On the Pontoon

So I’m like days and days behind posting all the things that have happened (sorry mom, I’m still alive). Everyone in my host family got a pretty nasty cold, so sleep has been my only goal once I returned home. Also, still no internet, so yeah.

So, on our first day in Kollum, we got to ride in an amazing house boat across the lake. We were all very very excited.



First thing they did was give us some coconut water to refresh us. Pretty much my favorite thing now and I’ve always loathed coconut water.


After slurping those down, we set sail for some of the most beautiful 6 hours of my life.








Crazy beautiful right? We even got to get out at several points and meet the local people. And harass their livestock.



I also got to spend time talking to a gentleman who works at the local university. It was a nerd party for sure.


We also got overfed. Again. This is becoming a theme. Feed the Americans all the food. Then comment on their weight. Good times.
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After stuffing ourselves (against our will, our hosts were very very motivated to make sure we were very very full), we hung out with our new Facebook friends and enjoyed the view.




That’s all for now because I just spent 3 hours at an Indian dance party and then an additional hour telling everyone goodbye. Tomorrow we leave for our next city and we are all so devastated. I love my host family and the friends I have made here so much. Especially, my favorite housemate:


On my second day here she started calling me “chey-chi” which means “big sister” in Malayalam. I pretty much just melted straight to the floor. I’ve got to figure out a way to smuggle her home. I mean look at this face:



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12 Responses to On the Pontoon

  1. Holy cow that is the cutest little person in ever.

    I am really loving your recaps.

  2. Laura was Undeterrable

    I’m living vicariously through you from my cubicle.

  3. I love your travel updates. India has always been on the “if I ever grow a pair” travel list and you’re making it seem worth it!

  4. Tess

    Yep. We’re all loving it. Thanks for taking the time. And she is freakin’ cute for sure.

  5. Justin

    you’re not allowed to kidnap kids…I’ll send you back to India. Your name is Cely not Angelina Jolie..and mine isn’t Brad Pitt.

  6. Jen

    SO glad you are having a blast friend! We’re thinking of you – and enjoying the pics.

    Excited for you! : )

  7. She’s beautiful!

    What an amazing time you are enjoying!

  8. Amazing reading about your travels!

    That little girl is so so so beautiful!

  9. Just gorgeous. I have a request for the next time you do Men on Monday. Oded Fehr. Please please please.

    The Kidless Kronicles

  10. That girl is the absolute cutest!!!! Looks like you’re having a great time :)

  11. Sumi

    Brings me back to when I visited family in India. You’re right; coconut water only tastes good straight out of the coconut :)

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