The Sleepend

Last week at work wasn’t a particularly stressful or exhausting, but by the time I got home on Friday I was exhausted. I had not slept well for several nights because I was worried about our budget. Our new fiscal year started on July 1, but we didn’t learn of our budget for this year until late Friday. Some years, the state didn’t provide the budget allotments until SEPTEMBER. How do you operate for months without knowing your budget???? I SWEAR California is such a nonsense entity at times.

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Anyway, I laid in bed running the worst budget scenarios through my head which turned out to be a real nightmare because it required a great deal of math which is always struggle city. Anyway, when I got home Friday I passed out on the couch for a few hours and woke up in complete confusion around 9 pm. Super helpful. I started Friends from College on Netflix. I had very high hopes for it because I love Keegan-Michael Key and Colbie Smulders. I also couldn’t resist the instant nostalgia and warm fuzzy feelings associated with seeing Fred Savage on screen.

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I finished the show while cleaning on Saturday and I found it to be overall irritating.

Key’s character was so over the top and annoying that I wanted to throttle him constantly. Parts of it were funny, but there weren’t enough of those parts to make it enjoyable. These people are all near 40 and they all act like teenagers – it was annoying. Watching people who refuse to grow up and take responsibility for their choices is not something I need to watch over the course of eight episodes.

I happy news, Sari and I FINALLY got to see The Big Sick on Saturday afternoon. I loved it!! It was charming, funny, and Kumail Nanjiani is a total delight.

He’s a star!

We spent Sunday cleaning the house which wasn’t the most fun ever. We haven’t really done a good deep clean since we moved in and since our parents are coming this week, we figured Sunday was the time to get it done. We even shampooed our carpets. If you ever want to feel like a disgusting monster, then look at the water after cleaning your carpets.

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SO GROSS. Anyway, the house is super clean now and I finally finished organizing my closet, so that’s something.

On Sunday night we watched the GoT (OBVIOUSLY) and I am excited to see where all of this is going. Also, if you are several seasons or episodes behind, then that is YOUR PROBLEM. Someone messaged me yesterday griping about my “spoiler” in relation to  an Instagram picture and comment I posted about my Hodor shirt. It’s been almost a year. That’s on you. I didn’t post that five minutes after we found out Hodor’s fate, so GET OVER IT.





I am GREATLY worried that Euron is off to get the Dragonbinder to deliver to Cersei. She always seems to come out on top and I am WORRIED. I did get much joy over his “two hands” dig. Well done.

Ugh. Ed Sheeran. Is Arya gonna murder the hell out of him or what? His appearance really irritated me.

I am so happy that Dany is finally SOMEWHERE. Dragonstone looks way cooler than it did under Stannis and that throne is badass.

While I think Jon needs to listen to Sansa, I do think he made the right choice about the Houses of Umber and Karstark. They seem to be reduced to children, and showing them kindness when everyone else wanted them dead will hopefully seal their alliance for generations to come. Jon needs to up his concern over the Lannisters by about a billion though. Sansa is spot on with that assessment.

Arya, get your fanny to Winterfell.

Prayers for Sam at the Citadel. GROSS.


It still feels super silly that these folks are squabbling over thrones when an actual army of the dead is descending up on them, but whatever I like their outfits.

Hippie Dippy

During our ladies weekend I had a long conversation with Courtney and Chelsy about their healthy hippie ways. We talked about homemade lotions, kombucha, natural deodorant, and brushing your teeth with charcoal. I am not always the most open-minded about their natural lifestyles, but give me a few margaritas and I have questions and concerns.

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After talking to them, I realized that there are some pretty basic things I can do to use more natural products. I’m never going to use natural deodorant (because I am ALWAYS hot and I NEED my antiperspirant), but I thought I would give making lotion a try at least. I have super dry skin on my arms and legs and I apply lotion multiple times a day, and I still get itchy. After reviewing multiple recipes and methods last week, I decided to try this recipe. I’m not great in the kitchen because I tend to be impatient and clumsy, but I gave all of my effort to trying to get this right. I ordered all of the linked ingredients on Amazon because I was terrified of buying the wrong thing. I feel like that’s not very hippie of me, but whatever.

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I didn’t have proper little lotion molds, so I used my Star Wars silicone molds (they make super fun ice!!) for my lotion bars. I chose the Hypoallergenic Lotion Bars (instead of cream lotion or other recipes) because I have very sensitive skin and these seemed like they would be the least likely to irritate my delicate epidermis. I also like that they are bars because it makes them way easier to travel with. I typically have to travel with at least two containers of two different varieties of TSA-sized lotions because I use SO MUCH lotion. No I have more room in my liquids Ziploc for hair products. I was also initially weirded out by the beef tallow because the idea of rubbing rendered animal fat on my body sounded a bit too Silence of the Lambs.

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I don’t know why it bothered me because I have no problem cooking with rendered fat and I eat meat at every meal, but something about rubbing it on my skin felt particularly icky. I did a bunch of Googling and decided that I would give it a shot anyway. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to make and little time it took. I used a mix of lavender and vanilla essential oils and the scent is very faint which is great because I didn’t really want to smell like an underwear drawer (from those little lavender sachets people keep in there. You know? RIGHT?). So, they were very easy to make and now am the proud owner of a bunch of little Star Wars lotion bars. The Han Solo Carbonite mold is my favorite with R2-D2 (the easiest to grip) a close second.

I’m keeping them in the fridge so they don’t melt in the Sacramento heat (we are trying really hard to not use the A/C), but I have been using one since Saturday and I love it. I normally put lotion on when I get out of the shower, reapply before bed, use Eucerin Advanced Repair on my feet and hands at night, occasionally wake up and reapply lotion because my legs itch, apply it again in the morning, then at least twice more while at work. I used the lotion bar after the shower the other night and I didn’t need to do it again before bed or reapply in the middle of the night. It even kept my feet from getting dry overnight. I used it yesterday morning before work and didn’t apply lotion again all day. My skin felt so soft all day and I never got itchy. I can’t believe I didn’t try something like this sooner. I’m in love!

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I hope to make chapstick next because it uses most of the same ingredients that I now own.

I also made mayonnaise for the first time and it turned out great too! I would use half the lemon juice next time (I don’t care for the taste of lemon), but otherwise it was delicious. I made some deviled eggs to go with my dinner on Sunday night and I was in heaven. I felt like a proper pioneer after those two accomplishments. Lotion and deviled eggs are all I need to make it to Oregon apparently (as IF I could be a pioneer).

Other than those two extraordinary accomplishments, I went to Orange Theory, got some work done, and finished the new season of House of Cards (no spoilers). This season should have been called House of Cards: The Bodies Hit the Floor because GOOD GRIEF it was murdery and injury filled. It also too closely aligned with things that happened during the last election and those wounds are still too fresh. I was THRILLED with the very very end of it. HOORAH. Also, Claire has so many power button ensembles this season! Kate better watch out because there is a new Duchess of Buttons in town!!

Much A-button About Nothing.

The Keepers

The Keepers is a series on Netflix that was released this past weekend. Please PLEASE PLEASE go watch it if you haven’t. These stories have to be heard.


I didn’t get to finish the series until last night, so let’s chat now. Going in, I had no idea what this was about other than the murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik.

I was not at all prepared for the even darker and more disturbing turn that he series took in the second episode when the survivors started telling their stories of systematic rape, assault, and abuse at the hands of Joseph Maskell. I am in awe of their bravery in pursuing charges in the nineties and in their drive to continue telling the world what happened despite public opinion. I thought the series did an excellent job giving them space and time to tell what happened to them. So often stories of abuse are told to us by someone else or they are overshadowed by other parts of the story. It was amazing to watch these women talk about what they experienced and how they have survived something that was a complete horror. Jean is such an incredible badass and it was wonderful to watch how her family rallied around her and supported her.

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It was heartbreaking to watch their experiences in court and during the depositions, and I hope that it can help more people understand why people often choose not to pursue charges. Being publicly torn apart and called a liar AFTER already surviving assault is insanity. It is gut-wrenching to imagine experiencing that kind of terror, then being ignored and accused of just wanting money or attention when you are finally able to talk about it. Our system continues to fail so many people who desperately need help and protects those who are monsters. It is absolutely unreal to me that there continues to be statutes of limitation on rape, assault, and molestation in so many states (thankfully, California has recently eliminated the statue for rape and other sexual-assault charges). Justice has no time limit.

I also have so much pride and admiration for the former students of Sister Cathy who are keeping her memory and this case alive. It is incredible to see a group of strong and intelligent women fighting together for justice for the teacher they loved so dearly. Gemma and Abbie are NOT HERE for your bullshit answers and vague letters. I hope they make a second series following these badass ladies as they continue to hunt for answers.

Image result for the keepers gemmaI do believe that if Maskell didn’t do it himself, then someone did it on his behalf because Sister Cathy confronted him about his assault of Jean. I absolutely believe that she was the kind of person who would not have let that go quietly. It is devastating to know that Maskell was allowed to go to a new school after a mother confronted his former school over his assault on her son. The lives of so many young people were forever changed because of a man who could have been stopped.

The entire series is deeply unsettling and has no resolution, but it is an incredible story of survival, courage, and tenacity. I am telling everyone I know to watch this because it needs to be a phenomenon like Serial or Making a Murderer. Everyone should be watching and talking about it. These stories have to be heard so that we as a society can continue to apply pressure to stop the systematic protection and hiding (or transferring) of those who abuse and cause harm – particularly to our children. May we all grow up to be as brave and indefatigable as these women. I have no doubt that Sister Cathy would be thrilled by the strong women they are today.

12 Miles

I woke up around six on Saturday morning to go for my long run. Unfortunately, it was pouring down rain. While I don’t mind shorter runs in the rain, 12 miles in the rain seemed like a one way ticket to blister city. So, I got dressed, and drove up to the office to take care of some work until the rain stopped. Since the university is right next to the path I run on, it was convenient to hang out there until there was a break in the weather. That break came around 8:30 and I hit the path. After my miserable ten miler last week, I was really worried about doing 12. I got going and the first few miles were rough.

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Eventually, my body realized that we were going to keep running no matter what and things went pretty well for the remainder of the run. I took a brief break under a tree (it wasn’t lightning) during a downpour around mile 11, then finished up once the rain let up a bit. Overall, the run went well and I felt good. I ate an RXBAR around the eighth mile and felt good energy wise. I will probably start using the Clif Shot Bloks next week because I had to stop for several minutes to eat the RXBAR since it was super chewy and required full focus (I couldn’t run and eat at the same time). The Shot Bloks are easier to pop in my mouth on the run.

I plugged my watch in to charge the night before, so I totally forgot it when I was getting ready since it wasn’t in my pile of things to take with me. I used the iSmoothRun app which I haven’t used in a couple of years. At some point there was an update because it now gives me my pace and distance info through my headphones at every mile. So, I stuffed my phone in my Camelbak and enjoyed a cordless 12 mile run. It was fabulous. I finished the 12 miles a few minutes faster than my ten miles, so I guess that really speaks to the struggle of that previous run. Overall, I’m happy with this run and my overall pace for now. Finishing is winning for this lady.

After running, I quickly went home, showered, and picked up Sari to go Art Street Sacramento. We wanted to go to Art Hotel last year, but ran out of time. I have zero artistic aptitude, and I really don’t “get” art, but it was super cool. Artists apply to exhibit their work and 100 artists and performers are chosen. This year’s theme was “street,” so it felt like you were walking down pathways and streets.

One of my favorite exhibits was “This is What it Feels Like” and you went in a dark booth alone and put on headphones. Once you had them on, you could hear the sounds of a busy city street around you, then men started talking. They were catcalling and as time passed it got more aggressive and their voices got closer. It was absolutely disturbing and absolutely true to life. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve been called a bitch for not smiling at a man who told me to or for ignoring some dude’s commentary. We owe you nothing. Anyway, a guy came out before I went in and said, “Damn, that has to be scary.”

Anyway, if you’re in the area, it’s open until February 25th.

On Sunday, I did what adults do and cooked, cleaned, and did some work. Sari and I are watching The White Queen because she hasn’t seen it. I just love it SO MUCH and you can watch it through Amazon Prime!! And Max Irons is sooooooooooooooo cute and his voice is so delicious.

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I tried watching Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix, but I can’t deal with multiple hours of Drew Barrymore.So, now I’m watching Justified in my spare time because I need hot Timothy Olyphant in good jeans and a hat to get me through these dark times.

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And I didn’t watch the Super Bowl because I CANNOT STAND that shady Tom Brady and

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WTF Wednesday

WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?!??! RICK PERRY FOR ENERGY SECRETARY???? This is like a never-ending nightmare.

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Rick Perry is going to manage our energy resources and our nuclear arsenal. My GOD. I thought that the worst thing that could happen is if Perry was appointed to lead the Department of Education, but damn, this is actually worse. My loathing of Perry knows NO BOUNDS. He is a doofus.

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It’s hard to decide whose hair is worse. I cannot believe that this is real life. I appreciate that Trump doesn’t have time for security briefings, but has time for Kanye. Makes sense.


I feel personally attacked by this week.

The rest is all about Gilmore Girls. If you haven’t finished the series or watched A Year in the Life, then MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD.

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We finished it Monday night, and I’ve been on a roller coaster of thoughts and feelings since then. I’ve avoided any articles or reviews of the series so as not to corrupt my own feelings, so here it goes:

I loved Emily’s story. I wish there was more of her finding who she wanted to be without Richard. I LOVED LOVED LOVED the whale museum. And I really missed Richard.

Kirk. God bless, Kirk. I can get behind someone like Kirk because he’s a hustler. Kirk is odd, but he embraces who he is and is consistently ambitious. I admire that in a person. He also did an A+ job on that wedding decor and he’s a good friend to people. You can’t beat that.Image result for kirk gilmore girls gifLorelai’s face. WTF. I HATE that we live in a world where she felt like she needed fillers or whatever it is that she did. Lauren Graham is a beautiful woman who is going to be beautiful for a very long time. I know that aging is hard on a lot of people, but I guarantee that 49 year old Lorelai would have still have been a very beautiful woman. I was so distracted by it.Image result for lauren graham a year in the lifeLorelai and Luke. I feel that only reason they made these new episodes was so that they could FINALLY get hitched. I am so glad Emily called her on the fact that everything exists on Lorelai’s terms or it doesn’t exist at all. I also really enjoyed her Wild adventure. It was so perfectly ridiculous. More Lorelai in the “wild” and less musical!Image result for lorelai gilmore girls wildRory. Oh, Rory. I’ve been frustrated with Rory for so many seasons, but it finally came to a head with this. I had hoped her feckless and ineffectual nature were largely the result of youth and privilege. I had hoped that MAYBE when Rory went on the road after college that she would then realize that she is going to have to work and that it mostly won’t be easy. And that she will suck at stuff, but you still have to keep trying despite that. Just yesterday my boss gave me back a draft I wrote and told me to throw it away and try again. Actually, his exact words were, “Did you write this while you were asleep?” If it was after 2 pm, then it’s hard to say for sure. Failing happens over and over again (to me at least), but I didn’t run out of the office crying because he didn’t like my work. I rewrote the thing over and over until it met his expectations.

In the season seven finale I was thrilled when she didn’t get the New York Times internship. She didn’t deserve it because she hadn’t worked for it. She wasn’t involved in school. She was the editor of her paper for a semester, but so what? That’s not impressive at all compared to caliber of student she was up against. I always loathed that Rory and Paris were set up as competitors when Rory can’t compete with someone like Paris. Rory is smart, but she puts out little effort and she’s shown time and again that she’s not willing to overcome challenges. Paris is going to fight tooth and nail to fulfill her goals, and Rory is just going to exist and hope that something happens for her.

One of my friends noted that I was overly harsh on Rory because everyone deserves a chance to reassess and take a break, but I don’t know what Rory is taking a break from? It does not seem like’s she really been working hard in her field, and it’s not like she’s been in a career that she has recently realized is not for her. It seems like she’s just been flitting around doing a whole lot of nothing. She was embarrassing in that meeting with Condé Nast and she totally blew her opportunity with them. Paris would NEVER.

I was seething when she said that she was “broke.” She has a massive financial cushion from her grandparents (and no debt from school!), she can fly back and forth to London for booty calls, and is able to move in with her mom and Luke. That isn’t broke. She can’t buy underwear, but there’s always money for coffee. She mentions several opportunities to work at “lesser” places, but turns them down because they aren’t right for her. I have been accused of being “too old school” in my belief that finding the “right” job is a privilege that you earn with time and experience. You take jobs that are available, hope to learn from them, and plan to take that experience to move up one day to the “right” job. Rory does not appear to have put in the time or effort to be picky.

At one point, Rory seemed like the sort of eager person who would have taken any job just for the chance to work in a journalism field and learn from the experienced people who would be around her. That died. I think some of that is in the fact that by attending Yale, she somehow feels that she is owed better opportunities. Then there is her family and Logan. Both groups have set her up with the belief that because she is a Gilmore or Logan’s girlfriend, that she deserves more than others. She had access to a lot, but because she never actually appeared to try it never materialized.

A couple of friends have noted that she is 32, she’s young, and she needs space to figure it out. Why? She’s not 22. She is THIRTY-TWO. That is a grown woman. She’s a grown woman with a diploma from one of the most prestigious schools in America. She has access to endless amounts of money and connections thanks to her family and her “lover.” There is no excuse. I hate that this is what so many people think of my generation. I do not think that at the age of 32 there is any excuse to be floundering around doing nothing. Go back to school. Find a different job. DO SOMETHING. Even her “trying” to find a new job lacked actual effort. There was zero hustle.

If she didn’t have a family of means, then she would be living on the street. Rory can fail because there are no consequences other than some mild embarrassment which everyone quickly wipes away with their assurances that she is meant for greatness. Most people have far too much to lose to just give up so easily. There is no excuse for Rory. I’m glad she’s had so many failures because she has done nothing to have success.

Finally, I think the way that she treated Paul was vile. I don’t know if the whole “Oh, Rory’s boyfriend is so forgettable” was supposed to be amusing, but it wasn’t. It wasn’t funny that she kept forgetting to break up with him or that she ignored him. They were dating for over TWO YEARS. That is bullshit. I was at first surprised to see her cheating on him with Logan who is engaged to someone else is, but then I remembered that whole married Dean mess.

I don’t have any patience for Rory’s lack of ambition or work ethic, but that doesn’t make her a bad person. It just makes her not the person that she (and the people around her) believe her to be. This Paul/Logan mess is not good. And The Life and Death Brigade was amusing in college. As adults, I cannot roll my eyes harder at that whole segment. None of those guys matured at all. They all act like they are still 22 which is probably why Rory can’t pull herself away from Logan. He probably reminds her of a time when she thought she would be a different person.
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Rory is only interesting when her mom is involved. Lorelai is one of the smartest people on the show, and I can at least understand her mistakes usually because she is trying to DO things in her life. Lorelai has ambition and is willing to put in the effort to achieve her dreams. I hate that Rory is probably going to get glory and success by using her mother’s story and energy for her own gain. Also, I cannot imagine what a whiner Rory will be as a mother. I assume at some point this story will continue because what else does Alexis Bledel have going on right now? I want a Paris spinoff!

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