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I’m not a screamer. Or a yeller. I would rather see someone I know and not get to talk to them over yelling their name in public. I get so embarrassed when I have to raise my voice.

On Tuesday I saw someone about my leg. I was pretty embarrassed about hobbling around work and explaining to people why I seemed so short all of a sudden (can’t wear heels when you can’t walk, people). He spent some time moving my legs around, poking various areas, and testing the levels of pain and discomfort as he did this. Then, he explained the problem:

Seriously, I understood none of the words. I wish at some point in college I had chosen anatomy and physiology classes over organic chemistry because I don’t think understanding the structural formula of tartaric acid has been as applicable in adulthood as I originally hoped. So, he dumbed it down for me and basically my hip was “jammed” and it was causing distress to the nerves and muscles running down my leg. To fix it, he placed a hand on my hip and one on my calf then yanked just like when you need to rip a Barbie leg off (because sometimes those bitches had to learn lessons the hard way). My doctor was young and nice looking, so I tried to keep it together and maintain my composure.


But, that’s not how I roll.

It really hurt at the time, but after some foam rolling and those little electric shock patches, my leg feels pretty damn good today and I can walk normally. Apparently, I just need to incorporate some more hip mobility exercises and stretches into my life (more being at least one since I currently do none) and everything should be fine. So hooray for not having a major problem or long-term damage.

My next set of screaming came last night.This week is student worker appreciation week in our office and each department has a day that they are in charge of. Our day is tomorrow and we are having an ice cream party with a “Thank You Dairy Much” theme (I came up with the theme and I think it’s amazing and I don’t care what anyone says). To bring this theme to fulfillment, I needed to get a large galvanized bucket (to hold the ice), cow balloons, and the food to campus. There’s no easy way to do this since I don’t have a parking pass and there’s no way I’m riding the bus with all that crap.

So, last night, I met someone downtown for an improv show and I thought I would just drop all that crap off at the office on my way there. I opened the doors to the building with my key,walked in, and went to our offices and dropped everything off. As I was carefully creeping back to the doors through several minutes of creepy darkness in an old building (it was like Hogwarts at night and not in a good way), a security guard leapt out from behind a stairwell and yelled “STOP.”

Screaming-GIF-6 dw9kyO0

I don’t know which of us were more freaked out, but he eventually pulled it together enough to tell me to “PLEASE STOP SCREAMING.” It scared me worse than I think I’ve ever been scared. I could not calm down. Normally, when scared I just suck air and freeze (I’m probably pretty easy to kill), but this was beyond a level of terror I’ve known in a while. I did learn a valuable lesson though, if I open that door with just a key, a silent alarm goes off.

I hope I learned. I’m just glad he scared me after I dropped off my stuff because I was have been beyond angry if I had let go of those balloons when he scared me. Here’s to a scream-free Thursday.


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I manage a department that oversees the course inventory and university catalogs. On Monday, 289 new courses for the fall disappeared from our systems.

Three days of sitting back in the chamber of doom (the IT department which has NO LIGHT) digging through code (I don’t understand code) with our IT people yielded nothing. I was so stressed and anxious that when I got home last night I ate mostly hardened gummy bears and some vodka I don’t even like for dinner.


Then, this morning, I received an email that they found it. They found the problem. Three days of work gone because of an errant comma in a field. A COMMA.

Someone is going to lose their right middle finger today. No more comma errors for them.


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Lazy Lady Strikes Again

I was going to come home yesterday after work and write about my race, but then I laid down. I thought a few times about sitting up and typing, but it didn’t happen.

I managed to get everything unpacked and washed, so that felt like a pretty successful Monday.

I also watched Walking Dead and OMFG those damn crazy hippies!!! Don’t trust people who give you free food so willingly. I knew that would happen, but I’m really excited about the prospect of badass Rick coming back. ‘BOUT TIME.

Okay, see you tomorrow.


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Babies and Zombies and Tears. In that order.

Something fantastic finally happened this week. On Wednesday, I got to miss work and hang out with this little guy all day:


Because his parents were at the hospital bringing this little girl into the world:


I’m excited about it, and I know this lady is too:

No more gigantic belly. We were able to spend a few hours with them at the hospital Wednesday night and it totally made up for the crapfest that this month has been. Yeah for babies.

General Walking Dead chit chat. No spoilers.

At this point in Walking Dead, I feel like Rick is largely useless and I haven’t missed him all. I wouldn’t be overly sad if he perished. . . and took Carl with him.


My sister never watched the first season of Walking Dead and as we have been watching it, I realized that there are a few things I forgot about.

For one, Daryl was such a moody little bitch. My mind had totally wiped out the memory of him as an asshole. So glad those days are over. Also, sad eyes Jim told Lori, “You keep your boy close. You don’t ever let him out of your sight.” Good job on that one, Lori.

While searching for that, I found this:

Amazing. I also forgot that Glenn was a pizza delivery dude. I’m so glad to finally have badass Glenn back. Basically, I forgot almost everything, including about fifteen characters who are no longer with us. I’m a very sentimental person.

Also, from season 1, are zombies significantly less athletic now? In the first season a zombie used a rock to break through a glass door and they were able to climb up and onto the tank after Rick. I feel like it’s a generally accepted law of zombie physics now that they cannot climb. Did something change and I am just missing the reasoning why they couldn’t get up that rock pile? Is it because their bodies are breaking down more as the time passes?


That’s all. I can’t wait for the finale Sunday night! I better get some resolution on this Beth situation.

This ruined me yesterday. I started sobbing the minute they rejoined hands.

Jerkface otters and their smug love lives.


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