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Downton Abbey AND the Golden Globes are on at the same time this Sunday. I only have time to watch one before I leave. I don’t know WTF to do. I’m so stressed out about this. How do I choose!! Tina or the Dowager Duchess? It’s all too much! I need a nap.

When I went home over Christmas, my cat was really mean to me. She wouldn’t even let me hold her for almost an entire week. Additionally, when I tried to pet her she would just slowly scoot away. Hold a grudge much? I’m not going to forget that when that fat jerk comes back my apartment in February.

Speaking of rude animals, I have been working at home at night more than usual in an effort to get things done before next Monday. Bardot has not been happy. I don’t know how people with toddlers get anything done because I can barely keep this away:


WTF is the difference between apple juice and cider? The ingredients both say 100% apple juice. My sister and I are completely confounded by this. Is just aged? WTF is the deal here?

I realize I could just Google this, but I’m sure someone else out there is also confused by this as well, so share your knowledge with us.

I’m having a massive first-world crisis. My longest flight is 14 hours, but there are an additional 12 ish hours of shorter flights and layovers. I am taking my iPad, but I also really want to bring my Kindle. Reading on the iPad just isn’t nearly as great and it consumes much more battery. What if I run out of juice mid-air?? What will  I do!!!!!!  I feel really silly taking both an iPad and the Kindle, but I really want to be able to read in comfort.

Kindle it is!

People keep telling me bye. I’m only going to be gone for five weeks, but I’m all kinds of emo all of sudden. I actually cried on New Year’s Eve when my sister hugged me. I tried to act like I wasn’t, but I failed.

One nice thing about leaving (besides all the sad hugs) is that some people seem genuinely concerned about how they will operate without me. Feels so good inside. What does not feel good is that someone’s only concern about my absence is who will fix the printer for them. Thanks, that doctorate was clearly a great investment for me.  Oh well, I guess it’s good to know I’m needed, regardless of the capacity.

Or maybe they’re just lying for my benefit. Either way, works for me.

Finally, one woman very excitedly told me about how she lost 40 pounds in India because she got malaria and Giardia at the same time. The she excitedly squeezed my shoulders and said in an overly hopeful voice (and I am not even joking or exaggerating) “Maybe the same will happen for you too!” WTF!!!!

I was so offended and horrified that she thought I would want to be get two very horrible illnesses just to lose weight. People die from that stuff, how insensitive and shallow can you be? I mean, would I be sad if I dropped a few pounds over the next five weeks, certainly not. Do I want to spend my vacation lying on bathroom floor and trying not to die? Hell no. Crazy woman.


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  1. Jenn

    I’m stuck on the woman who hopes you get ill in India. That’s like saying “Make sure you drink the water in Cancun. Explosive diarrhea will make you look SO much better in a bikini!” People are crazy.

    Also, the cider vs. apple juice thing: cider is unfiltered, apple juice is filtered “to remove pulp and sediment”. Apparently the Massachusetts government thinks this is a big enough deal to make a webpage out of.

    • Reese's Runner

      Oh wow, well color me impressed Massachusetts. And you didn’t know that explosive diarrhea totally ups the sexy factor when in a bikini?

  2. Wow…can’t believe that woman had the nerve to say that to you. Well, actually with some of the things people say these days I can kind of believe it – how sad.

    Kindle is definitely the way to go! I don’t have an iPad so of course I’m a little biased ;) Loooove my Kindle!

  3. Michelle

    I vote Golden Globes and Kindle. I feel like Downton hasn’t really gotten to crazy cliff hanger drama yet? Like if I had to wait 5 weeks to watch the next episode theoretically I could? But after this week you may feel sadder about missing it. Also in the iPad vs Kindle debate – you’re moving around a ton right? I feel like it would be way less devestating to lose a kindle.

    • Reese's Runner

      Well I’m still taking the iPad because my laptop is super sketchy. Sooooo hopefully I can keep up with both!!

  4. Lauren

    I’d go with the Globes – Fey & Poehler are fleeting but Downton is forever (although, I just watched the Christmas special, which might have changed my opinion on that).

  5. Justin

    There are so many things that won’t get done when you’re gone. I’ll probably forget to take my vitamins….or take my socks off in bed…so just know this ol boy is going to be a hot mess for 5 whole weeks. And bdough is precious. She is channeling her father.

  6. Daisy

    I once had someone tell me (completely and TOTALLY seriously, mind you) that they hoped they got breast cancer so they had an excuse to get implants.

    How I managed not to choke a b*tch is beyond me, people really need to re-consider their priorities.

    • Reese's Runner

      That means something is wrong with that person right?? Like you have to be mentally imbalanced to hope for cancer right? And I didn’t know you needed an excuse to get implants. I thought you wanted them, so you got them.

  7. kim

    I vote take both. I prefer to read on my kindle and do everything else on my iPad. And as for your worry of it dying mid flight, my last flights on both Air France and KLN had USB plug ins at each seat.

    Can you record the Golden Globes while you watch Downton then catch up by fast fowarding through commercial breaks?

    Also, have you queued up 5 weeks worth of 15 things fridays? Because what will I do with out that distraction from work each Friday morning?

  8. Apple juice is clear and cider is cloudy.

    I agree with Kim and the 15 Thing Friday. comment. What will I do during my lunch on Fridays for the next month????

    The One Where Ross is Fine. Great episode :)

    • Reese's Runner

      I’m still going to be posting drama queens, calm down. You just won’t have a numbered list on Friday ya crazies.

  9. I took both my iPad and kindle when I went – sometimes you don’t know if you will want the reading light on the plane, or not… First world problems, but definitely take both!

    My dog also harasses me when I am on my laptop or iPad. He will eventually just sit on the keyboard or try and type also. He is another drama queen (NO idea where he gets it from).

    • Reese's Runner

      Yeah if Bardot got on my computer it would break, a little too heavy that one. Who does your dog send emails to?

      • He really likes to gchat with my best friend Betsy. Her dog is Jerry’s long distance girlfriend, so he is always trying to chat her up. Sort of rude when I am in the middle of a convo, but he’s working on his manners.

  10. She is nuts!

    I would be beyond nervous at this point, too. And I wouldn’t’ be able to sleep the closer it got. I’m nuts like that.

  11. Not totally off the subject, and forgive me if someone else has asked and you’ve answered but you will be blogging right?? The world (ok, maybe me..) cannot go without your wit and insight for an entire 5 weeks? I mean I know you’ll be off changing the world, but you will tell us, right?????? ;-)

    Have a great time!!

  12. I got a stomach bug (Africa is no joke) that lasted 4 weeks. I just had to learn to deal with it and live my life. I finally decided that I would eat WHATEVER I wanted because it didn’t matter. No use wasting it on soda and saltines. Stupid story…sorry.

    People also lose weight from the different lifestyle and activity levels. Other countries are not spoiled and indulgent like Americans, so I bet you will come back fit and fabulous. Indian food is delicious, but it always leaves me with an “after-burn” that makes me feel all spicy and healthy instead of full and bloated. I’m a spicy food lover…so that’s my 2 cents.

  13. I can’t believe anyone would think you need to lose weight. You are gorgeous!

  14. Kali

    I found the first episode of Downton Abbey on demand on Comcast around noon on Sunday and happily watched it then. I have no idea when it went up or if they will do it again this week, but I am looking for it this weekend so I can watch the Globes! Obviously I have a very exciting weekend planned…

  15. Becca

    The life-threatenting illness part of that woman’s comment is bad enough, but is it a Texas thing that people think it’s acceptable to comment on someone’s weight? I was just remembering some of your old posts talking about some awful women in your office who would say rude things all the time… how gross.

    Even if someone has lost a bunch of weight and looks great, I never say anything unless I know that they were actively working to lose it; otherwise, you don’t know if it was something they wanted, or something that was a results of illness or a stressful life event or whatever. “Hey, have you lost weight? You look great!” “Oh, thanks, I got divorced and didn’t eat for 3 months because I was super depressed.”

    • Reese's Runner

      Yeah I told someone who was noticeably thinner that she looked great and then she told she had cancer. NEVER AGAIN.

        • Tess

          Along those lines of “foot in your mouth” I have a tendency to forget my wedding band when I put lotion on. I call it “being single”. Went to work and saw my ring finger was empty. “oh dammit. I’m single today. I forgot my ring.” Look at my co worker. (close friends with her. CLOSE. “You’re single today too!” She bursts into tears. She left her husband the day before. Never said a word to anyone. Just left him. He had cheated on her.

  16. Christine

    I’m not sure what airline you are flying but most planes have an outlet under the middle seat so you can re-juice your ipad or kindle if it dies mid-flight. Have an awesome trip! Can’t wait to read about it :-)

  17. Bridget

    my two little jerks do the same thing as Bardot…pet me. pet me. i don’t know if you saw me here, so pet me. do you feel my paw on you? pet me. what was that? it was me saying PET ME.

  18. Katie Jo

    Don’t forget to bring a real book or a magazine. Those 1o minutes during takeoff and landing are a bitch when you can’t use your electronic devices.
    Also, I vote for Downton! Or maybe PBS will have episode 2 online already earlier in the day.

  19. I always travel with my kindle and iPad (with keyboard). I hate reading on my iPad too so I think bringing both is a good idea. I also travel with a backup battery charger because I’m a crazy person. :)

    I vote Golden Globes. You can always catch up on Downton.

    And the Malaria and Giardia lady has clearly been affected in the brain by those diseases if she wishes them on someone just to lose weight. One, you look fab, and two, who says things like that in real life?!

    • Reese's Runner

      I have a back-up battery charger tooooooo. Hahaha, I knew there was a reason I loved you! How’s life in Vegas?

      • Kindred spirits :)

        Eh, to be honest, I still kinda hate it. I didnt want to whine and complain about it sucking on the interwebs which is why I havent blogged in forever. Hoping this year will be better! :)

        • Reese's Runner

          Well I whine constantly about where I live, so I see nothing wrong with that. Well, I hope things get better! How is the Professor doing?

  20. Sarah

    Golden Globes, because you can always watch Downton later. (<— I can't believe I just said that… blasphemous)

    If I were you, I'd bring the ipad because it's more multi-use and one or two real books. You can always ditch the real books when you're done with them.

    Plus, don't you hate those 20 minutes during take off when you have to turn it off? Those are the precious few minutes that establish the "I don't want to talk to the crazy next to me for 14 hours so I'm going to bust out my book" precedent. If you have to wait until they're halfway through the first of 42 stories about how they cured autism (no joke, I sat next to that) and THEN try to start reading, you'll look rude.

    If all else fails, there's always the sleeping pill + red wine combo to pass the time.

  21. Nicole

    I got a stomach bug while I was in the Dominican Republic and while I may have looked thinner because of it, I also fainted in a gift shop, broke some mugs and terrified the store owners. Not worth it.

  22. I learned this from Ned Flanders…

    “If it’s it’s light and yella? You got juice there, fella!

    If it’s dark and brown, you’re in Cider Town!”

    Ahh…Simpsons. Best education.

  23. Clare

    Are you still going to update while you’re in India? Please say yes– you’re blog is my mid day break at work!!!

  24. Clare

    ….and I used “you’re” incorrectly. I know you’re judging me. I judge those people too..

  25. Well, I hope you get the stomach flu before you go so you can fit into a jaunty travel outfit. No one wants to sit next to a fatty on the plane.

  26. Karen

    Be warned here in the UK cider is alcholic, apple juice is not. I would be mighty disappointed if I went to a bar and found I couldn’t get drunk on cider, USA don’t let me down!

  27. Ashley

    Hi! I’m de-lurking to say I feel your pain about the battery issues on long haul flights! You might want to get an external battery pack before your trip, if you have time. I have a Powergen 8400 mAh one (amazon lists a lot of options) and it will charge my iPad3 an extra 60%. Still not enough to get you all the way India but if you also have an outlet on the plane, you should get most of the way there. It comes with a zillion adapters to charge all sorts of non-Apple devices plus it’s a handy flashlight.

  28. Kyra

    I vote for Kindle. Not all airlines have plugs in between seats, especially long international flights in coach. At least that’s what I found on recent trip to Australia. Bardot is adorable in those pictures. Usually she just sits there, looking at the camera with disdain. And the woman who lost 40 pounds? Some of the poundage included her common sense and propriety. Rude.

  29. Rache

    I’m from the UK so for us cider = alcoholic! :) Commenting on anyone’s weight is such a no-no. By all means says I look great, but no need to go further! Bet you’re getting a tad restless: I’m sure the nerves will abate after a day or two once you’re there. I’m the same with travelling: although I’m really excited about going, i still get ridiculously nervous and a bit anxious – and I don’t even know about what!! :) I say go with the Globes: light & mindless entertainment.

  30. The inane comments that some people make about weight loss are brutal! One of my teacher friends just got braces, and multiple secretaries at the school told her that she’d lose weight because her mouth would hurt too much to eat. In the off-chance that she wanted to know their opinions about her size, she knows now…

    • Reese's Runner

      Awww poor thing. A lot of people mention that I will lose weight but more in a “man you’re going to be running around so much and eating so differently” way and a not a “thank God you won’t be so chunky anymore!” I’ll probably come back heavier knowing how I roll on vacation.

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