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The Best Day

As the title states, I had the best day. We started by visiting the school of my little best nerd friend Parvarti.


Her school was started by a husband and wife team who wanted a better education for their children. The wife is the principal and the husband manages the business end. The tuition is about 1/3 that of other private schools. The kids were fantastic and allowed me to ask them about 900 questions.


And then I got to ride an elephant. It was a satisfactory afternoon.


I got a little scared a few times. Elephants are no joke. Additionally, some sort of saddle apparatus would have been just lovely.




Then I ate my lunch off a banana leaf. I finally felt like I was in The Jungle Book after that.

After eating about six cups of rice, we headed home to our respective host families. I hadn’t spent much time with them, so the son took me out with his family. They took me to an ice cream shop to get started. Around the time I got my third bite in, I learned that they not only owned the store, but that they also owned the entire ice cream factory. What kind of luck is that!!!! I was so heartbroken to not learn that sooner.

They also took my to the wife’s friend’s shop. She as the cutest thing, she just giggled the entire time while she helped me pick out tops. So sweet.


After spending my Rupees, we headed to the Kollum beach for sunset. I learned you cant swim there because it gets too deep too fast is is very dangerous. It made me sad.


The final program of the day was a Rotary meeting. Thankfully, this one was the most fun ever because we played games and had an incredible dance off. The game involved two people with string around there waists who were trying to lower a pepper into a bottle without touching the string.


The boys were very into it. After that, things rapidly devolved into a massive dance party.


We can go ahead and add her to the list of kids I’m stealing.


Enjoy the gentleman in orange in action.

I have a four minute video of that. Hardcore. Watch out Justin Timberlake.


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