15 Thing Friday

1. The collective wish of billions of women is finally happening.  Mister Timberlake is gonna make us some sweet sweet music at long last. Go check out that video then you can join me in the hopping and clapping.

2. Speaking of the Timberlake, I watched Trouble with the Curve this week. I straight up cried. It was so good. Grumpy Clint Eastwood reminds me so much of my dad (hence the tears). Thankfully, there were a few scenes that managed to bring joy back to my heart.

That cheered me right up.

3. Still talking about Woodpond, 22 Looks Justin Timberlake Needs to Bring Back Right Now.

My personal favorite: the “Your Creepy Uncle on Vacation in Hawaii” look.

4. My favorite Jimmy Kimmel segment, Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About Themselves #3

5. I want Al Roker’s treadmill desk. I feel that would help quell the ADHD.

6. Thank God Miranda Lambert still hates Chris Brown because I DO TOO.

“I didn’t feel right about not saying something. The loudmouth that I am, I say what I think,” she tells Redbook. “I wanted everyone to know that I don’t agree with the message it’s sending to young women. It’s not okay. At all. To be celebrated after doing something like that.”

7. Running has been amazing. We have had cool weather for the past week and I have been in heaven. I had a fantastic six mile run last night and I would have gone further if I could have found a water fountain that actually worked. Kind of bummed that in five weeks I will have to start all over, but oh well, it’s not like anything depends on my ability to run a certain amount of mileage. And I’m so glad I decided not to run the Houston Marathon this weekend. SO GLAD. Running just to run sure is fantastic.

meh. (<- in case you missed that the first time)

8. I am much less stressed out and freaked out now that I have accomplished the two most major projects associated with leaving. The first of which is finishing the manual about how to do most of my job in case I die. Also, where to find everything because deciphering someone else’s file naming convention can be a nightmare.

I now feel much less guilt about dying while abroad because I won’t be totally screwing my boss over. I really like her, I would hate to do that to her.

9. The other project causing me massive anxiety was figuring out how to use a phone over there. I have to have access to my work email because there are problems that pop that only I can fix (not because I’m so special and brilliant, but because I’m the only administrator for the system). So after hours and days of researching and bugging people, I finally found that the iPhone 5 would work (I’m due for an upgrade anyway). Verizon didn’t have iPhones with removable SIM cards until this version, so now all I have to do is get a SIM card when I arrive in India and I’ll have 3G.

This issue was far too difficult for me to figure out. I just kept thinking that people travel all the time, it can’t be that hard. But, for me, it always is that hard. Anyway, I thought I was either going to have to buy a new phone when I get to India (which I would only be using for five weeks, so that sucks) or pay a billion dollars for an international data plan. I don’t have a billion dollars, so it’s a good thing this iPhone 5 thing is going to work out.


10. Speaking of money, this is my new favorite running song.

I really love his music, I just wish he wasn’t such a sketchball with all the drugs.

11. And speaking of money and running songs, this one too.

Doesn’t money make most people smile? Just unearthing a long lost dollar in my purse will cheer me right up.

12. I LOVE Emma Stone’s dress. I would mug her and steal it, but that thing wouldn’t fit my arm.

13. Is there a way to block everyone on Facebook from sending you invites to crap? I don’t want to go to your Pampered Chef party in Tokyo. I don’t care if my birthday is on your calendar. I don’t want to like your page with overalls made out of old feed sacks. I don’t want to play Super Rainbow Time Waster Go Get a Job Gem Collector with you. Is there a way to be more anti-social on a social media site?

14. 23 Reasons the World Isn’t Such a Bad Place

Because sometimes criminals get what’s coming to them:

15. And, because y’all keep asking, of course I’m still going to blog while I’m on my trip. It’s the easiest option. It serves as a record of what I did while over there and I don’t have to write 500 emails describing what happened every day.  Laziness at its finest. I don’t know how long it will take me to get a 3G plug-in for my laptop, but I hope to post at least every other day once that happens. God willing of course, because I still have no idea what I will be doing every day. Still not over that.



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  1. Justin

    Whooooooooo…. :)

  2. Melissa

    My stepdad made a treadmill desk for me…it’s not quite as awesome as Al’s, but it is nice to be able to walk a little while listening to boring meetings. And I can remove the desk portion and use it as a regular treadmill, too. I walked two miles during a meeting yesterday!

    And kudos, Miranda. Chris Brown makes me want to puke.

  3. Arie

    So glad you are going to keep blogging while away. I was worried. No really I was.

  4. Michelle

    I’m so glad you’re blogging while on your trip. Basically I’d have to do work while I ate breakfast otherwise. Also did you see the new Hunger Games photos EW released?! Finnick!

    • Reese's Runner

      I was pretty horrified by the cover photo because they look so plastic and waxy. But, the inside shots look pretty good. I don’t know how I feel about his hair though.

  5. Chanelle

    Blogging abroad includes Mag Men of Monday, right? I WILL DIE WITHOUT IT.

    Also, one of my coworkers has a treadmill desk in her office, and I see her standing on it but never walking on it (?). I would be walking on that bad boy all day long!

    And finally, “Super Rainbow Time Waster Go Get a Job Gem Collector ” made me lol.

  6. I just needed to tell you that you’re the funniest person I’ve never actually met. Hope you have an amazing adventure in India!!

  7. “but oh well, it’s not like anything depends on my ability to run a certain amount of mileage.” – and so I keep reminding myself as my hamstring tear heals. For awhile there I got confused and thought my running was keeping the earth in orbit, but lo and behold, I stopped running and we haven’t spun into another frigid galaxy yet.
    I want Emma Stone’s dress, too.

    • Reese's Runner

      It’s weird how we keep orbiting around the sun even though neither of us will be running. I don’t know how long the universe will be able to hold on.

  8. I made a poor-mans version of that treadmill desk! You can too.

    I found a $100 treadmill on Craigslist. You have to make sure it has flat arms though. Then, I got a $7 shelf from Home Depot and laid it on top of the arms. Instant treadmill desk! Love it.

    • Reese's Runner

      Well aren’t you fancy.

    • Tess

      Haley, are you from Montana? I can ask…cause I am. And that’s totally something someone from MT would do. But you have to make sure it’s duct taped. Seriously…way to be creative.

      • Tess

        LOL. Nevermind. Our messages crossed and apparently your higher education trumps my Montana creativity. *sigh* I’m certain now no duct tape was involved.

        • Hahaha! No, duct tape wasn’t involved, but you obviously think too highly of Aggies! I *heart* you!
          (from Galveston, TX originally, live outside of New Orleans now)

          • Tess

            It’s that “higher education” thing. I gave it up dammit, so I could stay home and teach those kids how to properly use duct tape. They can all build small vehicles now. Although my middle son became a Marine so he probably builds weapons but we don’t talk about that. ;)

  9. Make sure to get some more Bill O’Reilly books to take with you. Then you can throw them at people you don’t like.

    The Kidless Kronicles

  10. Aditi

    I just got done with a 3 week trip to India and it was actually kind of a pain to get an Indian SIM card FYI. My dad, who is an Indian citizen, had to submit a bunch of paperwork (tax ID etc.) to get the SIM, and it took a couple of days. Just make sure you look into it before you go and maybe have someone from the Rotary International office in India start the application for a SIM card for you before you go. Feel free to email me with any questions!

    • Reese's Runner

      Yeah, several people have told me the same thing. I hope that one of the families I stay with will know something about it and can help me out. Otherwise, some poor phone salesman is going to have to deal with a crazy crying white lady.

  11. Dave L

    Great call on “Natalie”…just added it to my running playlist. “Money Make Her Smile”, not so much. Song’s good, just doesn’t float my boat for running. As far as FB goes, you can change your privacy settings to turn off all outside apps, but I don’t know how to stop “friends” from suggesting you like their pages…other than ditching the annoying friends! Safe/fun travels…

    • Dave L

      BTW, I’m not sure anyone’s making you run miles. In fact, I don’t know why you measure your runs in miles. Do the math, and measure them in Reese’s cups.

      • Reese's Runner

        That is a good point. And are you still running Big Bend?

        • Dave L

          Yes, ma’am – I will indeed be heading to BB next weekend, and will be attempting to run a portion of said race! I was on a good training regimen up until about 2 weeks ago, at which point it seems I started my taper early. Ran 10 yesterday and it hurt – not a good sign. I like how BB’s post says to dress for 32 degrees at the start, 70 degrees at the finish. I know, it sounds like I’m whining, but I am actually pumped to get out there. Spending three nights overall so that if my legs allow I will hike as well. I’m just hoping they don’t get snow like they did last week…

          • Reese's Runner

            That is such good advice! I was FREEZING when I started and by the end I was so hot. There is not hiding from that sun. Wear a hat and cover your shoulders for sure. Good luck!

    • Reese's Runner

      But it’s the annoying ones that make me feel so good about myself.

      • Dave L

        I understand. Much like the 5th Law of Thermodynamics (if the heat’s on someone else, it’s not on you), this is the Second Theory of Relativity: “I’m not as weird as ‘that guy/girl’…I’m doin’ alright”.

  12. Okay I have a couple of things:

    1. That binder is GENIUS. GENIUS. I did something similar- a wiki- when I left my previous job. And since they are just now posting for a “replacement”, it’s probably good that I did. (P.S. I like your boss too).

    2. You should run the Dallas (half) marathon with me in 2013. I’m so totally going to do it. Plus my family lives really close to the starting line, so we’d have a free place to stay (and they like alcohol a lot, which will be good afterwards).

  13. lol-Leonardo eating soup. love it. So have so much fun! Travel safely!

  14. I did a rotary trip to Japan a few years ago. It was amazing. I spent most of my days visiting the sights. It was very low stress after I got over the initial anxiety of not speaking a word of the language of my host families. I also got over my fear of reading my little speech about myself in Japanese. After the first group laughed at our pitiful pronunciation, I pretty much accepted my role as American entertainer and went about my business. Best trip of my life. You will love it. Have a blast!!

    • Reese's Runner

      That gives me so much hope! The group from this area came to speak to us and pretty much said they were beyond exhausted, did stuff from early morning until night, and got about 4 hours of sleep. I like sleep. I like it a lot. There’s a reason I don’t have kids, those jerks don’t sleep. Anyway, I feel slightly more hopeful now!

  15. I saw this article and automatically thought of you. Apparently you can rent Highclere Castle. Time to start saving (or sell some organs on the black market.) http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20662855,00.html

  16. Just watched that Jimmy Kimmel clip and was DYING. That’s hysterical! Thanks for sharing!!

  17. Jessica

    Best. Protocol. Coversheet. Ever.

  18. Hate Christ Brown, but I still like some of his songs. To ensure I don’t support his questionable antics, I only listen to him on Pandora and will not purchase any songs. Apparently this makes sense in my head.

    I am so glad that I live in America because I used to have this little box with sim cards that I used to have to switch in and out when I was traveling/working between South Africa/UK/Canada and it got REAL old. I am soo excited for your trip so I can live vicariously through you (because my husband is way too posh to tote to India without setting myself up for MAJOR complaints).

  19. Jenn

    I first read the binder as saying “marriage into THE royal family” and I immediately wondered if being in Kate’s family would make her name the baby after you (Cely > Pippa).
    She’s going to anyway, since you two are bffs, right?

  20. Connie

    Okay, so what do you think of the official portrait of Princess Kate that was just unveiled today? My opinion: “What’s up with all the wrinkles under her eyes”? Not lovin’ it.

  21. I LOVE that Emma Stone dress. I love all her clothes, though. She has the best red carpet style.

  22. Clarissa

    I’ll join you in the screaming and clapping for his new album!!! That made my month. His wife better let him go on tour again.

    And don’t die in India. That would be sad.

  23. # 13 totally slayed me. Super Rainbow Time Waster Go Get a Job Gem Collector must be somehow related to that other very special game, Spectacular Blog Reading Time Waster WHILE at my Job FarmVille.

    At first, #15 made me happy and relieved, yet anxious that it might not work out despite your assurances and now….I’m back to worried and doubtful.

  24. Rachael

    Not sure if you’re still deciding between the Globes and Downton this Sunday but I thought I’d give you my 2 cents.

    I’d watch the globes. PBS re-runs Downton at 3 am. So watch the globes, take a nap, wake up at 3 and watch Downton, then you can either go back to sleep or sleep on the plane! Win-win!

  25. I’m still looking for the app blocker too. I did find where you can block individual apps from sending you requests but that gets old after a while. You must be just as anti-social as I am, and I start with the basis that Other People Suck.

  26. Just watched the gifs on buzzfeed. Some of those were pretty funny but what was up with that guy who kicked his dog before he got hit in the nuts? What an a-hole. And the fact that ABC actually aired that one is terrible.
    Anyway, love your blog. Hope you have a great time in India!

  27. I am sorry, but did you see JC and Chris in the *NSYNC picture you posted? Woah.

    And JT is making music, sweet, sweet music. iwoyiwugrweibfilry23ihjkfbdsjkbf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Two things that made me super happy from reading this post – JT is back to music (because I’m not totally sold on him as a movie star) and you will continue blogging while in India!! I can’t wait to read all about it! Have an amazing trip!

  29. Totally want to see Trouble with the Curve!

    Love me some Miranda Lambert. Especially because she says what she thinks and doesn’t care what anyone thinks about it.

  30. The best part was the Jimmy kimmel celebrity tweet insults. Oh, Heisenberg, what a great actor though.

  31. Al Roker may have a treadmill desk, but it did not stop him from crapping his pants at the White House. For serious: http://www.dlisted.com/2013/01/07/time-al-roker-gambled-and-lost-white-house

  32. Make sure your phone is actually unlocked! You might be able to physically remove the sim/switch it out but if the phone is locked it will just give you an error message. Also the iPhone 5 works on a nano sim, which aren’t as readily available yet as the micro (at least that I’ve seen on my travels! Maybe India is on it.) Hope you have a great trip and wear compression socks on the plane! It helps a lot.

  33. Whoops that sounded super know-it-all…I’ve just hosed up the phone thing while living overseas and it sucks so hard. Hope you can be spared the same frustration : )

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