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Almost Thereeeee

Why hello friends! We arrived safely in Dubai this morning and in a few short hours, I will be on the final leg of my flight halfway around the world. So very bizarre. Yesterday afternoon, no two days ago I think. Monday? I’m really not sure what day it is at this point. Anywho, on Monday afternoon we began our adventure. We flew from Corpus Christi to Houston and from Houston to Dubai.

Anywho,18 real hours later, here we are.We flew on the Emirates airline from Houston and it was amazing. Obviously, we sat in peasant class, but it was still nicer than the one time I got to sit in first class on another airline because they were oversold. I will definitely make sure I have a layover in Dubai the next time I fly up to Dallas. They even have a red carpet so you can easily identify the rich people.


So fancy. The rest of us had to wait in the regular ol’ line with the other plebians.


We were given a hot towel while we waited for the plane to take off. I really had no idea what to do with it. Is it for my hands? My face? I eventually got that figured out with some assistance and we were off. I enjoyed a pretty delicious chicken dinner.

I initially planned to get something a little more exciting, but figured that a 14 hour plane ride wasn’t the best time to start taking dietary chances. I even found something with my stripper name on it:

Perhaps the most exciting part of of the entire ride was when we realized that the booze was free. FREE. Even the hard stuff. You would have thought the flight attendant had offered us a bag a gold.

Even though drinking alcohol is not recommended for avoiding jet lag and staying hydrated while above the earth, we couldn’t waste an open bar opportunity.

While enjoying my drinks (s), I watched many many movies. There were so many choices, I couldn’t believe it. I watched The Words, Moonrise Kingdom, The Amazing Spider-Man, Pitch Perfect, and Total Recall. Well, I started Total Recall, but turned it off. That movie was not good. I also watched the classic Christmas favorite, hairy man knuckles.


Did you see that one? It’s pretty monotonous. I had a lot of trouble sleeping (as most people do when trapped in a flying box with hundreds of strangers). I eventually gave up and and just took an Ambien. After about six hours of excessive restlessness and horrifying dreams, I woke up just in time for breakfast.

I’m not sure what that is (some sort of potato pancake situation), but it was very good. I spent the last couple of hours drinking tea and watching out the window as we flew over the Middle East. It’s so depressing how little of the world I’ve seen. Sooooooo depressing.


Since arrival, we’ve spent the past few hours milling around the airport in Dubai. It’s quite impressive. It makes me all kinds of sad we can’t leave the airport, but I’m not sure poor people are allowed into the city anyway. I think I will save up for about 20 years and come back and see if they will let me in. It looks so fun. Also, they have Reese’s. So, I can visit.


Now we are waiting for our last flight to India. We land at 4:30 am on Wednesday morning (it might be still Tuesday, I’m not sure), which is 5 in the afternoon for my parents on Tuesday. Positively mind-boggling. Also, I have to learn military time (or 24-hour time as it is known outside of America). Thankfully, my sister gave me this super spiffy watch for Christmas that has the little numbers for the 24 hour clock. That should prevent me from having to do math, which is always welcome.


Thanks Sari, you are a life saver. Anyway, I’m just haggard looking and hanging out in the most fabulous airport on earth. I have the good sense to be mildly embarrassed by the state of things. I guess it’s a good thing my mom gifted me with some under-eye concealer because “you know how bad people start to look when they are tired.” Probably going to need that. See y’all in India!


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