Magnificent Men of Monday

Last Zero Dark Thirty man, I swear. Chris Pratt is just too cute to leave out. I mean look at this guy:

That’s fantastic, I don’t care who you are.

I laughed for way too long at that.



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5 Responses to Magnificent Men of Monday

  1. I was hoping there’d be a MMoM today since I may be the only person I know without a 3-day weekend. I looooove Chris Pratt.

    It’s a good thing I’m at work so early that no one is around to hear me laughing at Burt Macklin. What a gem of a meme.

  2. Justin

    I was expecting a Bollywood themed MMOM….. But I was wrong.

  3. Lacey

    Tight whities have never looked so good

  4. Michelle

    Okay I mean I love him but what the heck is with that mirror picture? I mean helllooooo abs but seriously it looks like a cautionary ad for sexting.

    Also the Bert Macklin thing cracked me up.

  5. Melissa

    Love, love, love!

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