Seven Thing Friday

1.It’s National Donut Day! You can read about the history of Donut day and how donuts became so popular in the U.S. here.

It’s going to be a good Friday!

2. This should be a thing!!!

Although, I’m not sure I want to meet the other person who spent several hours on a Saturday night watching documentaries on Nazi doctors.

3. Speaking of dating, a woman was buried alive after during her first date with a guy she met online.

Being alone is looking better and better every day. Lonely > Dead.

4. I am seriously thinking of using my Christmas vacation to do the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. They have guided tours, so I wouldn’t even have to find someone to do it with me.

5. Thanks to Kara, I now have an ending that I can deal with. Also, SPOILER-ISH ALERT. Seriously, though, if you don’t know what happened by now with the Mountain and Oberyn, then that’s too bad. It’s been five days. Your grace period is ovah.

Also, if we have learned anything from hours of Walking Dead and GOT it’s that the double tap method is mandatory EVERY TIME. Kill them once, then kill them again for good measure. TWO TIMES.

6. Much sass for a man with a frizzy mullet.

7. I’m taking a half day off today and spending the rest of my weekend at the X Games (or X-box games as my mom calls them). I have no idea about anything, but I’m pumped.


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27 Responses to Seven Thing Friday

  1. I pass 3, yes 3 Dunkin’ Donuts on the way to work. All of them had balloons galore and lines out into the street. I mean, donuts are OK, but not THAT ok. And why can’t they do this damn day in the winter when I’m craving carbs and my body is covered by multiple layers? Why do it just as beach season is hitting?

  2. Mary Prillaman

    Deep fried Grands Biscuit with a hole cut in the middle and a little glaze on top = best donut you will ever eat. No kidding. Try it. Your thighs will not thank me.

  3. Verlin

    X-Box games – that is a great “Mom” thing. ;)

  4. Lauren

    I’m from KY and definitely think you should try the Bourbon Trail! I had several work dinners at Woodford Reserve and loved it the most.

  5. I have been wanting to tour the KY Bourbon trail… if you decide not to go it alone. I am not sure what my Netflix history says about me, but I think that would be a great way to screen friends!

  6. Brittany

    I live right near the Bourbon Trail! Come to KY and I would love to see the sights with you! :) I’ve never been and I live here!

  7. My friend did the Bourbon Trail and LOVED it. It comes highly recommended. And being buried alive is certainly not on my bucket list… I agree lonely >dead. You speak the truth.

  8. Karen

    Did you actually read the article about the girl that was buried alive on her first date? Honest mistake–he thought she was dead. His only crime is EXTREME stupidity. He *probably* wouldn’t do it again.

    • Reese's Runner

      I did read it and I’m not sure that burying someone in a random yard is an honest mistake. She went on a date with a guy who, instead of seeking medical attention or at least notifying the proper authorities (or anyone at all), buried her in a yard. That’s a problem.

  9. Dave

    Have fun at those X-Box Games – it would be fun to see them in person. Of course, it will be you + thousands of teenaged boys. Oh, wait…now I see it.

  10. Jen

    Yesterday i had the day off bc we had someone coming to look at our air conditioner. I was watching a documentary on joseph goebbels and i paused it when he came in. Of course it was at the moment a large group of people were doing the nazi salute. He looked at the tv then at me and quickly went about his work lol

  11. Kentucky native/resident here. I don’t drink, but the Bourbon Trail is gorgeous country. Also, we have adorable accents, southern cooking and hospitality, and we understand sweet tea. How can you resist?

    We did the Maker’s Mark tour as fifth graders on a school field trip, believe it or not.

  12. Tyrion’s mullet is the best. I wish they could make him grow one again for the show once he hits his rebellious period.


  13. Sarah

    I went to Buffalo Trace distillery in KY on Memorial Day and it was fantastic – be sure to sample the Bourbon Cream! They have 3 different free tours and I wanted to do them all – the place was very cool and the guides were super nice and knew all of the history.

  14. maggie

    we are planning a bourbon trail trip with a group of friends – join us!!

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