Races I didn’t die in:


11/10    Warrior Dash: 00:37:10 (there were obstacles. At LEAST 16 minutes of them).

12/10    Sights and Sounds of Christmas 5k: 00:31:40

Random Distances:

10/09   Wurst 5 Miler: 00:49:00

1/15/12    Big Bend 25K 3:04:32

3/30/14 Texas Independence Relay

Half Marathons:

10/09    Harbor Half Marathon:  02:19:54

11/10    Rock ‘n’ Roll San Antonio Half Marathon 02:24:23

12/10    Corpus Christi American Bank Half Marathon (relay edition) 01:05:30

02/11    Austin Half Marathon  02:28:28

12/11  Rock ‘n’ Roll  Las Vegas Half Marathon  2:22:31

01/14  3M Half Marathon 2:12

02/14 Austin Half Marathon 2:26

04/14 Zooma Texas Half Marathon 2:24


10/09/11 Chicago Marathon 4:52:46 (PR and probably only record ever) (training plan) (review of training plan)

14 Responses to Races

  1. Haley

    I’m registered for Big Bend 50 as well, it’ll be my first ultra. Austin too!
    (el paso)

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  3. Laura

    4/15/12- The Republic of Texas Triathlon

  4. Connie Salyers

    I need to re-subscribe. How do I do that?

  5. Tiffany Carr

    I’d like to subscribe, please

  6. I just signed up for my first half! I’m a runner, though my commitment wavers at times. Do you have a training plan or suggestions? Also, do I REALLY need to eat for a half or is that just marathon ish?

  7. Tori

    Ummm so confused by your Chicago Marathon training plan… Did you only run 3x a week? Help a sister out :)

  8. Haley

    Cely, I’m not really following a plan, I just kinda “train” with some short runs, mid runs and a couple long ones. I am definitely of the “less is more” kind of racer. Why hurt yourself before the race? Sheesh. So, you know, a couple 10 mile runs and I call it good :)

    You still doing Big Bend or Austin? I saw that you were reconsidering.

  9. Mary Kay

    Stumbled on your blog- love it!
    As a runner. In Texas. In this heat…I can relate!
    Next up for me- half marathon in Cedar Park, the Mad 13.1 tomorrow! Yep, 07.27.13- in Texas. Hope to run into you soon at a race nearby!

  10. I ran my first half-marathon Sunday, and I had a blast! I’m sharing this because the bloggers I follow were/are a huge inspiration to me and really motivated me to do my best and work. I love your blog, and want you to know the positive influence you have on others.

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