He’s got a really nice back. I probably need some therapy about this.

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8. “Gun-trained teacher accidentally discharges firearm in Calif. classroom, injuring student.”

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9. I thought both Meghan and Kate looked fab at the Commonwealth Service.

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10. I cannot believe that students and educators are having to hold walk outs and protests to end gun violence in schools, BUT HERE WE ARE. I am so proud of the young people who refuse to allow their voices be silenced or forgotten.

Students at the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute stage a


10 Thing Friday

1. If you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories, then you know that I spent the past couple of days on a rage rollercoaster over jury duty. I’ve never made it to the point where I was put through the selection process before, and wow what a experience that has been. I could not believe how much time was wasted waiting for people to get there. The judge told us when to arrive and how long breaks were, yet every time there were people who weren’t on time. And we couldn’t enter the courtroom until we were all present. I was not annoyed during the breaks in general because I know the attorneys and judge were taking care of their business while we were out, but the fact that we wasted so much time waiting for people to come back from their 15 minute break was infuriating. And, I get to enjoy it all again on Monday when the trial starts. Yay!

I’m just super pissy because my parents are flying in next week and I took two days off of work to spend time with them, but now I am likely going to be stuck on mother f-ing jury duty with people who think it’s fine to waste large periods of time arguing with the judge about the existence of bias and whether or not philosophically humans in general should ever be on a jury. NOW IS NOT THE TIME.

2. It took me a few times to really get into this song, but now I can’t stop listening to it. If I ever get to go for a run again, then this will be a great one for my playlist!

3. Daylight saving time begins early on Sunday morning! I hate springing forward.

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4. I watched Red Sparrow this week and I was not a fan. It seemed like they got Jennifer Lawrence on board, then someone tried to figure out all the ways they could get her in various states of naked. Scenes that were not sexy at all (rape, attempted rape, and torture) were filmed in a sexy way which made me extremely uncomfortable. Like here’s some generous side boob while we douse her in freezing water! On a lighter note of complaint, the accents were inconsistent and sketchy, and the wig work was SO BAD. I don’t understand how hair pieces are so hard for big budget movies. Her bangs were almost the end of me. Also, she bleaches her hair at home, then GOES SWIMMING IN A POOL right after. Did a woman even work on this film?? I think all the money went to boob shots. This is a movie by dudes for dudes.

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5. Ol’ Lyin’ Liar Trump has reversed his promise to uphold the ban on importing elephant hunt trophies after there was an outcry over a reversal in November. As you can imagine, we can thank NRA lobbyists in part for this.

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I like to donate to the Elephant Crisis Fund which funds anti-poaching, anti-trafficking, and demand reduction projects around the world. In 20016, they invested $4.5 million on these efforts worldwide.

6. Jack White’s new song sounds like the backup vocals are by a band of ghosts. Couldn’t you see them singing in A Nightmare Before Christmas?
7. Thank you to Rebekah who alerted me to the confirmation of the Call Me By Your Namesequel. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need an Elio and Oliver sequel for about ever five years of their lives please.

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8. Gary Janetti’s Instagram account is still one of the greatest joys of my life.

A post shared by Gary Janetti (@garyjanetti) on 9. I am also SO UPSET about Beverly in Hannibal. I did not see that coming and I am really not happy. Also, Dr. Bloom annoys me a lot. I don’t know why, but I do like all of the green clothing she has.

10. Michael B. Jordan is the first major actor to announce that his company will use an Inclusion Rider on their films. He just keeps getting better and better.

They seem more like good friends, but they sure would make a gorgeous couple and make some truly beautiful babies. THINK ABOUT IT, KIDS.

10 Thing Friday

1. “The dress” was the beginning of “alternative facts

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I still see light blue and dark gold (I’m told this is not a thing, but dark gold is what I see).

2. Did you start watching The Looming Tower on Hulu this week. Admittedly, I know nothing about counter-terrorism efforts in the 1990s, and I know even less about the rise of Al-Qaeda. We watched a few episodes and I am intrigued.

3. 10 Easy Gluten-Free Meals.

4. I did not appreciate the tenth episode of Hannibal where that girl got pulled under the bed. I could have lived my whole life without seeing my biggest fear playing out on my own TV screen. I stayed up way too late watching the show this week. I’m not sure if it was fear or intrigue that kept me up, but I couldn’t stop. Unrelated, I have been triple checking under my bed before getting into it at night even though there is ZERO space for a person under there. You’re not getting me, bitch!

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5. “They’re Here to Fix Climate Change! They’re College Republicans.”

A close-up photograph of a woman wearing a red shirt and a sparkly necklace with a Republican elephant pendant

“A lot of young conservatives are frustrated by the false choice between no climate action and a big government regulatory scheme.” Go, youths, go!

6. In case you missed it, please enjoy the “gun commitment ceremony” at a church in Pennsylvania. I just don’t even know. Bless.


I wonder how many prom catalogs they raided to get all of these adornments?

7. “What Happened After Standing Rock?

Sacred Stone Camp near Cannon Ball, North Dakota, on Sept. 10, 2016.

8. “You Realize Arming Teachers Is Going To Lead To Black Students Getting Murdered By Their Teacher, Right?” Don’t skip the hate mail dump where white people prove the author’s point.

After working at schools for over 28 years I am all for teachers having guns. Maybe putting a cap in a black asshole maybe they will be put on notice follow the rules like everyone else does. Then maybe they will be able to read and write and learn something for once.
Love, White”e

9. I keep seeing Meghan Markle’s appearances being called the “Markle Sparkle” and I LOVE IT. It’s so perfectly sums up her energy and general loveliness. Will, Kate, Harry, and Meghan had their first joint appearance this week and it was a delight.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Catherine Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William Attend Royal Foundation Forum

10. Kristen Wiig is in talks to play the villain in the next Wonder Woman film and that sounds SO GREAT.

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10 Thing Friday

1. If you haven’t seen Black Panther yet, then what are you doing with your life?? It is so wonderful, funny, and important. The stand out character is the teen science genius, Shuri. She’s insanely smart, hilarious, and feisty. She steals every scene she is in. There are a million reasons to see it, but she is at least half of them. Shuri could change the world.

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Can we also get a movie with the Dora Milaje and the Valkyries saving us from ourselves? I would say the Amazons too, but they’re a different universe and that’s some kind of problem?

Image result for Dora Milaje gifRelated image

2. I love gossip, and I really love a good hissy fit. While this is of course all alleged, the fact that Johnny Wier might feel upstaged by Adam Rippon makes me cackle. The best part of the entire article is this line: “Johnny should spend less time on his ‘Hunger Games’ hair and more time engaging the audience.”

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I would really like to see Adam Rippon playing a beautifully evil villain in a movie. He would make a great Maleficent!

3. Queen Elizabeth went to fashion week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Queen Elizabeth Anna Wintour London Fashion Week

4.  Bode Miller IS a TERRIBLE sports commentator. I have to mute him. He adds nothing!

5. “Inside the Federal Bureau Of Way Too Many Guns.” I had NO CLUE that a 1986 federal law prevents us from having a searchable database of gun owners. So, for what records do exist for guns, it’s all paper and microfiche. No searching by gun owner or name. There is no official count for the number of guns in this country (not including those obtained illegally obviously). WHAT IN THE HELL. I really learned a lot from that article, but it has also given me a lot of anxiety.

Federal agent Charlie Houser is forced to fight gun crime with a meager tool: a bunch of boxes of paper.

6. “How to Raise a Sweet Son in an Era of Angry Men” and “The Boys Are Not All Right.”

7. Viola Davis is demanding to be paid the same as top white actresses. The fact that Viola Davis even has to make this statement is tragic. She’s an Oscar-winning actress who is one of most talented actors of our day. There is no excuse for this! Also, this needs to be embroidered on shirts for kids: “I’m worthy. When I came out of my mother’s womb, I came out worthy.”

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Oscar-winning actress Octavia Spencer recently shared her experiences with pay disparity too. Jessica Chastain had to back her up, and together they got PAID for their new project. Ladies supporting ladies!

8. Chloe Kim on the cover of Sports Illustrated!!

9. This is exactly why the “but the shooter could still use a pistol” argument is absurd: “What I Saw Treating the Victims From Parkland Should Change the Debate on Guns.”

In a typical handgun injury that I diagnose almost daily, a bullet leaves a laceration through an organ like the liver. To a radiologist, it appears as a linear, thin, grey bullet track through the organ. There may be bleeding and some bullet fragments.

I was looking at a CT scan of one of the victims of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, who had been brought to the trauma center during my call shift. The organ looked like an overripe melon smashed by a sledgehammer, with extensive bleeding. How could a gunshot wound have caused this much damage?

There was nothing left to repair, and utterly, devastatingly, nothing that could be done to fix the problem. The injury was fatal.

10. On March 24 I will be participating in the March for Our Lives in Sacramento because our students deserve better. Teachers should be teaching, not stopping bullets with their bodies.

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12 Thing Friday

1.”Why Can’t the U.S. Treat Gun Violence as a Public-Health Problem?

Two doctors in white coats stand in front of microphones

What if the people who are shouting that we have a mental health crisis actually voted for politicians who support funding and expanding mental healthcare… CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE?

2. You can read more here about the CHILDREN who were murdered on Wednesday. This should never have happened.

View image on Twitter

3. I finally finished the newest season of Peaky Blinders. I was excited for Adrien Brody to play the villain, but he was so boring. His accent was weird and he never came off as actually being a threat. I also want to tell him to WAKE UP because he seemed half asleep in his scenes.

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I also thought the Arthur plot line at the end was cheesy, and ugh with Alfie’s story. WHY, GOD, WHY??

4. “A New Call to End Legacy Admissions.” This is something I have very strong feelings about even though it really doesn’t impact the institutions I’ve worked for as much since they are all public universities. Despite that, I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had to explain to a wealthy donor or alumnus that we cannot give their student a special advantage or early admissions to a program because they have donated X amount to the University.

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That crap works for the Jared Kushners and the Harvards of this world.

5. The story about the Canadian firefighter who was skiing in New York, went missing, and then turned up on Tuesday in Sacramento in his same ski gear is BANANAS. WHAT HAPPENED??? I hope he’s okay, but what a bizarre story.

Constantinos “Danny” Filippidis

6. I made the Pioneer Woman’s Perfect Pot Roast last weekend, and I highly recommend it if you’re looking for an easy meal on a cold day. It takes about five hours to cook, but it is super simple to put together, and I have never managed to screw it up. The meat is so tender and juicy by the time it’s done.

7. I was thrilled when Shaun White won gold on Tuesday night, and I was shocked to learn on Wednesday about the sexual harassment allegations against him. I had no idea and I don’t understand why this wasn’t a bigger story leading up to the games. You can read about the allegations and subsequent lawsuit here and his response this week here. He withheld the wages of an employee (when he owns the corporation that manages the band and whenhe controls the ability to pay and fire people, then he is in fact the boss) after he fired her when she confronted him about the sexual harassment. Shaun, none of us would even know about this if you had just PAID HER WHAT SHE WAS OWED LIKE A DECENT PERSON.

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8. It is endlessly hypocritical to me that people seem to believe that celebrities and sports figures have no right to talk about politics or social justice. They’re people too. Just like I have a right to comment on entertainment and politics, they too have a right to speak about the issues that matter to them. I don’t see how the President can complain about athletes and celebrities, then his supporters get to throw a fit when those same people comment about his administration. We all get to say what we want to say, and we all get to be mad about what someone else is saying. Free speech in action. Anyway, Cheeto Jr. has entered the Mike Pence Adam Rippon fray, and Adam, as usual, has the perfect response.

9. Adam also gave a candid interview this week about his struggles with dieting, body image, and body confidence.


10. Tessa Thompson will be playing Doris Payne in an upcoming movie about her 60 years worth of jewelry heists!! Tessa Thompson is so perfect for this. She is so charming, and I can totally she how she could easily cause someone to forget how many diamonds they laid out.

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11. Black Watch Tartan pieces so that you can pretend you look like Meghan Markle!

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I bought this dress over Christmas when it was on super sale ($49!). I LOVE it and it is very soft. I tried this one in the store and found it to be very unflattering. On top of the dust ruffle bottom making me look like a barge (it hit above my knee and I am of a completely average height), I honestly couldn’t get a size large enough for it to zip. Every size was SO TIGHT. And I am pear shaped, so this style of dress is what fits me best! RAGE.

12. Black Panther this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What a shitty shitty week this has been.