WTF Wednesday

I got my back readjusted for the second time yesterday, and although it’s feeling better, running still hurts. Thankfully (or not), the Stairmaster seems to feel just fine. So, yay?

A beleaguered professor called us this week and asked that we not shorten the title for “Theatre Studies” to “Theatre STDS” because students can’t stop laughing about it. Poor guy.

I once shortened a course title for “Multicultural Analysis” and didn’t realize that “Multi Anal” might have been the best choice until it was too late.

I had a terrible headache yesterday morning. I ate my breakfast, lunch, and most of the snacks in my food drawer before 10 am. The headache persisted through the day (as they tend to do), but I was nice and full for the rest of the morning.

THESE ARE REAL!!!!!!!!!!!! Chocolate cookies filled with Oreo cookie creme.

Oreo_creme_filled_Chips_Ahoy_cookiesOreo creme stuffed Chips Ahoy cookies photo

And they are also releasing them with birthday cake filling. Between this and the Reese’s Oreos, all my dreams are coming true. Except for my dream of jeans fitting comfortably. But, who needs that?


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9 Responses to WTF Wednesday

  1. Nikki

    Andre the Giant gif for the win! Also how dare they come up with a diabolically delicious cookie idea like that…and then not have it available in Canada! Actually for the sake of my summer wardrobe, that might be for the best lol.

  2. Courtney

    you have a problem with cookies.

  3. Just buy pants with elastic.

  4. haha wow, the cookie combos they come up with these days are endless. can’t say i’ll be trying these, but i’ll look for your review. :) and who needs jeans, that’s what maxi dresses are for…

  5. I’m betting every sings frat boy who saw “Multi Anal” on the course offering at least thought about signing up.

    But really, theatre kids are a bunch of horndogs, so the STDs bit is quite fitting.

  6. Jackie

    When are they going to put the birthday cake filling in a jar so we can just spread it on everything?

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