The Ol’ Natchez Trace

After leaving Georgia, we spent the night in Jackson, Mississippi. The next morning, we decided to go down a bit of the Natchez Trace Parkway. I would love to explore the entire thing one day, but considering my dad was ready to get home four days ago, we were pleased with the short visit. The Old Natchez Trace was a trail that was used by American Indians, settlers, travelers, slavers and their slaves, and basically any human traveling the 444 miles from Natchez, Mississippi to Nashville, Tennessee.

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Two of the above pictures are from sections of the trail that still remain today. I would love to go back in the spring or fall because it must be gorgeous. It was really interesting and I hope to explore the entire thing one day.

Because we were short on time, we only made it to Port Gibson which is the town that Grant allegedly said was “too beautiful to burn.” Unlike that pyromaniac Sherman, he appreciated spectacular Southern architecture.


As do I. Columns are my favorite. We managed to convince my dad to take a short detour to the historic Wintergreen Cemetery.

PicMonkey Collage

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It was really beautiful with the large tries covered in Spanish moss and the old tombstones. I definitely would not want to be in there at night. That Spanish moss really takes things to a whole new level of creeperville.

The spot I most desperately wanted to visit was Windsor ruins, about 20 miles outside of town. The home was completed in 1861 for what in today’s money would be over $4.5 million. Not cheap. Unfortunately, the owner only got to enjoy his fancy palace for a few weeks before his sudden and untimely death. The mansion survived the war, and even Mark Twain spent the night there. Tragically, some idiot left a lit cigar on a balcony (or dropped it in some unfortunate spot), and the entire thing burned to the ground in 1890. All that remains are the 23 columns. Sad times for them, but really beautiful for us to see.



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5 Responses to The Ol’ Natchez Trace

  1. I wonder if this was the spot from the film Ghosts of Mississippi, where Bobby DeLaughter met with the Klan mole!? I like movies the way that you like books.

  2. How cool! I love historic stuff like that, the Old Natchez Trace would be so fun to explore!

  3. You’re making me miss home! Living on the West Coast teaches you that not everyone has a long history. All the wars, all the homes, the South is really special. <3

  4. Anna Lee

    I hope you get to explore Natchez Trace in its entirety one day. It’s so beautiful driving through it, and there are so many great trails!

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