I’m Cely (like Cee-Lee). This is me (on the right).

I’m 29  and I love to eat Reese’s cups, like LOVE them so much I can eat 10 at once. In comes the “running off” part, although I’ve not managed to actually run off anything. I’ve never been good at math.  I started this blog as way to look back after a race and try and determine the factors that lead up to my mid-race seizure (aka not running consistently). I don’t eat yogurt, I don’t even know how to start making “overnight oats” and there is no way I could ever have enough self control to wait until the next morning to make “oats in a jar” out of a partially empty peanut butter jar. That peanut butter is MINE. Note to Reese’s manufacturers: please send me a Reese’s themed race top and a suitcase full of big cups. Thanks.

I also have a French Bulldog named Bardot whom I adopted in 2010. She’s a royal bitch, but I love her.

I ran my first half marathon in 2009 and I completed my first marathon in Chicago in October 2011. Then I pretty much stopped running for about a year and a half. I just got my ass moving again and I’m currently training for the Shiner Beer Run Half  in November (BEER!!!!!!!!!!!) and the Austin half in February.

So this is basically a blog or random things peppered in with some bits about running or not running. In August, I moved here:

And that was probably the best day of my life. I work in higher education and I love it.

My favorite things to do are eat, read, and watch TV. I really love to eat while reading and watching TV. Really brings it all together. I love to read history (specifically British and Russian history), so if you have any good book suggestions please email me!

Did I mention I love food? I. LOVE. FOOD. Most of my day is spent fantasizing about it, some might say I have food issues. Whatever, it’s delicious.

I also like to drink. A lot. I like to drink a lot (in volume and frequency). I also probably have a problem with that.

Anywho, welcome to my blog and I hope you like Harry Potter and enjoy random ranting, and if you don’t, then you probably want to stop reading now.

112 Responses to Me

  1. I have just found your site and enjoy each article. I admire your talent.

  2. Amy

    Yay for heat strokes and mosquitoes (also known as marathon training in Texas). Great blog – you are hilarious and badass. :)

  3. Amanda

    Hey woman, the link to your email isnt working and I need to email something to you I think you will like

  4. Hi! I’ve been hearing lots of nice things about your blog, so I finally checked it out, and I love it!

  5. Love your tone, you make me laugh. Can’t wait to read more chica!

  6. Love this! I feel like I 100% relate on the food obsession. I feel like I eat about 10x the normal person and despite my hatred for running- I force myself to run to keep off the weight. Keep up the good work!

  7. Elisabeth

    I am an avid crossfitter! I’ve been going for a year and a half… and I promise it gets better after month 3 or 4. Plus, the abs are worth it. If it makes you feel better, I’m training for my first half in January (Disney Tinkerbell) and I can’t run more than four miles to save my life :)

  8. I run to eat too! I thought I was the only one! :)

  9. My sister and I love reading your blog and hope to meet up for some cocktails in Vegas!!

  10. Fellow runner and crossfitter here! So glad I found you and the subscribe button on my toolbar just got dusted off and clicked. I think it got a little excited.

  11. I’m in The Hill Country. Let’s put together a Beach to Bay Bloggy team. Thoughts?

  12. You are my new favorite blog!

  13. Such a cute intro! Love your blog.

  14. I love your blog – and I love Harry Potter! Hooray!

  15. Happy to stumble across your blog. I’m glad you share my love of food and Harry Potter :)

  16. J W

    I love the fact that you blog about food and fitness, but you proudly don’t eat oats in a jar (I mean, really?) and are honest about the fact that you work out so you can eat! The fact that you toss in a little celeb gossip is just icing on the cake. You rock!

  17. Hi. I’m Heather. I like your style. and your blog. duh.
    can we be friends via the internet?
    here’s why: a) you are awesome. <– I think that. dont you want to be friends with people who think you are awesome?
    b) i used to live in Texas, too. so there's that.
    c) and i like food, too.

    this list is looking rather sad. can that be a reason, too?

  18. Your blog is great! You are a talented writer and have a great sense of humor. I’m so happy I found it :)

  19. If you ever come to NW Ohio please seek me out and pretend to be my best friend.
    Not that NW Ohio is some destination to visit…but if you get here I’ll be sure to show you our vacant downtown and where all the shootings are!
    (I can tell you’re planning your trip now!)

  20. Karen

    Happy to have found your blog! I also take plaquenil, but I don’t have RA. (Rheumatologist hasn’t got me figured out yet!) BUT it’s great and super motivating to find successful runners with health obstacles like this!

  21. I just found your blog. I love it. I’d never heard of overnight oats until recently. They scare me. I’ve lost my running motivation so I’m reading about runners to trick me into thinking I like to run. Thanks for helping :)

    • Reese's Runner

      Cold oats seem like they would have the consistency of cottage cheese. And I like cottage cheese, but not oaty cottage cheese. Yuck. Good luck running woman!

  22. Amity

    I too won the lottery 13 years ago and was diagnosed with RA. I was 22 at the time and getting ready to make some major life decisions (marriage, move to another state away from family). I’ve often wondered if stress triggered mine. I’ve had arthritis in every part of my body including in my eyes most recently. The eye thing stumped everyone so I went from taking TNF inhibitors (Enbrel, Cymzia) to a whole lot of prednisone (hello Oompa-loompa) followed by an infusion called Rituximab which suppresses your B cells. Woopieee! At any rate I’ve recently joined a couch to 5k program because I know the fatigue and the pain you talk about on this blog and I hate how it dictates what I can do and how I feel about myself sometimes. I don’t have time to be tired. I have a 3 year old and a 6 year old and husband who works crazy hours, plus I work and I have no family here to help. So my running and finishing this 5k program is my big “suck it” to RA. I’m six weeks in and my first race is Jan 28. It’s a struggle with high suck-age factor, but I can’t wait until the next training night. I’m interested in hearing about your explorations in food/diet. I’ve done cleanses successful, but I too love food and who wants to eat rice cakes and almond butter for the rest of their lives? Loosing the weight this time is super tough. I’m now trying to count calories. Only two days into it though so we’ll see how it goes. Love your blog. I’ll be checking in regularly. Thanks.

  23. Love your blog! I love food & drink too! Looking fwd to reading more :)

  24. Melissa

    You are a girl after my own heart! I just ate 8 miniature reeses before finding your blog through Shape’s website…what a healthy breakfast! I am new to running within the past year and definitely run to eat. I plan to run my first 5k this year. Yikes and yippee and the same time!

  25. Love your blog! You never fail to crack me up.

  26. Kelly

    Read one post and had to subscribe! You’re honest and real… And funny as hell! Good stuff!

  27. LISA

    A girl after my own heart! Anyone who is a lover of Reese’s is alright with me. I just found your blog and I love it. Adding to my google reader! :)

  28. Yay…more people who love to eat more then they love to run. I’m always looking for a cold beer when I’m out on a run…or that corner coffee shop. I’m looking forward to reading more.

  29. Your Blog Rocks!
    I am an avid reader of some of the other healthy lifestyle blogs, and while I do like them, you speak to me in such a more real, cynical, hilarious, awesome way. You remind me of myself! I can’t wait for more!

  30. Emily

    i just ran across your blog and it brightened my evening. you are hilarious and i found myself laughing out loud…as it seems our brains work in similar ways.
    keep it up, love it all!

  31. Just ran across your blog and wanted to say hi because we share a lot in common! 1) I too went to the GREATEST UNIVERSITY IN THE WORLD! 2) I am also a runner, and it helps counter act my yogurt addiction
    3) I am also a lover of all things food. Unfortunately my hips don’t lie and even WITH running. Honestly- If I could just be happy with my body-I would!!! Anyways- I love your blog- you are beautiful!

  32. Nancy Aaron

    Ha! What a hoot! Keep up the great work, Cely!

  33. You are awesome, and I love this blog. That’s all I gotta say.

  34. Claire

    I just spent the last 90 minutes reading your old posts. How, 3 years into reading blogs, am I just finding yours? Not okay, but at least the story has a happy ending.

  35. Hey Cely! Great blog. I just came across it in my quest to start blogging about my own running adventures, and in the process, hopefully meet new running friends. Best to you!


  36. lauren

    Found this list today and immediately knew you would like it. I think. I hope.

  37. Omg thank you for being a real, imperfect person. So tired of reading blogs about perfect women with unattainable running times! You’re awesome and hilarious :) followed for sure!

  38. Steph

    Your blog is the absolute best!!! Your writing style and sense of humor are great. You definitely inspire to me to get (back?) into the running game- and maybe try for a half marathon eventually! I also deal with the horrible humidity and hot weather here in Orlando, FL though :(

  39. Jan

    Hello. My name is Jan, and I too am a Reese’s-oholic runner. In fact, I have a tattoo of me chasing after a Reese’s PB Cup on my calf (, a little something I had done to celebrate my first 50-miler. Love your blog. Keep up the good work!

  40. Erika

    I just discovered your blog and you are hysterical! Your frenchie is adorable and I love that you don’t do overnight oats in a jar. I read that and laughed so hard. I love reading healthy living blogs but I am sick to death of reading blog posts about overnight oats. I love Reeses Peanut Butter cups as well and though I am not a runner, I try to CrossFit as much as possible. Bookmarking your blog so I can keep reading. :)

  41. You are freaking hilarious! I just found your blog and I will be returning :) Thanks for the humor and real life.

  42. Mary

    I am new to the site – and loving it! can we put in requests for Magnificent Mondays? If so – the men of Buffy? Supernatural? Charmed? I realize Buffy and Charmed are older shows…but have you ever noticed the sheer number of sexy men that “guest starred” on those shows?

  43. Adrian

    Hi Cely,

    You have a great blog here, I’d love to talk to you about a guest post feature on if you could drop me an email:


  44. You are great! I love your sense of humour makes me laugh out aloud and that is a good thing. One can’t laugh too much. Keep the smiles coming :-)

    All the best from Jane the Dane :-)

  45. LOVE your blog– you are hysterical! i signed up to do my first half-marathon in september…but i decided to come to texas for the summer (i’m from ohio) to visit family & now my half-marathon traning is taking place in texas (poor planning on my part!) any advice?

  46. jenniferatl

    Hi Cely! My gfs’ and I love your blog. We talk about you like you’re one of us. In fact we just talked about how you went to PF Changs w/o ordering the cake last week!! So exciting-though i vicariously eat through you. No worries-I ate 10 oreos today. Sigh I eat too ;) Anyways I love how genuine you are. Thank you for being you-well keep reading. Love, A Couple of SEC Girls! :)

    • Reese's Runner

      Awww thank you! I love y’all too! Let’s be friends, even if you are SEC. And eating at PF Chang’s and not getting that cake is a miracle for anyone.

  47. Tish

    Thought of you today.
    Came across a book called ” A dangerous inheritance” by Alison Weir.

    Looked like something you might like!

  48. Randy

    I seriously have no idea how I ended up on your blog, really I mean it. First I’m googling Windows 2012 server configurations and wham I somehow landed here. Anyway just had to read and 1) I love that you’re a Tech Fan I live in the burnt orange sea =( , 2) the self-description of “I also like to drink. A lot. I like to drink a lot (in volume and frequency)…” pretty much made me laugh and this crappy day better. Well back to work for me I guess…Cheers!!!

  49. Like Randy, I just ended up here. Never thought I would experience love at first website.
    I love reeses,
    I should run
    I love to drink
    but just for fun
    I love to eat
    but not too much
    I’ll be back
    to keep in touch.
    BTW, you are stunning! Beauty with brains! If only I could be your Monday.

  50. I just found your blog–congrats on being named one of the top 15 health blogs by The Chalkboard! Very cool. Anyways, I’ve been reading through your site, and am really enjoying it. We have a lot in common: running, eating, drinking. lol. I can’t wait to read more! :)

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  52. Arrogant Bastard and a hot nerd?

    A comment must be left.

    Keep drinking and keep running.

    Ale is great carbs.

  53. Andrea

    I didn’t realise you are a Dr.! What kind of Doc…Doc?

  54. Jessica

    Obviously you are very busying doing very cool things in india, but when you get a change, I am wondering where you host all of your gifs? Thanks!

  55. Hi Cely,

    Love the blog posts, just launched RankRunner, a free iphone app for all sorts of runners, think it would be great for you, so you and your readers can follow each other’s running journeys and keep up!

    Shoot me an email please!

  56. Hi! I would love to see if you were interested in doing a review or giveaway of my non-slip headbands. Email me if you are interested!

  57. Hello, I was reading a few of your blogs, and quickly had to contact you. I currently manufacture healthy energy drinks dedicated for women, and also produce 100 % All natural organic meal replacement bars. I was wondering if you would be interested in blogging about either one of my products. If you are my email is listed above, and I would be more then happy to send you out samples of any type of protein bar you would like to try, or energy drink.

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  58. I don’t normally comment and can already hear you thinking so why did you start now. Just needed to say great site and great humor, find it rare to see a fitness focused site and humor wrapped into one. Great site and awesome flavor.

  59. Mike Manning


    I can’t seem to find your email and have a quick question about your blog. Could you email me?


  60. Hahaha WOW! This is so unpretentious…I love your attitude. Most “healthy living blogs” and “fitness blogs” make me sick to my stomach.
    Thanks for the breath of fresh air :)

  61. This blog is freakin’ hilarious. Where do I subscribe?!

  62. Allan Bilolo

    Hi. I’m Allan from the Philippines. I came across your site while looking for health niches online and I’m wondering if you’d have space for a guest post anytime soon.

  63. aaaah isn’t Stone Brewery delicious?

  64. Paige E.

    Hey Cely!

    First of all, THANK YOU! I’m so sick of all these fitness blogs that are basically written by robots who act like they don’t gorge themselves with Chips-Ahoy or the entire contents of a bag of KitKats at least every 10 days. I admire your sense of humor and how you’re a committed fitness junkie/runner but still are a normal, functioning human being. Just wanted to spread the love!

  65. Gabby

    Love the blog. You’re hilarious!

  66. OMG! I just found your blog and I love it. I just read your bio and I think you are too great! Right up my alley. Thanks for your random musings!

  67. nickcatledge

    I really like this blog. Its informative and fun and not pyramid schemey and weird like other fitness blogs, but that’s just teh internets. Oh, and who doesn’t like Harry Potter? I know I do.

  68. Awesome blog name! I’m in love with reeses, especially the Easter egg ones. Good thing those bad boys are seasonal. That’s cool that you’re a history buff too!

  69. Apoorv Yadav

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  70. Lauren

    So I am interested in moving to Texas (coming from small town Ohio)– any recommendations on where to live? I’m a teacher, 25, single, & would love to move someplace where I would easily meet people/make friends. I was thinking Austin or Houston– what do you suggest??

  71. Hi! I’m friends with Kelly (No Thanks To Cake) and she was telling me about your blog. Um yeah, I know I’m going to enjoy it from this page alone–dogs, food and beer? Three of my favorite things! Can’t wait to reach more!

  72. This makes me really happy. I design yoga/activewear, and I always feel like such a fake because I spend so much time eating on the couch I thought about naming my capris “ice cream pants.” I’m so excited to find a fitness blog written by someone who loves to eat and drink as much as they love to work out <3

  73. Hi Cely! I’ve been reading your blog off and on for years and just realized (a little behind) that you’ve moved to Austin! I moved to Austin a little over a year ago to start grad school at UT and am doing the whole running thing, too (ran a few half marathons/Rogue trail races last year) … anyway I’d love to meet you, maybe run? Or maybe just eat? haha shoot me an email if you’re interested!

  74. You are an absolute riot, I cant wait to read more!

  75. Stuti

    It’s so nice to be able to read a blog where you can actually see someone’s personality! (well as much as you can “see” on a blog :) I can’t wait to read more about life in Austin and running! PS Harry Potter and Russian Czarism is the best :) I hope to get to Harry Potter land sooon!

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  79. Shaye

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  88. Michele

    Hi! I love love love your blog and have been reading it for over a year. Quick question you mentioned recently in your half marathon post that you forgot the stuff to wrap your toes. What do you use? I ran my first half in January and lost two toenails and this wasn’t the first time it’s happened. Any tips?

    • Reese's Runner

      I use the thin moleskin sheets that you can cut into strips (you can find them at most pharmacies). I wrap them around my toes to keep them from rubbing together and blistering. I used to lose toenails too, but the guy at my shoe store told me it was because I needed shoes with a wider toe box. That led me to the Asics Gel Nimbus and I haven’t had a toenail problem since.

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  90. Julie

    Hi! My sister told me about your blog and I love it! I live in Austin also, and run half-marathons. I just ran the Austin Marathon…my first full marathon! You rock, girl!!!

  91. Julie

    It was a little scary! Even though I was very well prepared, it was definately a challenge. I think the Half distance is more fun, although I want to run the LA Marathon next March…glutton for punishment, I guess! I really miss the marathon training though.

  92. Hey girl, LOVE your blog! I identify with your drinking problem, as well as the chocolate & peanut butter addiction.

    And how anyone can actually make overnight oats without eating all of it in the process is beyond me.

  93. shelby

    I love your blog, but have already read like the entire thing……….do you follow any blogs that are similar to yours? Or just any other blogs you love that you’d recommend…

    • Reese's Runner

      If you’re looking for bitchy and sarcastic humor, I highly recommend Eat Watch Run and It’s A Dog Lick Baby World. Also hilarious, but decidedly less bitchy in tone, Happy or Hungry.

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  95. Nice to see a light hearted blog, and a desire to live to the fullest :) Eat, drink, run, repeat! Keeping fit :D

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