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The Grand Arrival

So, on what I believe was Wednesday morning, we took off from Dubai for Trivandrum (<- this is likely misspelled, but I don’t have internet access right now and it’s about 5 am Texas time. I don’t even know my name.). Things were getting a little loopy at this point as we had been traveling for over a day and had all failed to get any sort of decent sleep.


There’s your proof. I have no recollection of why I am crouched down on the airplane floor nor why I am looking at the camera so maniacally. All I can think is that the photographer had food or found some makeup to fix my face with. Also, that’s Janine. She isn’t sure what she was doing either, but no alcohol was consumed on that flight. Needless to say, after spending 24 hours in small spaces together, we have all become pretty good friends. I am really even more excited than I was before because I am having so much fun with all the ladies.

After many hours trapped next to a very large snoring grizzly bear, we finally arrived. At 4:30 am. Thankfully the airport wasn’t very crowded.  Unfortunately, I wasted a lot of time when I lost my first customs’ form. Then I gracefully managed to rip the second one in half and then proceeded to fill out all of the dates backwards on the third one (mm/dd/yyyy versus the correct dd/mm/yyyy format). And then I wrote that the country I arrived from was Dubai. Guess what?  Dubai isn’t a country. You could not have convinced me of that during that moment. Thankfully, the customs official just gave up and realized I was probably too stupid to smuggle anything in and let me through.


The baggage carousel area was extremely intimidating. For one, there was like one woman for every 25 men. Second, they are very very serious about getting their baggage. In Texas, you stand back about 5-10 feet from the carousel and you approach it only to grab your bag once it comes around to you. In India, they mean business.


It was like 10 people deep and packed all the way to the edge of the carousel. I was pretty freaked out about pushing through so many people because I felt like such a jerk. Thankfully, as I approached, the men quickly moved aside (maybe out of politeness or perhaps because of my slutty American lady reputation) and some younger men even assisted us with our luggage. It was much needed assistance for our team because we all missed the “travel light” memo.


Yeah. So, thank you to the nice men of the Trivandrum airport. Several were very excited to see that I was from Texas. They asked if I rode a horse to work and I asked if they rode elephants. Thankfully they laughed and kept helping us with the luggage. I knew that obnoxious tag would pay off.


I also noticed that almost everyone there was going home with a giant flat screen TV or some other pile of electronics. Are they that much cheaper in Dubai? Please explain this phenomenon.


After spending about two hours going through customs and retrieving the luggage, we did the DUMBEST THING EVER (according to our driver) and exchanged money at the airport. Despite the transaction fee, I still felt like a rapper with all my dolla bills.


What up now 50 cent? After obnoxiously fawning over the money, our ride arrived and ushered us away from the airport. Well, ushered us about 20 yards before two guys bumped taxis and got in a fist fight. A man got punched through the window right in front of us!!! It was quite thrilling for so early in the morning, even though we were delayed for about 30 minutes because of it. Finally, after a terrifying hour long jaunt through the city, we were finally deposited at our hotel.

Its pretty decent. I haven’t seen any cockroaches, my sheets are kind of clean, and there is an actual toilet. The electricity only goes out about every hour, but it quickly turns back on. I even have two whole twin beds all to myself. Be very jealous.


Anyway, the hotel is just fine even though there is a demonic rooster on the roof outside my window who insists on cock-a-doodle-doing all day. Nothing a small BB gun couldn’t fix. Too bad I forgot to pack one. Anyway, that was the start of a new day without sleep. Blessed Wednesday.


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