I Can’t Remember

I’m struggling to even remember what happened over the weekend. I don’t know how long you can blame jet lag for your problems, but my brain has been in a fog of forgetfulness and general befuddlement since I returned. I remember almost nothing from this past week other than I made it to work each day and, well, that’s really it. Thankfully, I took pictures with my phone and I can kind of piece it all together. I know my parents came down this weekend. And I know I ate a lot:

Not really great choices for the path to my pants fitting again, but I really wanted to eat those things, so I did. I thought I would have missed chocolate and wine the most during my trip, but as it turns out I just wanted pizza, cereal (in cold milk), and anything that came covered in syrup. Now that those needs have been met, I can move on with my life.

God, pizza is good. Never ever take your pizza for granted. Tell it how much you appreciate it every time you get the privilege of eating it.

A ticket stub in my fleece told me that we watched Side Effects.

I have zero feelings about that movie.

I also got a pedicure on Friday with my friends. Things are looking up for my feet, India was quite hard on them.

Back to their pale glory.

I spent most of Sunday on the couch watching TV and slowly making my way through an entire box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. No better cereal exists. I don’t care what you say. It was fabulous.

And I honestly think that I may love Bradley Cooper after seeing his quick reaction to Jennifer Lawrence tripping:

No hesitation, what a nice guy. And he looked so excited when she won, he’s adorable.

OH and I finally got caught up on Walking Dead.


It pretty much went like this for me:


Andrea is SO STUPID. SO STUPID. Please die. Take Merle with you.

OMG Daryl loves babies so much.

Oh good, Lori is back, because we definitely needed her in there screwing with our leader.

Glenn has a lot of damn attitude and why are he and Maggie fighting now? I do not like this.

The Governor attacked!!! Gah he’s a creeper.

Who is that guy on the tower? How did he get up there???


I really hoped that when Rick was holding the screaming Lori spawn that he was realizing that the baby might not be his. But, nope, he was just losing it.

And Andrea sucks at life again. The end.

Please discuss.


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42 Responses to I Can’t Remember

  1. Katie

    Andrea is literally the dumbest person ever; I am SO happy you also want her to be killed off the show. WHY DIDN’T SHE KILL THE GOVERNOR WHEN SHE HAD THE CHANCE!?! Get it together woman, he is not your friend.

  2. Jennie

    I have never felt as strongly about something you posted as cinnamon toast crunch. Obviously the best cereal ever.
    BTW loved hearing about your trip to India! Your blog is fantastic!

  3. I knew Andrea would be too big of a (insert inappropriate word here) to kill the Gov’ner. I didn’t totally despise her until she saw aftermath of the Michonne/Gov’ner fight and stayed with him. What a freaking idiot.

    And I totally agree with Glenn when he said to Rick that they wouldn’t have kept Shane around after he tried to kill Rick, so why are they keeping Merle.

    Oh, and Rick, please. Someone walking around in a pure white dress with freshly washed and blow dried hair. Mirage, dude. Get. It. Together.

    • Reese's Runner

      I kind of agree about Merle, but at the same time I think they need him for this big battle. He seems very loyal to Daryl and they need a crazy redneck bastard for that fight. And I really wish Michonne had bitch slapped Andrea.

  4. Katie

    Have you had Peanut Butter Toast Crunch?!

    • Reese's Runner

      Ironically, my sister just sent me a picture of a box of that. I had no idea it existed. Big plans for that in the near future.

  5. Daisy

    I fell in love with Bradley Cooper the minute I found a YouTube clip of him speaking French fluently on some foreign talk show. And now this clip?! OMG that man is luscious.

  6. Felt the same way about Side Effects. Fabian HATED it which made me feel bad since it was my pick. He wanted to walk out.
    Oh well, we made up for it with some Dark Skies/Keri Russell action a week later.

    What’s that orange doing in the middle of a plate of fried food? I don’t approve of that orange.

    • Reese's Runner

      The movie wasn’t the worst thing ever, I just felt like it was meh. I think I would have enjoyed it had I rented it. That orange is for squeezing on the shrimp. I don’t do that, so my sister ate it. I hate oranges. And I still feel highly unresolved about the end of AHS. I still don’t get the aliens. I NEED MORE ANSWERS.

      • Verlin

        Ack – was looking forward to Side Effects, but my spare time is limited, so I’ll save it for another movie if both of you give it a “blah”.

  7. I’m currently referring to my unborn baby as “Lil Asskicker”.

    Also, yes. Andrea is ridiculous. Just her talking makes me want to punch her. In fact, I can’t think of anything she could say or do that would NOT make me want to punch her. That’s how annoying she is.

    Also, I haven’t even heard of that movie “Side Effects”. One pill can change your life? Wasn’t that the plot of a Bradley Cooper movie?

  8. Justin

    Guess what suga?

  9. Heather

    I have been reading your blog for a while and was so thankful that you posted while you were gone! I don’t know what I would have done at work otherwise.
    I also started and finished TWD while you were gone so I get your references. Even my boyfriend was emotional when Sophia came out of the barn and I never sleep on nights when I watch it but it is so worth it!
    Andrea has to die in a gruesome way!

  10. This is the most pointless comment ever but YES. I love pizza too. It is probably the best food on earth and I keep craving it. And therefore eating it. Yummmm

  11. You had to know Andrea wasn’t going to kill him. Plus, it looked like he was totally awake and knew exactly what she was doing. I don’t understand how a person as stupid as her can still be alive in this apocalyptic world.

    • Reese's Runner

      Because people like Michonne keep saving her dumb ass. I wondered if he was awake too. He seems like he would be quite the alert sleeper.

    • Yes, I was super ready for him to pop up, grab the knife and slit her throat….maybe next week because there is no way he didn’t know what was going on there.

  12. Lyndsey

    Honestly, I kind of can relate to your love / need for pizza. The good catholic I am I gave up all bread and bread like foods for lent. (By good catholic I mean this is the pretty much only time I participate, big fan of challenges.) This mean no cookies, bread, cakes, pasta, tortilla wraps everything. I went through a period when I would of committed a felony for a bagel but now the only thing that still tempts me is the sweet sweet greasiness of an amazing slice of pizza. March 31st at midnight I will reunite with pizza. It will an amazing 2 minutes, I’m assuming it will only take 2 minutes for me to devour 2 slices by that point. Welcome back, enjoy the carbs!

    • Reese's Runner

      What is it about pizza that resonates so significantly in the brain? That’s all we talked about in India. Pizza pizza pizza. No matter how good the food was, we just wanted a big ol’ hot slice. Good luck with that, I’ll pray for you. And I think two minutes might be an overestimation.

      • Lyndsey

        Prayers will be needed… after a bottle of wine, it might as well be an internal biblical war between me and ordering from the pizza place down the street. (You don’t even have to drive or get delivery, walking /stumbling distance!!) I should print out flyers with my face and a notice stating “Do Not Serve Pizza”.

        • Reese's Runner

          Hahaha. Wine and pizza just go together so well. The last time I ordered pizza I asked if they could just block my number permanently. I’ll find out this weekend if it worked.

  13. Stephanie

    Andrea is infuriating! I can’t believe how dumb she is. Right now the only redeeming character for me is Hershel. How stupid was Rick for sending away that group that is now fighting with governor? He’s done lost his mind.

    NO reaction to Side Effects?

  14. so jet lag? i was down in new zealand and australia for 3 weeks in the fall, and when i came back it took me 2 weeks to get over my jet lag. seriously. i think depending on many time zones you go away from home and how long you are there, you can end up blaming jet lag for things for quite a while.

  15. Jennifer

    Glenn’s being a dickhead because he was helpless when Maggie was assaulted by the governor. He’s essentially re-victimizing the victim by treating her like she can’t make her own decisions now and being overly protective. I guess this is very common in real life. The guy who plays Glenn explained that on the Talking Dead, which I dislike but I still watch if a character from the show is on there to explain. Although, if you have to explain your character’s choices off-screen, it needs to be explained better on-screen.

    But really, HOW did that guy get in the tower?

  16. I took Walking Dead out of my rotation after the first episode back from the break. I just can’t get into it anymore, they’re in a hopeless situation and I can’t get invested in any more characters that they’ll just kill off eventually. I will say that I miss Darryl already though. I will have to get my fix of Norman Reedus somewhere else now!

  17. I didn’t see that clip of Bradley Cooper dashing out of his seat to help Jennifer, but it makes me love him even more. He looked so cute when Jennifer was giving her acceptance speech. What a great guy.

  18. I absolutely cannot be left unsupervised with a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch – so delicious. I have devoured a box in a sitting more times than I care to admit…

    And Bradley Cooper’s concern for Jennifer Lawrence when she fell and his genuine happiness for her win melted my heart too!

  19. Cindy

    I agree that Merle will be used in some big battle scene. Also.. Lori, Lori, Lori… Go away forever please. Finally, Andrea just makes me more and more angry because she comes off as so stupid. I would demand a better part on that show if I was her!! Oh wait.. no one has ever asked me to be on the show :)

  20. Bradley Cooper….!!!!

    Andrea…seriously? I hope she turns into a zombie.

  21. Verlin

    Ummmm, have you noticed a pattern with you about men holding babies? I’m just saying.

  22. Verlin

    And, if Bradley Cooper is coming to rescue you when you fall, YOU STAY DOWN!!!

  23. i was wondering about the guy on the tower too!! i guess that was not supposed to be a big deal but how the heck did he get up there? wasn’t it inside the walls? or no? i don’t know.

    have you seen the reese’s eggs ice cream bars yet??

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