Do you want $1000 to spend at Target? Of course you do.

I am the worst at clipping coupons. I hate everything about it and it makes me hate myself because I’m so terrible at it. It just seems un-American to not use coupons. I get so down on myself for wasting money, but coupons drive me nuts. I almost never remember to check the ads, and when I do, I always lose the coupons or forget them at home. Compounding failure every step of the way. I even took several coupons to the store last week, made sure they were in my hand while I was checking out, and I still managed to forget to use them. Even when the cashier asked if I had coupons, I still couldn’t be bothered to remember. Once a cashier asked if I had coupons, I said no, and then he pointed to my hand and said “are you sure?”  I am not sure, sir. Anyway, I was pretty pissed off when I got to the car and realized that I forgot to use the damn things.
Scarlett-O-Hara-gone-with-the-wind-25001373-192-224I even struggle to remember to use the coupons that are right next to the product in the store. Anyway, to prevent these sorts of meltdowns and overwhelming bouts of irrational anger at myself, I just don’t clip coupons. It’s a very specific instance where laziness is better for me, and everyone at the store.

So, last week when I received an email about the Target Cartwheel program I stopped reading it about 4% of the way down because it started talking about coupons and I just peaced out. Then, I got stuck sitting at the pharmacy without a book, so I decided to give it a shot because it’s Target and Target is my lovah.


Since I needed to go to Target anyway (because I ALWAYS need to go to Target), I download the Target Cartwheel app to check it out. The app featured a list (with pictures!) of the current offers.


I just had to tap what I wanted and it added the offer to my virtual cart. Then, once I was ready to check out, I showed them my phone and they scanned the barcode to redeem the all the offers.


This is perfect for someone like me because I always have my phone (because I’m so OMG popular or because it has my grocery list on it) and I don’t have to keep up with anything extra. All I have to do is remember to use them once I’m actually at the register. Most of the offers are valid for several weeks, so they can just stay in my cart until that time. I already buy the stuff and spend most of my paycheck at Target anyway, so I’m thankful that they found a way for lazy people like me to save a few pennies (so they can also be spent at Target).

The Target Cartwheel app is available to use on your computer, tablet, iPhone, and Droid.  You can also connect it your Facebook account so you can see what your friends are buying and show them your offers. The offers can only be used on in-store purchases, but why would you miss the opportunity to go to Target and spend seven times more than you had initially planned? Additionally, you can stack the offers with other Target discounts, coupons, manufacturers’ coupons, and the REDcard discount. There are 10 offer spots for each guest, but you can gain more as you reach milestones in the amount that you’ve saved ($10, $25, $50…). So, more savings for more savings. Target, you’re the best.

And, for the best part of this post, you can leave a comment to enter to win a $1,000 Target GiftCard®. Let’s hear your coupon tips and tricks, or just how much you love Target.

That it is, JT. You can enter twice as detailed below, and the sweepstakes ends on Feb. 28th.

Sweepstakes Rules:

No duplicate comments.

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  1. Leave a comment in response to the sweepstakes prompt on this post
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This giveaway is open to US Residents age 18 or older. Winners will be selected via random draw, and will be notified by e-mail. The notification email will come directly from BlogHer via the sweeps@blogher email address. You will have 72 hours to respond; otherwise a new winner will be selected.

The Official Rules are available here.

This sweepstakes runs from 1/30 – 2/28.

Be sure to visit the Target Cartwheel brand page on where you can read other bloggers’ post.


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784 Responses to Do you want $1000 to spend at Target? Of course you do.

  1. Lauren

    I too struggle to use coupons – I can’t tell you how many times I have bought a product where the coupon is GLUED to it and I forget to rip it off at checkout.

    Great giveaway!

  2. Erin

    Lord I do love me some Target, but we have Krogers but Target has become so freaking competitive with them that it is hard for me not to justify spending ALL THE MONEY at Target. Also the organic brands are great at Target and that is what I need in my life plus I can buy ALL the other things. The fact that they just did this Cartwheel app makes me think I finally need to buckle down and get the 5% back card b/c obviously I have been waiting for it to be come even EASIER to shop there. I am a staunch coupon user so I cannot sympathize there but there are rarely coupons for fresh fruits and vege and organic plus Kroger gives you the money back for gas so I am in a REAL conundrum…

  3. Rebecca

    I am equally as bad using coupons. I also happen to love and hate target all at the same time. I always go in for one thing and come out $100 poorer

  4. Teeny

    Target is my weakness.

  5. Deniz

    Wow! Awesome giveaway! There is a target not more than 100 feet from my work so I am there ALL the time. Love it b/c they have everything I need = one stop shopping <3

  6. Jessica

    Loooove Target! Never use coupons but would do some damage with a $1k gift card for sure!

  7. Mandy

    I tried to walk into Target, but I missed.

  8. Lindsey

    I love the cartwheel app! I agree with a comment or earlier. Somehow I go to target with a list but buy everything. Except of course the bathing suits they put out in December. Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Robin

    I looooooove me some Target!

  10. mary

    Whenever I Have extra time I love taking my time to browse Target

  11. Tracie

    I also struggle with coupons and remembering to use them! I love the cartwheel app but have also forgotten to use that several times! Maybe we can ask target to rig the app with an alarm when it nears a cash register? Problem solved :-) LOVE Target!

  12. Casey

    An embarrassing amount of my stipend is spent at target…

  13. Elizabeth

    Love target! And my year of free credit monitoring!

  14. Target is my store! I have been trying to watch ads more lately. I am not so good with coupons. I tend to forget them in the car, along with my reusable bags.

  15. Michelle M

    I ove Target. Not a big fan if coupons. Target and JT? A match made in heaven.

  16. Emily H.

    I loooove shopping at Target – I seriously think it’s where the majority of my money goes, and I don’t even know how it happens. Unless perfect coupons fall in my lap for things I legitimately buy regularly, I have come to the conclusion that my brain is not made for the complexities of couponing (aka remembering to clip and then use them). I will definitely download this Cartwheel app though, hopefully I remember to use that!

  17. Jennifer

    I love Target almost as much as I love Target Lady on SNL.

  18. Sharon

    I love the Target Cartwheel App! It makes it so much easier to use coupons.

  19. Becki Walker

    I just got cartwheel too! However, I must encourage you to put more effort into couponing… I recently got 2 things of coffee, laundry detergent and coffee creamer for like 4$. That frees up some of this teachers money for more important things like running clothes and holiday Reese’s. Just sayin…

  20. What!? I love Target, I can never leave without spending at least $75.

    I only use coupons at Joann Fabrics, because they send me so many, and because you can get everything for 40-50% off, and if you can do that then spending full price is just crazy.

  21. Coupons are annoying-ain’t no one got time for that…

  22. jessica g

    I didn’t think there was anything target could do better. It is one of the happiest places on earth. But the cartwheel app has been life changing!!! And $1,000 to shop at target? That has to be on everyone’s bucket list, right?

  23. Linda M

    I always saw people on Facebook using Cartwheel but I was always to lazy to find out what it was about. Thanks for the knowledge!

  24. Kelly

    Oh, Target. I always want to buy All The Things.

  25. Crissy

    The Cartwheel app sounds amazing. I love Target!

  26. Lindsay

    I LOVE Target! & I love the SNL skit about Target!

  27. Jennifer

    I love Target, it is where all my money goes

  28. Aimee

    So glad I’m not alone on the cupoun failure. I love me some Target!

  29. Janna

    I love target!!! I love coupons, saving money, AND free money!!:)

  30. Target is by far the best. Unlike it’s competitor… cough cough… I don’t want to murder myself when I walk in there. And when I think about it, I don’t know I’ve ever had a Target employee not be helpful when I needed them. Plus, I live within 3 miles of one now so it’s dangerous for my bank account. That Cartwheel app IS pretty sweet, although I still forget to check that too from time to time.

  31. Taylor

    Haha- I have also had coupons IN my hand before that I have not used. I am also infamous for leaving any coupons that were mailed to me (Bath and Body Works, Victorias Secret, and Kohls come to mind) at home. SO FRUSTRATING.

  32. Melissa R

    Target always seems to know what I want to buy even before I do!

  33. Janette W

    Love, love, love Target, especially their C9 workout gear, cannot go in the store without checking out what’s new in there.

  34. Jen

    TARGET IS DA BESTEST. Enough said.

  35. Rachael

    I clip coupons like a maniac and then never end up purchasing anything that I have a coupon for. So it’s a really productive use of my time. I also live at Target and since we have our first little one due in less than a month, $1000 would be freaking fantastic!

  36. Stephanie

    Oh I do the exact same thing with coupons. Or the stuff I buy never has coupons. But I do try to use the Cartwheel app. It seems like a pretty handy little device.

  37. Well hail yessss! Love me some target!

  38. Brittany

    I love target! I had heard of this app but hadn’t given it a try yet. Now I’ll have to download it and save all the money!

  39. Target is the absolute best! I just bought my own place, and they have gotten a lot of my money recently. I try and use coupons when I remember, but a lot of times I do forget as well. It’s also so time consuming! The cartwheel app has been awesome!!

  40. Jennifer Drash

    Love Target! This is an awesome giveaway!

  41. Jenn

    I hate using coupons too and always forget! This sounds fantastic!

  42. Natalie P.

    I love Target even through the whole stealing data thing…I would still go there in a flash….I might even go today!

  43. Courtney

    I picked my new apartment based on it’s location next to Target, less than 3 miles. Because I LOVE spending hours winding in and out of the aisles, stock piling endless merchandise into my buggy. This is going to sound cat lady crazy, but they sell cat food samples, which is handy if your cat is a picky biotch.

  44. Caitlin

    I always want to use coupons, and sometimes I do, but most of the time they just hang out in my kitchen drawer until I realize they’ve been expired for 3 months

  45. Kristin M

    Love love love Target!! I guess it’s a good thing for me we don’t have one too close or my paycheck would be going there too!!

  46. Camilla

    Target! Gift cards! I love both of these things!

  47. Diana

    I already use the Cartwheel app though often forget to use it, sigh. The Sunday paper also randomly shows up at my door so I try to use those coupons as well. $1 off kitty litter? Yes, please!

  48. Lisa Newby

    My love for the target lady knows no bounds, as does my love for target, as does my love for winning one thousand target dollars. I assume. I’ve never done it before- first time for everything?

  49. Lisa Brown

    I love Target’s brands and prices. I can usually find what I need and there is surely to be coupons I can use to save more money; I am always shopping there :)

  50. Steph

    Love me some target! The Cartwheel app is pretty neat! I love using my Target credit card for 5% back on purchases-especially when I get an extra 5% in pharmacy rewards!

  51. Lauren

    no patience for coupons here– but love me some Target! :)

  52. Jory

    That store owns me.

  53. Allie

    Target. I love Target. I may have a problem.

  54. That is such a great app! And it seems easy enough that even someone as not tech savvy as me could use it!

  55. Anesha

    Target is my jam! It’s sad when you get the hubs to ‘watch the kids’ so you can go ‘pick up a few things from “the store”‘. I go swing by the Starbucks inside, get me a mocha-mocha-mocha…then prance through the clearance touching EVERYTHING. I’m having a love affair with Target…(Tar-jay) as we call it in Louisiana….when we want to church it up with French Flair.

  56. kathleen

    I just downloaded the app because I LOVE coupons. And Target.

    Also Feb. 28 is my birthday so I feel like I have a better chance of winning than most…right?

  57. Amanda

    I love the cartwheel app!! I’ve saved over $50 using it. My daughter gets pissed bc I am always stopping in the aisles to see if there is a coupon available in cartwheel lol!

  58. Susan

    I LOVE Target too! I spend my lunch break (at least) once a week there. I just downloaded Cartwheel a few weeks ago and it’s awesome. Did you know you don’t even have to browse for coupons? You can just scan items in your cart and it will tell you if there is a coupon for it or not. Awesome!

    P.S. There is currently a Cartwheel coupon for 25% off all C9 by Champion workout clothes… Is it sad that that makes me feel like I hit the super secret lottery?

  59. Ohh I hadn’t heard about that app! Love you, Target.

  60. I love Target – it’s basically my second bank since all of my money goes there :) I’m also getting married in June, so $1000 to Target would be incredible!!

  61. Gabrielle

    I love Target, but have to avoid going given I spend at least $100 every time I go on stuff I didn’t even know I needed.

  62. Keri

    I absolutely love Target!! The amount of money I spend there is embarrassing!

  63. Christine

    I am the old lady (but I’m only 26!) that loves to cut coupons on Sunday morning. I also could spend hours just looking around at target…they have everything you never knew you needed.

  64. JJ

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who forgets to actually USE the coupons! Love me some Target!

  65. Amy

    I love Target, so $1000 to Target would be awesome! I’m terrible at coupons; I like the idea of them, but just can’t ever get it together to use them on time/at the right store/on the right stuff/etc.

  66. Laura

    Love target!! Trying that coupon out today, thanks!!

  67. Maura

    I downloaded the Cartwheel app about a month ago and I’ve already saved over $25!! Love it!

  68. Cheri Poulin

    I’ve been using Cartwheel for about two months and I have to say it’s the best thing! If I have my act together, I combine the Cartwheel discounts with the Target coupons posted each week and save twice!

  69. Meredith

    I love Target! I cannot help but always drop some serious money every time I enter the store! I wish I was better at couponing, but I just don’t even know where to start!

  70. Kelli

    If someone didn’t like Target, I don’t think we could be friends because we’d obviously have nothing in common.

    Target is the go-to store for the middle class, for sure.

  71. Kate

    I love Target! You know the only way to get out of there without spending $100 is to walk in, throw a $50 bill on the floor and walk out.

    I’m actually going today. I need a photo frame and there’s a soft pretzel in my future.

  72. Emily

    I love target!

  73. Erin

    Who doesn’t love Target and struggle to spend under $100 every time they visit!? I always try to save coupons but then forget to use them. This app seems pretty convenient so may have to check it out.

  74. Wow, great giveaway!

    I have a friend who does extreme couponing. I’m always amazed at how much she gets for spending less than 5$. I wish I had the drive to do that.

  75. I cut coupons every time I get ahold of a Sunday paper. Then when I get to the store, I typically realize that a.) the coupon requires you purchase multiple items to receive the discount b.) even with the coupon discount, the store brand is cheaper. So I leave the coupons on the shelf for someone who will actually use them. Pretty sure I could handle a $1,000 Target discount though.

  76. Suzanne

    I clip coupons every Sunday. I even have a filing system for them. I’d guess that I end up using about 5% of them, but it still makes me feel like I’m making an effort to save money. One year I kept track of how much coupons saved me and it was about $500. Given all that, I swear that I’m not an extreme couponer!
    Also – I loooooove Target and I’m having twins in a few months so I could REALLY use that gift card. :)

  77. I used to clip coupons every Sunday, until I realized it was actually making me spend MORE money by purchasing products that I normally wouldn’t have just because I had a coupon.
    I love the Cartwheel app, I just started using it a couple weeks ago!

  78. Kami

    I struggle with coupons also. They sound like a great idea but actually dealing with them is a pain. I wouldn’t even know where to start at Target with this gift card……. I just know I would have a huuuge smile on my face!!

  79. There’s some kind of magic spell at Target that always causes me to buy m0re than I originally planned for! I stinkin’ love that place. I love Cartwheel too (yet often forget to use it…) I’m absolutely terrible at using coupons, yet can’t stop watching Extreme Couponers on TLC. I’ve gotten to the point where I now clip them, and put them in my little coupon holder, yet never remember to use them. Maybe 2014 will be my year? :) Thanks for the great giveaway!

  80. Allison

    Woo!! Love Target! Something about walking around target always puts you in a good mood.

  81. Target is my happy place. You can buy clothes, shoes, and food. I mean really, you don’t need anything else. And I have a huge coupon binder but never quite got the hang of it. So that was a big fail…. #OMGIWantThisGiftCard

  82. Sonja

    I am confident that I have commented on my love of Target long before this promotion ;) But to be official, I love Target. I love them, I love them, I love them, I love them. I go there all of the days and wish my paychecks were just direct-deposited to them. I love Archer Farms, I love Market Pantry, I love Cartwheel, I love Redcard. I love every single thing about them.

    EXCEPT… they need someone like me in charge of their Plus Size section. Because fatties are different from preggos, of course. We are not the same. And I would like more than one rack of clothes to choose from, thank you very much. And don’t get me started on the bras… Ds girls need more support! It is the only market in which they aren’t competitive. Best Buy or Target? I’ll choose Target every time. Cub or Target? Always Target. PetSmart of Target? Target for the win! But for fatty clothes… Maurices, Lane Bryant, and even Walmart will get my dollars. Target needs help in that department :( Please tell them to hire me. Seriously. Tell them to hire me. I feel like you have pull.

  83. I’d probably love Target if I didn’t live 25 miles away from the nearest one. I’d make the drive to spend $1000 though!

  84. There’s a Target on my way home from work and sometimes I’ll pop in just to break up the 90 minute commute. And then somehow magically spend $50 on things I didn’t know I needed. I blame the lighting in that store: everything looks so fantastic and MUST be purchased.

  85. Sarah

    I do 99% of my shopping at Target – and love the cartwheel ap!

  86. Stacey

    omg target. the best part of my year is during summer and winter school breaks (i live in a college town) because there are fewer sorority girls picking through the clearance racks. i definitely want to win $1,000!

  87. Libby

    I combine my cartwheel app with coupons and my red card! Makes me feel better about spending all of my money there!

  88. Kara

    I, too, heart Target and succumb to its charms every.dang.time. Even when I go in with a list, there is always something that I just NEED. Target is my crack and what I could do with $1000 to spend in there…oh, I quiver with terror and excitement.

  89. Kristin

    I can’t be bothered to use coupons, mostly because that minute of clipping isn’t worth the 30 cents or whatever. But if it were something like this on my phone, I’d give it a try!

  90. I love Target. I also love coupons. I will never forget the Target Huggies coupon of December 2007…

    $1000 at Target?? Holy crap, I would be in complete heaven. I would probably blow it all on shoes or something ridiculous, but I think I totally still need to win.

  91. Jean

    Oh, how I love Target! I have been using the Cartwheel app regularly and it’s great! Once, I received an email from Target that one of their brands was 50% for one day only, so I ran over after work and bought an adorable fall coat for only $38 using the app! Even the girl at the cash register was impressed! (And, had never heard of Cartwheel?!!)

  92. Beth

    I love Target and the Target Cartwheel app! And I was actually in my local Target last night, and they had signs up announcing we are getting a fresh produce section. I almost cried from being so damn happy.

  93. Julia

    I used to Cartwheel App for the first time this weekend, and I love it! NO more forgetting coupons at home :)

  94. adrianne

    i love this because just a couple days ago i dropped several dollars worth of coupons somewhere in target and didn’t realize it until i had already checked out. clearly, i need help in this department, too. and anything that aids in a shopping spree at target? i’m game.

  95. I ADORE Target! I love how they let you use a manufacturer coupon AND a Target coupon to really get the best price. Add in Cartwheel and you can triple stack it!

  96. I love Target because I always seem to find tons of things that I “need” when I walk in there for only toilet paper. :)

  97. Megan V.

    I love Target! I pretty much can’t leave the store without spending $100. I am going to download the cartwheel app now. I try to keep all coupons in my wallet and then I see them when I am getting my credit card out.

  98. I mean…I just love target. And I have a Target credit card, which I’m sure is a mistake. But I really should use coupons and $1000 :)

  99. Jacki

    There’s a Target down the street from where I work. We bond often during my lunch breaks. Going to have to check out that cartwheel app! I already spend most of my money there… couldn’t hurt to save a bit. :)

  100. Jamie Z.

    I love target!! Super target might be the best place in the world!

  101. Lauren

    Target already gets all my money, though I didn’t know about the app.

  102. I love Target. It is my dream to get locked in one for a night.

  103. Emily

    I love Target too! The option they have that I really like is the 5% back/off/whatever DEBIT card option. You don’t have to worry about having another credit card bill to pay off each month, you don’t spend money you don’t actually possess, AND they still give you the discount. Genius I tell you!

  104. Sharon

    About a year ago I started clipping coupons for the grocery store. Now that I have that under control most of the time, I think it’s time I add the coupon thing to my Target obsession. It’s about time right?!

  105. Kelsey

    Target is the BEST!!! I spend $50 before I make it past the $1 section

  106. Kristin

    Target and I have a weekly date, and it has never let me down. Always there for me….and my money.

  107. Lynn

    I am obsessed with Target (or Tarjay) as I like to call it! I can never leave the store spending less than $20, so while the register coupons and regular coupons help, this Cartwheel App sounds even better! I will have to download it and try it out on my iPhone!

  108. Vanessa

    I have had the cartwheel app since November. It saved me a ton when we moved into our new house and needed a lot of extra things. I have saved over $100 already! So easy to use and definitely worth it!

  109. Allison

    I need to get the red card, because I think I do 50% of my shopping at the magical land of Target. I just downloaded this app.

    I’m sure you very carefully weigh which sponsored posts you do – I really appreciate this one! It’s almost like a PSA for Target Shoppers. So thanks for letting us know about this!

  110. angie

    Oh, Target, how I love thee. Since I moved, I don’t actually have one in the town I live in – but the next town over (which also has a mall! and a movie theatre that shows more than 2 at a time!) has one and I make the best of the 40 min drive each time I go – Dr’s appt? better lump Target Time in there with it..

  111. I hate clipping coupons too, but I use a similar app for my grocery shopping at Von’s – WAY more convenient to load them on your card and not have to think about them again!

  112. Britt

    I keep coupons clipped to my fridge so they’re always in plain sight, but like you, I’m an overall coupon failure too. However, despite the fact that Target steals all my money, I would still marry Target if Target were a man (hell, or even a woman).

  113. Christine

    Cool app, mysterious name.

  114. Anna

    I love Target!! I am in there all the time and always end up with tons of goodies!

  115. Leanna

    If i win it goes all to charity. Just kidding

  116. Casie

    I always save coupons, thinking I’ll use them. Then months later I have to throw away all the expired coupons I never used. But do I learn? Of course not. I just start a new pile of coupons that I’ll never use. It’s sort of like New Year’s Resolutions for me…

  117. Sarah

    I’m the same way! I carry around coupons in my wallet and always forget to use them. With a baby due in 2 months, though, I know I’ll be living at Target for the foreseeable future.

  118. Cynthia

    I love Target so much!!! This would be INCREDIBLE!!!

  119. Tessa

    I used to be good about coupons, but I have gotten lazy about it! What a great giveway!

  120. Caitlin

    I LOVE Target. I have the Cartwheel app and it’s awesome. Super easy to use and great for updating while you shop.

  121. Kyra

    I hate to use the cliche about Target and how you go in for one thing and leave $200 poorer but…IT’S SO TRUE. Cliches are cliches for a reason. I LOVE TARGET.

  122. Rebecca Hill

    This would be amazing! I can’t be the only one who can’t make it out of Target without spending $100, right?

  123. Yes I use Cartwheel, it’s the only ‘coupon’ that I have ever remembered to use!

  124. Sarah

    Target is my weakness.

  125. Emily

    FINALLY a useful coupon app! Thank you Target you are the best!!

  126. I keep my coupons in my wallet next to my debit card. I have to move them to get my debit card. Now granted, I do sometimes STILL forget to use them…

  127. Cati

    I also struggle with coupons, even the ones target gives you when you check out never find their way back to the store, so clearly I need 1,000$ to buy hair products and dog food.

  128. Erin

    I love Target. Any place that lets me buy a cardigan, maxi pads, soy milk, and a cute lamp is a winner in my book!

  129. Rachel

    The day I spend less than $50 at Target will be a sure sign that the world is ending…

  130. Dannielle

    I’m OBSESSED with Target. Like, it’s a problem. I can’t go in there with a list because I’ve already got a full cart by the time I reach what I actually need. I might as well just have the hospital right out my pay check to Target, it would make things easier on all of us. Anyway, $1,000 to Target would be a dream come true , since I’m a poor grad student who likes to steal toilet paper rolls from everywhere instead of buying them ( :

  131. Natalie

    Yep…I love Target like everyone else. The main reason? I can sneak some clothing items in there amongst the groceries and the husband is none the wiser. :)

  132. margo

    I love Target, but I am terrible with coupons. This app sounds like a good one for me!

  133. Courtney

    You gotta stack a manufacturer coupon, target coupon, AND cartwheel. That’s how it’s done. Target is my fave <3 <3 <3

  134. Sonya

    I do try to use coupons as often as I can remember. A lot of times, I’ll paper clip them to my shopping list. I’ve printed out coupons from the Target website many times. Their new app seems WAY easier!

  135. Meghan

    Dang! Look at all your readers!! I also love Target Cartwheel! Another favorite site of mine?

  136. I absolutely love Target, especially their line of active wear!

  137. Abbie

    This is a good idea! I hate to clip coupons so it may help that they are electronic!

  138. Krista

    Who doesn’t love Target? It has everything. :-)

  139. Laura

    So bad at using coupons! Even when I do, it’s generally for things I don’t need, so I oddly end up spending more money. So sads.

  140. Christy

    I just went to Target yesterday to get 3 things (travel size toiletries). Of course I also purchased coffee, oatmeal, tights (reversible!!), a new workout armband for my phone, and some pjs. Love that store!

  141. Robin

    i <3 target!!

  142. Teresa

    I want that gift card!!

    I’m a single mom with two kids so what does my mother do every week? Brings me the coupon section from their Sunday paper. When she’s not looking, I throw them away. I forget to use them and moreover just don’t have time to look through them every week. They pile up on me if I don’t send them to the recycle bin.

  143. Lora

    Who doesn’t love Target?! My daughters ask for Target gift cards for their birthdays . . . they’re professional Target shoppers. :)

  144. Jo Anna

    My family lives in a town without a Target anywhere close. Not sure how they function!

  145. Nicole

    I love Target! And I can never leave without spending at least $50, so a gift card would be very helpful. :)

  146. kelly

    Ohhh I am salivating thinking of what I would do with $1000 to target!

  147. A target opening up two blocks from my apartment is both the best and worst thing to ever happen to me.

  148. Lisa

    I love the Cartwheel App! Last week I was at Target 4 times in 3 days! It’s a bit of an obsession whenever I need anything and that app makes it great because like you, I forget my coupons even when I remember to bring them!

  149. Paula Smith

    I LOVE Target! I can go in for like, one thing, and come out $50 later. Great giveaway!

  150. Julia

    I hate coupons. My husband would like me to use them, so he spent two hours clipping coupons on Sunday. He organized them for me, clipped them together, and handed them to me on my way out of the house to get groceries. I found the thought of actually using them so overwhelming that I walked back into the house. I still have not gone to the grocery store. I hate coupons.

  151. Kalynn H.

    I love Target! It’s a good thing I live pretty far away from one so I don’t spend quite as much there as I could, but I’d still love to win this! Especially with my wedding coming up because we can buy things from our registry that we don’t receive as gifts! :)

  152. I use my coupons all the time – this week I had over $20 worth. All stuff we use. But in your defense, I am a lot older than with kids who eat a lot , so…yeah. Maybe it’s a generational thang. I do love me some Tarjay! Yesterday I even used a coup or two on some clearance food. (:

  153. Shana

    I’ve been known to bribe my boys with Legos if they’ll agree to go to Target with me. Also, digital coupons are THE BEST.

  154. Amanda

    I feel you on forgetting the coupons, I should download that Cartwheel app! Like other people have said above, you go in for a few things and come out with all sorts of great stuff not on your list!! Omg $1000 to Target….

  155. Sandi

    Oh my gosh! How much fun would spending $1000 at Target be? I always fill my cart up and end up putting stuff back worried I didn’t bring enough money. This is better than Christmas!

  156. Kari

    I cannot escape a Target without buying all the neat things.
    Fancy party? Jewelry from Target. Redecorating? Bedspread from Target. Broncos in the Superbowl? Shirts and Red Solo Cups from where else? Target.
    Love this new app. Thanks for sharing!

  157. LJ

    I’m moving next week so I expect to be at Target more than usual (how is that possible??) for all the random things I need for setting up a house. And probably some clothes and other random stuff I “need.”

  158. Coree

    If I won this, it would be gone in two trips. Because Target is amazing and sneakily expensive. It is amazing.

  159. Alicia Wynn

    I hate clipping coupons! I love, love, love Target Cartwheel! One week at Target, the cashier commented she had never seen anyone save as much as I had using Cartwheel!

  160. Bethany

    Target is pretty much my favorite. I love the end caps and the RedCard!

  161. Oh, I love me some coupons! I like the digital ones better, though. My grocery store has one of those club cards and you can add coupons to it through their website. Love it!

    I have heard of the Cartwheel app, I will have to give it a try. I buy soooo much stuff at Target! I love their workout clothes and I recently discovered that they carry a lot of cruelty-free beauty products.

  162. Mandy

    Target was my fav store when I was young. I didn’t visit between my teenage and thirties. Now I have 2 kids and I live at Target and it’s their fav store now too! I spend at least the amount of 2 new car payments there every month. Crazy!

  163. I love Target so much that when I moved to my new town 13 years ago and went to it to buy something that was in their ad, and they were out, I asked where the other Target was. They said THERE WASN’T ANOTHER ONE FOR 100 MILES. I very nearly moved back to San Antonio.

    Luckily they built another one a few years ago.

  164. Stephanie Walter

    I just started using the Target Cartwheel app and LOVE it!!! Best way to utilize your coupons and always have them with you! Plus…LOVE me some Target!!! :)

  165. Nicole Fanella

    I love target and $1000 would be great since I have 6 kids ::gulp::

  166. Jenny

    I heart Target

  167. Jill

    I will not move to a city that does not have a Target.

  168. I love target! And I could certainly use $1000. That app looks awesome for the lazy and broke like me.

  169. Steff

    This would be amazing. I definitely rely on Target for everything I need. I’m from Minnesota and it’s a home-state company!

  170. sarah

    I stand by my Target although I’m just waiting to be hacked. still make my weekly pilgrimage to give them all my money. I do use cartwheel, though when i see 67 cents saved, i get bummed. I hate coupons. I did have one last week. $1 off of Kens – a full sheet so I tear it, then unload my cart, get to my car, and see it sitting there in my purse. RAGE!

  171. Ash

    I LOVE TARGET! Seriously gimme some clothes! Coupons on their clothes make me so happy!

  172. Robin P.

    Target is my luvah!

  173. Karen Yaeck

    It would be the happiest day ever if I won a $1000 gift card to Target. I am so torn as to exactly how I would spend it- I could get lots of little things or a few big things like a Dyson vacuum cleaner for all the pet hair in my house. I will spend some time making lists just in case I win.

  174. Kate Griffin

    I downloaded the Cartwheel app a couple of weeks ago and I LOVE it! I used it this week for some new running clothes and got 25% off! I mean, I was going to buy it anyway so why not!

  175. Kristen

    I’ve heard about their Cartwheel app but never knew how it worked! Good to know…I’ll definitely be signing up. Love Target!

  176. Amanda

    I love Target! Could spend every cent I earn there, and then some.

  177. Megan

    I recently have discovered the wonder of coupons. After I graduated from college -debt happened, poorness etc… enter: coupons. But they can be a total pain – love love love love the cartwheel app.

  178. Michelle

    Love Target! I’ve been hearing all sorts of good things about this app, so I need to check it out.

  179. Mika

    Oh Target… I can never leave without spending at least $100, even if I only go in for 1 thing. A $1000 gift card would be a welcome rest for my wallet :)

  180. Rachael

    Target gift card? I’m in!

    Another great way to find coupons at Target is to go to before you hit the store. They have pages of coupons you can print off before you even get to the store, just check your shopping list and see if anything you need has a coupon.

    It’s an easy, no hassle way to save big bucks.

  181. Mal

    I really need to get a smartphone so that I can get in on the cartwheel app… But, hooray Target gift card giveaway!

  182. Heather C

    Coupons make me feel so good until I realize that I didn’t need any of the things anyway.

    I love Target!

  183. Tina Scott

    Dude. I do the SAME thing with coupons. They have truly been in my hand at the time of checkout, and as SOON as I get to my car I realize what I’ve done. Over and over. That app sounds awesome. As does free money.

  184. Katie J

    I love Target too much. I can’t go in there without spending $100. Downloading the app now.

  185. Jennifer

    Already have the Cartwheel app and have used it several times. Very easy to use – love it!

  186. Chelsea

    OOOOH! Target! I love that place – even though I lose 3 hours of my life and $200 everytime.

  187. OMG…Target is my jam! I love the cartwheel app, it’s really saved me a ton of money and no clipping coupons! (Although I totally do that too…maximize those savings!)

  188. Julie W

    I’m like you. I think about coupons, even go so far as to clip a couple, but then forget about them when I check out. I want to like using coupons. I also need to like using coupons, because it does save you money. But it’s just not fun spending time looking for them and clipping them. Where I live, Kentucky, we have a lot of Kroger grocery stores. They have an online digital coupon program where there’s no clipping required, and I use that quite a bit. So this Target app sounds like something I would use! Great giveaway!

  189. kristi in LV

    I love shopping at Target. It is spacious and clean!

  190. Stefanie J

    I love me some Target! Best store on the planet!

  191. Bev

    Love, love, love, Target! However, my bank account does not. Would love some free $$$ to spend.

  192. Suzanne Klonis

    Like everyone, I love Target. My sons love Target too, and one even came up with a song about it when he was a year old: “Circle, dot, circle, dot, circle, circle, circle, DOT!”. Cute, huh?

  193. Mary-Kate

    Love Target!

  194. Rachael

    I love Target! And am terrible at remembering coupons as well…

  195. Lucy

    I always forget my coupons – so I have started taping them to my shopping list. That way I am forced to remember.

  196. McKenzie

    I LOVE Target for more reasons than I can name. Seriously, what isn’t to love?! And that Cartwheel app has me totally hooked (yesterday I reached Uber Saver status…nerd alert). I buy my groceries, my clothes, my home decor…everything…at Target.

  197. Linz

    Target is my happy place!

  198. KD

    Like you…because I ALWAYS need something at Target. Luckily my uncooperative 2 y.o. has curbed the amount of Target trips I make these days but I would be happy to wander the aisles on a daily basis :)

  199. Erin

    I love Target and also always forgot to bring coupons, clip coupons, etc.

  200. Jenn

    i went to target for toilet paper the other day and left with $100 worth of stuff…but alas, no TP.

    so of course i had to go back to target that night.

  201. Kristin P.

    The app is such a great idea. Everyone loves to save money so it is perfect!

  202. Amber

    I love Target with all of my heart!

  203. Erin

    The best part about winning this would be that I would go to Target with very specific, responsible things in mind and would end up buying none of that and a bunch of ridiculous (awesome) stuff I don’t need. And probably going over $1,000. Damn you Target!

  204. Ashley Walker

    I clip them and then forget them!

  205. This is great offer!!! Sign me up!

  206. Amanda N.

    Target may be my favorite place ever! Can’t wait to try the Cartwheel app!

  207. Jennifer

    I love Target! This would be great! The Cartwheel app is awesome for keeping track of deals/coupons. I also keep my coupons that I get in the mail in an organizer in my car – that way they are always with me!

  208. michelle

    That app sounds so cool! I love Target and go there all the time!!

  209. In addition to Cartwheel, make sure to text Target (827498), and they will text you a link for mobile coupons that can be scanned from your phone, just like Cartwheel, but better since you can use the mobile coupon IN ADDITION to the Cartwheel, meaning you can save big time! Right now the current code BLEND gets money back on fresh fruits and veggies! Happy shopping!

  210. Anna S.

    I love target! I keep meaning to use the app, maybe I’ll bite the bullet :)

  211. Allison

    I love this. Target is the best!

  212. I already use Cartwheel. I’ve saved like 4 whole bucks with it already. Now give me free money. A grand can buy me a lot of diapers and hookers and blow.

  213. Dina

    Target is the best. It seriously has everything.

  214. I LURVE Target and seriously am there like 2 or 3x a month! Addict Style! Plus I love all the workout clothes and could use some new stuff. I check out their online ad but this cartwheel thing sounds pretty bueno.

    Pick me, pick me!

  215. De

    I love the Cartwheel app, except that it works wonderful as I am wandering the store, clicking on savings for things I am buying, etc, and THEN I go to check out and the darn thing freezes my phone every. damn. time. Won’t tell you how often I have to have the cashier suspend my purchase, and I get out of line, restart my phone and wait. But overall it’s a good one. Doesn’t stop me from trying to get savings from Target.

  216. Elizabeth

    Oh how I love Target… let me count the ways! Seriously though, I try very hard to buy things on sale but almost never clip coupons – I just use store discounts. This sounds so much easier – def downloading the app.

  217. jjcefaratti

    Seriously i am addicted to Target and get my fix daily! thank goodness i only work 2 minutes from one and can go almost every day to check out all the cool stuff and deals they offer. What’s not to love! cute clothes for the hubby, amazing decorations for the house, treats for the pup, and of course everything for me! i just downloaded the new cartwheel app and am stoked to use it! $1000 dollars would sure come in handy with our new house :) love your blog!

  218. Marie

    I love the cartwheel app!!!

  219. Misty

    Since moving to Minnesota, birthplace of Target, it’s primarily where I do my shopping. Plus, it’s attached to my mall, which has an Autie Anne’s in it. So there’s no downside to this. And I already rock at coupons, so this app would allow me to be even more dangerous to the MSRP!

  220. Emily

    I’m one of those people that feels naked without a necklace. Sophomore year at the U of O my fav necklace broke and I really needed to buy a replacement. So we ventured out to Target and I picked up a cool ‘free bird’ necklace and wore it every day for FOUR YEARS. During holiday breaks I worked at a little pizza place in a resort town near where I grew up and I could not go one day without someone complementing that necklace. One day a woman who quite obviously had a lot of money asked me where I got it and when I told her she motioned for me to come closer, dropped her voice and said, “Oh honey, don’t tell people that. It looks so much nicer than THAT. Make something up.” HOW DARE SHE. Target will always have my heart.

  221. Alison

    $1000 at Target?! Awesome. That would last me about a month :)

  222. Camille

    I love Target!! I’m horrible at couponing too– just too lazy to cut things out. Def going to check out the app!

  223. Lindsay

    You and I seem to have a similar addiction to Target, and aversion to coupons.

  224. Amy

    I love Target and the Cartwheel App. I got an email last week letting me know about a one day only Cartwheel coupon for 40% off the C9 activewear – it was a great deal!

  225. I love target, I love coupons…perfect fit!

  226. Rachel

    I am so glad that I’m not the only one who is terrible with coupons! I cut them out but always forget to get them out at checkout or to even rip the “Save Now” ones off items I’m buying.

  227. I don’t coupon either – ain’t nobody got time for that.
    But I love Target because I never leave it without things I need PLUS things I didn’t think I needed but actually did.

  228. Anna Pry

    i use a paperclip to attach my coupons to my debit card as i’m shopping so there’s no way i can forget them b4 paying!

  229. Adriana Garcia

    I love Target, but I just want to win. Period.

  230. Theresa

    I feel like I could spread that $1000 to at least 2 trips…who am I kidding?

  231. Sam

    I LOVE the Cartwheel app. It’s so convenient and really does save me some money. My boyfriend just graduated and will be working full-time at Target (as a team leader), so the $1,000 will not go to waste. :) Thank you!

  232. Christine S

    I love Target and could spend that money in no time!

  233. Angela T

    My Mom has been raving about Cartwheel forever! I would love to win!

  234. Angela

    I consider Target my Mother Ship.

  235. Meaghan Hughes


  236. Laura WL

    Woohoo! I just discovered that several chain grocery stores have apps like this and now Target! That is awesome! #newsyoucanuse

  237. I absolutely love Target. Most of the outfits I wore when I started running came from target!

    I’ve tried using coupons occasionally, but I am like you, I fail epically at remembering to use them. I even had a nifty binder for them once.

  238. Stefanie

    $1,000 to Target would be amazing!!

  239. rache

    I think you need to give us European readers some consolation content. Like a Duchess gif or something. Kate would agree.

  240. Target and I have a long, loving relationship. Of course, I have so many Target locations to choose from here in the birthplace of Target that it’s an easy relationship to cultivate.

    I will be giving the Cartwheel app a chance on my next Target trip (always within the next three days at any given moment). I HATE coupons because I forget to use them and then they expire before I need that particular product again. Of course when all of that happens, it means I’ve wasted time cutting the darn things out of the paper! Frustrating.

  241. Cait

    How can you not love Target? It’s the one stop shop for EVERYTHING you need. I always go in there expecting to buy just one or two things and leave with an entire cart full of stuff I didn’t know I needed until I got there! Plus, their alliance with Justin Timberlake makes me love them that much more.

  242. Kaylan

    Why do I love Target? Because they’re possibly giving me a $1000 shopping spree and damn if I don’t need the money. Everyone! Get on the Honesty Train! Choo choo.

  243. I love Target! I could easily spend $1000 there, and it would be awesome to be able to do it with a guilt free gift card.

  244. Aimee

    I love, love, love Target! A great mix of low prices and high quality! I could sure use this!

  245. I love the cartwheel. I discovered it a few weeks ago and I’m obsessed. I’ve already unlocked 2 more spots and saved like 15 bucks… excuse me but I LOVE saving money. So gimmie that 1k to shop with. I need shit. All of the shit. :)

  246. Mami2jcn

    We shop at Target at least once a week. It’s a very relaxed shopping experience, except on Black Friday of course.

  247. Kaelin

    Love Target. Hate coupons. Love winning giveaways the most.

  248. Mami2jcn


  249. Leslie

    i’m terrible with coupons, but i do LOVE me some t@rget!

  250. Emily

    I also never use coupons but credit card points are nice. So is target :)

  251. Janel

    Love me some Target workout gear! I could spend hours in that store and would love to do so with someone else’s money :)

  252. Stephanie

    I just downloaded cartwheel, though I haven’t successfully used it yet. I am not very good at coupons either. At Costco they send you coupons, but it just is automatically applied… no need to remember them!

  253. Maureen

    I LOVE Target but HATE clipping coupons. This is the perfect app for me!!

  254. Jess

    Target it is a magical black hole for my time and money. Along with it’s neighbor, TJ Maxx. And yet, I love it.

  255. Man, this might help me get my act in gear. I can never remember to use coupons :(

  256. Janice

    I love Target. So addicting. I have a hard time with coupons because I feel when you are coupon clipping it is tempting to buy more things since you have a coupon for it. I could do so much with free Target $$$$ oh the possibilities!

  257. Anna

    I love Target and this app actually seems useful!

  258. Stephanie Clement Abbott

    I’ve never once used a coupon. Nothing against ‘em just pure laziness and carelessness on my part. However, I am one heck of a bargain hunter. Target sells our Evie’s diapers at the cheapest rate…cheaper than Costco! I heart Target. Always and Forever.

  259. latanya

    I love Target and the great brands that they offer

  260. Jillian Durney

    LOVE Target! They have the best baby deals :)

  261. Helen

    I LOVE Target, but would you believe the closest one is 100 miles away from where I live?! And I love to use coupons but I usually forget to put them in my purse and then don’t have them when I need them so this app sounds awesome.

  262. I just discovered the Cartwheel app and am STOKED to start using it. I think I might go this weekend JUST so I can use it…

  263. Kinley

    I love Target because they have everything! The oddest thing I ever bought there was a mattress… shipped to my home, space-save packed into a bag and then rolled up. Strangest packaging ever!

  264. Jackie

    I love the Cartwheel app! And would love $1000 to Target!

  265. Carrie S

    Love Target!! And the Cartwheel App!! It has already saved me over $60.

  266. Jen

    I heard about the app and just kind of faked used it while shopping one day. When I got to the register I asked the lady how it worked or what to do then, she helped me figure it out and I saved 15 bucks and I did not buy that much stuff.

  267. Nicole

    I have a love /hate relationship with target! Definitely love the cartwheel app, especially since you can scan barcodes of items to see if there is a deal! I told my husband that my only requirement if we move is that we have to be within a 15 min. drive to Target :-)

  268. Jamie Scott

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? This app is awesome. Even if I don’t win, thank you for this article!

  269. Leah

    Saved 25% on workout clothes the other day thanks to that app!

  270. Um, I love Target so much that I base where we want to live off of how close it is to Target. Currently, an hour away. (I don’t like this place.)

  271. Elena

    I like Target because they sell my favorite brands and the prices are affordable

  272. heather

    I love saving money but dislike clipping, tearing or having to remember coupons. This app seems great and I love Target so I am sure I’ll use it frequently. I love Target so much, I walk 4 miles to get there. No joke, it’s on the other side of the city I live in and I don’t have a car and am too cheap (broke) for public transportation.

  273. K Frisbee

    You are correct: one always needs to go to Target. Always.
    I think I have used coupons all of three times in my life. I occasionally clip but usually forget them or don’t feel it is worth the effort for 5 cents off a jar of pasta sauce.

  274. cait

    Ahhhh! I super love Target! I always spend more than I should when I’m there ( a sure sign of love) and also would benefit from clipping coupons. ….something I have yet to commit to doing for real.

  275. Katie

    Target is my happy place. I clip coupons from the weekly paper, use Cartwheel, and save 5% w/my Target card–doesn’t get much better! The downside is I inevitably end up with a bunch of stuff I don’t need, but hey, at least I saved $ on it!

  276. Nichole

    I’ve been seeing this Cartwheel thing for awhile now, and have just ignored it, but now I’m convinced I need to give it a try. I used to do all sorts of saavy saving at Fresh and Easy until they were bought out :( That’s about the extent of my coupon know-how.

  277. Hayley

    Oh my gosh, $1000 to Target?! Dream come true

  278. Emma

    I spend $1000+ a year at Target anyway, so this would be much nicer to my bank account.

  279. Alice

    ahhhhh i love target so much! i don’t get to go very often because i don’t have a car, but when i do, remember that it’s my happy place.

  280. Target has the best coupons online…I print them and can use them at other stores too! But this app is the best for shopping groceries at Target…especially as I find their prices to beat my regular store.

  281. Tricia

    Love that target has guest fashion designers!!

  282. Colleen

    I use Cartwheel! Hate coupons, love anything that involves an app on my phone.

  283. Emily

    I love the idea of coupons, but rarely, if ever, use them. Must work on that!

  284. Lindsey

    I love Target and free money!

  285. Sharde

    Since I’m from Minnesota, I think I’m obligated to love Target. Great giveaway!

  286. Heather

    Target is a dangerous place for me. All I see are pretty, shiny things and find myself wanting everything. I’ve wanted to become a ‘coupon person’ but when it comes to actually taking the time to cut them out it turns into a big lazy nope. The Cartwheel app makes it seem way less tedious of a task!

  287. I love Target! I use Cartwheel, in combination with mobile coupons and mfr. coupons for extra savings!

  288. Jennifer

    I have had this app for about 2 months, I have Targets Red Debit card so I save 5% already, but I finally used the app last week and I was geeked! More saving at Target!!! It’s a win win for all. ❤️

  289. Janeen

    I love target!

  290. Katie Y.

    I love the variety that Target has – always allowing me to try new things at a great price!

  291. Danielle Wilson

    LOVE Target but coupons seem like too much effort.

  292. Emily

    I, like everyone, LOVE target. And their cartwheel app makes getting coupons so easy!

  293. Megan

    Just started using cartwheel and I’m obsessed. It’s so easy!

  294. Sabrina

    Uh, I have three kids and love target. My kids even recognize the logo. I would buy all the c9 gear if I won.

  295. I am obsessed with the Cartwheel app!!!

  296. Amanda

    Target is the best!!!

  297. If I won a $1,000 Target giftcard, I would probably pass out. Full on fainting.

  298. Jared

    I have four kids. We love coupons.

  299. Nina

    This is so awesome! $1000 to target, yes please!!!

  300. LEslie SCott

    I LOVE TARGET!!!New resolution: No new clothing untill MArch 1st.. MArch 2nd.. watch out Target!

  301. Kristen

    I just downloaded the CartWheel App a couple of weeks ago and love it! So easy to use and you get some great deals. Target is an awesome one-stop shop!

  302. Alex

    Target….I went in for a (free) prescription last week and spent $200 on random stuff. Gah love it.

  303. Erin

    Coupons are hard. But I do love me some Target!

  304. Maureen

    I love Target–I seriously love everything from there! Clothes, jewelry, snacks..everything!

  305. Elizabeth

    I could get lost in Target for days and not even care/notice because Target is the shiz.

  306. caroline

    I drive 45 minutes to get to the closest Target and I love it!

  307. Monica

    Target makes my heart sing. And my bank account look like I’m unemployed.

  308. Ashley

    I feel like I spend that much at Target on a weekly basis…is that wrong?

  309. Laura M.

    I love me some Target. I always feel calm and relaxed when I step into Target (coupons or no coupons). I’m always a little less calm leaving though after I buy all the awesome stuff they have! Maybe this cartwheel app will help!

  310. Rachel

    I am a poor grad student, yet I find a way to spend all my money at Target every week. I should really just move in to Target itself to save time with all the back-and-forth trips I make.

  311. Anne

    I love the cartwheel app! My favorite thing is that you can scan your barcodes to see if there are any current offers available for that particular item. It saves me so much time not having to browse through the categories and ensures I’m not missing any good deals.

  312. Jaime

    I love Target! Sometimes, I like to have myself a Target “happy hour” where I go and get popcorn and a diet coke from the cafe and spend an hour wandering the aisle (no husbands allowed). The Cartwheel app is great, and it’s even better when combined with manufacturer’s coupons!

  313. Alise

    I’m the same way with coupons. I can’t remember the last time I used a coupon! I love Target (but who doesn’t?) and I def need to check out the Cartwheel app.

  314. Mary Katherine

    I had no idea about Target Cartwheel! Now I just need for them to offer a teacher discount!! :)

  315. Katie

    oh man $1k to target? sign me up! I’ve never been a couponer, but I’ll definitely check out the app!

  316. Lauren B

    I love Cartwheel! I saved $40 the other day using it to buy C9 workout clothes. I’m also a sucker for those in-store deals at HEB. I love the Combo Loco!

  317. Emily H

    Love Targ. Love coupons. Would LOVE $1k to Targ to use my coupons. :)

  318. Jill

    Target is a beautiful land full of unicorns and glitter. They can do no wrong in my eyes…even if someone is selling my information as I write.

  319. Ahh! Ijustdownloaded the Cartwheel app 2 weeks ago because there was a coupon on there for 40% off C9 workout clothes. I had a paper coupon as well which they also let me use so I got $96 worth of new stuff for $47!!! I nearly fainted. Target RULES. Also ODoyle rules. Name that movie :)

  320. Jillian

    Well, my wallet got stolen which included my christmas giftcard! So, needless to say, I am still bitter about this and would love nothing more than to receive this giftcard!

  321. Stephanie Boysen

    Love Target. Even more now that they have added a produce section…and beer! ;)

  322. hensley

    target is where my paychecks go to die

  323. Ky G

    This is awesome. Thanks for the heads up. I always have the best intentions with coupons but just can’t keep up. I DO keep my Target register coupons in my purse/wallet though because I know I’m bound to shop there before the coupons expire ;-)

  324. Maria

    I love Target, but I’m just like you. Couponing is not my jam!

  325. Michelle B

    Duh, I totes want $1000 at Target. Thanks for the post!

  326. Michelle

    You are hilarious and I love Target!!

  327. I LOVE Target and would LOVE $1000 to spend there!! :-)

  328. Grace

    Our story is much the same! I shop at Target so much that my husband made me get the REDcard debit card and I love it! Then I discovered the Cartwheel app! I think it may make me spend more money at Target because I find things with a coupon that was not on my list before, but I love any excuse to go to Target! They are marketing geniuses!

  329. Susan

    Target is my favorite place for household goods! I’m moving soon and am secretly (not so secretly anymore) looking forward to shopping for my new apartment.

  330. Melissa

    Target is amazing. I will literally go there for 1 thing and come out with 100. Its even worse when I go with my husband because he definately steers me away from the list I have created to help ensure I dont spend our life savings in one trip to the store.

  331. Jenn

    I love Target! That $1000 would not last long with me!

  332. Sandra

    I love the Cartwheel app! Nothing better then saving money on things you are buying anyways, I pull up the app and there is always at least one thing in my basket with savings

  333. I love shopping at target! Mostly I spend my time placing everything I like in the cart, then spending the remainder of my time talking myself out of buying it all and putting it all back! Yay for coupons that will undoubtedly make me feel justified in making actual purchases!

  334. I really really love Target. We shop there for everything! The biggest part of couponing is (I think) organization. Considering I’m completely unorganized all the time, it probably makes sense why I’m never good at coupons!

  335. Jessica

    Love Target! During my MBA program, I saved a ton of money by grocery shopping there instead of Publix. I’m also hoping to buy my wedding spanx there :)

  336. Michelle

    It’s one of my favorite stores! Thanks for a chance to win.

  337. Maggie Ward

    I could live at Target.

  338. Ashley

    I love Target– if they don’t carry it, I probably don’t actually need it.

  339. Megan

    Target is my therapy for life.. Loooove

  340. Carrie T

    My husband and our bank account will be forever grateful for $1000 to Target! And I’d appreciate the extra fuel for my addiction. It’s like crack.

  341. aarika m

    Would love the opportunity for the Target gift card! With a baby on the way it would help a bunch with diapers! :)

  342. Alicia Russell

    target has a special place in my heart always…it has everything i need at great prices! can’t go wrong w/ the red dots <3

  343. Hanna

    Omg. Target <3

  344. Target is the thing I miss most. More than my family. Because I can face time with my family.

    For the record, I am legally still a US resident. I am registered to vote in NC, have a US mailing address, and if you give me a hard time about it you can mail it to my parents OR I will claim you don’t support the troops.

    Just kidding.

    But I’d love to win. I miss Target. And they do deliver.

  345. Melissa

    I love target :) I could spend hours wandering around…with $1000 I could really do some damage for my 3 month old son! We are talking clothes, diapers, new entertainment! And a few clothes would be excellent to get me out of this postpartum sweatpants and more into myself again!:)

  346. Gail

    I love the Cartwheel app–I saved 40% on workout clothes the other day!

  347. marci

    Oh my my family loves target and this would be great for my daughter.

  348. Tatiana L

    Yay Target!

  349. Cathy

    Everyone keeps telling me how awesome the cartwheel app is! Ive dowloaded but every time I’m in Target I get distracted by all the shiny things!!

  350. Sarah

    I love Target!!!

  351. TJ

    Love Target, but I never really use coupons. They’re rarely for things I want to buy.

  352. I’m pretty sure winning this would be the answer to all of my problems. (You know, for as long as it would take me to spend it. So, 20 minutes).

  353. Katie

    I love target!!! Oh the things I could do with $1000 for there!

  354. Kimberly

    I love Target! I’d love to win this, but let’s be real. I’d spend all of it in a single trip.

  355. MeLisa

    Since downloading the target app I am obsessed, but somehow I keep buying M&M’s because they are on sale and then an additional 20% off…who can refuse?

  356. Betsy Cook

    I love Target! We just bought a house and this would be PERFECT to decorate! :)

  357. Erin B

    The only coupons I ever remember to use are the $10 off $100 that Target sometimes sends in the mail. Any other coupons get shoved in a pocket in my purse and forgotten about. Oops.

  358. tempesst

    i love target and how it really does have everything!

  359. Britt

    I’ll have to check this out, I love Target

  360. amy b

    I just downloaded Cartwheel myself

  361. Katie B.

    Target is my happy place.

  362. Laura

    I love Target and would love to win the $1,000! Thanks!

  363. Jenny

    Not only do i love Target, but so does my one year old! :)

  364. Kelli Jamisom

    Coupon, what’s a coupon? I can do the app thing and I love the Target thing…I’m doing a cartwheel…har har! If I win, I’ll send you a package of Reese’s! Internet pinky swear.

  365. Christine

    I love Target! If I won the giveaway, I would use it towards buying baby stuff for my little girl who is coming in June!

  366. Tricia

    It is physically impossible for me to go to Target without walking out with at least $50 worth of impulse buys! Think of how many fun things you could buy from there with $1000!!!

  367. Aileen

    Love Target, this giveaway, and your blog! :)

  368. pamc

    I’m in..I also use gives you coupons that are in the area you are at or you can search for it. I’ll have to download cartwheel.

  369. Megan B

    I love Target! More so now then ever since I’ve been overseas and have Target stores around! Oh the horror!I’m equally bad at using coupons, but the thought kind of counts, right? That is until I get home and realize how much I could have saved! …Downloading the Cartwheel app as we speak!

  370. Katie

    If there’s anything I love more than Target it’s coupons to use at target. This app will be mine (and hopefully that gift card will be too).

  371. SMW

    “Let me just grab one thing from Target” famous last words!!

  372. Shannon Sumrall

    I would LOVE to win! So awesome!

  373. Meagan

    I might just love Target as much as my husband. Ok, maybe not– but it’s a damn close call. ;)

  374. Keegan

    I don’t have children which I figure is like the greatest coupon ever so I don’t bother with actual coupons. I do spend an obscene amount of money in the Target dollar section…getting the holiday kids clothing items…for my dogs…. I am that lady, but whatever, I have the most amazing calendar of my dogs wearing all the festive crap and it is fabulous!

  375. Noelle

    I don’t clip coupons for the very same reasons you stated. I freaking love Target though, so I just might get all up in this.

  376. Tracey Leffler

    Ahh, Target. Everything about it is wonderful.

  377. Tracy

    Welcome to Target!

  378. Aimee

    Loooooooooooove Target! I could shop til I drop with $1000!

  379. Nikki

    I have mad love for Target!

  380. Cristina

    I saved $9 yesterday using the Cartwheel app! love!

  381. Wendy

    I have the Cartwheel ap and really like it. Target is one of those places, for where, where I intend to buy toothpaste and leave with my pocked $100 lighter.

  382. Amy

    Target is my lovah too! Great giveaway!

  383. Mollie

    I’ve never been able to get the hang of using coupons but I LOVE Cartwheel!

  384. Ashlee

    I love me some target. I want this app, but technology confuses me.

  385. Isis

    I always spend 10 times the amount I should in Target, so there’s that. Also, I always save the coupons they give you when you checkout in hopes of using them.. and then I lose them or forget about them. This app = awesome!!!

  386. Ali

    Aww yeah. I bet I could use up $1000 at Target in roughly 3 shopping trips, since I always go in expecting to buy one thing and roll back out with a million adorable things.

  387. Lauren

    I love Target. Love. The nearest Target is a good hour and half away though. So, in order to visit my beloved Target, I found a someone to cut my hair in that town so I could ensure a Target visit every 6 weeks or so. Its probably good for my bank account I don’t live any closer seeing as I can’t resist buying something when I’m there.

  388. Andrea

    I love Target. This would be amazing!

  389. Meghann

    It hurts so good every time I leave that store. Go in for diapers and come out with everything else I laid eyes on!

  390. Diane N

    I put any coupons I have for items on my list in an envelope when I leave to go shopping. As I shop, I move the coupons I am actually using to my wallet so I see them when I am getting ready to pay and, therefore, don’t forget to use them.

  391. Debbie

    I would really LOVE $1000 to target. Or $100. Or even, like 5 cents. I’m sure I could find something good.

  392. Becky

    Best store ever! I love the cartwheel app! I just wish that the internet was better inside Target so I could bring the app up better. Best give away I have seen!

  393. Megan from Corpus

    I love Tar-jay, but get in trouble every time I go there. I redeem myself by explaining that because I use my Target Red card, I save $$ every time. Hubs doesn’t really buy it but oh well…
    I have that app and it is wonderful!

  394. Jane S

    I love Target! Even though every time I go it sucks me in to buying way more than I intended. What can I say, I’m weak. Would love to win, thanks for the giveaway!

  395. Shae

    I adore Target and using my REDcard, even though it’s only 5% I love seeing that savings! I’m definitely too lazy and forgetful to use real coupons, but I have managed to get the Cartwheel App on my phone, however I haven’t used it yet, lol

  396. Allie

    I love Target, what a great giveaway!

  397. lauren

    I love that there is now a Target near my office in Chicago. I’m going tonight, actually.

  398. I load coupons for grocery shopping (Safeway) onto my phone using a similar coupon app. I love it so much because I hate myself for writing list after list of what to buy with what coupon, only to forget and re-write the list later!

  399. Sarah

    I will do digital coupons like Cartwheel if it’s something that’s already on my list, but I almost always get tempted by something JUST because it has a coupon, even though I would never buy it to begin with. Bastard manufacturers… that is their end game after all. I’m a marketer’s dream.

  400. Juli d

    I use a similar app for the local grocery. Love it!

  401. Target is my drug of choice, personally. I love that damn place, and it cheers me up no matter what mood I’m in.

    I have no coupon tricks, but I def intend on downloading the Cartwheel app now – thanks for the heads up!

  402. Linsey

    Target YES PLZ.

  403. hannah

    i love target! i actually spent about 5 hours walking around Target today while waiting for my car to be repaired.

  404. Jen

    Love Target! I clip coupons but can never remember to bring them to the store!

  405. AR


  406. Jen

    I hate coupons and love Target!

  407. Melanie Doe

    I loveee target, and can’t leave without spending at least $50…

  408. Maggie

    Love Target so much- want to marry it!

  409. Laura

    I love target and the app sounds awesome!

  410. Lora

    By the time I get to the checkout with my toddler we have visited every aisle in the toy department, she has flipped through every kids book in the book section, and she has had her own personal party in the birthday aisle that involves trying on the hats, playing with the favors and harassing the piñatas… at the register I am just trying to get out of the store and can barely get out my target card before my daughter decides to get into something else so cartwheel might be easy enough for me to use while trying to keep my daughter out of trouble.

  411. Katie

    Love Target! Definitely need to check that app out as I have a large collection of coupons at home that never make it to the store.

  412. Erin D.

    I was good at couponing (read: when Target sent a coupon book, I’d tear some out and once in a while remember to use them) for about a year, and have totally fallen off the bandwagon. Will have to check the app out!

  413. Lauren

    I LOVE Target!!! The Cartwheel app is amazing too !

  414. Katie S

    I love Target so much I travel out if state often just to shop there! I sadly live in the only state that doesn’t have one (Vermont).

  415. Alex

    I love target and I love coupons. I get made fun of at work for clipping coupons during late nights (I’m a nurse) and my excessive shopping habits. Not even embarrassed.

  416. Sarah

    Target is a life saver! I ride my bike 3 miles to target when I have to go. All worth it to save a bunch of money!

  417. Kelly

    Target has my heart (and a large portion of my paycheck)!

  418. Tennille

    I love target. I wish it was on every corner.

  419. Coming out of longtime lurkdom to comment/probably not win: I could spend so much at the Targette across from Sprouts just off of Research in Austin.

  420. Emily

    Target is where I go to de-stress! My couponing tip: don’t use them unless you were going to buy the product anyway!

  421. Autumn

    I love Cartwheel! I love it even more when it actually has coupons for things I use ;)

  422. chelsey

    A cashier had told me about the app but I didn’t know what it did. Thanks for the info. I’ll have to give it a try.

  423. KMM

    oh man, i heart target.

  424. Meghan

    Oh god, TARGET. My husband is British and the first time we were back in America and I took him to Target, he was just like “but…but this sells EVERYTHING.” I love that damn place.

  425. Megan

    Love Cartwheel, unfortunately, I remember to use it about as often as you remember to use your coupons.

  426. Cristina

    Target is the best! I always end up leaving with more than I was looking for lol :)

  427. Cristina Gore

    You can find everything at Target! Home goods, make-up, clothes, food, movies!! Love it

  428. Emily H

    I love Target and heard about this app, but I was never sure how it worked. Would love to try it out while using a gift card! :)

  429. M. Celeste

    I know I’m not the only one who walks into Target to buy, say, a hand towel and some laundry detergent and walks out with leggings, a blow dryer, fruit snacks, new make-up, adorable stationery, and bookends. Yeah…
    $1000 would be really useful.

  430. I love target – its so organized, and their store brand products are amazing – plus I can get everything there so it saves me lots of time

  431. Ananda

    `I thought coupons were just something that you store in your wallet until the date listed on them passes? Then spend more time cleaning them out of your wallet and purse?
    I do love Target though. I can’t help myself.

  432. CT Cupcake

    having apps like cartwheel or I use the michaels app too when I’m pretending I can craft, is the only way I can remember to use coupons, otherwise I carry them in my purse but don’t actually use the coupons.

  433. Mary

    LOVE Target! I’m finding that APP now! I would spoil my brand new grandson (even more)!!!!

  434. I tried the Cartwheel app on my last Target trip – way better then trying to remember to bring along coupons which I always always forget!

  435. Nicole

    I also got the same email and ignored it ha ha ha…maybe I should actually read these things more. I always say I am going to use coupons but forget them and curse myself once i get to the register-this will be a huge help!

  436. I just found the cartwheel app and love it!

  437. Chrystal D

    I Love Target & think it’s great I can get Yankee Candles there!

  438. Susan Smith

    This app sounds great! I shop at Target often and buy a lot of my childrens clothes, beauty products and cleaning supplies there.

  439. I seriously put the paper coupons right next to my Kroger card before I go get groceries, plus I note COUPON next to the item on my phone’s shopping list.

    That, and where possible, electronic clipping that puts the coupons “on” your store card. That way, the U-Scan or the cashier asks if I have my loyalty card with the electronic coupons on it, I spot paper coupons, delicious noms are purchased for less and the world is a happier place.

  440. Mary Beth Elderton

    I love shopping Target. I don’t do so much heavy couponing for groceries anymore, but I love to have discounts/coupons/promo codes for home items and clothes–and Target has some gorgeous things!

  441. Madeline

    I try not to love Target as much as I do, but my credit card bill proves me wrong every month.

  442. Margaret Smith

    I shop Target all the time. It’s my favorite store. Love this idea of Cartwheel and I will use it.

  443. Jammie

    Love couponing, just have to remember when you get coupons, you don;t have to use them right then. Often times the item will go on sale and you will get an awesome deal. sweepmorey at gmail dot com

  444. Lauren

    oooooh Target. I have my eye on some patio furniture like whoa.

  445. Target has been great when I was all different body sizes through preganacies and in between. I loved their diapers. Now that I don’t have kids in diapers, I make fewer Target runs, but I love the affordable stylish clothes (for kids and me). Thanks for the contest!

  446. Monica Davis

    LOVE Target! This giveaway is awesome! I probably go to target 5-6 times a week, it practically feels like home :)

  447. Kiara

    I go shopping at Target once a week.

  448. Cindy

    Target has the most amazing tall yoga pants and I love them for that and many other reasons!

  449. Emily

    i mean what do i even say. if anyone comments and says they DON’T love target then they are disqualified from general existence. or not. whatever. I LOVE YOU TARGET.

  450. How do I love Target?

    Let me count the ways…

    I feel like Target is ‘my’ store. It’s always clean, nice, with friendly, helpful employees. I would rather shop at Target than anywhere else. A few months ago I bought a crummy product and they were great about returns. I even exchanged it first hoping it was just a dud. When the second one was no good they happily did a return instead. Can’t beat good service and good prices.

  451. Whitney Lindeman

    Target is my jammmmm! :)

  452. Natalie

    I could not live without Target. I use coupons there all the time.

  453. Erin

    I’m hit or miss with coupons… I tend to clip them and then forget them on our fridge until just after they expire. Ever since our Target put in a grocery section there is no need to shop anywhere else!!

  454. Timmy

    I use a lot of my coupons at Target.

  455. Amy P

    I am not that great at using coupons but I try

  456. Stephanie V.

    LOVE target and can’t wait to try this. Tip to wait for something to go on sale then stack coupons
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  457. Erika J. Matthews

    I love Target, as they always carry the organic products that my family uses and at a great price.

  458. D Schmidt

    I love that I can use my Red Card along with a manufacturer and Target coupon to save money.

  459. Alli Hancock

    I absolutely love this store and go in at least twice a week!!!

  460. Janis Hollenbeck

    Oh the things I could buy with a $1000 gift card to Target!

  461. Janis Hollenbeck

    I could save and buy so much with a $1000 Target gift card.

  462. I have never tried it before, but thank you for bringing it to my attention! I’ll definitely check it out. :)

  463. Nicole G

    I don’t have any coupon tricks besides keeping them in the main portion of my wallet so I’ll see them when I get my debit card. =)

  464. Love Cartwheel! The search feature is awesome. I use coupons all the time, and it saves our family lots of money. I like using it on clothes, baby things, groceries- everything! If I won, I’d love to buy furniture/home decor.


  465. Melanie L.

    I would love to win this gift card! I rarely use coupons because I rarely use name brand products. I try to save money by using store brands which often is the same as the name brand. I don’t plan far enough ahead to use coupons that often.

  466. Soha

    I enjoy shopping at Target a lot.

  467. Margot C

    I love Target; the prices are great but it’s not some horrible dirty store with palates of random stuff but a reliable place with items that I can depend on their being there!

  468. Claudia

    Since I also always forget my coupons, I have no tips there. But I do LOVE target!!

  469. Dede

    I’d love to spend $1000.00 at Target!

  470. Sara

    I am awful at keeping track of coupons so I just never do it. I absolutely love Target though, this is a great giveaway!

  471. ginikay

    I can’t get out of target without buying at least 3 times the number of things that I came there to buy, so $1000 would come in handy! ;)

  472. Kim Ripley

    I can’t walk into a Target store without spending at least $100! I always end up buying myself things I don’t need but I love it!!

  473. Cynthia C

    I love shopping at Target because they have such a nice selection of everything at reasonable prices and it’s located nearby.

  474. Tamar

    We go to Target all the time and always get savings.

    The other day we tried to get a box of something which was on sale but it was sold out so they gave us a raincheck and we got it last week. YAY. I love Target.

  475. Tracy

    I love the variety that Target has!

  476. Target is a great place to shop and to save money.

  477. Janet C

    I love target and think this app sounds like a great way to save some money ! Definitely downloading it.

  478. I love Target and the Cartwheel app. That combined with my Red card is a recipe for disaster (I mean amazing shopping). I especially love the clothing deals on Cartwheel! They always have great offers.

  479. Claire

    Target! Who doesn’t love Target? Go in for one thing, come out with a cart full of goodness.

  480. Janice Cooper

    I love using coupons but my main problem is remembering to bring them (lol!). I would say keep an envelope or pouch in your purse strictly for coupons and once you come across the coupon you need be sure to put it in that envelope.

  481. Julie

    Being a SAHM, Target is the only place I can go with the two kids without losing my mind. Popcorn and an Icee and I’ve bought myself a good hour and a half to shop with minimal interruptions. I use Cartwheel and have a RED card. I save my husband so much money and I love having one place to get everything I need. Food, household stuff and clothes – I will never quit Target.

  482. Laura

    Oh gosh. I love Target waaaaay too much. I always go there with a small list and end up with 10X that much stuff.

  483. Katie

    Yes please to a target card. Here’s my entry!

  484. I never take the time to find coupons, but I love Target!!

  485. Ellen

    I heard about this app but I was skeptical. A gift card would sure help me be less skeptical about it, ha ha. Seriously best giveaway ever.

  486. Shannon

    I could drop $1000 in Target in an hour!

  487. Dwayne

    I have not tried Cartwheel

  488. Denise S

    I don’t have a device that uses apps. I love finding home decor items at Target.
    lazybones344 at gmail dot com

  489. Lorena Keech

    I guess in your case, my coupon suggestion or tip would be for you to screw your head on before you go shopping and remember to use the coupons you brought with you.

  490. Desiree

    I LOVE Target! I love their clearance items, the organization and how many products they have to offer!

  491. Terry

    I like Target’s slushies and how a lot of them have Starbucks in them. I like Target’s DVD collection.

  492. Cathy Truman

    I like to buy items on sale and with coupons and sometimes
    you can get a rebate for the item. I love Target

  493. amber

    Love Target! Especially that you can stack coupons there for really great deals, and this app will make that even easier

  494. Anastasia

    Target has a lot of great stuff and that’s why I love to shop there! My biggest coupon “trick” is just to check the store website before I go and add any coupons I might use to my frequent shopper card :)

  495. Lauren

    Oooh I love Target and would love to win, I spend 1/2 my paycheck there anyway (went twice on Saturday). Thanks for having such a great giveaway!

  496. Meg

    It’s basically impossible for me to leave Target with less than $200 items in my cart. The other day I managed to leave with $180 and was proud of myself. Especially since all I went in there for was a $20 refill on my medication.

  497. meredith

    LOVE LOVE LOVE target – and love saving money. BUT, truth be told – i like winning money more! :)

  498. Chels

    $1000 at Target?! That would last me a whole 5 minutes!! I’d love it!!!

  499. Of course I <3 Target. Does anyone not?!

  500. Lindsay

    Love target! I’m awful with coupons. I either forget to use them, or when I do remember, they’re already expired. Story of my life :)

  501. Sandy

    Target is amazing… I have to force myself to run in and out for only what I need, otherwise I will spend a couple hours and a hundred dollars in there easy. It is one of my happy places. :)

  502. Rachel

    There is a Target next to my office. And it has a Starbucks inside. I have to use all of my willpower not to lunch break there every single day.

  503. Sarah

    Heck yes I want $1000 to spend at Target!

    We saved $60, and earned $15 in gift cards on Friday using cartwheel and coupons. WINNING!

  504. Jenn

    I’m begging the random number generator to PICK ME! I loooooooove Target. They fuel my “Which mascara should I pick this time!?” dilemma. The answer? All of them.

  505. Ashley C

    I LOVE target! It is my all time favorite store to go to because they have trendy, unique items that I can afford!

  506. joann

    I love Target because I can get everything I need under one roof!

  507. Lindsey

    My best coupon tip is to match up manufacturers coupons in the newspaper with online coupons available on a stores website for double the savings!

  508. I love Target and this app makes me love it even more!

  509. Jacob LaFountaine

    Mix of online and paper coupons

  510. Lauren

    I fail at coupons but I love Target!

  511. Anna Lee

    Um $1000 to spend at Target??? HUZZAH!!! Cue me doing cartwheels down the hall.

  512. joni

    I always Google for coupons and discounts before making a purchase anywhere.

  513. Cassie

    I need $1000 to spend at Target! I would use it at the new one with the expanded grocery section (fresh produce!) because I’m poor and food is freaking expensive.

  514. Freja

    Almost had a tiny stroke when I saw this giveaway. I love Target more than I love most things in life. Like, Target is probably tied with FNL and donuts on the list of things I love (a huge honor I might add).

  515. Sarah Hirsch

    I love Target – I find that their prices are definitely better than the grocery store I shop at, I just wish target was a little closer to my house

  516. Laura Love

    I have the Target Cartwheel app and I use it and love it! My favorite department to shop is housewares for sure! My email is laurabethlove [at]

  517. Amber

    I haven’t used Cartwheel yet because I don’t have a smartphone (I know!). BUT, I just found out that you can load the coupons from your home pc and print out a barcode for the cashier to scan. SWEET!

  518. Linda

    Love Target! Like the rest of creation (it seems anyway) I go in to buy one thing and end up with 50. And I wonder where the money goes? Going to download Cartwheel because spending less is never a bad thing.

  519. karen

    I lurve Target! After not having a Target for my first 30+ years, we are making up for lost time now. ;)

  520. Brittany

    I love love love Target!! I mean, who doesn’t??? Weirdos for sure. I actually just downloaded the Cartwheel app last week and already used some of the coupons!! I love it because I go to Target way too often and I like to save money whenever possible.

  521. Julie

    Words cannot express the happiness I would feel with a $1000 gift card to Target. Thanks for the info on Cartwheel!

  522. Nicole L

    I love Target. It takes 5 mins to walk from my apartment to the store, which is def not good for my wallet!

  523. I do love Cartwheel! I’d love to see “that time of the month for women items”… Right now the 15% Mars Valentine Exchange would be my favorite. Is it wrong that I love m and ms that much…? Thanks for a chance to win! kmassman gmail

  524. Jennifer

    I am usually good with coupons but recently I have become too lazy and just do online shopping. But I would love to shop more often at Target with this gift card!

  525. Kate

    Ahhhh! I love Target! Didn’t know about cartwheel, but I’ll definitely be checking that out now!

  526. tracey byram

    I love the selection of clothing and shoes at Target.

  527. Ashley H

    I shop at Target all the time!!

  528. Christina

    Love Target! They sometimes print out coupons with the receipt, but I am not really good at remembering to use those, this app is better.

  529. Once I got in trouble at Target for eating some Cheez-Its in the store. What can I say, I was really hungover. But I still love Target.

  530. Raychel

    I have absolutely no couponing skills either- which is why I would CERTAINLY need the $1k to Target :-D

  531. EJ

    Target is my jam! I downloaded the cartwheel app but I haven’t used it yet :/ I’ve been trapped inside with all theses snowstorms!

  532. Lauren-Olivia Wood

    My coupon tip is to match up sales in the sales papers with manufacturers coupons for double savings!

  533. Alisa

    I love Target to the point of almost maxing out my credit card there!

  534. Cassandra Eastman

    I can’t wait to use this app, no more clipping out coupons for me! I love shopping at target because they have something for the whole family!

  535. Carolyn G

    I love Target

  536. Janet

    I’ve tried, multiple times, to be a coupon-er, but I suck at it, and would inevitably forget them every time.

  537. KatieC

    I need to use this app – I’ve heard about it once before and I’m always spending money at Target! I’d love to have $1,000 to spend there!

  538. Christine

    So excited about the Cartwheel app! I can never remember my shopping list (let alone my coupons!) so this is going to be amazing for me. Now I can leave Target will all the stuff I actually need and all the stuff I didn’t know I needed until I walked into the store ;) Well done Target!

  539. Alyssa

    I love Target!!! I’m pretty sure the majority of my house is target items!

  540. Meagan

    I love the cartwheel app! But I’m pretty sure I just end up buying more stuff because I have a coupon…oh well. $1000 to target would last me a few days…:)

  541. Christy

    Love some Target, just downloaded the app! Can’t wait to give it a try. I totally suck at couponing. Maybe this will save me.

  542. Sarah

    Totally got my tax return and most of it went to paying off my target RedCard. whoops. <3 you target

  543. Kelly Davis

    I always cut coupons and plan to use them and then leave them in my car or never take them out of my purse. Cartwheel is perfect! Downloading it asap!

  544. Colleen Martin

    Target is the bomb! Definitely checking out this app!

  545. Sara

    I think $1,000 at Target would be spent within like a month. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  546. Meghan

    There is a Target about a half mile from my office. I’m there pretty much every day – except the one day Oprah shows up….seriously.

  547. Nicole

    LOVE this app and the coupons! It has also kind of forced me to use Up & Up which I am liking and I have already saved $50 on it!

  548. Kelley K.

    I would LOVE to win, for a chance to have an *unapologetically* awesome Target shopping spree!

  549. sara haaf

    I love target so much I wish I could marry it!

  550. Rebecca Phillips

    Target is my happy place.

  551. Mel

    I love Target. I leave coupons in my car (to remind myself to use them) but then they promptly get crumpled.

  552. Ashley

    This literally could not be more up my alley. My friends and I joke that we should just deposit our paychecks at the bank of Target every month.

  553. Martha

    I’ve had a love affair with Target ever since college — my roommates and I would go every Friday afternoon once classes were out and spend several hours there. That probably sounds lame, but we looked forward to it all week!

  554. Jennifer

    I love Target. I always seem to find things I never knew I always needed in there. My coupon trick is to check the wine aisle for wine tags. Sometimes you can find coupons sitting on the shelf for $X off meat or beer. Love those!

  555. Love Target!! I can’t go there without buying every. damn. thing. And I just quit my job, so I sure could use the cash. :)

  556. Skye Miles

    With a baby on the way I am now relying on coupons and Target. Love the cartwheel App. So easy especially since I am going to Target anyway

  557. Caitlin Ginestra

    Holy target love. The place is amazing and I just started using the cartwheel app. Saved $3 so far. I’ll call that a win.

  558. Jenny

    I’m all about coupons and Target, so I’ve been usin’ and lovin’ Cartwheel for a few months now. For my recent Target baby registry, it was all about Cartwheel, coupons and clearance. I saved a ton.

  559. Corie Brubaker

    Love Target. I still have a gift card from Christmas for Target which I can’t believe has lasted this long but will definitely have to check out the cartwheel app when I use it!

  560. I could use the 20% off bedding discount!

  561. Alyssa

    I love target so much. This app makes things super convenient too!!

  562. Mary Calabrese

    I love Target despite getting separated from my parents in one when I was pretty dang young.

  563. Rosanne

    I keep my coupons for stores restaurants and grocers in my car at all times

  564. Rachel

    Need this Target gift card!

  565. I totally adore Target! It’s my favorite store to shop with low prices. I don’t like to clip coupons cos I just won’t remember using them as well. That’s why I love that Cartwheel app even more!

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  566. Kourtney

    I love Target and the cartwheel app is fantastic!

  567. Michelle S

    I love Target, it’s soooo serene. Seriously, I wan to hop on the cart and glide through the aisles. I honestly get a happy, calm feeling shopping at Target.

  568. Angie H.

    Love Target! I just started using the Cartwheel app!

  569. Jenni Carlisle

    I love pairing coupons with their app, it makes shopping and bargain seeking fun! I also love that Target is a one stop shop when it comes to running errands…now if we could get a Super Target locally that would be awesome!

  570. I love their clothes and home decor!

  571. janna johnson

    I love Target more than a fat kid loves cake!

  572. I have problems using coupons too! I clip them, but then forget to take them to the store with me. Instead, I just shop for whatever is on sale. I figure it helps me save a little bit which is better than nothing.

  573. Charlie

    Coupons are my nemesis. When I was home with babies, I religiously clipped and circled the ads and all the things. Now? Not so much. LOVE Cartwheel though! :)

  574. Katie

    Target often runs really good sales and I’ve had no issues with price matching which is really cool. I love their home decor!

  575. joseph gersch

    i love targets variety of foods

  576. Christina

    Coupons are my arch enemy. I love to clip them and feel totally thrifty but they always disappear in the abyss that is the bottom of my purse. I’ll definitely check the app out, because I just don’t have enough excuses to go to Target as is :-)

  577. Krissie

    I love Target — especially since they have added the fresh food section. I find so many great food items there that I absolutely must have!
    CalifKitties {at} Aol {dot} com

  578. rachel

    I love Target! Their popcorn is amazingly delicious, fyi. haha

  579. My tip is to always carry your coupons with you because you never know when you might need them.

  580. Lea

    Target is an easy place to shop, but sadly, there isn’t one close to my house.

  581. sandra

    like the Mossimo Supply Co. Yoga Pants

  582. Kerry

    Love Target – especially their clothes!

  583. Katherine

    I love the holiday section at Target

  584. Leah Kirkhorn

    I LOVE target! Having $1000 to run free in that store would be like heaven!

  585. Jennifer

    Love target, shop there so often $1000 would help my purse out a lot

  586. jenny

    I love target and am excited to try cartwheel.

  587. Jamie

    I go to Target at least once a week and always end up spending more than I intend, so $1000 would be awesome.

  588. Hayley

    $1000 to TARGET?? whoa.

  589. Nikki B

    Stack ‘em – use manufacturer’s coupons with a store coupon!

  590. LIsa


  591. Charliss

    I love trying to figure out where is the best to use a coupon – the grocery store where they’ll double it or somewhere else where base prices might be a little cheaper, but they don’t double coupons. Of course, there’s still the remembering to actually use the coupon part…

  592. Lindsay

    I love target! I have to stay away because it’s too easy to remember lots of stuff you “need” once you get there. I am also bad at coupons–the only time I use them is when they are in an advertisement in a magazine that I’m reading and it’s something I usually buy, which is almost never.

  593. Carrie

    I had no idea you could stack coupons at Target! Definitely going to check this app out.

  594. Christine

    Love Target! Spending $1000 there would be a breeze!

  595. Thuy Oskowski

    I love your blog and I love Target.

  596. Christine

    I am the person who goes into Target to get 1-2 items and leaves having spent $100. I need to walk down almost every aisle, and find a slew of things I had no idea I needed until seeing them on the shelf. Target has everything you need and then some, which is why it is so awesome. Winning $1000 would certainly save me some money next time I go in there and spend 70 times as much as I planned!


  597. Elise Foree

    I love Target!

  598. Lindsey

    I spend more time at Target than I do sleeping. Basically, I need that $1000.

  599. Jillian Durney

    LOVE Target! Cheapest diapers, wipes, and really a bunch of other things I didn’t even know I needed till I got there!

  600. Elsa

    Who doesn’t LOVE target? I can’t walk out of there without spending all my money. I hadn’t heard of Cartwheel, but now it looks like I’ll be getting way more for my money. Never a bad thing.

  601. melissa

    i just love target.

  602. michelle

    I love Target!!! I don’t use coupons bc I’m terrible at clipping and taking and remembering to use them, so this Cartwheel app sounds perfect for me~ just downloaded it. :)

  603. marie

    A new Target just opened up in my town…so far I’ve managed to restrain myself from going broke there.

  604. Amy H

    I can’t remember if I already commented, but I love Target and am moving into a new house- this would help!

  605. Michelle W

    This is a giveaway I can appreciate!! Love target and can easily spend many hours and lots of $$. I try not to go there since I know I always by things I don’t really need.

  606. Sam

    Love love love target!! Not big on coupons because they never seem to offer them for healthier products but I would love a big ol’ gift card to target!

  607. I feel un-American not using coupons too, but I always just forget. Thankfully, Target still has relatively decent prices, or it could just be they carry everything so I think it’s easier to do all my shopping there instead?

  608. Amy

    I love using Cartwheel – especially the scan tool that tells you if there are any discounts available for the product. Works better for me than going in with a plan.

  609. Sarah Smith

    When I’m bored, I go to Target. I can’t ever think of a time when I went in and spent less than $100. I’m not very good at couponing, but I still shop like I have massive amounts of coupons.

  610. Alison

    I <3 target!!

  611. I don’t really coupon. I was pretty excited about the app when I saw the first bunch of posts about it, but my phone wouldn’t connect to the internet in store! Kind of annoying! I may try again this weekend.

  612. I wonder if $1000 at Target would get me through enough food for marathon training? hmm..

  613. Nicole S

    Wow, a gift card like that would be amazing.

  614. Brooke

    I love Target, and I could spend that in no time!

  615. Shannon Harrington

    I can never leave Target with just one item!

  616. just jenn

    welp, i suppose the odds are better than the powerball. and i do go to the tar-jay about once a week, so … :)

  617. Mia

    I love Target and would love to buy things for my new house!

  618. Lindsay

    I don’t have a smartphone and I want one just so I can use cartwheel.

  619. I want to buy all the things when I go to Target….

  620. Mary

    I would love to win that gift card! I love me some Target!

  621. Kristi

    I would love to be able to take myself off of Target restrictions with a gift card!

  622. Stephanie

    I used to be really into couponing but have fallen off the wagon, so much work. I use the Cartwheel app all the time now a days!

  623. Sarah

    Why yes, I do want $1000 to spend at Target.

  624. Maria

    I am just as bad, if not worse, with coupons as you described. Even when I have my coupons in hand as I shop to purposefully pick the products I have coupons for I usually forget at the register. But I also love target.

  625. My 4 year old daughter’s favorite store: Target. Wonder why? ;)

  626. kjasus

    target is my mecca. i go a few times a week and use the cartwheel every time! i love it more when i have coupons on top of that!

  627. Oooo…I hope I win! I have a big Target shopping list and the gift card would be perfect since it would cover my list plus all the extraneous stuff I’d be guaranteed to find since Target is magical!

  628. Maggie

    Target is a magical place

  629. gaby

    Love the cartwheel app :)

  630. Di

    The last time I went to Target, all I was going to buy was cat food.

    I walked out having spent $40 additional dollars, and I considered that a victory since it wasn’t $100.

  631. ASHLEY

    I always let my coupons expire, even the ones they print out from target. I just carry them around in my purse and try to use them 3 weeks after expirations. I love target and even signed up for the red card recently so I could save 5% every time since I can never remember coupons. I never leave target with only one item. The store sucks you in, it’s a time warp that makes you spend money. amazing.

  632. Gonna win $1,000 to Target. I can feel it in mah bones. #SweepstakesEntry— Stacey Caine Purpura (@staceyloobug) February 24, 2014

  633. I’m the same–I never remember my coupons. :(

  634. Megg

    Target is the best store! I love the app, but I also love meandering through all the aisles and spending money I do not have on Target necessities =)

  635. Liz

    Would love a Target gift card! My naughty dog trashed my house while I was at work one day last week. I could use a good Target shop to replace a few things he destroyed. good thing he’s cute.

  636. Jennifer

    Target is my happy place. When I get depressed or need to get out of the house, I wander the Target aisles. 2nd day out of the hospital with my son, we were at Target. LOVE IT!!

  637. Christa K.

    I am addicted to TARGET! They have brightened many a gloomy day for this girl. I would be on cloud nine if I won a gift card for $1000!! Much love.

  638. Tracy

    Is Target not the best and worst (read: dangerous, tempting, paycheck-destroying) place in the world, all rolled in to one giant box store?! The clearance isles are my favorite, especially in the makeup section. Do I need neon green nail polish? No. Will I use it? Probably not. Do I NEED it since it’s now marked down from $5 to $4.75? SURE DO!

  639. Stacy

    Well, you just prompted me to download the app. We just had a baby, so I’ll go ahead and enter this sweepstakes since babies cost a bazillion dollars.

  640. Katherine

    Everyone loves Target <3

  641. Crystal F

    I love shopping at Target for kid clothes and shoes. They usually have the cutest sandals for girls. thank you!

  642. I love Target clearance! It’s the best! I don’t think anyone else goes all the way to 90%!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  643. I love Target,I go there for 1 thing end up a with a cart-full!

  644. Tammy S

    My coupon tip is to make sure you bring all your manufacture coupons with you and the Target coupons. Double check the Cartwheel app to see if there are any items on your list. Always check the clearance section. You might have a coupon that matches the item. Makes for a killer deal.

  645. Betty Baez

    I love target! Whenever I go out shopping its my first stop. Their prices, selection, & customer service are great!

  646. clynsg

    Have always like the bright and clean stores, but since the nearest Target is more than 40 miles away, it is not a major shopping site for me. The Cartwheel might make it more worthwhile to stop there when I am in the area though!

  647. Jaime

    I love the cartwheel app! It’s even better when combined with a sale and mobile coupons (which is how I got yoga pants for $7 yesterday)

  648. Lisa V.

    I love Target…can get just about anything I need.

  649. Christina Sparks

    I love to do comparison shopping, I know sometimes there are promotion only online that you can’t get at the store.

  650. Sonya Morris

    I haven’t used the app yet but I will on my next trip to Target. Now if they would build one closer to me than 40 miles away I would enjoy the app a lot more!! I love Target and shopping there for things for my house.

  651. Erica C.

    Target is awesome to shop at…I love their home decor section.

  652. Tanya Bartlett

    I love Target a lot

  653. Gabi

    I use Cartwheel each time I go to Target, its a great App!

  654. Jennifer

    Like most love, my love for target isn’t rational. Just like everyone else, I run in for one thing and leave with 100 things. I don’t know why this is so. Why can’t I just run in and out? I think they must have all psychologists working for them, finding the perfect subliminal messages to put around their store. And of course I’m getting the urge to go there right now. What is this voodoo magic called Target!

  655. katie

    you had me at target. looooooooooooove! i walk out with so much more than is on my list and get excited about things like via packets on clearance and different hand soap scents. obviously, i am so super cool. :p

  656. Christina Y.

    I love love love Target. I especially love the makeup section of the store because they carry a lot of brands I love and other stores don’t carry it. Makes it so convenient for me when I have to drop in to get some groceries. :D

  657. Daniel M

    always a good selection and prices at target

  658. Leanne G

    I always try to stack mfr coupons with store coupons. That saves me a great deal.

  659. maria cantu

    I love target.

  660. Heather

    LOVE Target! My tip is to stack coupons with in-store deals to maximize savings.


    I love shopping at Target and finding new unique items for sale!

  662. Terri Moore

    My coupon trick is to go on websites that advertise the sales at Target and tell you what is the best deal. Now with the Cartwheel app I don’t have to spend the time clipping out coupons, love it!

  663. Robin P.

    I love Target, but have no couponing tricks up my sleeve to share.

  664. Emily

    I’m the WORST about using coupons! I always save them but never redeem them. Downloading the app now!

  665. Well the odds are clearly not in my favor but I will still give it a whirl :-) That gift card would be incredibly helpful for all the upcoming planning I have to do. I love that Cartwheel app I use it all the time!

  666. Naomi

    I’m a dedicated Sunday morning newspaper coupon cutter and Target loyalist. Great combination!

  667. Sarah

    The Rule of Target (never leaving without spending at least $150) governs my life and bank account. I could some damage with that $1000. And the Cartwheel app has been a huge bonus!

  668. Jen A.

    I cut coupons all the time…and then often forget them at home and never use them. I am so proud of myself when I actually remember. This app is awesome! And let’s face it, Target is a glorious store.

  669. Felicia

    I always forget my coupons at home! The app will definitely help out with that and keep me in line. Target is amazing and I can’t wait to use it!

  670. Anne V

    I love me some Target. And $1000 would be nice. Plus that app seems cool!

  671. Cecilia

    Love me some Target! I am that person walking around with my Cartwheel app open scanning items as I go to see if there’s a coupon. No shame in my game.

  672. katie

    Target mobile coupons and Cartwheel have made using coupons easier for me. I hate paper.

  673. Amber Reilly

    I have a mild obsession with Target…and now their Cartwheel app. That running total of how much you’ve saved by using Cartwheel is so dangerous! I think sometimes I’m just searching for things to buy JUST to see how much more I can save! eek!

  674. Katy R.

    Target is the best! I have to physically restrain myself from buying all the things when I go in there. It’s also where I go when I’m having a bad day at work – sadly, it always manages to cheer me up.

  675. Mel

    I love Target especially now that I’m a new mom. We buy the Up&Up diapers, which are comparable to Pampers, and with the 5% savings from the Target Redcard we love knowing how much we’re saving!

  676. Meagan

    I love Target and I love Cartwheel. Although sometimes it totally makes me buy things that I wouldn’t otherwise because I have a coupon…so I’m still saving, right? ;)

  677. Kelly

    Thanks to Super Target, grocery shopping takes hours…I wander around the regular side before coming close to the food. But that’s not a complaint, going to Target is one if my favorite hobbies!

  678. Sarah Polson

    I really should just go ahead and auto draft part of my paycheck to target every 2 weeks! Winning the gift card would be great!

  679. Kelly

    Would love to win! Spend lots of time in Target!

  680. Cassie

    I love Target. I have just started using the Cartwheel app, and while the savings have been small (read: $1.50), it’s still nice to save on stuff I was going to buy anyway! Since having a baby I’ve been at Target basically 3x or more a week (especially just to have somewhere to walk in the bitter effing cold), so a gift card would subsidize my addiction!

  681. Nicole

    I have already been using the Cartwheel app and saved a total of almost $49, I am the same HATE cutting coupons. Now with the scanning function I am even more set!

  682. Caitlin

    I LOVE TARGET!! This gift card would be amazing :)

  683. Rachelle

    Target is my other half! Every time some asks me what I want for a holiday I say a Target gift card. It’s pretty much the only store I go to besides HEB.

  684. Kim

    I haaate clipping coupons, but I love Target!! I just moved into a new apartment, $1000 at Target would be so awesome!!

  685. MaryAnne

    I love Target and tomorrow is my birthday, so clearly winning the $1000 should be my gift! :)

  686. Mike

    My girl loves target. I won’t have to get her a bday present if she wins.

  687. Randy Curran

    I love Target and the Spot dog. The Cartwheel app just saves me money on top of good shopping!

  688. Karen Drake

    I love Target, they have all the items I need, I shop there several times a week.

  689. Mary Cloud

    I absolutely love Target – it’s one of my favorite places to buy clothes and shoes plus I do most of my Christmas shopping there
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  690. Bradley

    Because I’m poor I don’t shop at target as much as I would like. I do spend long amounts of time wandering the aisles wishing I wasn’t poor :)

  691. Katalin

    Love me some Target! Go in for one thing, walk away with 25 more!

  692. Barbara Quezada

    Love Target and the Cartwheel app!

  693. Haley

    I have been known to tape coupons to my wallet so I don’t forget them. And then I take my card out of my wallet and forget my coupons. And sometimes my wallet.

    But… I still shop at Target all the time! The day that one was built walking distance from my house was a glorious day indeed.

  694. lois lietz

    Love Target and always use coupons.

  695. Derk Thomas

    Love Target, there are 2 in the city I live in and I plan on using coupons when I go.

  696. Cindy

    I have, use and LOVE the Cartwheel app. I struggle to understand how I’ve only saved $53.12 with all of the shopping I do there. I’ve easily spent four or five times that … weekly. ;)

  697. Katie

    Target is so much fun…so hard not to buy ‘extras’! So happy I’m moving closer to a store. They even have cute clothes!

  698. I could by so many things I don’t need at Target!!! Gonna crosser my fingers and rub a rabbits foot for this entry.

  699. Jamie

    Love Target! Especially the clothes. I would love to spend the money trying out their new athletic wear.

  700. April V.

    I like that Target is always so perfectly clean and neat with open aisles that are easy to navigate.

  701. Christine d

    The cartwheel app is great! I use the search in the store to check if there are any coupons! It rocks and so does Target!

  702. Barb Stenby

    The only things I buy are onsale & I have coupons for I have been known to stack coupons so I love that I can do that with this App. That way I get what I need for next to nothing

  703. I love to stack manufacturer and Target coupons, and now Cartwheel savings too.

  704. Eugenie

    I love target’s selection adn prices and this app!

  705. Lee

    I shop at Target all the time, I’ve used Cartwheel. I like the cartwheel offers on clothing.

  706. Regina M

    Like caartwheel.

  707. Susanna Wagner


  708. Rosey

    I have always loved Target, but I love it even more now that they have a grocery store in it (new to my store). This app would be great because I often forget my hard copy ones at home.

  709. Mihaela Day

    I Loooove Target!

  710. susan smoaks

    i love target so much that i make a trip there at least 3 times a week.

  711. CharityS

    I love to shop for groceries at Target.

  712. Joan

    I love Target very much! They have the best deals!

  713. Allison S.

    Target is great. The stores are always clean and they have great clearance items.

  714. Gianna

    I check the sales online and then print out coupons before I go shopping.

  715. Alicia Russell

    so who won???????????

    • Reese's Runner

      I don’t know yet! Blogher chooses the winner and notifies them. I don’t find out until they have confirmed that person as the winner.

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