Our Caroline

I don’t really know what the etiquette is for talking about the death of someone you love on a public forum. I know some of you have read this for many years and have persevered through endless stories about my friends and family.  I know how you can feel as through you know people through reading about them from my own experience as a long-time creeper of blogs. Mainly, I just want to talk about how wonderful my friend was.

Last Wednesday we learned that our sweet friend Caroline had been in a car accident and passed away.

Caroline was one of the weirdest, yet most wonderful people I’ve ever known. She never met a stranger and would do everything in her power to make everyone feel like they were her favorite person. You were either her best friend or she hadn’t met you yet. You could not escape her friendship.  She would burrow into your heart like a little mole and never leave.


In a group of introverts, she was the one who pulled us out of the house and forced us to have fun. The party never started until Caroline showed up with her infectious giggle. She was crazy, sensitive, vivacious, loving, sassy, smart, silly, beautiful, fun, sweet, and had the kindest heart. It’s easy to look back at people after a tragedy and see only the good, but Caroline was only good. She just wanted to make you laugh.

One of my favorite memories of her is when we ran the half marathon in Las Vegas. It was a night race, and as most lushes do in Vegas, we boozed it up all day at the Blackjack tables. Laura and I stopped drinking a few hours in advance, but not Caroline. She kept the party going up until race time. She threw her bottle away as we walked out the door. When I expressed worry over running 13 miles while partially inebriated, she shouted “BEER IS CARBS” and danced it out down the hall.

She was a tiny, but unstoppable force. She never accepted grumpiness from people and would do anything to make someone smile. This made her an incredible nurse and the best kind of friend, wife, daughter, and sister.


Caroline loved an evening with some wine  (“the vino”) and cheese, reading magazines at the pool, eating only half of her dinner at a restaurant so she could save the rest for second dinner around midnight, robes, fancy tableware, country music, “borrowing” and “forgetting” to return beauty products, her family, O.P.I. nail polish in Cajun Shrimp (because it makes you look tan), long naps, pushing the boundaries of days between hair washes, her husband Greg and Schnauzer Maddie, sandwiches, keeping most of her closet in her car (because you never know when you will need them), the Fourth of July, awkwardly long hugs, coffee on the porch, giggling way too loudly, and hanging out with her friends.

She was the proud mother of Madelaine Bernice and happily flooded us all with endless pictures of her special Maddie all week long.

And I will forever cherish the fabulous weekend we spent at the river over the Fourth of July.

Just eight short months ago we all gathered to celebrate the marriage of Caroline and her Greg. I’m so glad Caroline got to meet, fall in love with,  and marry  a man who loved her so deeply. They brought so much joy and love to each other’s lives and to everyone around them. Their time together was about 50 years too short, but they loved every moment of what they had.

Picture2 Picture4

Caroline felt like a little sister to so many and she was so loved. I don’t know what we are going to do without her. She was happiness. The service is today, so if you could send warm thoughts or prayers for her family, friends, and husband, I know it would be appreciated it. That goofy girl stole all our hearts and took them with her.



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WTF Wednesday

NEW HARRY POTTER MATERIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You need to log in or create a username for Pottermore to view it.

So many feelings.

Dumbledore’s Army: The Dark Side of the Demob better be happening for real on July 31st. Or else.

My Taylor is hanging out with Porta Potty Gerard Butler. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

gerard butler taylor kitsch hang out in brazil 11

Run and go wash your body with bleach. NOW, Tim Riggins, NOW!

Brazil, WTF happened to you yesterday???? I love that the gorgeous Germans won, but what happened, y’all??

We are going to eat so much Nutella together. It’s getting really difficult to keep up with all of these beautiful boyfriends.


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River Rats

For the long weekend, my sister and I loaded up and headed far southwest to Concan, Texas. I’ve been to Garner State Park which is right down the road, but I had never had the opportunity to visit Concan and hang out in the Frio River. We arrived late on Thursday night to our fabulous cabin at Andy’s on River Road and I had just enough time to get my groceries sorted before bed.

Oh box wine, I don’t want to ever see you again.

On Friday, we met up with my old roommate Caroline, her husband, and my friend Laura to hit up the river. We were supposed to float the river, like this:


Thankfully, we were advised that the water was low and it was going to be mostly walking. Since I can barely walk on dry land without falling, traveling over the rocks of a river bed while dragging a large tube seemed like a recipe for broken knee caps. So, we decided to go to a friend’s land and take advantage of the access they had to a deeper section of the river. But, before we got there, we stopped at the amazing Frio’s Dry Fifty to spend all of our money. It didn’t take much to talk us into these fabulously patriotic swimsuit covers:

IMG_0294[1] IMG_0292[1]
Go Team America! I would say that they were perfect for the Fourth of July, but I think they are pretty appropriate for all occasions. God forbid someone forget our nationality. Once we were properly attired in the stars and stripes, we hit the water.

P1010161 P1010175
It was a lovely time bobbing in the water and we made it home without a sunburn or any other disaster. That night, Laura napped and we played several rousing rounds of Jenga and Cards Against Humanity on our cabin porch.

Caroline was napping too apparently.

We spent Saturday back at the river to enjoy some more floating.
P1010186 P1010180
I overserved myself on this day and ended up wallering (Spellcheck, “wallering” is a word. I promise) around like a drunk mermaid on some rocks which ended up with some nice damage to my legs. So, that was cool.

If only it were that artistic.

No more drinking for me for a long time I think. I took about a six hour nap and felt like I was dying for the remainder of the day and most of Sunday. I believe the only reason I am alive today is by the grace of the magical healing properties of pancakes at Neal’s Restaurant.

Get it together, gurl. It was a very fun weekend and I hope we can go back next year and see more of the river (you know, if it ever rains here).


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Magnificent Men of Monday

Aleksandr Kerzhakov. More Russia. MORE. Make more of this.

tumblr_n7cafpAahM1srx6quo1_400  news.56136.545x410 tumblr_lol9fmzsxF1qkvt19o1_400 tumblr_n7dwq57QgV1tsdq57o1_500 Wort Footballer 2012 - 015 z11909376Q,Alexander-Kerzhakov--Rosja- Aleksandr_Kerzhakov


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