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Things to be Happy About on a Friday

I decided that today I would give a list of things that are currently bringing me some amount of joy.

1. It’s Friday and tomorrow is Saturday and Saturday means sleep.

2. The toenail from the toe I smashed with a can of apple pie filling is still attached. I made it through the summer with a toenail. I’m very pleased about this.

3. Last month I sent sad Canadian Lindsey a box of Reese’s Oreos because for some reason the evil Oreo empire hates Canada and didn’t release them to be sold there. Much to my overwhelming delight, I received this incredible box of goodies from her this week:

I can attest that all of those cookies are absolutely delicious. Those maple cookies are everything. I need to buy some Nutella because that seems like a heavenly combo.  Thanks Lindsey, you’re the best!

4. I get to go a toddler’s birthday party on Sunday and see lots of sweet babies and sassy little toddlers. I’m overly excited about this. I just love stealing (“holding”) other people’s babies.

5. Today is the first day of August which means there are only about 2.5 months of summer left. This summer has been hot, but not nearly as terrible as past years so far. We haven’t had 30 straight days of 100+ degree heat and that’s a win in my book.

6. I added an Austin tab at the top! I receive emails every now and then from people coming to visit and asking what I’ve done or where I’ve eaten. I certainly still welcome the emails, but now you check there too and get information in a quicker and much less long-winded way.

I’m not claiming to be an expert and there is so much I haven’t yet done yet, but this is a list in case you were wondering where I’ve been eating since I have such a distinguished palate.

7.  Tonight I’m going to see Ray LaMontagne play at the Long Center. I am so excited as I have been waiting to see him in concert for almost a decade (for some reason Lubbock and Corpus Christi weren’t on his previous tour stops and then he just didn’t tour at all for like six years or something terrible).

This is really great timing because, as I’ve said before, he is the soundtrack to my feelings and I have so many of them now. His new album is especially lovely.

8. Prince Harry has been looking seriously foxy the past few weeks. I sure wish he would give ol’ grandpa Will some advice on how jeans should fit.

On air: The Prince was pre-recording an interview with the radio station, which will be broadcast tomorrow, to talk about the Invictus games, which start in September
9. The only way Boyhood could have been improved: Potterhood.

That gave me tears.


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Friday Things

1. I watched Snowpiercer this past weekend and I can’t stop talking about it. It was the most compelling and interesting movie I have seen in recent memory.

I don’t believe the trailer does an accurate job showing you why you should be interested, so just know,  TILDA SWINTON.

For much of the movie I forgot that anything else existed outside of it and that was really lovely. It’s in theaters, but I watched it through Amazon Instant Video.

2. Prince George and butterflies!!!

I can feel the fear in the butterfly. Prince Grab and Squeeze is far too close. Thanks, Terri. Those fat little cheeks totally made my day.

3. How German sounds compared to other languages. I love the German words for “pen” and “sex.”

4. There is now a Gordough’s Specialty Donuts trailer one mere block away from my office. We hit that up last week and I had the Mama’s Cake donut all for myself. It was yellow cake batter filling with chocolate fudge icing. It was my everything that day.

PicMonkey Collage
The only thing keeping me from having lunch there every day is that the thought of walking there in the heat overrides my desire for donuts. Come September, I am going to have a problem.

5. In addition to donuts, I have been eating a ton of Reese’s Cups. My very sweet co-workers gave me flowers and a giant bag of Reese’s Cups (full-sized cups which means my rants about the frustration of unwrapping so many miniatures worked) when I returned to work last week. It was such a sweet gesture that I promptly started sobbing in front of them. I feel so grateful to work with some many kind people and my appreciation of them grows with each wonderful bite of chocolate and peanut butter.


6. I started following my beloved German boyfriend Manuel Neuer on Instagram. He’s pretty.

I think I’ve gone full Germanophile (Deutschophile?) at this point.

7. Baby lion in leaves. This is exactly how I feel about life right now:

Thanks AndreaClaire for passing that on. That little bastard made me smile quite a bit.

8. Ladies of London is over. I need more. Now.


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Five Thing Friday

1. I spent yesterday morning thinking it was Friday. It was in fact not Friday after all.

I just want to sleep. All I want is four consecutive hours of sleep.

2. We had the Reese’s Oreos at work again this week. I feel like at this point I’m watching the story of how I ended up with diabetes.

(I do not think that Diabetes is funny, but I do think how Wilford Brimley says it is.)

3. Whilst searching for something completely unrelated to cookies (I swear…), I came across this and couldn’t stop laughing:

4. Yesterday we got to watch the World Cup game in our office conference room. I told my co-workers that I was going okay it first with the head head honcho over our department and someone said “better to ask forgiveness than permission.”

You can call me boring, but I’m certainly not getting fired for bravery.

5. I finally got to eat at Austin Beer Garden and Brewery this week. It was fabulous. Wonderfully thin pizza and one of my new favorite beers – the Big Mama Red, all under the sensual gaze of the Hoff.

PicMonkey Collage


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15 Thing Friday

1. The DOs and DO NOTs of running your first marathon. Spot on.

Thanks, Catherine!

2. After almost 11 months of waiting, I finally got a parking permit to park at my job! It’s a miracle!

3. Taylor Kitsch is settling down in Austin. I AM READY.

It’s important to have goals.

4. There will never be a point in my life where a day can have too much of his royal grumpiness in it. NEVER.


5. Just look at this surly little royal potato!!!

I want to squeeze him.

6. I am approximately 4% excited for the season premier of True Blood on Sunday. The past few seasons have been so ridiculous, but I have to know how it ends. I need this one final season of my favorite beautiful idiot:

I pretty much feel the opposite every morning. How does everything seem so much worse than it was just seven short hours ago????

7. My sister and I finally started season 2 of Orange is the New Black last week. We managed to get four episodes in before she left for a week and a half to go hiking. I can’t decide if I should just watch the rest of the season and then pretend I didn’t/deal with her wrath when she realizes I did watch it or be a good person and wait. She gets very angry when I watch things without her. It’s not my fault I have the patience of a toddler.

8. Life Lessons from Coach Taylor.

17 Important Life Lessons Coach Taylor Taught Us

Since I have never been the champion of/at anything, then I respectfully retain my right to complain. We losers needs something to live for.

9. I think I’m actually going to try to watch a game this weekend because I’m tired of being that person who knows nothing.


10. Speaking of soccer, money helps.


11.  I ran five miles on the treadmill last night and that is the farthest I have run in quite some time.


The desire to get a Corgi is growing daily. Bardot needs a fat little short-legged compatriot to cruise around with. They can have little competitions to see who can actually get their body up and onto the couch without help or having to take a nap in between attempts.

12. Gay of Thrones. The Jared Galleria of Jewelry killed me. Stay tuned to the very end for a special G.R.R. treat. So not quiche!!!

I will have wind in my hair.

13. Doctor death.

He’s so horrified, bless his heart.

14. I’ve been so confused by this World Cup scoring and bracket system that my awesome co-worker made me an entire PowerPoint presentation so I could understand and participate in lunchtime conversations.

She’s the best.

15. My little friend Chelsy made these amazing Bacon Chicken Bites from the Wellness Mama Blog for dinner this week and they were so delicious. We could not stop eating them. They have a honey mustard glaze that is wonderful, but the mustard is barely detectable (I hate mustard).

Bacon Chicken Bites quick and easy recipe for parties and potlucks Bacon Chicken Bites


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