The Best Day

As the title states, I had the best day. We started by visiting the school of my little best nerd friend Parvarti.


Her school was started by a husband and wife team who wanted a better education for their children. The wife is the principal and the husband manages the business end. The tuition is about 1/3 that of other private schools. The kids were fantastic and allowed me to ask them about 900 questions.


And then I got to ride an elephant. It was a satisfactory afternoon.


I got a little scared a few times. Elephants are no joke. Additionally, some sort of saddle apparatus would have been just lovely.




Then I ate my lunch off a banana leaf. I finally felt like I was in The Jungle Book after that.

After eating about six cups of rice, we headed home to our respective host families. I hadn’t spent much time with them, so the son took me out with his family. They took me to an ice cream shop to get started. Around the time I got my third bite in, I learned that they not only owned the store, but that they also owned the entire ice cream factory. What kind of luck is that!!!! I was so heartbroken to not learn that sooner.

They also took my to the wife’s friend’s shop. She as the cutest thing, she just giggled the entire time while she helped me pick out tops. So sweet.


After spending my Rupees, we headed to the Kollum beach for sunset. I learned you cant swim there because it gets too deep too fast is is very dangerous. It made me sad.


The final program of the day was a Rotary meeting. Thankfully, this one was the most fun ever because we played games and had an incredible dance off. The game involved two people with string around there waists who were trying to lower a pepper into a bottle without touching the string.


The boys were very into it. After that, things rapidly devolved into a massive dance party.


We can go ahead and add her to the list of kids I’m stealing.


Enjoy the gentleman in orange in action.

I have a four minute video of that. Hardcore. Watch out Justin Timberlake.


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50 Responses to The Best Day

  1. Elephant rides, ice cream, and dance offs! I’m so jealous right now, and so glad you’re having a great time and able to share it with us!

  2. You’re braver than me with that elephant. I don’t think I would have gone near it! I have to ask, though, how in the world did you get on it??

  3. Liz

    That’s it. I’m googling Rotary Club. I want in on this awesomeness. The dance party sold me.

  4. Stephanie F

    Ugh, this IS fantastic.

  5. Sonja

    I am so crazy-jealous about the elephant… I’ve ridden an elephant, but circus elephants just don’t seem as cool as random, walking-down-the-street elephants :(

  6. That dance video is hilarious. The pepper and bottle game was a little uh suggestive should we say?

    I meant to comment on the photo in another post ( the one where the little boy is making bunny ears on another child). We have taken photos in Peru and Africa of children and some child always does that.

    • Justin

      You’re on POINT Jan with the game. I knew something seemed off..but obviously my pervert goggles aren’t on at this time in the AM. Shame. Anyway…BAHA! new drinking game.

  7. Justin

    1. The kid in the polo with the white horses is way ahead of his time in fashion.
    2. You are the sexiest elephant rider ever
    3. Where is the video of you clogging? (to God Bless Texas)
    4. That little kid in the orange has mad skills….but he’s obviously not aware JT has come out of hibernation is ready to strike like a cobra. A cobra with a suit and tie on…hiss.
    5. My tummy is still a little upset…I guess I’m still fighting the flu bug.
    6. Come home ?

    • Sonja

      JT can dance, but I do so wish he’d switch to rap… Like that time that my beloved Calvin abandoned rap and went all rastafarian on me :( Except that was heart-breaking. JT rapping would probably be awesome. I would listen to that for sure. I bet he’d even want to involve me in some of his rhymes. Mostly because it’s hard to think “Sonja” without also thinking “thug.”

      • Justin

        Sonja..I’m going to make your Thursday..because..little do you know, JT does rap…here is a video of what you asked. Also when I hear Sonja, I think of midwestern chick who has zero clue what a ghetto really is…and would shit herself if she ever drove through skid row..come to El-lay. I’ll show you gangster..

        • Sonja

          That actually did make my Thursday… that was f*cking awesome :) Damn that JT…

          Not gonna lie, though, he’s got nothin’ on my “Ice Ice Baby” and “Baby Got Back.” And unless JT can “Drop It Like It’s Hot” down into the splits, I’m winning that one, too ;)

          And let us not get started on a ghetto-off, ‘cuz I am can assure that I win. I can throw down about weed, coke, meth, guns, gangs, lock-ups, break-outs, warrants, narcs, hookers, border-jumpers, and bank robberies. I’m guessing the best you can come up with is the time you watched Alpha Dogs in your home theater while sippling Crystal out of your gold-plated goblet ;)

          • Justin

            I wish you could of heard my laugh. AHAHAHAHA Alpha dogs. I’ll have you know that was an intense movie..intense. Anyway I think the most ‘ghetto’ thing I’ve ever done was get jumped walking home, they stole my wallet and broke my ribs. But you’re right, I’ve had a pretty comfortable life…I am a redneck though. I got the police called on me for making a potato gun and shooting potato’s in my back yard…THE LAPD don’t f around. God I can’t believe you brought up Alpha dogs..lmao I can’t stop LAUGHING.

        • Sandi

          Oh my gosh! That is the best thing ever! Thank you!

  8. It looks like you’re having so much fun. What an awesome experience. Now go and enjoy ice cream for breakfast, lunch, dinners, and snacks.

  9. D

    I’m enjoying these posts so much! Glad you’re having such a great time!

    By the way, my boyfriend recently said, “How is Cely? You haven’t talked about her in a while.” I had to remind him that I don’t actually know you in real life – then I told him you’re in India and he said, “good for her.”

    • Daisy

      This TOTALLY cracks me up. The other day I was texting furiously on the couch and my husband asked what in the world I was so involved in. I told him, “Oh my friend and I are gossiping about people we don’t know in real life”, lol. He was like oh, Downton Abbey? I was like noooo….soooo…..there’s this girl I’ve never met in real life but we’re obsessed with her blog and now we’re chatting about it, hahaha. (Obviously talking about Cely).

      • Justin

        Gossiping about what exactly?

        • Daisy

          How awesome Cely’s India adventures are and how jealous we are!!!!

          And books she recommends. We’re book nerds.

          • Justin

            OH soooo that’s what girls gossip about? hmmmm…….

          • Sonja

            It’s true… it’s all about how thick and long they are, how long it takes us to get through them, if we’d recommend them to a friend… you know, the usual ;)

          • Justin

            Sonja you are by far the most perverted woman I’ve ever met… ever. I’m sincerely impressed. I was seriously set on believing women only gossip about fashion and books..not men. But you ruined THAT. Actually I think its sexy when women gossip (good things only) about their men. Not sexy when its: “that son of a b always forgets to take the trash out, and I swear he’s borderline mentally handicapped when it comes to sex”. <–i hope that doesn't offend anyone. Because if it does, lighten up. If it doesn't..stay the same.

          • Daisy

            Bahahaha yes…how long and thick they are…..what are we talking about again?

          • Sonja

            J, I will take that as a compliment ;) So I guess it would’ve been okay to include my “riding the elephant” comment… I was trying to sensor myself :)

          • Justin

            sigh….. She needs to hurry the F up and fly back to the states. This entire conversation has me completely sweating. It’s always the quiet ones I tell ya.. Any bro’s reading this..GO GET YOU A NERD. I’m telling you.

      • Melissa

        I was just texting with a friend about cely’s trip yesterday, too!

    • This is great. I do the same. She’s the girl that everyone wants to be friends with.

  10. Joanney

    What an awesome day! The best part of my workday is reading your blog!

  11. Katie

    Amazing! I agree with, “The Best Day”. Riding an elephant alone sounds fantastic!!! I have to admit, my friend Kelly and I definitely text one another in the morning and ask, “have you read Cely yet?” and every time that text is followed by, “you need to hurry up and read it, again it’s hilarious and awesome!” I am absolutely loving your India updates, I now NEED to visit!!

  12. Daisy

    A) You rode an elephant, your life is that much closer to being completed
    B) I really like your hair wavy!
    C) Those kids are beyond adorable. I understand your strong desire to kidnap all of them.
    D) You should totally quit your day job and convince a travel magazine to pay you to travel the world and blog about all of your adventures. Your writing is way more interesting then the boring shit they publish.

  13. Well, that’s it. I’m moving to India.

  14. Riding an elephant! I am officially jealous. As if I wasn’t before. Why are those kids so gsh darn cute?

  15. Amy

    Your India pics are so awesome – what kind of camera do you have?

  16. Jennifer

    these India posts are incredible.

  17. Dave L

    That tiny little girl in gold is hypnotically adorable!

  18. Wow that sounds amazing! Riding an elephant? The beach at sunset? just wow. pretty incredible.

  19. Laressa

    Awesome posts! I can’t wait to read each day. I’m living vicariously through you right now.
    Also, bring back another adorable little girl for me!

  20. Ang

    Thank you so much for sharing your trip with us. India is one of the top places on my list of travel spots, but it’s unlikely I’ll ever get there. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you!

  21. Wow, I need to have your best day ever.

  22. So, I’m going to India. I just decided right now. I NEED to experience this…everyone looks so kind and I love riding elephants. Screw Europe, I need India in my life this summer.

  23. Liz

    This trip in incredible. Any opportunity to be in any kind of Disney movie is one worth taking. I am so jealous of your adventures! You should really try to be Mulan next!

  24. Sarah W.

    Everything seems like so much fun and everyone is so beautiful! Seems really amazing. Thank you for sharing all of your trip.

  25. Verlin

    a. You rode an elephant – sans saddle!
    b. That little girl has an absolutely captivating look/expression. So adorable.

  26. Stephanie Clement Abbott

    OH MY GOD. You were NOT kidding about the party the other night being shut down by Gangnam Style. I mean, not to sound ignorant about other cultures and their access to technology, I just thought it was a joke! Love it! Bring home all the kids! Dibs

  27. Riding elephants is totally scary! I didn’t realize how tall they really were until I found myself sitting on one’s head. I’m smiling in the photos, but inside, I was terrified.

    Aren’t their ears crazy? I’m amazed at how strong they are.

  28. Amy

    Hi Cely – Your pics are so great – what kind of camera do you use?

  29. Sam

    When you come back, please do a post on the type of camera you have!

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