Counting Stars

On Saturday evening I met up with some of my favorites ladies at Moonshine Patio Bar and Grill for some dinner and drinks.

Jenifer, Laura, and I greatly enjoyed the Ruby Slipper Martini which was a wonderful mixture of vodka, grapefruit juice, grenadine, and champagne. Much fancy. I could have enjoyed a very dangerous amount of those, but wisely acted like an adult and did not do it. While we waited for her our meal, we snacked on popcorn with our Barbie hands.

Hands are hard to place in photos.

Because we are dainty and delicate ladies, we split three entrees between the five of us. Thank God we did because there was a lot of wonderful food and we got to eat it all.

Chicken and waffles, a smoked half chicken with Dr. Pepper barbecue sauce, ribs with a maple bourbon sauce, mashed potatoes, sweet potato fries, green beans, and mini cornbread muffins. It was heavenly.

Then Chelsy ordered a giant brownie which she graciously shared with us. Sharing is caring.

After dinner, we headed out to the Austin360 Amphitheater out at the Circuit of the Americas to watch OneRepublic. I had not been out there since the X Games and based on how overwhelmingly hot it was then, we were all more than a little worried that we would melt in the heat. Thankfully, the sun was behind us and there was a nice breeze which made waiting for the show not bad at all.

And Chelsy got a funnel cake to tide her over.

And Sari brought her travel seat since she’s smarter than all of us. I’m so jealous of all that back support.
And then we relaxed and waited. IMG_1015[1]
Some of my coworkers laughed at me because I love OneRepublic so much (hipster snobs!), but Ryan Tedder is an incredible songwriter and his voice is beautiful. “Something I Need” is my favorite song from their new album and it was wonderful live.

The show was completely fantastic and I enjoyed every last second of it:

Not even a little bit buzzed. All natural cage-free crazy right there. The other lazy bitches just stayed on the ground and didn’t dance with us. They must have been jealous of her generic white lady moves.

So lazy. Oh well, Sari had a blast with her tiny glowstick, Chelsy was well fed, and Jenifer got some wine so we can call this a successful outing. Fabulous time with fabulous friends.

The only other event of note this weekend was “The One I Love.”

Elizabeth Moss can do no wrong. I really enjoyed this movie a lot. I am resolved with the fact that I still don’t really grasp exactly why and how what was happening happened, but I loved it nonetheless. Oh, and it’s available through Video On Demand services which means I didn’t have to put on pants or shoes to see it.

Oh yeah.


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Magnificent Men of Monday

Every time I see it on Showtime, I watch Austenland. While I came away from that experience especially bitter that that was not an actual thing, I did appreciate the introduction to JJ Field.

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Help a Girl Out

It’s frustrating to hear people complain and bitch about this ice bucket challenge. If you don’t want to watch the videos, then get off Facebook and shut your damn mouth. You will survive a few days without it. ALS (also known as “Lou Gehrig\’s Disease”) is a terrible disease and this video is the best thing I’ve seen as to why this entire effort to raise money and awareness is so important:

Mary, whose father-in-law was recently diagnosed with ALS earlier this year, is working with her family to raise money for The ALS Association through the “Walk to Defeat ALS” in Austin in October. Her father-in-law, Terrell, is a farmer, active member of his church, his community, and the Austin Rodeo (where he was recently induced into the Hall of Fame). An all-around great kind of man.


Mary, Terrell, and her family are raising money through their team to help find a cure for this terrible disease. It could happen to anyone at any time and 90% of patients with ALS have no family history of it. This is a debilitating disease which leaves sufferers and their families largely helpless as there is no cure. Only twenty percent of those diagnosed with ALS  live five years or more. So, if you feel inclined, help support Terrell, Mary, and the ALS Association here. Their goal is to raise $5000, so any contribution would be greatly appreciated.


(If you don’t recognize Charley Pride in there, then I feel quite sorry for you).


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Bad News. Bad News Everywhere.

Last night I was running on the treadmill at the gym when a lady started running next to me. We eventually started chatting about what a shitastic job they (I don’t know who “they” is, but they suck) do on the closed captioning (they confuse the entire meaning of statements with the typos). Eventually we started discussing running and I learned that she was in her 70′s and had been running almost every day for close to 40 years. She then said something I found absolutely terrifying, “You have to do it most days of the week for the rest of your life or you’re not going to make it.”
What. WHAT!!! I honestly don’t think  I ever thought about exercise over the course of a lifetime. I realize how absurd that sounds, but shit, I have to do this for possibly 50 more years?

I understand that the older you get the better care you have to take of your body, but I don’t know what I really thought about the fact that I would be getting older and that I would have to take care of my own body in similar fashion. I honestly think somewhere in my head I thought “Oh, I’ll exercise for a while, get in better shape, then I can go back to my lifestyle of 100% leisure 100% of the time.”

Ugh. This revelation is completely disturbing. I know that the my older relatives who have stayed mobile and worked to maintain their health and physical ability have a far better quality of life than those who don’t, but I honestly never thought about the fact that my body is going to get older and so much worse (in all the ways).

Then the line from my favorite novel, “East of Eden,” came flooding back to me: “No one who is young is ever going to be old…” I’M THAT PERSON. I’m going to get old. My arthritis is going to get worse. My body is going to cling to its fat stores more desperately. What if I waste it? What if I’m always alone? What if I’m 80 and all my friends realize what a huge jerk I actually am and leave me?!?! Damnit.

Then, I sat in my car and freaked out because it’s all just going to by so quickly and one day I will be 80 (I hope) and then what!?! I eventually talked myself down and realized that I have to make more of an effort to take care of myself. So, I’m going to start by focusing on making healthy choices during the week (not all the things all the time):


And limiting drinking to weekends and in mostly reasonable quantities.  Vivien-Leigh-Scarlett-vivien-leigh-22268581-303-235
It’s too early to give up pizza and beer, but I could certainly stand to have less of it. I just honestly dread the thought of exercising for all eternity. I’m always fine with my choice to do it after I’ve completed it, but it takes so much to convince myself to go to the gym for an hour when I could be reading instead. It’s a hard and illogical sale. Cely, you could read and be 100% happy, or you could go sweat and be miserably hot for an hour with strangers. Let me think…. Oh well. I guess I just need to get over it. There’s a long road ahead. There was a point in time when I didn’t have to wake up and go to work all day every weekday, but I somehow manage to make myself do it over and over again. So, I guess I will just have to apply the same philosophy here. It’s a necessary evil.


I hope you enjoyed all of my Scarlett gifs as I am still deep into GWTW. I like to take my time reading it and really just soak up all of that crazy goodness. Also, I found this which has given me endless glee:

meangirlsgwtw3-jpfSo perfect.

In summation, I’m going to get old one day (hopefully) and I’m not sure how I feel about it. Did you know that you might too?? I feel like I need a red Corvette and a 24-year-old boyfriend named Seth or Ethan.


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