15 Thing Friday

1. I didn’t make it to Orange Theory a single time this week. I enrolled in a class every day, but never got out of work in time to go. Look like it’s time to switch back to that 5 am class.

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2. I noticed a significant increase in Benjamin Franklin’s quote, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” floating around social media this week. It’s important to understand the context of this quote and the fact that Franklin was actually arguing in favor government and increased safety on the frontier.

3. I’ve also seen a lot of complaining about “revisionist history.” I’m a fan of constantly reexamining and revising history especially since American history is largely documented by white men alone. There are endless voices and experiences that haven’t been part of that narrative, and I completely support including them. This story about Fawn Weaver is the perfect example of someone who pursued and pushed the true story of the true first distiller of Jack Daniel’s whiskey, Nearest Green. She persisted!

4. Building off last week’s conversation on “gender” reveal parties, “Raise a Child, Not a Gender.”

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5. I finished the final episode of Ozark last night and I enjoyed the show a lot. I am always down for Jason Bateman’s style of neurotic funny guy and I love shows about crime gone HOT MESS.

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6. This whole situation is clearly awful, but I think you should definitely not agree to go on the maiden voyage of a homemade submarine. Ever.

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7. “Losing It in the Anti-Dieting Age.”

8. A list of books about America’s history of racism and connections to Nazi Germany. We can’t change until we know who really are.

9. I can’t stand smarmy James Woods, so of course I’m completely pleased by people going at him for his asinine tweet. Hey, James, no one wants to tear down statues of WINNERS.

10. Apparently Emilia Clarke thinks that Ser Friendzone has always been “the one” for Daenerys.

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11. The Anti-Transgender bathroom bill has failed in Texas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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12. Creamy Ricotta Corn and Tomato Baked Ziti. GET IN MY MOUTH.

13. “Why you see swastikas in America but not Germany.” While Germany worked to eradicate opportunities for lost cause supporters, America has continued to keep statues glorifying a lost cause that ripped our country apart and ended with the deaths of approximately one million Americans. People who lose wars don’t get statues. People who lead armies against their country to protect their right to keep people in chains do not deserve statues. I don’t give a shit that they were brilliant military tacticians because they fought on the wrong side of history. To Lee’s credit, he at least understood the damage that statues of him would cause to the country moving forward.

14. J.Crew had a sale last week and I had a couple of rewards cards to use, so I bought this dress and I LOVE IT. I can’t resist stripes in general, but it’s also so comfortable and flattering. AND THERE ARE POCKETS.

15. I am going to watch the hell out of Molly’s Game. If you’re not familiar with the story – this Vanity Fair article is fascinating.

WTF Wednesday

I am still so appalled by the events over the weekend and the commentary since that I am at a constant level of SUPER RAGE. It’s not a free speech issue. They exercised their right to free speech. They marched in the street shouting horrendous things and they weren’t arrested for it. There you go – free speech in action. I am going to burn the place down if one more person explains to me that I don’t get to complain about free speech . YES I DO. I have every right to express my anger at your stupid hateful words. Lauren Duca’s “Thigh High Politics” column this week is about Charlottesville and I highly recommend reading it.

It infuriates me that I keep seeing the excuse of “Well, what about other hate groups?” or “What about the New Black Panthers.” I don’t give a crap about what the New Black Panthers are doing because they weren’t the ones rioting in the street with torches yelling, “Jews will not replace us.” They aren’t responsible for millions of deaths in the name of racial purity. They aren’t part of a race that has historically oppressed everyone else in this country. White supremacists are a scourge on our society, and it is up to white people to denounce them and stop empowering them. People of color and Muslims are constantly told to “police their own communities,” so white folks, this is on us. Their actions are not defensible or excusable on any level.

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I was genuinely surprised at the massive (at least on my social media) outpouring of defensiveness and negativity surrounding the Women’s March in January. I did not see that coming at all. I am unsurprised by the fact that those same people have not managed a single peep about this Nazi nonsense. Women Marching = Shameful and Embarrassing. Nazis Marching = It’s their right.


I am also not being “impossible to please” as I was told on Monday because I am pissed that it took the President 48 hours to specifically name and denounce the protesters and the ideology of white supremacy. Numerous Republican politicians immediately condemned the white supremacists directly on Saturday. They got it right.

The rhetoric of fault on both sides does nothing to halt the flow of these idiots and reinforces their belief that they are going to “fulfill the promises of Donald Trump.” That is why his condemnation is so important and why it has to be immediate and specific. Shocking no one (except maybe David Duke who probably cried tears of white pride), he reinforced his relationship with the “alt-right” yesterday by insisting that there were some “very fine people on both sides.” WHITE SUPREMACISTS ARE NOTE EVER FINE PEOPLE. STFU you cheeto-dusted asshole.

Also, a bunch of folks apparently blame Barack Obama for this situation. Yes, the ONLY person of color to hold the Office of President is responsible for your racist shitty ways. Okay.

Image result for obama eye roll gifAs a white person in America, I am frequently disappointed in myself in the numerous ways that I fail to support others. What happened on Saturday is who we are as white Americans. I’m not surprised that the ideals of white supremacy still fester here for so many delusional souls, but I am astounded at the number of people who can’t even agree on a basic level that Nazis should not be welcome here. We lost over 400,000 soldiers in World War II to eradicate this ideology. Americans are supposed to hate Nazis. Their defeat is part of the fabric of our identity, so why is it so hard for people to just say that it is wrong? If they’re not denouncing it, then I assume they support it considering allllllllllllllllllll of the other political issues they feel so completely comfortable commenting on.

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Vice has published their latest episode, “Charlottesville: Race and Terror” for free online. I don’t understand how anyone can watch this and not see terror, racism, bigotry, and hate. The first few minutes alone make me feel like I’m going to vomit from shame. Just listen to what the guy says about Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner. Disgusting. I can’t even imagine how terrifying that must have been to be the brave souls who surrounded that statue and stood up to these psychos. Those people are the real patriots.

Lone Wolves

I feel that it would be remiss to start my weekend recap without mentioned the hateful actions in Charlottesville over the weekend. The white nationalism/supremacy/neo-Nazi/alt-right/whatever bullshit name you want to call it is a demonstration of cowardice by pathetic losers. While they may have a right to protest (before it got crazy), I have a right to vehemently disagree with everything they stand for. We cannot stand by silently and allow this kind of hate, racism, bigotry, and Antisemitism to fester any longer. While their display of “white oppression” is pathetically unsurprising, they are nothing more than unpatriotic traitors. A world went to war to stop people like them, and it is an insult to every person who sacrificed their life in World War II that this “cause” even exists anymore. These wannabe Nazis can GTFO.


Before the white whiners took to the streets, I flew home to Texas for our annual Friendcation. I skipped it last year since we were going on two trips abroad in the fall, so I sure as hell couldn’t miss it this year. I arrived early on Thursday, then spent that day and half of Friday hanging out with my parents. My mom and I also stopped at Shake Shack because I have her properly trained for burger procurement (finally!).

On Friday afternoon I drove to Lake LBJ to meet my friends at the awesome house we rented. In the past, we have had some differing thoughts about who gets bedrooms and who gets stuck in a bunkroom (damn married people and their outrageous sense of entitlement! Single people and couples that are dating deserve privacy too!). So, this year we left La Hacienda for a larger property with enough bedrooms to accommodate all of us high maintenance aristocratic sleepers. It was a fabulous house right on the water with multiple decks and a pool – and we were in heaven.

We spent Friday evening swimming and hanging out, then hit the pool again first thing on Saturday.

Chelsy is due with her third little chicken nugget in two weeks, but she was a trooper in that heat.

Chelsy is a big fan of the Puebla dress (cool, comfortable, and fun), so this year she brought us all our own so that we could breezily float about with her.

Nothing in this world will ever be as comfortable and as fabulous as a Puebla dress.

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They were so nice to lounge about it in and I am  now ready to fully commit to the house dress phase of my life.

While Chelsy and Laura (also pregnant) stayed cool, I made those of us who aren’t pregnant (praise be) some frosé which proved to be dangerously delicious. I’m glad I only had one bottle of rosé because things could have gone downhill very quickly had there been an infinite supply. So easy to drink!

Mine didn’t look that high classy (recipe and photo source), but it still tasted great despite being in a low rent plastic cup. After being in the pool most of the day, some people decided to take the boat out on the lake while others of us went inside to shower and nap in the A/C. I bet you can guess which group I was part of.

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We watched movies and played games that night, and it made for a totally relaxing weekend. Well, except for a minor, yet heated disagreement on what is and is not terrorism, but otherwise, SO RELAXING. Jenifer and Ben designed our t-shirts this year which featured wolves because most of us ladies are introverted lone wolves who are routinely surprised that we even have friends. Ben wanted them to have a “Montana theme” (we still really haven’t figured out why), so the shirts are truly a unique piece of apparel for us to treasure for years to come.

Jenifer and I have really nailed posing in exactly the same way. It’s only taken eight years, but I’m so proud of us. Now we just need to go back to wearing the same kind of jeans all the time and we will finally level up with our SWF-ing.

I hated to leave on Sunday, but it was a fantastic weekend and I miss them already. I wish we did this every month! That wouldn’t be expensive at all. Sari couldn’t make it because she gets very little vacation time, so I hope she is able to fly down next year. We missed that weirdo. I went with my parents to Salt Lick on Sunday afternoon before I flew out, and it was the perfect end to a weekend that was way too short.

Ten Thing Friday

1. The Crown season 2 trailer!!!!!!!!

2. What doesn’t feel good in Texas – “What Texas Tells Us About the Latest Threats to Women’s Healthcare.

3. Sari and I finally got caught up on the second season of Insecure this week and it is sooooo good. Issa and Molly are both such treasures. I could watch Issa practice in the mirror for hours and Molly’s struggle with equal pay is too real. If you want a delightful break from your life, then PLEASE give Insecure a chance.

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4. Book recommendations from independent bookstores.

5. We (the California State University system of 23 campuses) are FINALLY changing the way we do remediation and I am THRILLED. When I started college I didn’t test high enough (I believe that the technical term is “totally bombed)  on my placement test for math to enroll in college algebra (which was the lowest level of math required for my major). Instead of throwing me into a remedial course which I wouldn’t have received credit for and where I sincerely doubt my math skills would have improved, I was put in college algebra with review. I went to the regular class three days a week, then on Tuesday and Thursday I had an hour and a half of supplemental instruction where I was part of a small group with a TA who went back over the lesson, helped us with our homework, and went through additional practice problems. And, I got an A in the class!

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There is no way I would have come out of a remedial class (if I ever even tested high enough to even get out) prepared enough to get an A in college algebra. I’m so glad that we are finally going to employ methods to help students get the support they need to be successful in credit-bearing courses.

6. The draft of the federal climate change report!

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7. Would Trump let you immigrate to America? Without higher education, then I would have been a big ol’ nope.

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8. As Affirmative Action comes under fire – “The Myth of Reverse Racism.

You’re wrong. SUPER WRONG. Here’s a different perspective on who is actually pushing you out of top institutions, “At 38 colleges in America, including five in the Ivy League — Dartmouth, Princeton, Yale, Penn and Brown — more students came from the top one percent of the income scale than from the entire bottom 60 percent.”

9. Twitter reactions from Sunday’s Game of Thrones episode. SPOILERS ABOUND.

10. Have a great weekend and let’s all hope that President Cheetodust is too busy golfing to instigate war via Twitter.Image result for this is fine dog gif