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WTF Wednesday

NEW HARRY POTTER MATERIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You need to log in or create a username for Pottermore to view it.

So many feelings.

Dumbledore’s Army: The Dark Side of the Demob better be happening for real on July 31st. Or else.

My Taylor is hanging out with Porta Potty Gerard Butler. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

gerard butler taylor kitsch hang out in brazil 11

Run and go wash your body with bleach. NOW, Tim Riggins, NOW!

Brazil, WTF happened to you yesterday???? I love that the gorgeous Germans won, but what happened, y’all??

We are going to eat so much Nutella together. It’s getting really difficult to keep up with all of these beautiful boyfriends.


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WTF Wednesday

Nicely done, Belgium. You served us those waffles and you served them hard.

Best of luck to y’all in the next round. I’m going to just be drowning my emotions in all of your wonderful foods.

I’m also pretty sure that Tim Howard isn’t human. He’s a beast.

Thank you, Tim. You kept us in there.

Yesterday, I had to have some dental work during the game, so I was fortunate enough to get to watch it from the comfort of the lounge chair thing. I prefer to get Nitrous Oxide while I am having long procedures like that done because one time I had a full-blow claustrophobic panic attack. There were so many people with so many things so close to my face and I felt like I couldn’t breath and I couldn’t move and my face was hot and it was just hot mess city. So, now, I get the gas and I just enjoy being high.

Yep. Anyway, the only channel we could find the game on was the Spanish channel. At one point I couldn’t see the TV, but suddenly, I could understand what they were saying. I was really confused.

After many moments of confusion and trying to figure out if I actually knew Spanish, I realized the announcer had just said a few English statements in a very thick Spanish accent. Oh well.

In other news, Paula Patton, please go back to your skeezy husband because I need him to shut up about it. Robin:

Now, please go away. The internet agrees.

Picture1View image on Twitter

Maybe it makes his arm look skinnier? It’s the douche version of cheerleader arm?

Oh, sweet baby Cheesus, it’s July. I don’t want it to be 100 degrees. I don’t want it.


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WTF Wednesday

I have a shirt that every time I wear it, I get enraged about the buttons. I wear it so infrequently that I forget about the degree to which I despise the buttons and I put it back on like I like it. It greatly annoys me that the buttons are of a bright ivory color. They should be black or at least a nice shade of gray. Their whiteness makes me angry.

IMG_0048[2]Anyway, as I steamed over their existence last week, I was reminded of button covers. WTF happened to button covers? Those were classy things! For those of you who missed the majesty of the glorious button-cover reign of the 1990s:

PicMonkey Collage

I don’t understand why these fell out of popular favor.  I’m pretty sure I still have some in my old beading box in my bedroom at my parent’s house.

Whilst Googling for button cover images, I found that there is a company that is actively producing and selling them! In 2014! These should solve my button problem while establishing the appropriate professional tone:

Pirate Skull & Crossbones

The Duchess of Buttons would be proud.

I couldn’t sleep on Monday night because I kept having nightmares that I was in House of Cards and Kevin Spacey kept trying to kill me or kiss me. Both were equally terrifying. In one dream he hugged me and slid a tiny knife into my throat. In another he told me when it was safe to cross the street and then ran me over himself. In another dream, I got out of the shower and walked out to see him standing in the dark in my hallway.

I would wake up in terror, lay there for an hour, and fall back asleep and right back into a Kevin Spacey nightmare sequence. I think this is the point where I consider medication.


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WTF Wednesday

It’s yearly performance evaluation time around here. One of the people I supervise is normally quite verbose in her writing, but when she submitted her evaluation, most of her comments were barely a sentence. When I asked her about the brevity, she replied that that was all she could get out without being sarcastic.

I have a feeling that my responses will be equally as brief.

Lindsay Lohan wore this:


I don’t really understand the crotch pocket/panel outside of one needing access for the management of itching or other afflictions of genital region. Regardless, it looks gross.

Yesterday, I stood behind a girl at the post office who had cute green flats on. While I was admiring them, she leaned forward just enough for half of her heel to lift out of the shoe. Her Achilles tendon area was covered in giant, raw, bleeding blisters.

It looked so painful that my stomach had a spasm at the sight of them. Band-Aids, you need a lot of Band-Aids.

Also, just typed in “spasmed” and that perhaps is not a real word and it cannot be used as a verb as there is not past tense of “spasm” since it’s actually a noun? You can’t verb a noun, Cely!

English, y u so difficult?

Finally, frequent commenter and general snarky bastard, Dave, took a little stroll on the beach this week. Right across an area famous for oyster shells.


Surprisingly, he’s not an Aggie.

My sincere apologies to those of you who not only just endured a picture of feet, but bleeding and torn up feet at that.


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