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15 Thing Friday

1. This week was my lovah’s 33rd birthday.

32706_original tumblr_max9h7fNv11qf0384o1_400 taylor-kitsch-600x450

2.  When I’m in a bad mood about running, this helps me get a move on.

3. Half marathon tomorrow. I’m totes ready.


4. Face Swaps. Kanye totally looks better in that couch than Kim did.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

5. When I wasn’t drooling over Four, I spent most of Divergent trying to figure out why Eric looked so familiar. A little Googling later, I realized he was nice guy Varro on Spartacus. That still gives me the sads.

PicMonkey Collage

6. Talking porcupine. If I heard that at night I would assume I was about to be murdered by furbies.

7. I couldn’t sleep last night and stayed up until 4 reading A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones subreddit forums. Specifically this SUPER SPOILERY ONE (seriously, DO NOT READ if you don’t want everything ruined) about that thing that happens with the Red Viper and that other thing that has to do with Tywin on the toilet. I didn’t even think about that connection.

8. Also, where are the Kettlebacks and Moon Boy!!!! That’s the best line in the whole series!

That gif has nothing to do with anything, it just makes me happy.

9. My coworker brought in chocolate strawberry cookies yesterday. They were amazing. The recipe is here.

Chewy Chocolate Strawberry Cookies(picture from here)

10. Colin Firth in a suit just makes me nervously fiddle with my hair and awkwardly giggle. He’s just too much beautiful.


11. Poor Drake. His team lost and he has the sads, as documented through Twitter.

I know that face.

12. Also, brilliantly played.


13. Prince George, boss of the babies.

“He crawled with confidence; adopted a proprietorial attitude to toys and generally showed – in the words of one journalist who witnessed it – that he is something of a ‘bruiser’.”

The royal couple are currently embarking on a 19-day tour of New Zealand and Australia.

Don’t worry, George, peasant babies make me grumpy too.

14. And, most important, the royal buttons are back!! ALL THE BUTTONS!



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15 Thing Friday

1. My new Friday morning edict:

Kanye-West-Wants-People-To-Never-Talk-EVER-1Basically, no talking!

2. Damn you, Nutella.


3. This is a great song for running or just feeling lonely. It starts out a little slow, but stick with it.

4. Eww James Franco creeping on a 17-year-old. EWWWWWWWWWWWW.

Even if she already was 18, you’re 35. That’s not okay.

5. I am very very excited for Penny Dreadful. I love that Eva Green. So beautiful and so great at wickedness.

6. And, most important, GAME OF THRONES ON SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited for the wedding, the deaths this season, and big-ass dragons!!!

7. If the media reported the events of Game of Thrones:

NYT Magazine

8. I really hope someone makes this:


My life would be complete.

9. Long time, no Tim.

10. I HATE HATE HATE the Quinn and Huck storyline on Scandal, it’s so ridiculous. And there’s a lot of ridiculous in that show, like the fact that Fitz isn’t totally illiterate, or Quinn suddenly becoming a super-successful assassin, Mellie’s fake hair, or a teenager named “Karen.”

11. The longer I watch this, the more I realize that my understanding of physics is sketchy at best. This does not compute.


12. I would like to live here with a bunch of cats, books, and cows so I can have a constant supply of cheese.

13. Just in case you didn’t think they were real, Harvard has some of the manuscripts that were bound in human skin.

Errbody knows how useless human skin is. Just ask the Nazis.

14. This was too freaking mean. Too far Netflix, too far.


Glad I just ordered the DVDs from Amazon. I’LL SHOW YOU NETFLIX.

15. Theses summed up in one sentence.

If I used a single sentence as a summation of my dissertation, it would say: “International Students May Require Assistance: A 200-Page Discussion.”


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12 Thing Friday

1. Good morning.

2. I can’t believe it’s Friday. I really can’t. Yesterday felt like it was fourteen days long. I worked and worked for hours and hours, yet it was somehow not yet 11 a.m. for most of the day.

3. 1000 Years of European Border Changes.

Bless your heart, Poland. History has been so hard on you.

4. Last week on Cosmos we learned that we are all made of star matter. My sister made an excellent observation this week that if we are made of star matter, then we are all stars.

I always knew there was something super special and amazing about me. And everyone else in existence. . . but mostly me.

5. I am speechless.


6. New GoT trailer!!!

7. This time change is really screwing with my running. It used to be no big deal that it didn’t get dark until 8 pm because I didn’t have to wake up for work until 7:30 am. Now, I wake up by 6 and if I run at 8 pm I cannot sleep at all. I think I’m going to have to become a morning runner.

Ugh, these first world problems are too much this week.

8. Some female took her hair and shaped it into letters to make a name in a bathroom stall I went in.

The name was “Kara” and that doesn’t surprise me at all because Karas have an international reputation for peculiarity.

9. Not that it takes much to really blow my mind, but “77 Facts that Sound Like Huge Lies But Are Completely True” really got me a few times. Like the fact that there are more public libraries than McDonald’s in the United States made me feel a little bit better about humanity. For today at least. I was also quite surprised to learn that an Octopus has three hearts, which is about three more than me. So, good for them.


I also learned that it rains diamonds on Saturn and Jupiter, so we know where Mariah Carey went if she suddenly disappears.

Mariah Carey showers a fan in glitter.

Additionally, I had no idea that you could be born without an anus. That’s a bit sketchy. So, that’s one more thing for the pregnant ladies to lay in bed freaking out about at night. You’re welcome all seven of my pregnant friends.


So much shady.


12. I wish this said “pets” for equal opportunity animal hoarders, but yes.

They have to love me, or else.


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15 Thing Friday

1. Ray LaMontagne is coming to Austin in August and I have tickets!!! I’m so damn excited. He has gotten me through so many dark and emotional times. Like every year when I realize I can’t buy Thin Mints anymore.  He is the soundtrack to my feelings.

2. I’m also super excited because it’s actually an indoor show. It seems like every time someone wants to do a show in August some asshole decides it should be outside in the grass. It’s like 400 degrees in August, let’s go where there’s air conditioning and we don’t all have to risk heat stroke to hear some tunes. I’m not a good person when I’m overheated.

3. I have been marginally functioning for the past two weeks. My body’s decision not to sleep combined with a general apathy for everything that isn’t TV-related has ended in two weeks of buns and dark circles. I’ve just felt so incredible lazy and I have no idea why. It’s like March came and I just gave up.


4. I cannot wait for this. I’m going to need so many tissues.

So many beautiful men in one movie. I won’t even know what to do.

5. Many moons ago I traveled to the far and distant land of Orlando and visited the world that is Disney. While there, I had dinner at a restaurant called Raglan Road and had a life-changing experience. I ate bread dipped in Guinness Dipping sauce. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, you can make this sauce yourself and dip your bread in it. You won’t be sorry. I’ve made it probably five times and have yet to screw it up (and when they say DO NOT WALK AWAY from the pot, you do not walk away. That stuff boils over crazy fast and makes a really nice little fire), so you will totally be fine. Recipe for Irish soda bread and the dipping sauce can be found here. You are welcome.

6. I was about 95 kinds of excited for the new Peter Pan movie because Hugh Jackman is going to be playing a bad guy and an evil Hugh sounds fabulous. But, they’ve cast Rooney Mara as Tiger Lily. Uh. Tiger Lily is a Native American princess. Rooney Mara is a white lady. A super super super white lady. Like, perhaps the whitest of the white ladies. Bit of a casting failure there.

Rooney Mara Look 2013 - H 2014

That’s really unfortunate.

7. This time change has made me angry and sleepy and when I’m sleepy I’m mean. I can’t believe I still have a job.

8. I signed up for tickets for the tapings of Jimmy Kimmel in Austin this week. I didn’t get any, but they send me at least four emails every day to remind me that it’s still sold out and I still didn’t get a ticket. Thanks, I got it. I’m a loser.

9. Are you watching The Cosmos??? NdGT is so fantastic!!! The part with Sagan’s calendar gave me all the feels.

Really puts my idiotic problems into perspectives. One tiny bubble in an infinite ocean of universes really made my frustration with my overcooked chicken seem absurd.

10. Tilda Swinton is still the best. The best of the best at all the things. She was in Austin last week. We totally were breathing the same air.

Holding the rainbow (gay rights) flag in Russia: “Well, Russia has the gayest president ever. No, that’s an offensive thing to say—not to him, but to the gay community.”


11. “Magic the Gathering” buttcrack selfies. I would totally date this dude.  The perfectly placed hands and pensive gaze get me every time.

12. The 7 Stages of Breaking Up as Illustrated by Animals. Scary accuruate.


Oh, you thought you were happily dating someone? NOPE SORRY. Turns out they need space/to find themselves/to focus on their career/to wash their hair/whatever.


13. If you put this bar in the refrigerator, then it tastes a lot like sugar cookie dough when you eat it. I swear. I would never lie to you about food.

The other flavors are delicious too, but this one is so damn tasty.

14. Video of the Cumberbomb!! I love how he zeroes in on the situation and makes it happen.

I love silly people so much.

15. Ides of March tomorrow! Watch yo back bitches.



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