Guten Morgen!

If you’re celebrating Christmas today, then Merry Christmas to you! And if you aren’t, then happy Wednesday! At least it’s not still Monday.

After leaving the aquarium, we headed north through the rain, fog, and darkness and deep into the Georgia mountains to my aunt and uncle’s house. Last time we visited them they lived in the city and I had blonde hair.


Things have changed, thankfully (for my hair at least).

When we woke up, we were surrounded by Blue Ridge beauty. I had not had a chance to run since Thursday since we had been driving so late into the night and I was worried about running in unfamiliar urban areas. So, I thought that a great way to enjoy the mountains would be to run on them. Okay, Cely.

PicMonkey Collage

It was really beautiful and really terrible. I don’t know if it was the combination of all the eating and sitting I had been doing over the past few days, the elevation, or the fact that sometimes running up a mountain road is pretty much straight up, but it was a serious struggle.


I only managed to go about 3 miles, and a good portion of that was walking. I also spent a lot of time hunched over with my hands on my knees trying to figure out if I was going to puke or meet Jesus.  But, I got out there and gave it a lot of effort and that’s about the best one can expect out of me athletically.

After I showered and got my hamstrings functioning again, we all loaded up and headed to the adorable little town of Helen to do some shopping. I just love a German-themed anything.

PicMonkey Collage1


We had some wonderful truffles, delicious bratwurst, some dark German beer, and even hit up a winery.

PicMonkey Collage4

Since I’m the only lush in my immediate family, it was nice to have my aunt and uncle there who don’t mind imbibing before noon. I bought a bottle of the Scarlett which was a delicious red blend and a white wine that tasted like summertime. We also hit up several antique shops where Sari and I found some very special headwear.


Don’t spend much time searching for ladies more stylish than us, because you won’t find them. We spent a lot of time going back and forth as to whether we should buy them, but at the end of the day, we couldn’t nail down an appropriate place to wear those outside of our home. And that seemed kind of weird. What if the Jimmy John’s guy caught us in there in those things? That could be awkward.

We also went to a gristmill where we had some delicious local porridge and I found some high-gluten flour. I don’t just want gluten, I want all the gluten. They also had a mill stone that was over 133 years old that they still use to grind all of their corn. It was a really neat little spot.

PicMonkey Collage

And then I bought honey. So much honey. And jam. And jelly. And preserves. And butters (not just butter, but multiple kinds of butter). I don’t know what the difference really is between jam, jelly, and preserves, but I’m going to find out.


My news years resolution is pretty much “get diabetes” at this point.

After a long day of shopping, we wearily headed home. I immediately crashed into a chair where I was quickly joined by my best friend, Petey, who thinks he is a dainty little Chihuahua ballerina.


Bardot, you better watch out. You might be getting a brother…


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8 Responses to Guten Morgen!

  1. Germany: come experience the real thing–I have a guest room with your name on it. Bring a friend who will be more fun than me, who has a baby strapped to her any time she leaves the house.

  2. Justin

    Merry Christmas my sweet sweet weird beautiful sunny adorable clumsy girl. PS I ate all the cookies. You’re welcome.

  3. Sandi

    Merry Christmas Cely! Thank you so much for your super fun blog! Thank you for making me laugh every morning! I’m grateful for/to you!

  4. Kassy

    I’ve been following your blog for a couple of years and I love it! And never commented before. But I saw that you are visiting GA and then I saw that you went to Helen. I live about 15 miles from Helen and visit there often especially during the summer. You need to come back during the summer and ride the hooch. (Chattahoochee River). :)

    • Reese's Runner

      We really want to! I bet it’s beautiful up there in the spring and summer. We stayed in Blairsville, but I wish we could have seen more!

  5. Sarah

    Cely your blog is seriously awesome I love following it. I live in Dahlonega which is close to Helen and major props from someone who runs up here everyday for running out there! I work at a running store in dahlonega and almost every single day it is a battle of wits between my legs and the mountains. Safe travels back to Texas!!

    • Reese's Runner

      How do you run up there! I can’t see how anyone gets more than a few miles. I’m in awe of you. And the family that spent Christmas with us is from that town you love in that I can neither spell nor pronounce.

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