Magnificent Men of Monday

The Red Viper! Or Oberyn Martell. Or Pedro Pascal.

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15 Thing Friday

1. This week was my lovah’s 33rd birthday.

32706_original tumblr_max9h7fNv11qf0384o1_400 taylor-kitsch-600x450

2.  When I’m in a bad mood about running, this helps me get a move on.

3. Half marathon tomorrow. I’m totes ready.


4. Face Swaps. Kanye totally looks better in that couch than Kim did.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

5. When I wasn’t drooling over Four, I spent most of Divergent trying to figure out why Eric looked so familiar. A little Googling later, I realized he was nice guy Varro on Spartacus. That still gives me the sads.

PicMonkey Collage

6. Talking porcupine. If I heard that at night I would assume I was about to be murdered by furbies.

7. I couldn’t sleep last night and stayed up until 4 reading A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones subreddit forums. Specifically this SUPER SPOILERY ONE (seriously, DO NOT READ if you don’t want everything ruined) about that thing that happens with the Red Viper and that other thing that has to do with Tywin on the toilet. I didn’t even think about that connection.

8. Also, where are the Kettlebacks and Moon Boy!!!! That’s the best line in the whole series!

That gif has nothing to do with anything, it just makes me happy.

9. My coworker brought in chocolate strawberry cookies yesterday. They were amazing. The recipe is here.

Chewy Chocolate Strawberry Cookies(picture from here)

10. Colin Firth in a suit just makes me nervously fiddle with my hair and awkwardly giggle. He’s just too much beautiful.


11. Poor Drake. His team lost and he has the sads, as documented through Twitter.

I know that face.

12. Also, brilliantly played.


13. Prince George, boss of the babies.

“He crawled with confidence; adopted a proprietorial attitude to toys and generally showed – in the words of one journalist who witnessed it – that he is something of a ‘bruiser’.”

The royal couple are currently embarking on a 19-day tour of New Zealand and Australia.

Don’t worry, George, peasant babies make me grumpy too.

14. And, most important, the royal buttons are back!! ALL THE BUTTONS!



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I manage a department that oversees the course inventory and university catalogs. On Monday, 289 new courses for the fall disappeared from our systems.

Three days of sitting back in the chamber of doom (the IT department which has NO LIGHT) digging through code (I don’t understand code) with our IT people yielded nothing. I was so stressed and anxious that when I got home last night I ate mostly hardened gummy bears and some vodka I don’t even like for dinner.


Then, this morning, I received an email that they found it. They found the problem. Three days of work gone because of an errant comma in a field. A COMMA.

Someone is going to lose their right middle finger today. No more comma errors for them.


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WTF Wednesday

I sent an email yesterday and after rereading it three times for mistakes, I realized a millisecond after I hit send that it said “Hi Army” instead of “Hi Amy.”

Rob Lowe continues to fight the prejudice that good looking people experience.  Must be turrible to be the socially normative form of attractive.

I don’t get it with these famous people and all of their whining. How much money and success have you had just because you’re good looking? Get a grip.

Someone in our office ate sauerkraut at their desk on Monday. Then, they threw it in their trash and didn’t set it out to be emptied overnight. The stench is unreal.

I just watched Frozen for the first time this weekend and I don’t know WTF took me so long. OLAF FOREVER.

Also, this hit too close to home:

Just me and my cat foreverrrrrr (I left out Bardot because she’s old and rude).

I was holding my friend’s baby on Monday and she kept making this little whimpering/humming noises over and over as she slept. I asked if babies do that in the womb too and my friend replied that she didn’t know because their lungs are filled with amniotic fluid. I replied that mermaids can talk underwater, so why can’t a baby hum. Her response: “Yeah.”

I got a nice giggle in at her expense. She later argued that her reasoning was that Ariel totally talks underwater, so I guess she’s technically got me on that one.

Also, Katie Holmes, please fire whoever helps you get dressed because WTF.

404 khIt’s too much. It’s all just too much.

Four out of the five living presidents are in town this week for the Civil Rights Summit to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act. One of those president’s got some Salt Lick BBQ.

Lucky. The tickets to the summit were gone in less than a minute and by some miracle I managed to get two, but I gave them to one of my staff members who is a Jimmy Carter enthusiast. Sometimes I’m a nice person. Sometimes.

Good Deeds: 1
Evil Deeds: incalculable


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