WTF Wednesday

I cannot WAIT to really talk about jury duty when it’s all over. WHAT A RIDE so far. People are just simply incredible.

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I am already terrified of going to prison in general, but I hope to GOD that I never end up on trial for something because the way people make decisions is terrifying.

I am SO PISSED about the news that Claire Foy was paid less than Matt Smith for The Crown. She is THE CROWN. I know that he is more popular across the pond and with Doctor Who fans, but while I would have recognized him as a face I had seen before, I couldn’t have told you his name. I think this goes back not only the need for people to discuss salary, but also for agents and actors to renegotiate their salaries. Agents have to know what the other actors are making in order to act in the best interest of their client. Claire was on board before Matt, and her salary was likely negotiated before he was made an offer. Because he is a name, she should have been able to go back and get more based on what he was paid. That is the only way their will every be parity for women and actors of colors. SHE is the principle character, and while the producers have promised that going forward no one will get paid more than the queen, Claire will never have a chance to get paid what she is due (because she makes the damn show) since her seasons are up. RAGE.

I certainly hope this is the case for Olivia Colman. She has been cast for months, but we still don’t have a confirmation on who will play Philip (rumors are it will be Hugh Laurie), so I worry that her contract and salary are already set. I guarantee that if the roles were reversed and Claire was the bigger star playing a supporting role as the consort, then Matt Smith would STILL make more than her playing the king as an unknown actor. I GUARAN-DAMN-TEE-IT.

Poor little Alan puked the other night and he was quite distraught over it. When Bardot was still here (SOB), I am not even sure that she knew when she had puked. She would be walking, pause very briefly, have a barf, then keep on moving like nothing happened. For Alan, I heard a weird little noise while I was asleep, and before I could even get my eyes completely open, Alan was running down the bed at me meowing frantically like his own little wahmbulance. He was so upset about it that he wasn’t over it that evening. I called the vet and they said unless it happens again, then he should be fine, but it was a very dramatic 3:30 am wake up. He’s a sensitive guy.

On Friday, my sister sent me a text that I had butt dialed her a few minutes earlier. I replied that I had not because my phone was plugged in and charging on my desk, and I had been on the opposite end of my desk on my office phone for the past 15 minutes. I looked on my call log and there was nothing, but she sent me a screen shot of her call log which showed I had called. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE.

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If you somehow missed the 60 Minutes interview with Betsy DeVos on Sunday, then you are in for a TREAT. All I can say is WOW this woman does not have two brain cells to rub together. I particularly love when she states that she hasn’t “intentionally” visited poorly performing schools. Did you unintentionally visit them? Did your helicopter land in the wrong spot?? Did you get drunk and wake up in a shitty school?

WTF Wednesday

I really feel for Michigan State and this Richard Spencer mess. It is so hard to explain to students why you have to let someone like him speak on your campus if a reservation is made through the correct channels. I would love to deny someone the ability to spread their messages of hate, bigotry, and racism on our campus, but their right to speak is consistently upheld by courts. And I completely respect the importance and value of free speech (including speech I am vehemently opposed to), but knowing that universities have to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars for security and damage that was the result of a speaker who only shows up to cause crazy sucks a lot. Milo Yiannopoulos speaking at Berkeley cost the university $800,000.

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I wish we could just ignore these asshats so that they don’t get the reaction they are hoping for and more media attention. People like Spencer come to a campuses just to prove this completely inaccurate point: “No other group is treated with this kind of hostility. It is only us. Precisely because we’re white. We’re the only ones showing the real crisis in modern America today. There is a silent war going on.” They are betting on people letting their rage at their TERRIBLE beliefs get the better of them, and it works almost every time.

Protestors and supporters of  Richard Spencer clash

I live in dread and fear for the day that one of our student groups finally manages to be able to afford having these kinds of speakers on our campus. It’s going to be a disaster.

OH MY GOD the Hannibal episode where the guy is sewed to the other guy and he has to RIP HIMSELF OFF. I almost vomited. I had to leave the room.

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One of my students was talking about getting “moon shoes” for the snow. I could not understand why she wanted these for snow:

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I wanted a pair of those SO BADLY when I was kid. A friend got two pairs (UGH RICH KIDS AMIRIGHT?) and we decided to jump on the trampoline with them which was a painfully stupid decision. Anyway, my student was talking about these:

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I don’t follow fashion, so I don’t know if these are a “thing,” but WHY? Can you please explain to me why you would want these? Anyone. Please.

I watched Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri this weekend and it pissed me off. Frances McDormand, Sam Rockwell, and Woody Harrelson were great in it, but I loathed the story line. I have significant problems with the idea that because you are in pain, then it is reasonable for you to inflict pain on others. This made me angry when I read and watched Wild because she hurt a lot of people but exculpated herself from the responsibility of those actions because her mother died. I don’t know what it is like to lose a parent, but I do know a lot of people who have been through devastating losses, yet do not go around ruining other people’s lives because of their own pain. Both Mildred and Dixon should have been in jail for their acts of violence, and I am deeply disturbed by how quickly they were both absolved of their illegal and horrible actions.

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Dixon reminds me of too many people I know who are now in law enforcement or the military and are still horrible, racist, and bigoted bullies. That also gives me rage. And what a waste of Peter Dinklage! He’s such a talented, charming, and handsome human, and I sincerely hope people start hiring him for roles that are not specifically written for a little person. I would LOVE to see him in a romantic comedy.

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WTF Wednesday

Jameela Jamil is one of the stars of The Good Place (which I greatly enjoy despite the fact that Kristin Bell’s emotions and extreme earnestness makes me uncomfortable), and she is my favorite character.
Image result for jameela jamil gifI’ve linked to her blog before, but this week she shared her outrage about this:


And then inspired a lot of women to share what they “weigh” through her own picture:


Her whole post is fabulous and she shares about her personal struggles with her worth along with a bunch of pictures from other women who also gave their “weight.”


I continue to see people claim that if we make it harder to get certain types of firearms or ammunition, then people will just build bombs. Okay, but you know that building a bomb takes a LOT more effort than buying a gun? There are also regulations on buying the chemicals that can be used to make bombs (which happened, you know, in response to the Oklahoma City bombing). The teenagers who massacred their fellow students in Columbine had 99 explosive devices as part of their attack. Guess how many people died from those explosive devices? Zero. The majority of them never went off as planned, or only partially exploded. The pressure cooker bombs at the Boston Marathon did go off as planned, and while three people lost their lives, it could have been far more horrific if they had arrived with AR-15 and high capacity magazines. Yes, people who want to hurt people will find a way to do it, but why are we making it so easy for them?

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Trump stating that “I really believe I’d run in, even if I didn’t have a weapon” is the only funny thing to come out of this tragedy. I’m surprised he can run with those bone spurs, but the Washington Post has an excellent summary of how he has faced danger in the past. Hint: Not valiantly.

(Thanks, Dave!)

At least I know I’m a coward and have no delusions of bravery. I would just shove my coworkers out the window and run for it.

I have probably said this before, but I REALLY hate when the only way to get information from a website is to watch a video. I want to read the news on the internet not watch it. I am almost never in a place where I can watch a video on my phone. I HATE that more and more sites are moving toward this medium.

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Are you watching the new season of Homeland? HOLY RUBY RIDGE.

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WTF Wednesday

Over the weekend I noticed several people posting responses to the Shaun White sexual harassment story along these lines:

When I pointed out that I thought sticking your hands down your pants and trying to make ANYONE smell them is in not funny at all, I got a response that he was just a kid and he deserved a break. He was in his mid-to-late-twenties when Lena Zawaideh states that he was gross and creepy to her. Young yes, but far from a kid. The person then went on to justify Shaun’s behavior by explaining that he also did all kinds of stupid and inappropriate things in his twenties. Great dude, so you’re a gross asshole too.

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I know that there are plenty of people in their twenties who make mistakes and that their brains are not fully formed until they are 25 or so, but that still does not absolve you for being gross or harassing people. The true icing on the WTF cake was after he excused Shaun’s actions by stating that “he was just a kid,” he then complained that Lena should have been an “adult” about the situation. So Shaun gets to be immature and gross, but Lena just needs to deal with it like a grown up.

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I don’t know if you witnessed the true treat over the weekend that was the New York Times opinion column, “Why Yoga Pants are Bad for Women.” The author posits that, “We aren’t wearing these workout clothes because they’re cooler or more comfortable. We’re wearing them because they’re sexy.” For one, if you’ve ever seen me exercising, then you already know there is no sexy to be found. Angry, sweating, tomato is what I bring. I wear tights not because I want to show off my booty (and even if I did, that is JUST FINE), but because I am more comfortable in them in exercise classes.

When I am wallering all over the floor in Orange Theory, I need to focus on not dying instead of worrying about my shorts riding up or showing off the color of my underwear to my fellow OTFers. No one exercising with me ever needs to see my underwear. On the treadmill, I enjoy wearing tights because they don’t move as I run. My thighs touch, my shorts move (even the good ones), and I don’t want to spend the entire time I’m running re-adjusting them.

I actually don’t give a flying f*ck if you can see my cellulite or rolls. It’s my body and I honestly don’t care if you don’t like it. You aren’t forced to look at me, like me, or touch me. And if I wanted to look cute or sexy at the gym, then that is also completely acceptable. Despite the authors claim that “Control-top exercise leggings that hold in your stomach won’t help.” IT DOES. You know what tights help control? UNCOMFORTABLE JIGGLING. I wear a sports bra for the same reason. I want things compressed because it is more comfortable for me. That is my decision to make. Even though no one seems to be able to figure out if “Honor Jones” is a real person or a nom de plume for a bunch of opinion editors, I can only assume the person who did write this has never had to deal with belly fat or touching thighs.

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The author also suggest sweatpants. I can barely wear sweatpants when it is 50 degrees in our house and I am sitting completely still on the couch. I would DIE in sweatpants while exercising. They just trap the heat and are not moisture-wicking at all!!! If you want to wear the sweatpants, then WEAR SWEATPANTS. No one is stopping you! I see people running in them frequently. They’re very easy to find! Do your thing in your sweatpants, but leave the rest of us alone who want to do a different thing.

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Finally, in true form, I set up a meeting this week and only invited myself. I didn’t need to invite myself since I set it up, but I did. And I didn’t bother to invite anyone else to it. I sat in the conference room for 15 minutes waiting before I figured it out. Other than being frustrated because I still needed a meeting with those people, it was the best 15 minutes of my week.

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WTF Wednesday

Idris Elba is engaged to an actual beauty queen, Sabrina Dhowre. Ugh. Congrats, I guess. Whatever. She’s not like super gorgeous or anything.

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Yes she is.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding day schedule is up! I am SO RELIEVED that it is a daytime wedding. I can watch from 2 am until 6 am, then I have to leave to be at our graduation ceremonies all day that Saturday. I have been so worried that I would have to miss watching it live!!

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The White House’s response to the allegations of abuse against Rob Porter is zero percent surprising, but I appreciate Dan Rather’s points on the matter.

His ex-wife, Jennie Willoughby, responded in an article for Time: “President Trump Will Not Diminish My Truth.

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Here’s a timeline of the White House’s lies about Rob Porter. Also, “The Rise and Fall of John Kelly’s Reputation” is a good read.

To end positively, here is an entire post dedicated to some of the beautiful men of the winter Olympics. Thanks, Devon!

Also, where do I sign up for the Chloe Kim fan club?? What a badass she is. Somebody get her Dad his own show. He’s a total ham and I love him.

If you want a good ugly cry, then “Chloe Kim realizes immigrant family’s ‘American dream’ at Olympics” will do it. I’m getting tears just thinking about it!